The Best Caribbean Island for Kids

best Caribbean Island for kids
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What’s the to enjoy? The many islands of the Caribbean are an absolute wonder for all those who visit. After all, what more would one want than the pristine white sandy beaches these islands offer, complemented by the most stunning aquamarine waters filled with a multitude of rich biodiversity. Many of the Caribbean’s natural wonders are the perfect tropical paradise for both adults looking for a romantic getaway to kindle romance and have an intimate time, and also for families looking for some quality vacation.

From the rich cultural vibe of Barbados to the absolute feisty spirit that Aruba embodies, the islands of the Caribbean are spectacular for everyone looking for a place to let loose and have the times of their lives away from home.

The expansive turquoise waters of the Caribbean beckon all those visiting to jump right in and feel all their day’s woes sink like their feet in the soft sand. The cool breeze transports one to a different dimension and the beautiful scent of sea air mixed with the scrumptious aroma of fried food from vendors and food shacks is enough to make you want to come back every year. Most Caribbean islands are also an excellent place for those looking for some high-spirited adventure and exploration in a unique mysterious getaway.

There are numerous water sports available for all those looking for some fun-filled action and adventure. From parasailing high above the cool clear waters to surfing and wakeboarding, there is something for everyone looking to dive into the cool waters and get some adrenaline rush. For those looking for relaxation and looking to unwind on the soft sand, there is a lot that these tropical paradise-like islands offer!

However, when choosing a Caribbean vacation destination, one needs to know if the islands are family-friendly and meet the requirements and needs of those parents traveling with kids. These include costs, convenience, and safety for kids as well as options for entertainment for the young ones. While it is true that all islands in the Caribbean are stunning and magnificent abodes which can be perfect for all couples looking for a romantic, intimate getaway. However, many islands are not as suitable for families and those traveling with infants and young children.

We have looked through the stunning islands of the Caribbean and have put together a list of the top islands for kids in the Caribbean. However, one must always know that the perfect island will differ from family to family, depending on what vacation they are planning and how old their kids are. Some islands are perfect for teenagers and older children looking for some adrenaline-fueled fun and frenzy. Whereas, some islands are better for families looking to spend time relaxing with their young children. So look through our picks for your next vacation in the Caribbean.

1. Jamaica

best Caribbean Island for kids - Jamaica
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Situated in the West Indies, and only a few miles for the U.S state of Florida, Jamaica is the ideal destination for families looking for an escape and a magical getaway to spend the best vacation. The island itself is blessed with the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches, family resorts, and rich cultural heritage. From beautiful live music to bonfires with crackling fires on beaches and delicious stick-food being sold by vendors, Jamaica is the perfect paradise for those looking to relax and have some fun in the Caribbean.

Jamaica is well-endowed with an atmosphere that is perfect for little ones and teenagers due to the presence of lots of miles of sandy beaches as well as adventure sports like ziplining, parasailing, and also beautiful waterfalls. For those looking for some luxury and relaxation, there are a ton of options for villas that can be rented which come with the best chefs, housekeepers, and babysitters.

The areas of Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay, in particular, are excellent options for those looking to experience the best of Jamaica’s turquoise waters for swimming with their loved ones. For families, Jamaica is ideal also because of its trove of affordable options such as the Sunscape Splash Resort which comes for a price of less than $200 for families.

Jamaica is ideally suited for families traveling with younger children due to the many attractions it is blessed with. The Ocho Rios region has stunning beaches which are also lined by several shops, local traditional restaurants, and entertainment facilities such as water sport options. Dunn’s River waterfall is also an iconic natural wonder which is frequented by thousands of tourists every year.

Scotchies, in Montego Bay, is also an amazing spot to experience Jamaica’s world-famous traditional delight – Jerk Chicken. It also offers other finger-licking good snacks for people to fill themselves with after a good swim in the calm waters of the Caribbean. Jamaica’s all-inclusive resorts are wonderful but they come with quite a price. Families instead can opt to stay at cheaper alternatives such as a villa or pool house near the beach area. These villas also come with the best butlers, chefs, and housekeepers to make sure that your vacation doesn’t become all about looking after the young ones and is a relaxing experience for the whole family. Many beaches, parks, and tourist attractions in Jamaica are either free or come with a very nominal fee making it the best option for all visitors.

