Things To Pack For A Trip: Travel Packing Checklist Everyone Needs

The are tremendously important. After all, these are the things that will help you throughout your trip. And you don’t want to get lost in some foreign city where nobody speaks your language with a dying phone – all because you forgot to bring your charger! So, pack wisely. Don’t regret it later.

Without further ado, let’s get into the most important :


When it comes to packing, you need to find the right bag to arrange your things. Here are some pieces of baggage you can consider carrying on your next trip.

  1. Wheeled luggage: Trips require a lot of stuff. If this is going to be a long trip, then you can consider getting either a 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled luggage. It will contain all your essential materials. You can easily carry it along with you—no hassles on the road. Make sure you’re running it on a smooth surface or in hotels, though. We don’t recommend this for bumpy roads or platforms.
  2. Wheeled backpack: If this is a short trip, get one of these. You can stuff all your essentials and run it on a smooth surface. It looks casual, and, at the same time, chic. So, if you’re planning to pack less, then you can count on these.
  3. Backpack: Here’s to shorter trips on a bumpy surface! For instance, mountain hikes. You can’t use wheeled bags in the mountains, right? Then again, you can only take a few essential items. So, you better get your hand on one of these.
  4. Duffel Bag: We have another option for you. This one is extremely lightweight. You can carry your essentials and go for your next trip. All you have to do is, carry it in your hands. So, if you have less stuff, then you can take one of these on your upcoming trips.

Be it a long trip or a short one, you can pack all your stuff in any one (or more) of these bags. Go for whichever matches with your travel type and the amount of weight you’ll be carrying.

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When it comes to packing clothes, people make the most mistakes. As in, people carry a handful of casual outfits. Sometimes the trip can be disastrous due to this sort of miscalculation. 

In some cases, you’re probably going to end up being underdressed in terms of the place you’re visiting. Or, you might not have anything comfortable to wear to an extremely hot or cold location. 

Most of all, you need to remember one thing: traveling isn’t about wearing fancy and uncomfortable clothes.

We hope that you don’t go through a wardrobe disaster. So, here are some hacks of smart packing:

  1. Pants: 1 pair of travel pants is a must. Packing another couple of pants that will go with all your outfits is also a great idea. Take one short and one long for different weather too, or both of the same categories – your call.  If you can wash your clothes over there, then we suggest you take just a set of traveling pants. 

A beautiful set of pants will not just save your look, but it also makes you feel comfy. So, focus on the comfort as much as the design of your pants. Make sure you’re taking the most comfortable and stylish pants on your trip.

  1. Undergarments: Again, if you can wash your clothes, then take a pair of garments in each category. If you can’t, then go for sets as per the days you’ll be on your trip. Always wear clean sets of undergarments every day – this is just basic hygiene. We can’t compromise that. 

If you can wash them, then you don’t have to take so many of them. Plus, if you’re planning on swimming, then make sure you can use these as your swimsuit. This will ensure that you won’t have to carry extra weight. 

  1. Shirts: Go for one pair of shirts. Check the weather forecast first, though. Choose your shirt type according to the kind of weather. A shirt will be casual and perfect for trips. You can pair them up with nice jeans, and your look will save the day. 

One point to note is that you need to research the culture of the place you’ll be visiting a bit. Before you take your best shirts to wear on your trip, make sure that they’re appropriate for the place you’re visiting. 

  1. Tops: Carry a pair of tank tops or t-shirt. If you’re going to a place where the culture is a bit conservative, then make sure to carry long-sleeved tops. 

Tops and tees are one of the most comfortable things to wear. When you’re on a trip, make sure that you wear something soft rather than wearing something that will only make you suffer later. So, get your most comfy tees on board. 

  1. Dress: Depending on your stay and the places you’ll wear them on, carry one or two sets of dresses, or you can go for skirts.
  2. Socks: Take 5 to 6 pairs of socks. How many socks are too many socks? We don’t know. If you find the numbers, then let us know! As a trip would require you to travel a lot, your feet will sweat. This is why we’re recommending that you pack a handful of socks. 
  3. Sleepwear: You can take one set of sleepwear on the trip – a single set is going to be enough. It’s not like you’re going to wear them all day long. All you’ll do is sleep wearing something extraordinarily comfy. It doesn’t have to look fancy or anything. If it’s comfy, get them in your bag. 

Bonus: You can carry a lightweight jacket. This is because the weather can be unpredictable in some places. You never know when the air may get a little too cold while traveling. You don’t necessarily have to pack it in your bag, though. You can just carry it in your hand. 

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Always carry comfortable shoes. If this makes you seem like a grandma, then embrace it! You can’t ruin your trip just because you wore something uncomfortable or downright painful. 

In terms of shoes, we suggest that three pairs of shoes are good to go. 

Check out the ones you should pack-

  1. Sneakers: Pack a pair of sneakers or converse shoes.  You can wear them to the places you’ll be visiting as long as these go with your outfit. There are so many sneakers out there that would do the job. At the same time, they are very comfortable to wear. 

