Top 9 Best Party Places in the World

What makes you happy? A good time? Good times don’t come to you just like that, though. You need to find it or make it. When nothing feels right, nightlife stays up to make your life better. There are so many places around the world where the night is wide awake and thriving as people party for hours on end. Do you want to go there? Then check out these 9 .

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

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Every time someone says the word “Party”, the place that is more likely to come to your mind has to be the sin city: Las Vegas, baby! One fact about Vegas is that it’s exactly the same as we see it on the TV shows. This city never sleeps. Everything looks super big and vibrant here. The lightings, and fountains – it’s a different world there.

Vegas is awake day and night. If you want to do anything crazy, Vegas is there for you! Well, remember the quote, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? There’s a lot of truthto that as well. You can do crazy things in Vegas and party all day long. And guess what? No one would bat an eye! Starting from stupid big casinos to getting booze, you’ll get anything!

Some famous TV shows had aired episodes where couples get married in Vegas. To be honest, with that amount of alcohol in your stomach, anyone may end up marrying their crazy ex too! So, heads up for that!

2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is not exactly all about football. Go to Rio De Janeiro for once in your life. And you’ll never want to come back again (unless you’re a bore). If you watched the TV show Money Heist, then note that the character Rio isn’t anything like this crazy city. 

In the show, the character is a sweet boy. On the other hand, this city has the craziest nightlife ever. In particular, you need to visit Lapa, the center of Rio. If you want a taste of wild nightlife, Lapa is perfect for you. 

An astronomical amount of pubs, bars, nightclubs are there. After a few shots down, you’ll start dancing just like JLo! Lapa will give you the most cultural experience from its Samla and Jazz Clubs.

If you want to party while having remarkable bands playing for you. head out to Centro. Centro is underrated. You’ll find the best food and exclusive Samba places during weekends.

For a classy experience, visit Santa Teresa. It has the most attractive bars and nightclubs. Jazz clubs don’t sleep until the morning.

3. Ibiza, Spain

I took a pill in Ibiza…And when I finally got sober, I felt ten years older – this song accurately speaks for the party life in Ibiza. However, it may seem to be a bore at first. You’ll realize how wrong that notion is soon enough, though. 

Ibiza has so much more fun to offer! It’s one of the most happening places in Europe. The party island is all about partying all night long until the sun comes up!

Ibiza welcomes party culture with wide arms, or we should say with wide clubs! Starting from our boy Leonardo DiCaprio to queen Rihanna, everyone has been there. Some jazz clubs remain open till 8 in the morning!

Our suggestion is, carry some extra cash with you. Sometimes, it gets a little too expensive, but that’s Ibiza, ladies and gentlemen!

4. Havana, Cuba

Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh na na – this may happen to you too. Havana is a large party city for the nightlife. If you want to drink and dance your heart out, you’re welcome in Havana. 

Cuba has its drinks to obsess over. For instance, Daiquiris, Mojitos, and Rum. Daiquiris is one of the best-tasting mocktails out there. We recommend that you try Daiquiris for once if you step in Cuba. Thank us later, with a glass of Daiquiris! 

Besides, rum is super cheap in Cuba. You can get an entire pack for the price of a single one you pay in the USA. 

Heads up: you may go tipsy for drinking too much rum. But who cares because the next morning, you’ll probably get more rum to wash up the hungover from the previous night. And that’s okay. 

Havana is well known for the nightclubs and bars. Here are some places where you must go-

Jardines 1830: If you’re a fan of salsa, then buckle up. Prepare your steps to dance to live music playing in the background. You can get a sea view from its garden area. Make sure you wear the right shoes, and get a few shots down.

Casa de la Música Miramar: Here’s another place you can swing by as a salsa lover. You’ll get to catch salsa bands performing there.

 Casa de la Música 31 y 2: You’re up for a treat now! If you want to mix with the locals deeply, then we recommend this place. They host Cuban orchestras here. You can find a cinema theatre, bookshop, cultural souvenir shop, and an el piano bar!

For the most authentic nightlife experience, just get some drinks and walk down the streets. You’ll find locals partying with live music and stereos until late night. That’s Havana for you!

5. Barcelona, Spain

We love Barcelona. Whether it’s because of the football team or just the city, Brazil is probably a favorite spot for many.

When it’s about being posh, fun, and unique, you can count on the clubs, bars, and pubs of Barcelona. 