Resorts such as the Franklyn D Resort are wonderful for families looking for nannies and caretakers to look after young ones while unwinding at the stunning beachfront property. Its breathtaking and amazing waterfalls and other natural wonders are also bound to make everyone enjoy the full spirit of the island. Small lagoons and waterfall clusters are great for kids to jump right into due to their shallow waters.

2. St. Lucia

best Caribbean Island for kids - St. Lucia
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Situated about 100 miles northwest of Barbados, St. Lucia is a stunning tropical paradise that is perfect for families looking for a great break in the Caribbean. From the absolute best beaches with white sands to the crystal clear waters surrounding them, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. St. Lucia is home to some of the Caribbean’s best snorkeling sites and beautiful underwater coral reefs that host numerous rich marine life.

There are also a multitude of iconic tropical rainforests and even a dormant volcano which has become a top tourist attraction on this Caribbean island. St. Lucia is segmented into two main areas for tourists. The northern region consists of the Rodney Bay which is home to numerous stunning beaches and resorts for all those looking for comfort in the calm waters and splendid resorts and hotels with their young ones.

The southern region is home to the Soufriere area which presents several beautiful and magnificent bays, historical plantations, and stunning scenic wonders for everyone to revel in. The natural beauty of the region can take anyone’s breath away and make them lose themselves in the tropical paradise of St. Lucia. Most flights to St. Lucia occur at the same time as Barbados and the island is easily accessible all year round.

However, traveling within St. Lucia can take some time due to the winding roads of the northern regions. Cap Estate in the north of St.Lucia  is particularly famous for its wide variety of resorts and vacation spots for those looking to relax and unwind while enjoying the many adventures it offers. Rodney Bay is also home to a number of great restaurants, shopping malls, and great views of the sea.

The man-made lagoon on the beach area is also perfect for those looking to relax with their young ones. The Soufriere region is a charming quaint area that welcomes visitors with its rich botanical gardens and even a volcanic beach. Kids, in particular, enjoy the rich and colorful markets and expansive park areas in the vicinity. Families can also visit the Sulphur Springs, St. Lucia’s infamous drive-in volcano, and enjoy getting soaked in mud baths after the springs.

There are also guided tours provided to the historical part of the town which offers great insight into the island’s production of coffee, chocolate, and sugar. Those looking to spend some bucks on a fancy resort should head on to the all-inclusive Windjammer Landing Resort which comes with trained nannies and housekeepers to make sure parents can enjoy some time off. 

3. Barbados

best Caribbean Island for kids - Barbados
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Families looking to head to the Caribbean are often concerned about the safety of the region for many of the islands suffer from instability and gang violence. However, Barbados is one of the safest and child-friendly places one can backpack to in the Caribbean. Most locals are proficient in English and Barbados has a trove of tropical wonders with its stunning coastline dominated by clear azure blue waters and pristine white sandy beaches.

Barbados is also home to stunning nature reserves and wildlife parks for those looking to reconnect with nature and its many wonders. Families can also have a learning experience when visiting the island nation’s many rich historical sites which have been well-preserved. Those looking for some break from the natural topography and retail therapy can look towards the island’s many amazing shopping malls.

There are also many rich festivals that the island hosts which are a wonderful experience for visitors and locals alike. Barbados being a small island nation is great for those looking for convenience when getting around and the road network is also well set. The west coast of Barbados is home to stunning expansive white sandy beaches, crystal clear seas, and numerous options for family accommodation. There are also several famed Caribbean resorts on this side of the island, including Royal Westmoreland, Sugar Hill, and the beautiful Sandy Lane Resort.

All resorts are equipped with beautiful pools, restaurants offering the most scrumptious treats, and even great private beaches that offer the most thrilling water sports and tennis and golf courses. The West Coast or Platinum Coast as it is called is also great for those looking for some private time to spend with their family, as the many villas are a great place to relax and stay. They are also equipped with the absolute best amenities. Barbados offers great spots for visitors to play and party while enjoying the many spots for swimming and snorkeling underwater (make sure you have your diving gear!).