If you’re planning on wearing a new pair of sneakers or converse, place bandaids behind both of your ankles. This protects you from getting bruises behind your ankles. 

  1. Pump Shoes: Of course, you’re packing a set of stylish shoes. Make sure it complements the dress you’ll be wearing. Just don’t wear something that will eventually cause you bruises and hurt your feet. Go of something comfortable and stylish at the same time.  
  2. Flip flops: For the most comfortable experience and frequent use, what’s better than flip flops? Pack a pair of flip flops that you can wear to the beach or in your hotel room. 
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Traveling without toiletries is a nightmare we don’t want to face – not even in our wildest nightmare. For that, here’s what you should pack before you leave for your trip –

  1. Mouth hygiene: One toothbrush, a small sachet of toothpaste, mouth wash, and lastly, floss. 
  2. Hair essentials: Packing shampoo sachets is the most efficient. You can carry a small container filled with your shampoo. The same applies for conditioner as well. Or, you can pack dry shampoo, in addition to a comb, hair bands, and hairpins. 
  3. Skincare: Small sachets of body wash, face wash, moisturizer – if these products don’t come in smaller sachets, then use smaller containers. Put sunscreen in a small box. Lip balm and makeup remover or wet wipe tissues are also essentials. 
  4. Deodorant: Pack a set of perfume. Make sure the fragrance lasts throughout the day.
  5. Razor: Razor and a nail clipper with a nail file
  6. Sanitary napkins: Ladies, you can’t go on a trip without these. Don’t forget!
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Can you survive a regular day without electronics? Well, it’s pretty much impossible. When you’re traveling, make sure you carry just the essentials. No need for carrying gadgets without which you can survive a few days. Here are the devices you must pack-

  1. Mobile phone: Besides your phone, remember to pack your charger and power bank.
  2. Camera: No photos on a trip, says no one! Pack the most suitable camera for your trip and click Instagram photos. If you own a GoPro, then pack it too.
  3. Laptop: If work can wait, then avoid carrying a laptop. Otherwise, take your charger too. You can bring an iPad or a tablet. If you’re a bookworm, don’t forget to pack your kindle. 
  4. Adapter: Always carry an extra adapter and converter. 
  5. Headphone: You should go for the noise-canceling headphones. 
  6. Speakers: To make the trip more fun, why not carry speakers?
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These are something you must pack carefully. No one wants to fall ill on a trip. Here are some medications we recommend other than your regular ones:

  1. Paracetamol: For any type of pain.
  2. For the flu: Prescribed by your doctor
  3. First Aid: Just take the most essentials in a small pack.
  4. Sleeping pill: Sometimes, switching places can cause sleeplessness. For that, take a few sleeping pills.
  5. Bug Spray: You never know what sort of bugs are waiting for you.
  6. Anti Bacterial Spray: You can use this even in the toilet
  7. Hand Sanitizer: What’s life without this now?
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Traveling isn’t always about wearing stunning dresses, clicking photos, and dining in fancy restaurants. Well, it is, but it comes with some more essential things. Once you make your mind about traveling somewhere, you need to gather some relevant documents. 

Make sure you prepare them before your trip. Plus, keep them in a safe place. Some mandatory documents which you can’t miss, are mentioned below-

  1. Money: Both physical and digital – Cashless payments are safe, but there are certain places where you need to pay through cash. Carry changes too. If you’re traveling overseas, then convert currencies. Then again, carry US dollars as you can easily convert it. Always carry some extra cash or emergency cash and hide it somewhere. 
  2. Passport: If you’re traveling overseas, then keep your passport and visa details. Don’t forget to bring your ID card or a copy.
  3. Tickets: Be it air, bus or train, keep them near your reach. 
  4. Maps: Either save it offline or get a physical map of the places you’ll be visiting. 
  5. Emergency contacts: Jot down these details, including addresses in a notebook. So, if the battery runs out, you’ll still be safe.
  6. Reservations: Hotels, restaurants, and other tickets – keep them all in one place. 
  7. Travel insurance: You never know when you’ll need it. 

These are the most critical documentation you can’t miss while traveling. Try to keep both physical and digital copies. Also, try saving them offline. 

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Common Questions Travelers May Have

  1. What should I pack for a trip list?
  • Clothes, Shoes, Toiletries, First Aid, Money, Documents. Make sure you don’t miss any of these.
  1. What should I not forget to pack?
  • Money. Even if you leave anything behind, you can always buy it.
  1. What should you not pack?
  • Too many clothes! Try washing and repeating them.


We know that you’re excited and anxious at the same time. So, we tried to mention the essential things you’ll need on your trip. You can use this list on any trip, be it a short one or a long one.

Save this list somewhere, so you never leave anything behind and regret it later. Besides, you can modify it according to your need.

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