When is the Best Time to Go on a Cruise?

Best Time to Go on a Cruise
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What is the Best time to go on a cruise?

Cruising is an exciting activity that adds a ton load of value to your vacation plans. Your already epic vacation gets even better because you’ve strategically chosen the best time to go on a cruise.  Hence, timing is a very important factor in determining the kind of experience you will have when you will go on a cruise. Since cruising takes place all over the world, the best time to go on a cruise differs from region to region. This also depends on your weather preference and in which region are you looking forward to the cruise. In regions where you can cruise, there are certain time periods when the demand is high, low, or moderate.

This also impacts the cost of cruising as the best time weather-wise causes prices to go up, therefore, making it expensive. It’s cheaper when the weather is either not that pleasant, or the timing is inopportune. Usually, cheaper rates and uncrowded ports also attract tourists to go on a cruise. Thus, it boils down to what you prefer more; weather or fares. Below is a guide for you to explore, which is the best time to cruise in various regions across the globe.

Best Time to Go on an Alaskan Cruise

Best Time to Go on an Alaskan Cruise
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If you are looking forward to a vacation in Alaska, you should also definitely plan a cruise in the region. A cruising experience in Antarctica is next to none. However, the only drawback is that there is a very short cruising season since the northern waters of Alaska are only accessible between May and September. The best time to cruise here according to the weather lies between June and August as the temperature reaches the highest and makes the environment warm and pleasant. But, if you are looking for cheaper cruise fares, then May and September are the months when the rates will be lower as the weather is a bit chilly.

You will also find a pricing advantage if you cruise on northbound glacial routes. Moreover, during the month of May, Alaska experiences the least rainfall so you will be able to take your shore excursions or glacier walks without being rained out. Also, if you do not want to be cruising with a lot of crowds, you can cruise during the week.

Best Time to Go on an Asian Cruise

Best Time to Go on an Asian Cruise
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Throughout Asia, you will find several cruising options. Even though the summer season is when the tourists usually visit Asia to explore the northern mountainous regions, the cruising season with the best experience is during fall from November to March. This is because, through June and July, the continent experiences monsoon rainfalls that make the weather hot and humid. Thus, the summer season is not the best time to go on a cruise expedition in Asia.

However, the fares are low, and the crowd is very limited during summers compared to fall. You will find ports crowded and prices soaring high between November and March.

Best Time to Go on an Australian Cruise

Best Time to Go on an Australian Cruise
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Since Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere, its summer season is when North America experiences winter. Therefore, the high season for cruising in Australia is between late November and March. During this time, the conditions are near perfect throughout the major ports of the country, such as Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide.

The northeast region of Queensland also has a subtropical climate around this time, which makes it easier and pleasant to sail. Some ports like Brisbane and Cairns, however, may be affected by the typhoon season, which persists during the summers in Australia. This may cause sailing to be a bit difficult since the waters become rough. December and January are the months when most locals are vacationing, so the ports flock huge crowds during these months.

In Australia, winters are rarely extreme, so it’s easier for you to have a bargain with the crowd also being small, especially on bigger cruises and those that are available throughout the year. If you are looking forward to exploring Tasmania, then the months of June, July, and August are not preferable for cruising since sailing is restricted due to the rainy season.

Best Time to Go on a Bermuda Cruise

Best Time to Go on a Bermuda Cruise
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The beach season of Bermuda is between April and mid-November, and during this season, the cruises sail in the region. The region has temperate weather all year round and is not as impacted by hurricanes as the Caribbean countries are. Thus, the sailing season prevails throughout the year. However, the summer season from June to August is when people prefer to cruise. This causes prices to hike, and therefore, it’s cheaper to find cruises during spring and fall, which is between April and June and September through November.

If you feel the weather is too chilly to go on a cruise during the winter season, then you can indulge in other activities such as golf and spa. During fall, October is the rainiest season, so you should better choose a time when the weather is dry and pleasant for cruising. Moreover, hurricanes affect the island between late August and October. So, if you are planning to cruise in Bermuda during the shoulder season, then choose the month of May.

