Blogger vs Vlogger: What’s the Difference?

. The terms “blogger” and “vlogger” are often used interchangeably, but there are actually some key differences between the two. A blogger is someone who writes blog posts, which are typically text-based articles that are published on a website or blog. A vlogger, on the other hand, is someone who creates video content for their channel or other social media platforms.

Most bloggers also have some sort of social media presence, but their primary focus is on writing blog posts. Vloggers, on the other hand, primarily create videos, but they may also write blog posts or create other types of content as well.

The key is the type of content they create. Bloggers create primarily text-based content, while vloggers primarily create video-based content. While the two may sometimes do the others’ work, for the most part, they stay in their own lanes, as both types of work require different sorts of skillsets.

For example, bloggers often need to be good with content writing, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Vloggers often need to be good at script writing, on-camera presence, and social media marketing. Here’s the thing, however… Most of both of these sets of jobs can be outsourced. For example, you can find skilled writers who work well within your niche. You can find great video editors and search engine marketing experts. There are people who create very high quality whiteboard videos and other types of media content so that your on-camera presence is irrelevant.

I like to write content for, and so that’s primarily where I focus my efforts. I do plan on starting a YouTube channel before the summer of 2022, but as of now, my preference is to write. It’s fun for me. With that being said, there are many who feel the exact same, but with regards to creating video content. I respect that! To each their own.

Are you a content creator or thinking of becoming one?

So, which should you become? It really depends on what your interests and skills are. If you enjoy writing and feel like you have a lot to say, then blogging might be a good option for you. If you’re more interested in creating videos and feel like you have a knack for it, then vlogging might be a better option for you.

Take your blogging to the next level with a fancy new Laptop!
Take your vlogging to the next level with a fancy new DSLR Camera!

The best way to determine which you should become is to try out both and see which you enjoy more. There’s no harm in trying out both blogging and vlogging and seeing which one you prefer. You may find that you enjoy doing both!

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