A visit to the beautiful and tranquil Barbados Wildlife Reserve is also bound to make the entire family enjoy the sights of stunning peacocks, parrots, and even green monkeys. Visitors can also choose to visit the famous capital city of Bridgetown which is itself filled with museums and rich cultural sights for tourists to enjoy. Have fun as you explore a pirate ship or take a trip to a sugarcane plantation while admiring the many natural wonders the city has to offer.

While the West Coast hosts the more lavish and expensive restaurants and cafes, the southern coast is home to great budget-friendly options for eating and living. There are also numerous condos and budget-friendly villas that can be split between multiple guests.


best Caribbean Island for kids - Dominican Republic
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Another great island-nation in the Caribbean and an excellent place for families to relax and rejuvenate in the Dominican Republic. A country that shares Hispaniola Island with neighboring Haiti. The itself is brimming with numerous all-inclusive resort destinations such as the Punta Cana and the iconic La Romana. The best part about the sea-front resorts is that they are very affordable and easily accessible.

Families of four can easily book a resort for about $200 per night and enjoy the most verdant and lush green wonders of the city. The Dominican Republic offers stunning views of the Caribbean from its white-powdery sand beaches and a beautiful coastline. The Club Med Punta Cana Resort is also an excellent option for families to stay as it offers numerous children’s activities from music lessons, cooking classes, and art to tennis and other sports.

The beaches are also replete with numerous water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing, and other thrilling activities. Another great resort option for those visiting the Dominican Republic is the all-inclusive Grand Palladium Bavaro Suites in the Punta Cana region which offers a grand club for kids and babysitting services while parents can enjoy some intimate time on the soft sandy beach or undertake some thrilling fun activity.

There are also a lot of options for visitors to take part in fun activities like volleyball and water aerobics. Those visiting are also advised to book a tour to the beautiful and historic capital city of Santo Domingo which offers numerous cultural offerings for all visitors.

Being one of the Caribbean’s oldest and most well-kept cities, Santo Domingo is a delight for all those looking to delve into some history and culture. Its beautiful cobblestoned inner-city houses splendid cathedrals dating back to the 1500s. Several stunning museums house a trove of treasures such as medieval art and memorabilia. 


best Caribbean Island for kids - Puerto Rico
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With splendid beaches, lavish resorts, and rich cultural heritage, offers a unique experience to all families looking to spend a vacation in the Caribbean sanctuary. Situated on Condado Beach, San Juan’s Marriott Resort offers all guests beautiful ocean views, pools, and spas for those looking to indulge in some self-care.

Babysitting services are also available which make it one of the most prized resort destinations in the island nation. The resort itself despite the trove of amenities it offers isn’t that expensive and boasts a huge family water park with designated pools for toddlers and kids to enjoy. Guided camp activities are also conducted in the resort for the younger ones which allow them to reconnect with their natural environments and allow parents some time off.

The best part about Puerto Rico is the rich cultural heritage of the country. While there are several options for those looking to let loose and unwind on a stunning beach setting, the country is also home to amazing historical treasures for those looking for some educational adventure. The historic forts in San Juan and the El Yunque Rainforest are some great places for families to visit. Both places are easily accessible by shuttle and visitors can marvel at the great wonder of the magnificent old fortresses. These activities though might be best suited for older children and teenagers.

The breathtakingly beautiful Spanish architecture has an undeniable charm to itself even today and visitors are always left in awe of the great structure.


Be it the stunning pristine white sand beaches of Jamaica or the rich cultural allure of the Dominican Republic, the islands of the Caribbean are excellent places to visit for families looking for a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some islands are replete with rich natural beauty and several thrilling water activities for kids to enjoy. While other places are filled with stunning museums and cultural attractions from centuries ago. Ultimately the best Caribbean island for children depends on the kind of vacation families are looking for, as well as how old kids are. Meanwhile, the islands of the Caribbean remain beautiful havens waiting to be explored. After reading this, you now have a better understanding about the best Caribbean Island for kids to enjoy. Please enjoy your family vacation.

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