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Where Can I Experience the Most Breathtaking ?

For many, being able to bear witness to the full glory and beauty of the sun as it appears to sink into the ocean with vibrant, red and orange hues and streaks splattering the skies like ink, with beaches full of captivating elegance, offers one of the most relaxing, mesmerizing, romantic, and rewarding experiences one may want to enjoy. After all, watching our beautiful sun set at dusk into the sea as soft white sand teases your toes and you feel the warm and soft caresses of the summer wind, is an experience unlike any other. That is why we’re here, to discover the places you can go to experience the most breathtaking .

Beaches around the world not only offer you an opportunity to witness the glory of the splendid sea, with waves crashing against the shore and washing a trove of treasures onto the beach, while consisting of diverse and vibrant seashells, curious sea creatures and an array of uniquely-shaped pebbles. No, that’s not all. At a great beach, there’s so much more to discover.

The feeling of peace and tranquility that a breathtakingly beautiful ocean sunset envelops you in is indescribable and enough to make anyone fall in love with the spell of the sea all over again. Feeling the soft sand play with your toes as you once again relive your connection with nature and your surroundings is something that acts as a therapeutic outlet for many who flock to the top beaches to experience the finest and most stunning ocean sunsets. There is a certain magical aspect to experiencing the rich orange hues of the glorious blazing sun meld and marry into one and sink into the ocean, like every onlooker’s worries and troubles from an overworked day.

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Be it families looking for some amazing family time with each other on the beach, or couples looking for some romantic and beautiful experience, sunset spots are the best place to be to have your senses rejuvenated and your spirits up. They provide the ideal location for anyone looking to fall in love with each other and with their surroundings. After all, there is nothing that the cool ocean breeze and warm waters can’t wash away at sunset. To mark the perfect end to their day in paradise beachgoers, travelers, and backpackers frequent the perfect oceanic settings looking to boost their mental and physical well-being and observing the sun set in all its magnificence.

Even those looking for some Instagram-able selfies and ocean sunset photos, will often flock to these ideal spots to make sure they’ve made memories that last forever. Millions around the world, find beachgoing and viewing sunsets to have an idyllic and mesmerizing effect on their self and make it a habit to frequent the best spots to get a look at the sun setting into the waters.

From heavenly spots in the island of Sicily, to fan-favorite Californian beaches, notorious for their stunning luxury and glorious views, there are numerous spots all around the world that offer visitors the perfect and most breathtaking ocean sunset experiences.

Here, we have tried to put together a list of the top suggestions to inspire you to leave your bed and dash to the perfect beach locations to view and experience ocean sunsets in their unfiltered prime and absolute beauty.

Malibu Beach, California

a Malibu Beach ocean sunset
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Infamous for its multi-million-dollar playground mansions, clubs, and beautiful stretches of land that are frequented by Hollywood royalty, Malibu is a sight for anyone who has a penchant for beaches and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.

West of Los Angeles, the city of Malibu is seven miles north of Santa Monica and offers a stunning gateway to the stunning beauty and splendor of the Pacific Ocean. 27 miles of scenic and picturesque beaches line the city’s coastline and each one is a sight to witness and admire. Those visiting the beaches of Malibu are bound to be in awe of the stunning location and its striking blue waters.

From its soft sandy beaches to the striking views it offers at sunset, which encompass virtually every visitor with placid and calming vibes, Malibu is an ideal location for anyone looking to explore and experience the full beauty and elegance of the fiery Californian ocean sunset. Offering the best and finest escapades, Malibu beach is the ideal location to visit with your family or your significant other. Hold hands with your significant other as the misty orange hues create a splendid show in front of your eyes and the waves crash your feet, showering you with newfound luxury and relaxation.

Malibu Beach ocean sunset
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There are a ton of locations to select from when deciding where to set camp before sunset in Malibu. The El Matador State Beach is one of the prime locations frequented by both visitors and tourists looking for a fine beach experience. Known as the “best-kept secret” of the Malibu coastline, the El Matador State Beach is bordered with curious sea caves and massive rock formations that transport you to a whole new paradise with its stunning clear waters and picturesque, striking waters. Although it can be quite a hassle to get a proper spot for parking, the struggle to witness California’s finest ocean sunset is worth it.

