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cutest animals in the world
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Planet Earth is home to a lot of species. It’s not just us humans who live here! From mammoth-esque giants, like elaphants, to the most microscopic of life forms, like amoeba, we’ve got it all! Among these creatures are super adorable, furry friends like cats and dogs, of course. Aside from these obvious and cute household pets, there’s a wide variety of other darling species that will make your eyes twinkle. These include woodland creatures, desert dwellers, marine species, forest animals, exotic birds, and a whole lot of other sweet-looking creatures. So that’s what we’re doing, today! We’re going to take a look at some of the that will make you go, “awwww”!

While all that’s currently happening in the world, continue to happen, there are also many things, that make it worthwhile to be alive. A baby wrapping their whole hand around your finger. Soft rays of sun beaming through the rain. And of course, awwww-worthy animals! If you’re sad or troubled at this very moment, then this list is for you! It was hard to shortlist only ten, but we tried our best. Of course, there are other adorable animals out there. Our goal is that this list of the top ten in the world (in no particular order) will cheer you right up.


cute kittens
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Of course, no list of cute furry fellows can be complete without these feline lovelies. As established by so many animal articles, and videos, and memes on the Internet, cats are one of the most adorable animals in the world. They also happen to be the most popular housepets. What’s more, there are about 60 species of these cute babies to go around. We also thought it’d be nice to clarify that by cats, we mean breeds from the smallest teacup kitty to the largest, bravest lion.

Something interesting you’d like to know is that cats are a huge part of Japanese culture. They are thought to have mystical value and to bring good luck and charm. This explains the existence of the Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat, found in a lot of Japanese storefronts.

Cats also had a large role in ancient Egyptian society. They were often associated with the goddess Iris. Killing a feline was absolutely forbidden, and when cats died in a household, the family went into mourning and shaved their eyebrows.

A lot has changed, but the reverential status of cats in our society still remains the same. We build shrines in our homes complete with scratching posts and litterboxes for these furry icons and attend to their every need.

Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins
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Baby emperor penguins are probably one of the cutest birds out there. Furry bellies, cuddly-looking flappers, cute googly eyes, tiny beaks. All these fluffy features make these penguins hug magnets!

Unlike the house cat, unfortunately, these adorable birds can’t stay in your home. They live in Antarctica and have special adaptations for these conditions. One of these adaptations that they apply is huddling together to fight the cold. These smart cuties take turns spending time in the middle of the huddle. Once they’re toastier, they move outside to give someone else a turn. How considerate!

Father emperor penguins keep their eggs warm by placing them on their feet and covering them with soft, furry skin. While these emperor daddies are taking care of their eggs, they don’t eat anything to give their complete attention to the task of babysitting. How’s that for a parental sacrifice? Once the eggs hatch, their mamas keep them safe and warm in a cozy little pouch beneath their bellies. Even the thought of adorable penguin chicks waddling towards their mothers is enough to want to cuddle with the fluffy babies.

Another incredible fact about these flightless birds is that they’re great divers. They can dive for up to 564 meters, which is the height of the tallest building in Europe. This dive would take about half an hour, but these Olympic champs can manage it just fine.


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Prickly but adorable! Short legs, round button noses, tiny bodies, and baby faces make hedgehogs super cute. Don’t be fooled by the spines on their bodies, though. They’re not weapons. These tiny creatures curl up into a ball when they feel threatened, just like some of us do.

These spiky animals are nocturnal creatures, so it’s hard to keep them as pets. Challenging but not impossible! They’re also very active at night and zip around in all directions during the wee midnight hours. As they’re solitary creatures, it’s hard to warm up to them. It’s really worth it, though. Petting a happy hedgehog releases way too much serotonin.

Good reasons for keeping hedgehogs as pets include the fact that they don’t set off fur allergies. They also hunt insects. This means they can get rid of the pests in your home without you having to call in an expensive exterminator. Find these cuties in Europe, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand. Taking some time out to look for hedgehogs is pretty worth it. There’s nothing more adorable than watching one zap around!


