Aruba vs Jamaica – Which One Has The Best Beaches for Swimming?

Aruba vs Jamaica
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– Which One Has the Best Beaches for Swimming?

. Which vacation destination wins? When it comes to choosing the perfect destination for winding down to the chilly breeze of the sea and forgetting your daily woes with a relaxing swim, two tropical delights top every backpacker’s list: Aruba and Jamaica.  Both these exciting Caribbean Island Nations are a wonder for every person looking to relish in the soft sand of endless beaches and swim in the vast blue waters of the Caribbean.

The rich cultural allure of Jamaica has a spellbinding way of making every traveler want to make the most of this friendly, thrilling wonderland and its amazing beaches. Its pristine white sand beaches make every traveler want to relax and soak up the sun. Its rich culinary scene makes backpackers visit it again and again for jerk pork and chicken on sticks along the sea.

Aruba too is a gem in the Southern Caribbean where one can fully immerse themselves in the crystal clear waters and stunning white-sand beaches. A favorite for travelers looking to spend the best time with their family and friends, Aruba is always buzzing with crowds of locals and tourists. Be it relaxing and bathing in the sun on the soft sandy beaches or reveling in the feisty spirit of adventurous water sports, both these places are a haven for globetrotters and travelers looking for a getaway.

The warm climate of both these countries makes them the ideal destination to experience the best relaxation of summertime. Their exotic locations make them a wonderful spot for sight-seeing and marveling at the wonder of aquatic coral-life and on-land species from flamingoes to leatherback turtles.

Both these island nations attract hordes of tourists each year looking for adventure and a variety of spirited watersports such as surfing and wind-sailing to paragliding and rafting.

Although both these tropical heavens are home to the best beaches for swimming and are swarmed with vacationers all-year-round, travelers often have to choose which one offers them the complete experience to unwind. The fascinating attraction of these elite vacation destinations did not miss our eye and have us wanting to plan our next adventure right now.

Ahead of your next wonderful trip, we have delved into the depths of the best these island nations have to offer to make the perfect comparisons between their beaches. Here is what we discovered about these dreamy destinations.


Aruba vs Jamaica
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Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach
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Probably one of the most scenic and breathtaking locations in Aruba, Eagle Beach is situated on Aruba’s west coast and is known to be the widest white sand beach in the region. Usually less crowded than the island’s other beaches, Eagle Beach is the perfect spot to relax and experience the placidness and calmness of flowing seawater. Its pristine white sand beaches provide beachgoers the perfect escape from the rugged rowdy atmosphere of city life.

Eagle Beach is well-known as one of the most stunning and amazing beaches in all of the Caribbean. It is particularly popular among those looking for a romantic getaway with their spouses on the beach and those looking for laid-back relaxation. Eagle beach is also brimming with a multitude of exotic type mammals and is the best place to spot numerous species of sea turtles.

Iconic to Aruba and one of the most infamous landmarks of the Caribbean is the beach’s two divi-divi trees which sway in the cool breeze of the tropical paradise. The clear and calm waters offer the most stunning views of the vast ocean through cruise ships and the neighboring resorts.

The beach is cornered by a thicket of coconut trees, Divi-Divis, and sea grapevines which create an alluring aura for all visitors. Numerous restaurants, palapa huts, and sea-view cafes also line the beach, offering scrumptious delights to enjoy by the jade waters and soft white sands. Eagle beach is also a top choice for swimmers due to its safe and calm nature on most days.

Activities such as jet skiing and banana boat rides are also available for the more adventurous of folks. One of the most famous luxury adult-only resorts: Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort is also present near Eagle Beach. The beach is ultimately the best Aruba offers to those looking for a calm and relaxing environment to swim in while admiring the many stunning natural wonders of the Caribbean.

Swimmers must know though that this beach only offers gentle surfing and is best-suited for the calmer swims!

Palm Beach

Palm Beach
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Highlighted by a string of towering luxury resorts such as the Ritz Carlton Aruba, Palm Beach is the perfect place to experience the fervor and frenzy of Aruba’s beaches. This beach is dotted with swarms of tourists and backpackers and is a very popular destination as it offers more action than the calmer Eagle beach which is just south of the Palm.