If you walk down the streets of Barri Gotica, you’ll find some great deals at some hidden bars around the corner. Wine and beer come for just two bucks. Who imagined that a bottle of beer would cost you 1 dollar? Apart from these cheap deals, here are some places renowned for partying. Check them out-

Belushi’s Bar: You can find lots of diverse people here. This place is always crowded, and you’ll get great deals for drinks. Find the best burgers and party as much as you want to. If you get too drunk (because why not? Drinks come with great deals), then you can get a room upstairs in the hostel. 

The Black Horse: If you want to watch an FC Barcelona match, then you can visit here. Of course, you’ll get Irish cider here along with all the British people equally having fun watching a tense game!

Flaherty’s: This is in the Gothic quarter area. If you want to have a thrilling nightlife, then you just need to visit here. This place remains happening and awake until late at night. Besides, this place hosts many offers on food and drinks from time to time; keep an eye on their Facebook page before visiting. They serve over 13 types of beers too. So, which one do you wanna try out? 

6. Shanghai, China

Although the world is so terrified of China right now, even a few months back, this wasn’t the scenario. Shanghai is the best place for late-night parties, alcohol, food, and people. 

As the night grows longer, Shanghai lights up even more. You’ll find hundreds of pubs and clubs there. People have this misconception that partying in a foreign country costs a lot. Shanghai is here to tell you otherwise. Everything is cheap here—drinks, food, drugs, and even cab rides and so on. 

This city is built with a stellar infrastructure. The top view from hotels and city lights make everything look ten times more beautiful in Shanghai. 

7. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague preserves the heritage of party culture so dearly, it makes you want to stay there forever. How would you feel about starting your day with a bottle of beer instead of decaf? Well, that’s Prague for you.

Prague is all about partying all night long with drinks and people. You can actually meet random people and make a move there. The party culture there is focused on beer. You can find both quite a lot of exclusive pubs open at late nights. 

These pubs and bars remain open until the sun goes up. Then, at 6 in the morning they open up again so that you can grab a bottle of beer on your way to work. Prague-1, Starbucks-0! 

If you want to visit clubs, then we would recommend Clock Tower Pub Crawl. As nightlife is all about getting drinks, enjoying a place, and meeting new people, this is the best place for that. The open bar is a great deal for you. Also, the entrance is free. There is no better place to visit if you want to have the best experience of nightlife in Prague. 

8. Berlin, Germany

Here’s a fun game you can play. If someone you’re currently seeing claims that they are liberal and open-minded, take them to Berlin. If Berlin surprises them and makes them question their life, news flash! They’re probably not as open-minded as they claim to be. 

In the Show “Money Heist,” the character Berlin actually resembles this city to a great extent. This city is all about elegance, grace, sex, drinks, clubs, drugs! The name seems apt for the character Berlin now, doesn’t it?

As much as we miss Berlin from the TV show, the city seems to miss nothing. This city doesn’t sleep even when the sun is up. Clubs remain open even after the sun is up. You can’t easily enter these clubs. Then again, sometimes, if you just walk in, they’ll take you in. You can’t tell which will happen when. It’s all about your attire, how you speak, walk and so on. 

With so many crazy options and a variety of cultures, it’s important to remember not to get lost. 

However, if you’re looking to explore the depths of your own self, go to Berlin. Find out who you are, which culture do you belong from. 

In general, partying in Berlin won’t cost you much either.

9. , Thailand

When someone plans a budget trip, why is it always

Bangkok is well known for its medical science. Then again, your liver won’t be the same after your visit here.

It’s a touristy city in Thailand. You can party throughout the day there. People mostly go there to enjoy the nightlife. There are many pubs, bars, and clubs that remain open all night long. So, if you’re a party-goer, then this is your place.

The luxurious clubs have fantastic views. At the Sky Bar, you can enjoy the beauty of the city while partying and drinking your heart out.

The is famous for tourists gathering up and drinking from buckets. Even the locals drink out from filled buckets here. You can also meet local people, and drink and dance together. 

Bottom Line

To wrap up, the world has seen a fair deal of the nightlife before. Just because it’s at a halt now, that doesn’t mean it will always stay like this forever.

After the pandemic is over, these beautiful cities will rise up again. And once again, people from around the world will party. The nights will still be awake. And you’ll want to party all over again.

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