American Pika
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Pikas have been described as egg-shaped, having oval bodies and short arms and legs. Their stumpy bodies may be the reason they waddle around instead of walking. How adorable! They also carry little flowers in their mouths with them so they can take them to their burrows and eat during the winter months. When they arrive home, they make a high pitched noise to announce themselves. This is why they’ve been nicknamed “the whistling hares.”

Socially inclined, Pikas express a sense of community by grooming each other, bumping noses, or sitting side by side. They also have different calls for different situations, like mating, or alarms, etc.

These adorable rabbit-like creatures usually live in mountainous areas like North America and Central Asia. It’s worth it to take some time out on your next trip to China so you can observe these cute, round creatures. An excellent place to find Pikas near you would be the Rocky Mountain National Park. They can also be observed around the tundra in places like Rainbow Curve, Rock Cut, and near Timberline Falls.

Aside from being adorable, Pikas are also climate change indicator species. This means that the number and health of the Pika community are good indicators of the effects of climate change.


cute puppy
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You really thought we’d have cats in a list of cute animals and not include dogs? You heartless being. Puppies are are the epitome of furry cuteness! Especially adorable breeds include Pomeranians, Corgis, and American Eskimos. But all dogs, regardless of breed, are precious and cute!

Dogs are extremely popular as pets. They’re also kept as guards or work animals. You know what they say, man’s best friend! The reason that these creatures are so cute may have something to do with their large heads, precious eyes, soft bodies, and floppy ears. There are also theories that these babies evolved to become so cute and steal our hearts!

Like in real life, dogs have a huge role to play in pop culture too. Take a moment to think about all your favorite films without the beloved canine characters. Marley & Me, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations, heck, Lassie. None of these would be the same without our doggo friends.

There’s also the phenomenon of Instagram Doggos! Our favorite social media sensations include Boo (, the cutie Pomeranian who stole our hearts, Marnie, the ancient “Insta star” (, and Tuna with his goofy smile (

Japanese Weasels

Japanese Weasels
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The Japanese Weasel can be found along rivers in Japanese islands like Honshū, Kyūshū, and Shikoku. They also live in mountainous areas as well as forests, grasslands, and even villages and suburbs. Although they’re generally orange like other weasels, their fur changes color to white during the winter months so they can camouflage themselves in the snow. Their long bodies, fluffy tails, short, stumpy legs, and pink noses make them adorable to look at.

Even though they’re super cute, they also happen to be solitary creatures that get frightened easily. They’re also territorial and can tend to get aggressive. Proceed with caution!

Just like our feline royalty, Japanese Weasels are also very prominent in Japanese folklore. They’ve long been thought to possess shapeshifting abilities and supernatural powers. The most apparent powers we can see in these adorable weasels are the powers of cuteness!

Other adorable Japanese species that we couldn’t help but include are Ezo Momonga and Shima Enaga. Ezo Momonga is a flying squirrel that’s straight out of a Disney movie. This squirrel is beloved for its giant eyes and cute round shape. Shima Enaga are sweet little white birds with round poofy bodies and cute beady eyes.


cute rabbit
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Next up on our list is another familiar household beloved: the rabbit. There are all kinds of adorable rabbits to appreciate. The angora rabbit is a round, hairy rabbit with soft, silky hair. They’re generally docile and very calm. They also require frequent brushing and caring for their fluffy bodies! Angora rabbits are mostly found in Ankara, so it’s a good idea to pay them a visit on your next trip to turkey.

American Chinchillas resemble the Easter Bunny as closely as possible. With their round, cuddly bodies, floppy ears, button noses, and adorable eyes, these sweeties can draw anyone in towards them. It’s possible that this particular species was artificially bred in France.

Lionhead rabbits come in all a variety of colors and have a lion-like mane around their necks. They’re mostly found in Belgium and weigh 3 to 4 pounds when fully grown! This breed stays tiny for the entirety of its lifecycle.

Another smaller breed of rabbits is the Jersey Wooly. These bunnies are super cute and super fluffy. Because of the huge amount of fur on their body, they may be mistaken for a larger rabbit. However, they’re pretty little and fragile. They require a lot of tender love and care! These rabbits enjoy being pet and make wonderful companions for children.