This beach is always buzzing with souvenir hawkers and locals and tourists enjoying the thrill of water sports and exciting banana boat rides. Other activities including parasailing, wakeboarding, and water skiing are also highly popular and recommended for all those who would like to taste more fun after their swim.

Feeling the warm ocean breeze against yourself while gliding is a one-of-a-kind experience that Aruba offers. Swimmers must note though, that most of the lounge seating and palapas are occupied by the luxury chain resorts, and unwinding after a quick swim can be pricey.

The true feel of this tropical beach paradise can still be experienced by strolling through the many shops and numerous tourist attractions that are present within the vicinity. The beach is the best spot for those looking for an adventurous experience or just some socializing while making the most of the sunny beach.

Palm Beach is an excellent choice for swimmers looking for paddling lessors or snorkeling adventures in the clear waters. Exploring the rich mix of marine life under the water is an experience most backpackers enjoy the most. Palm Beach is the best place to experience the most of Aruba’s lively and spirited beach culture.

Sip through the most delicious cocktails and refreshing mojitos while the crisp smell of sea air and barbecue tingles your nose! Sunbathe and let loose in the sand to the sound of music or swim through the vast blue waters, Palm Beach is the place to be.

Boca Catalina Beach

Boca Catalina Beach
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For those backpackers looking to relax alone by the sea, away from the hullabaloo of crowds and tourists, Boca Catalina is a haven. An escape from the crowds and noise of vendors and hawkers, Boca Catalina is easily accessible by bus and cars. Swimmers must note that this beach has shallower water than other beaches which is teeming with tropical fish of all kinds.

This beach is the best place for families to relax and enjoy fun-filled activities such as snorkeling and diving. Jam-packed between mossy rocks and luxurious hotels, the beach provides a peaceful abode for couples and individuals looking to soak up the sun on beach pods or the supple pristine sand. Numerous palapa huts are also available for those looking for some shade near the beach.

A cozy little beach, the Boca Catalina also has lots of room for adventure. Swimmers can enjoy a good swim to the Antilla shipwreck which is nearby or snorkel and discover the beautiful underwater marine life. After a swim, backpackers may also find it fun to have a little picnic by the huts or lie on the pebbly sandy beach.


Jamaica vs Aruba
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Pellew Island Beach

Pellew Island Beach
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Nestled firmly a few miles off the Port Antonio coast, this stunning fantasy islet is often referred to as the Monkey Island or the Princess Island. This is because numerous monkeys had been imported to the island a long time ago and have ever since made home in this tropical abode, getting it the name of Monkey Island.

From the beautiful mangrove bushes to the azure blue expansive waters, Pellew Island beach is the perfect place to engage in all your swimming adventures. Pellew Island is regularly touted as one of the best places in all of Jamaica to experience the wonders of deep-sea snorkeling, swimming alongside the many diverse and beautiful shoals of fish and sea urchins.

Pellew Island is a favorite for spotting a mixed variety of tropical fish and getting the complete underwater experience. Most backpackers find the best way to reach the beach through kayaks from the San San beach which is situated nearby. Kayaking to Pellew Island itself is a whole exhilarating experience that makes you wonder about the marvel of Jamaica’s open waters.

Some travelers also choose to reach the beach through boating. Pellew Island is the ultimate destination to immerse oneself in the feeling of being lost in a faraway destination, without being abandoned! Although backpackers must note, water shoes are a must to explore this beach and its wonders.

Mammee Bay Beach

Mammee Bay Beach
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For backpackers in Jamaica looking to indulge in luxury but also the raw calming vibes of the sea, Mammee Bay beach is the perfect place. Semi-private, Mammee Bay beach is only a few minutes away from Ocho Rios and is always swarming with visitors looking to have the time of their lives.

This beach provides the most stunning vantage point for tranquil views of waves crashing on the coastline and breathtaking sunset sights. Swims at the beach are a whole exhilarating experience and are bound to make any visitor fall in love with the soothing lulling vibe of the luxurious beach.

