Let’s Name a Country Known for Beaches

name a country known for beaches
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Let’s Name a Country Known for Beaches – Top 3

We’re not just going to name a country known for beaches – we’re going to name three of them! A beach is a fascinating illustration of scenic beauty that nature uses to mesmerize human beings. The beaches are such calm and tranquil spots that you can relish and relax at a beach to acquire peace from societal pressures and rejuvenate your soul in the process. They attract tourists from different regions of the globe who adore magnificent natural scenery.

Visiting an immaculate beach is also a constructive option for surfing and spending quality time with your loved ones. You can swim, sunbathe, and play water sports on the beach. However, the description of a perfect beach alters by explorer.

Some are inspired by the clarity of water and velvety texture of the sand, while others are expounded by the uniqueness of lush foliage and tidal nature of the waves. Whatever it be, it’s certainly decided that beaches possess exceptional characteristics, which makes them mandatory destinations to experience multiple times in a year.

They also come with quite a few additional benefits. They boost the tourism industry and substantially enhance economic productivity by generating business opportunities through souvenirs and ice-cream shops. From the sublime stretch of remote Scottish coastline to the euphoria-inducing sands in Mexico, the gorgeous beaches around the globe, are definitely worth the journey.

The blazing question now is which countries are the best for marvelous beaches? Following is our research on top 3 countries known for their beaches.


The United States of America
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If we want to name a country known for beaches, the United States of America is on the top of the hierarchy with regards to ideal beach destinations in the world. The visit to the beach becomes necessary for the US citizens to absorb sun rays and complete vitamin requirements as the weather remains cold throughout the year. The beaches in the United States are accompanied by Atlantic and Pacific swimming conditions, scuba diving, boating, various types of restaurants, a vibrant boardwalk, and water sports rentals. Truly, the country is heaven for all beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

There are numerous beaches across the United States with amusing waters and clean sand. These beaches are idealized for special locations, attractions, and distinctive facilities. They are romantic retreats for people in relationships, and it’s as soothing as it can be without any hustle around. Fortunately, you can discover blissful beaches at a smaller distance from New York to California.

The hunt for idyllic beaches doesn’t end here and encapsulates the path from Florida to Hawaii with a compulsory respite in Chicago. I have enumerated the famous beaches in the United States with their location and specifications below:

Ocean City, Maryland:

Ocean City Beach is a celebrated holiday spot in the United States. Recently, it was featured in the top 10 beaches of the United States. It raises an intriguing question that which features and qualities produce such a special beach? It has 10 miles of elegantly nurtured sand for familial activities without paying a single penny to the beach administration.

Further entertainment package for adventurers includes beach fireworks, beach dance parties, and family beach Olympics. You can’t forget to add fishing, surfing, and jet skiing to the bucket list ordeal at the Ocean City Beach. You can unearth a variety of restaurants and hotels, and also grab a bottle of champagne on the walkway. Snorkeling and sunbathing will add icing to this proverbial cake during the visit to the beach.

Clearwater Beach, Florida:

Clearwater Beach is a flawless beach with gorgeous seashore and inviting waters. It’s located on the Gulf of Mexico and extends itself to two and a half miles along the coast. It was awarded number #1 beach of the United States in 2018 by a reputable touring agency. This American beach is known for its fabulous sunsets and nightly entertainment throughout the year. There are family-friendly lodges and resorts, along with fun captivating beach activities. The umbrella, chairs, and gigantic playground, enhances the pleasure of the families.

Fishing is the most loved activity by the tourists on the Clearwater Beach, and you should surely relish it whenever you get a chance to visit this wedge of paradise.

Oak Street Beach, Chicago:

The amateur Oak Street Beach, located on North Lake Shore Drive, in Chicago, is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan with a perfect sunset view on the backdrop skyline. Surely, every admirer of nature would do anything to have a glimpse of the scenery. It’s proven to be a popular summer hotspot with excellent arrangements for visitors.

They offer volleyball rentals and other recreational sports. The beach management organizes professional volleyball tournaments in summer to gather spectators to the beach. You can taste a wide range of food from local vendors and capitalize beverage options at the bar. Cabanas and lounge chairs are available for rent to enjoy the scenic beauty of this magnificent place. So, enjoying the spectacular vision of the skyline or relishing the beautiful game of volleyball – the choice is all yours.