Best Time to Go on a New England or Canada Cruise

Best Time to Go on a New England or Canada Cruise
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Sailing in Canada and New England mainly depends on your preference for the temperature. The cruising season prevails between May and October. If you plan a cruise between late June and early September, you will find the weather to be pleasant and warm. But, if you like the weather to be more crisp, then you should choose to cruise between late September and mid-October.

An added bonus during this time is that you will be able to witness the beautiful fall foliage that enhances the beauty of Canada and New England. If you are looking forward to using the onboard swimming pool during the cruise, then May and late October are not appropriate for sailing. Even though you will find fares to be cheaper around that time, the summer season is also fit for exploring Canada’s most interesting cities due to the milder temperatures. Thus, sailing in Canada is mainly about what you prefer in terms of temperature, activities and cheaper rates.

Best Time to Go on a Caribbean Cruise

Best Time to Go on a Caribbean Cruise
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It’s a place where you can actually sail any time during the year, but, of course, like other regions, it also has a time best suited for cruising. When the Northern Hemisphere is going through the winter season, Caribbean experiences summers. The climate of the region is warm and welcoming compared to the extreme cold weather in the tropic of cancer. The months from December to April are, therefore, the best time to go on a cruise. These months are also the driest ones, so the cruising experience is even better.

However, if you are looking to spend fewer bucks on your cruise expedition in the Caribbean, then you should be booking one during fall or late summer because that is when the hurricanes are expected. Due to this, you will be able to bargain sails during the early weeks of December and towards fall. Even in spring, you can find a bunch of discounts on cruises, but such offers are usually inconsistent and not always extended.

So, you may have to keep an eye out for these and book whenever you find a discount. If you do not prefer sailing with a lot of people around you or want to avoid children onboard, then late June till August, late December till early January and March till mid of April are not the best times to sail. This is because these are the months when schools have vacations, and you are more likely to experience a larger crowd with children.

Best Time to Go on a European Cruise

Best Time to Go on a European Cruise
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Europe is so vast and expansive that you cannot expect to have a uniform time across the continent that will be suitable for cruising. If you want to experience a cruise expedition somewhere in the Western Mediterranean, then April through November are the best months to plan one while some cruises will still be operational during the winter season. However, if you are looking forward to avoiding children onboard, then September is a popular time.

Between April and December, you can have the best cruising experience in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Islands, and the Canary Islands. Some select lines, however, will still be allowing cruises during winter.

Cruising expeditions in Northern Europe and Baltic are squished into a shorter sailing season comparatively, which runs from April to October. You can experience, however, the Northern Lights while sailing in Viking and Hurtigruten from January to March.

Although, you will find tourists flocking towards Europe during summers, but the temperatures during late spring and early fall are more pleasant. In addition to that, there are fewer people visiting the continent, thus, reducing the crowds. Therefore, the cruises will have cheaper rates when the season begins or ends while the fares will be at their highest during summers.

Usually, during August, most of Europe goes on holiday, so you may find restaurants and other entertainment spots closed during the month. March and November are the two months of the year when Europe experiences rainfall so you can plan your cruise accordingly.

For cruising in the European rivers, months from April through October are the best, with sailings being at their highest between May and September. Also, the spring season makes cruising a beautiful experience due to the blooming of enchanting flowers all across Europe. Yet, the rainfall before spring and early-spring flooding can cause rivers to swell and close locks, making them impassable. During summer as well, there could be some difficulty while sailing since the rivers sort of dry up disabling the boats. Despite these passages of time when there are possible hazards to cruising, it’s also true that the sailing experience is not entirely dependent on weather in Europe. You can choose to go on a sail during an offseason and enjoy a less crowded cruise at cheaper fares.