Red Pandas

cute Red Pandas
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Think bear, but the size of a cat, and you’ll have the Red Panda. Of course, they have red-colored fur that has white markings over it. These white markings almost have their own shine, making it easy for mother pandas to find their cubs. The fur on their limbs and belly is black. A charming adaptation of these creatures is that they use their 18 inch long tails as blankets during the colder months—what an adorable sight.

The bear-cat hybrids are extremely skilled acrobats and mostly reside in trees. They even sleep on branches. A good place to find them would be the Eastern Himalayas. They’re also found in Central China and the mountains of Nepal, so watch out for them during your next trip to these areas. Another area that’s closer to you where you might run into one of these majesties is the San Diego Zoo. There is an enclosure for these babies there.

Red Pandas are shy, timid creatures. Scientists were not sure how to classify them. They do, indeed, look like cats. But also like bears. And like raccoons too. How confusing! But adorable, nevertheless.

Fennec Foxes

Fennec Foxes
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Another adorable addition to this list of cuddly critters is the Fennec Fox. These little guys are the smallest species in the canid family. They weigh less than 2 kg. How tiny! Another record that they break is that of the largest ear to body ratio in the world. Their huge flappy ears help them fight heat in their native Sahara Desert. No jeep ride through the sands is complete without stopping to look for one of these adorable species.

For some reason, these foxes look like cats and dogs at the same time! Their sweet, curious eyes, small bodies, and unique ears make them cuter than any other fox in the world. Although they’re not domestic creatures, some countries do allow them to be domesticated by removing them from their mothers when they’re young. We still think it’s best to let the babies thrive in the wild with their families, though.

Although their small stature makes them look diminutive and weak, Fennec Foxes are surprisingly good jumpers. They can leap up to 3 feet at a time! Compare that to their height of about 15 inches to make sense of how impressive that is. Searching up videos of these sweet creatures made us want to give them a big hug,

Pygmy Hippopotamuses

Pygmy Hippopotamuses
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The last but not least entry on our aww-some list is the Pygmy Hippopotamus. Especially cute when they’re babies, these little hippos aren’t dangerous to humans. They do tend to get frightened, though, and try to intimidate potential enemies by baring their teeth. We don’t know how, but they still manage to look adorable and goofy while doing that. Otherwise, they’re endearingly shy and would prefer to run away rather than fight.

They’re said to be solitary, secretive beings but are also very gentle. What makes these creatures different from their relatives is their size. They come in small packages, weighing only about 160 to 270 kg. They also have rounder faces, making them infinitely sweeter looking.

Little is known about this species, mostly because it’s very rare. Unfortunately, Pygmy Hippos are endangered as well. Places to look for them include West Africa, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast. You can also say hi to them closer to you, over at the San Deigo Zoo. They get along well with other species at the zoo like guenons. They don’t even mind if one happens to seat itself on their backs! Since these hippos are nocturnal beings, they enjoy an empty enclosure late at night, roaming around and admiring the stars.


the cutest animals in the world
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With that, we’re afraid we’ve got to end our list. However, in no way does this mean that there aren’t other cute animals in the world. As we’ve mentioned before, our planet seems to be teeming with unique lifeforms, some of which happen to be pretty cute looking. Other adorable animals not included in this list but still worth looking out for are Long-Eared Jerboas, Otters, Koala Bears, Baby Seals, Quokkas, and even Dumbo Octopuses.

If this article has established anything, it’s that where ever you are in the world, you’re bound to have sweet animals somewhere near you. Think of the baby Emperor Penguin, high up in the Arctic, or Fennec Foxes, so suited to the Sahara. Sometimes, the adaptations that help them survive in these unique habitats also happen to make them cute as heck. Take the Fennec Foxes’ ears, for example. Other times, their cute and round shapes make them too sweet to look at, like the curvy bodies of the Ezo Momonga. Tiny sizes also happen to contribute to the level of cuteness. Take one look at a hedgehog and try to disagree. We promise you won’t be able to!

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