Santa Monica Beach, California:

The iconic Santa Monica Beach is established to the west of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a central spot with conventional beach attractions and amusements such as surfing, swimming, volleyball, and swimming. The only feature of the Santa Monica beach that separates itself from other beaches in the United States is the refreshment park known as Santa Monica Pier.

The amusement park has an aquarium and restaurants serving traditional and delicious food. The aquarium provides educational information about water creatures. The Ferris wheel and the roller-coaster maximizes the jubilations of the kids. You can’t miss the opportunity to spend vacations at this beach!

Rockaway Beach, New York:

The Rockaway Beach is a perfect weekend destination for the residents of New York. It’s the only legal surfing beach in New York. Vacationers may have to ride on a subway to reach this mesmerizing venue.

The Rockaway beach was renovated again after the hurricane in 2012. It offers usual beach activities such as handball courts, skating, surfing, and family lodges. The hotels ensure that no one misses out on the eateries. It doesn’t matter whether you are a swimmer or a surfer, you can’t resist yourself from a ride to the Rockaway beach.

The listed above beaches aren’t the only beaches in the country. There are several other beaches in the United States. In fact, the nation is accompanied by beaches to entice families and tourists. However, they are must-visit beaches and should be on the cards in the summer holidays. They all are unique in their own ways. It makes the United States the land of beaches with enchanting services, and you should cash on the opportunity whenever you can!


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The second country on your checklist to be visited for its beaches should be Australia. If we are to name a country known for beaches, then we cannot forget about the ‘Land Down Under’. The country is complemented to have many beaches due to its 27,000 kilometers long coastline. It’s one of the astonishing and lovely coastlines around the globe.

A recent study by the University of Sydney deduced that there are over 11,000 beaches in Australia. The nation is not densely populated. Consequently, the most wonderful beaches are near coastal cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide. The country seduces endless surfers and reefs throughout the year.

Moreover, the Australian beaches are popular for their golden sand. The calm and clear water enhances the jubilation of the adventurers. I have cataloged five perfect beaches in Australia, and you should definitely travel with your friends or partner to taste natural beauty in Australia.

Bondi Beach, Sydney:

Bondi Beach is one of the stunning beaches in Australia and is not very far from Sydney city. A small bus ride can drop you to this heavenly destination with water waves waiting to greet you. The conditions are exhilarating on the weekends as people from all spheres of life come to relieve themselves of the hectic daily routine. Just like other beaches, the bikini is embraced as a popular culture.

Casual bars, cafes, restaurants, and water sports rentals intensify the charm of the beach. An entire day can be spent with the blink of an eye by rejoicing the calm sunshine and swimming in the transparent water. A visit to Australia and Sydney is incomplete if you haven’t relished the moments at Bondi beach. 

Manly Beach, Sydney:

Manly Beach is located near the famous Sydney Harbor. A 15 kilometers trip across the Sydney Harbor to Manly Wharf leads its way to the glorious Manly Beach. The extension of soft sand and a tree-lined boulevard, the beach is a hotspot for families and backpackers. It’s the most prominent beaches for surfing in Australia. The beach has a rich culture of organizing international surfing championships as the first surfing event convened back in 1964.

Renowned surfers participate in the competition to attract the spectators. You can rejoice a variety of options for accommodation ranging for modern resorts to luxury hotels. The beach’s administration has established a surf school to offer scuba diving and surfing courses to beginners and certified professionals. You can’t escape the beach without flavoring the appetites beachside cafes and restaurants. It serves its own craft beer to the families and tourists. You can’t miss the occasion to drop by this organic nirvana.

Noosa Main Beach, Queensland:

Noosa Main Beach lies to the north of Brisbane and is a splendid family spot. It’s one of the few beaches in Australia that is locates on the northern coastline. The weather remains pleasant over 365 days and encouraging the nature-lovers to spend quality time at the beach. The water is warm as compared to other beaches in Australia. It’s one of the best places to learn surfing due to the moderate level of tides.

Swimming is the major water sport at the beach to allure the audience. Noosa Main Beach is few steps away from famous Hastings Street and manages the commercial arena of the beach. It offers four-star accommodation for tourists with a variety of hotels and cafes. You can spend an entire day on this promising land with the blink of an eye.