Best Time to Go on a Hawaiian Cruise

Best Time to Go on a Hawaiian Cruise
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Usually, the peak season for cruising here is from December to April. However, you can still discover the islands throughout the year. Since the island is usually rainy during spring and fall, the best time to cruise in Hawaii would be the months through summer and fall. Out of these two seasons, summer is the one that sees more tourists due to the honeymoon season and school break. If you want to look for cheaper options, then book a cruise between November and February since the fares are the cheapest then. Only during the holiday cruises are a bit pricey during these months.

Even though the region barely gets hit by hurricanes, Hawaii gets affected by them during September as they cause a rise in temperatures and bring humidity to the islands. Also, during summer, the seas can get wild in August. They also get rough due to the hurricanes being close to the region during September. Thus, August and September are the least ideal months to hop on a cruise and sail across Hawaii.

The time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation is when you are likely to find deals, discounts, and offers since during this time, Hawaii receives a lesser number of tourists. Between late September and October, you will find cruise ships arriving at the islands as they tack after Alaska’s sailing season before going for their next seasonal port.

Best Time to Go on a South American Cruise

Best Time to Go on a South American Cruise
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South America’s summers are the peak cruising seasons that occur from November to March. Even during this uniform sailing season, you should expect weather conditions to be dramatically changing and varying as you move around the continent. Warm and cozy temperature can suddenly change into a windy and rainy weather. Also, when the temperatures in Buenos Aires are warm, you will find Punta Arenas and Ushuaia chilly and cold. Moreover, the season where you can bargain the most in South America is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In the Galapagos Islands, the cruising season prevails for most of the year due to the warm and tropical climate, which stays relatively consistent throughout the year. Sea can get rough though between August and September, so if you are prone to seasickness, you should not choose these months.

Best Time to Go on a South Pacific Cruise

Best Time to Go on a South Pacific Cruise
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Region’s favorite cruising season is from May to October, which are the winter months. The rainfall is less frequent, and the weather is more pleasant with lesser chances of tropical cyclones. It’s also interesting to note that the region’s cruising season is dry and coincides with the wedding season and school holidays, making it a popular vacation and honeymoon destination. You will find people from all over Europe and America spending quality time with their loved ones here.

The summer season of the region is wet and lies between November and April. During this time, there is a lot of rainfall, with temperatures being hot and the weather being humid. But, with these conditions come the slashes in prices. The fares for cruises are greatly reduced while the water temperatures are also fine to take a dip. Out of these months, March and April, in particular, receive less rainfall. Also, the South Pacific region gets very crowded by Australian tourists during the Australian school holidays as it’s one of the most favorite spots for them. Thus, if you are looking forward to either meet people from Australia on board or want to avoid crowds, make sure you pick the right time of the year for cruising in the region.


best time to go on a cruise
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Cruising is a popular activity among people worldwide. In most of the regions throughout the world, sailing is one option that gives the tourists a unique exposure to the region’s culture and landscape. Whether it’s Alaska or Caribbean, hopping on a cruise and sailing, it will enhance your travel experience. It also gives you a chance to reconnect with nature and discover flora and fauna of the region.

Having said all that, you now know that choosing the best time to go on a cruise is not solely based on the season of the region. The best time to cruise is usually based on a number of factors that involve your own preferences about fares, crowds, weather, excursions, and so on. These excursions are places you wish to explore and / or activities you want to do in the region. Summer can be the best season to sail in one place, but then you can also find better fares and lesser crowds in some other season.

If you are traveling on a budget, then you will be looking out for discounts, offers, and deals. If you are planning an intimate vacation while cruising, then you will pick the time when you will find ports relatively empty and lesser people onboard. If you want to travel with your family, then the traveling season will coincide with school holidays, and, thus, you will pick the season accordingly. Also, if you prefer to sail in the perfect weather conditions without facing any problems with regards to rain and hurricane, then you will obviously go for the peak sailing season with weather being pleasant.

In the end, it all boils down to where you want to cruise and what matters to you more.

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