Another such gem in the Malibu coastline is the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. The stunning Malibu Lagoon State Beach begins its stretch where the Malibu creek interacts with the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a stunning lagoon forming its idyllic creek pools. With breathtaking tidal streams and a roaring, feisty pier which offers all visitors a fun-filled beach experience. The romantic vibe and aesthetic of this Malibu beach is highlighted by the great spots for birdwatching and the glorious sunsets it hosts every day in a unique, beautiful setting. All those visiting this stunning beach are bound to have the memory of the chirping birds, and the tangerine hues at sunset imprinted in their frontal lobes.

Malibu Beach sunset
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Those looking for more remote and peaceful options for ocean sunset-viewing on the West Coast can also frequent the Westward Beach. Three miles of sandy stretch, the beach is considered one of the top places in the region for surfing and sunset experiencing. Clear, pristine waters spread their magic on the soft sandy spread at sunset. The soft symphonies of the sunset spreading their magic to the extents the eye can see.

Island of Sicily, Italy

The Mediterranean’s largest island, Sicily is known for the brilliant sunset views and experiences it offers to all travelers, lovers, families and backpackers who head out to Italy’s heavenly region. The stunning and dramatic coastline that Sicily offers to all who visit its azure blue waters and soft sandy beaches is a sight to admire and wonder over for days at end. Cast pebbles into the ocean as you hold hands with your significant other and marvel at the magnificence and sheer luxury that this natural wonder offers.

The islands provide all visitors with the most stunning cliffs and natural settings that transport you to a paradise-like getaway in seconds as the orange hues mix with the yellow and the blinding rays of the sun turn into soothing streaks lighting the sky up. Experience the complete beach experience as you visit one of Sicily’s many gems, each of which offer a unique and intimate experience to people looking for a getaway, and a place to wash away all their troubles and all their problems in the aquamarine waters of this heavenly wonderland.  The stony pebble laden sands of Sicily provide all visitors with a sight to admire and marvel coupled with towering, imposing cliffs that stand strong against the Italian wind, providing the ideal backdrop to witness the sun sink and blend in with the cool blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean. The foamy, white waters are bound to make you feel calm and relaxed, making sure you leave the beach feeling much more rejuvenated and exhilarated.

A summertime favorite, Sicily is notorious for its turquoise waters that create pool-like lagoons for people to dive right into and enjoy an intimate and romantic aura, complete with the resplendent oceanic breeze and the sinking sun at dusk. The shimmering, golden shores of the beaches are further highlighted by the adjoining cliffs and sheltered coves which offer intimate and isolated spots for those looking for some privacy and looking for a unique, memorable experience while witnessing the glorious Italian ocean sunset. The dazzling beach setting, highlighted by the clear aquamarine waters of the Caribbean is bound to make anyone fall in love with the sea and spend hours aiming to discover new shells, secrets and symphonies in Sicily’s idyllic settings.

Sicily sunset wedding
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Some of the most stunning Sicilian beaches include the San Vito Lo Capo and the Mondello Beach.  Situated on the north-western coast of the Sicilian peninsula, the San Vito Lo Capo offers all visitors beautiful stretches of white sands coupled with dazzling, crystal blue waters to transport them to a magical setting in an instant. Bordered by a mountainous terrain, the San Vito Lo Capo is a stunning destination for beachgoers and a haven for sunset spotters looking to explore its wild expanses of fields, vineyards and seaside huts that offer the utmost privacy and romantic aura for couples looking for some intimate time watching the sun set. For those who are a fan of snorkeling or diving during sundown, the beach also offers beautiful little coves and grottos that are brimming with biodiversity and marine life waiting to be explored.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Gold Coast sunset
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The shimmering, shiny stretches of land that have given Australia’s Gold Coast a reputation for its beautiful golden sands, rugged beaches lined with soft sandy stretches and aquamarine blue waters. An ideal location for couples, friends, families, and even solo backpackers looking to explore a stunning beach setting, perfect for watching the sun set, the Gold Coast and its line of beaches presents itself as a welcoming string of pearls to all those looking for a place to marvel and admire the absolute beauty and stunning beach setting of the Gold Coast beaches.