Monkey Beach, Queensland:

Monkey Beach is nestled on the Great Keppel Island in Queensland. It’s a small strip of fine and calm sand incorporated in the emerald water. The secluded beach is enveloped with lush green vegetation, recommending the tourists to examine reef without any hustle and bustle. The beach has earned its name for providing pleasant habitat to the monkeys. The beach has not flurry of tourists due to the lack of infrastructure. However, the transparent water amplifies the beautiful experience of snorkeling.

People take photos with naughty monkeys and spend time with their partners. You should be aware that monkeys can cause harm through scratching and biting. You certainly can’t afford to spend a holiday in a hospital to get a rabies vaccine.

Australia is placed second on the list for its tremendous infrastructure and management of beaches across the country. It has developed itself to be a hub of water sport activities and continues to increase its spectrum. Consequently, the tourism industry is growing and attracting explorers from across the continents. Visiting Australia for its perfect beaches should on the bucket list, and you can’t miss once in the lifetime opportunity.


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It’s difficult to name a country known for beaches without mentioning Spain. Spain is located in the south-west of Europe, with a population under 50 million. I have placed Spain on the third spot in terms of countries having the best beaches. The country has a coastline of 5000 miles with an endless array of spectacular beaches. These beaches connect the country with every single coast. The country offers a variety of beaches from fabulous dunes of Barcelona to the exquisite wilderness of Tarifa in Andalusia.

Spain has been awarded the famous Blue Flag status for maintaining prescribed environmental standards at beaches. It has gathered tourists from different European countries and boosted the economy.

Bogatell Beach, Barcelona:

Bogatell Beach is a fifteen-minute walk from the city center in Barcelona. Officially, it was manufactured in 1992 for the Barcelona Olympic Games. It’s heaven for sun worshippers and outdoor beach sports. You can find volleyball and handball courts with players rejoicing the games. The beach is less crowded with tourists and has a clean atmosphere.

It has an incredible infrastructure with unique amenities such as umbrella chairs, water sports rentals, and boardwalk. It’s a spacious beach with hotels and cafes to explore. You should taste the local Spanish food at the beach and make the best out of your time.

Carvajal Beach, Fuengirola:

Carvajal Beach is an urban beach in Fuengirola, which is popular for its dark sand and peaceful water. In 2019, the beach management received the quality certification and Blue Flag award for complying with climatic measures. Carvajal Beach is stretched to a quarter of a mile and is jam-packed on public holidays. It’s one of the tranquil beaches in the region with phenomenal water quality. You can access the beach by train or public transport. It has a wide and sunny boardwalk with diversity in food and drink outlets. Undoubtedly, Carvajal Beach is an amazing place for family fun.

Playa Los Lances, Tarifa:

The Beach of Playa Los Lances is situated on the southern coast of mainland Spain. It lies at the intersection of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean and has an ideal environment for marine life such as dolphins and whales. The golden sandy beach is the favorite place for kitesurfers from different countries of Europe due to continuous wind and breeze. The weather is delightful for surfing throughout the year, and you can hire private tutors to learn impeccable art.

Playa Los Lances is covered with pine trees to sharpen the beauty and be reached by public bus. You are presented with all the amenities, such as changing rooms, showers, comfortable hotels, and first-aid facilities. You should definitely visit this masterpiece of nature.

The beaches in Spain increase its scenic beauty and accumulate individuals from different aspects of life. They are heaven on Earth for families and partners to relax from the restless schedule. The territory has over 500 beaches in different parts of the country with inexplicable governance and facilities.

Obviously, it’s not easy to receive the Blue Flag Award for beach maintenance in the era of climate change. Spain generates economic revenues from the tourist activities on the beaches and is adamant about expanding it. The beaches are worth a journey, and you will not regret it ever.

In Conclusion…

name a country known for beaches - United States of America
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The United States of America, Australia, and Spain are the top three, when trying to name a country known for beaches, largely due to the reasons mentioned in this article. However, there are other countries in the world that have mystifying beaches. They lack either top-notch services or accountability measures for the smooth running of operations at the beach. These three countries have proper mechanisms in place to run the affairs of the beach and ensuring full support to the tourists.

They have capitalized on the opportunities provided by nature. So, whenever you get a chance to visit any beach, it’s fundamental to certify that you are traveling to the right beach. You should verify the services and facilities being offered at the beach to make your trip memorable. If they don’t attract you, there are plenty others waiting to be explored. Now if someone ever asks if you can name a country known for beaches, you can truthfully say, “yes”!

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