From quaint and charming little spots for coffee to desolated lighthouses with adjoining peaceful walks, overlooking the grand coastline and presenting stunning and breathtaking views at sunset, the Gold Coast hosts a trove of treasures for all those looking to marvel and witness the Australian sun sink in its glory and sheer magnificence. However, travelers be told, the stunning beaches of the Gold Coast boasts more than shimmering white sands and foamy crystal-clear waters.

Stunning, peaceful coves and beautiful bordering palm tree frames. One of the most prized and popular destinations for sunset viewing and swimming is the Nobby Beach, known for its great patches of sand and pebbly stretches along with a line of bards and seaside huts that allow you to relax and enjoy the laidback, placid vibes of the beach setting. The beach itself provides an ideal spot to witness the glorious sunset with your significant other, perched cozily in a cove or under the beautiful boughs of one of the Palm trees lining the beach. Be a part of a group lighting a bonfire around the beach sands for experiencing the stunning and breathtaking sunset in its full and mighty glory as the summer breeze teases your hair and you are transported to a whole different dimension.

Gold Coast ocean waves sunset
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Another stunning spot where one can experience the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets of the Gold Coast is the Burleigh Beach, which offers a memorable experience for all those looking to relax and unwind on the soft and pastel sands of the beach while listening to the soothing symphonies of the sea and taking in the beautiful and calming oceanic experience.

Although those looking for some peace and quiet, even at sunset should note that Burleigh Beach is often very crowded and not the best option for those looking to witness the magic of dusk alone or with a significant other.

Another beautiful and cheerful setting on the Gold Coast, is the Currumbin creek which at first sight makes all beachgoers fall in love with the sheer beauty and natural setting it offers to all visitors and travelers looking to experience the grander and absolute beauty of an Australian sunset. The dreamy wonderland-like setting is filled with the most stunning and breathtaking views of the South Pacific Ocean and is dotted on most days with pods of dolphins enjoying swims before the sun sets, and Gold Coast visitors taking in the whole feisty vibe of the stunning and idyllic heavenly setting.

Like this setting is the Kirra beach, complete with resplendent views of the ocean at sunset, seven kilometers of uninterrupted, soft sandy stretches and a magical view of the Pacific. The finest part of this Gold Coast haven is the fact that most of the beach is always empty and is rarely frequented by Australians looking to take in the magical experience.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket ocean sunset
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Another stunning spot for beachgoers and sunset watches to experience the full and unfiltered glory and grandeur of the sun setting, are the beaches on Thailand’s Phuket Island. Phuket is known to be an ideal location for vacationing families and honeymooning couples looking to party and have the time of their lives enjoining the trove of activities and fun-filled experiences in Phuket. The untainted, unspoiled beaches and stunning aquamarine waters of Phuket’s beaches provide anyone the perfect way to unwind and relax after the hustle and bustle of city life.

The beaches offer great vantage points to witness and experience the beauty of a Thai sunset in a beautiful spot. For this reason, the beaches of Phuket are frequented by hordes of locals and travelers looking for some calm and placid spot to watch the sun set and the golden streaks in the sky meld and mix into a beautiful red. Phuket has a trove of treasures, from beaches that are always bursting with the sheer thrill and energy of visitors to places that are lined with isolated, peaceful coves that provide every visitor the most intimate and romantic spot to witness the sun set while holding hands with your own beloved. One of the top destinations for visitors is the Freedom Beach, known to be an ideal spot for those looking for a quiet and unspoiled space to be at sundown. The beach provides all visitors the ideal experience, watching the turquoise sea waves strike the soft beach sands, and washing the shore with numerous kinds of shells and other sea treasures. The beach although not as accessible as most of Phuket’s public beaches provides an idyllic setting to be at dusk with friends, family and loved ones.

an ocean sunset in Phuket
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It’s usually accessed by trekking through a jungle or by a beautiful boat ride, which itself is a memorable experience for most people. However, the effort wanes when compared to the sheer luxury and beauty one is witness to at the Freedom Beach.


a beautiful sunset
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From the stunning, idyllic vibes that Thailand’s Phuket beaches provide to the absolute grandeur that one can witness on the infamous Californian coastline, there are numerous beach locations around the world that are frequented by people from all walks of life looking for some peace and experiencing the perfect sunset. Whether you are a fan of imposing cliffs or quiet, isolated coves and sandy beach huts, for everyone the beach has a way to make you fall in love with it and experience the most breathtakingly beautiful sunset.


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