The calm, warm waters are the best spot to dive into and feel the refreshing breeze and waves cool away your troubles. The best time to visit Mammee beach is at sunset when the beach lights up with the scrumptious aromas of local delicacies such as grilled lobsters, fried fish, and luscious chilled mojitos.

After a relaxing swim in the ocean, travelers spend the evening tanning and sunbathing on the soft and supple beach sand. Dance around to local music or nap to the calming sound of crashing waves and crackling bonfires, Mammee beach has a little bit for everyone to enjoy.

For the more adventurous and spirited travelers, Mammee beach hosts a variety of water sports to get the full feel of the ocean. Popular among visitors are windsurfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The thrill of feeling the wind against your face and feet brushing against the sea is an amazing experience which one can only really have at Mammee Bay beach!

The nearby Bamboo Blu Restaurant is also a hot spot to enjoy the best of local cuisine after a swim in the ocean or an exhilarating time wakeboarding. Although the amenities have their expenses, the luxury that Mammee Bay beach promises to beachgoers is one of its own!

Ocho Rios Beach

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Located on the Northern coast of Jamaica, is the heavenly marvel of Ocho Rios Beach. Popularized by the shooting of the original James Bond movie, the beach is famed to be the point where Columbus landed during his nascent voyage.

Ocho Rios Beach is a favorite among those wishing to escape from the buzzing noise and clamor of the city areas and experience the cool, placid waters of the island. The mile-long white sandy beaches are the perfect place to sunbathe after a cool swim in the endless blue waters.

Ocho Rios is also known as the Turtle Beach of Jamaica and is home to numerous aquatic species within its turquoise waters that welcome each traveler to a heavenly abode. Ocho Rios Beach is easy and accessible as it only has a fee of around $6 and is in the vicinity of numerous restaurants and sea-view cafes to fill your appetite after a swim.

Safe and sound, the tranquil waters of Ocho Rios Beach are the top choice for anyone looking to unwind and let loose in the calming waters of the Caribbean. To add the cherry on top, swimming wear and gear are also easily available at Ocho Rios Beach.

Many backpackers and beachgoers particularly relish in the glass bottom boat tours that are available to explore the marvel of the crashing waves and calming waters in a ride. Owing to its secluded position, Ocho Rios beach is usually not crowded and thus the best place to have a solitary swim or dip your toes in the peaceful shallow waters.

More than swimming, other activities such as kayaking and snorkeling can also be booked from nearby resorts such as Moon Palace Jamaica.

Boston Bay Beach

Boston Bay Beach
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Burrowed in the north end of Jamaica is the beautiful and breathtaking Boston Bay, an awe-inspiring beach which is named after the profitable banana trading between Boston, Massachusetts, and the bay. One of the main attractions of the Boston Bay is the crashing waves that travelers and beachgoers can see there. The energetic vibe of Boston Bay Beach attracts surfers and adventurers to have the time of their lives, wakeboarding, and surfing the high-rising tides.

Situated near Port Antonio, the beach is known for its amazing local delicacies such as jerk chicken, pork, and fried fish sold by vendors. While Boston Bay Beach may not be the best spot for those looking to while away the hours watching the sunset in the idyllic setting, it is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy the energy of Jamaica.

The great views and tides that Boston Bay beach offers attract hordes of tourists and locals alike to experience the true spirit of Jamaica and the beautiful blue waters. Numerous water sports such as surfing and windsurfing are widely available on the beach for those looking to have some fun after diving in the ocean for a swim.

The aesthetically appealing setting is complemented by the many modern and stunning resorts that outline the Bay, such as The Trident Hotel and Hotel Mockingbird Hill, which allow visitors to experience a taste of luxury and exquisite flavor. Even for those just looking to enjoy, Boston Bay Beach offers the most stunning visual sights such as moss-covered scenic rocks and peaceful coves and caves bordering the shoreline.

Enjoy the finger-licking scrumptious jerk pork and hot foil-wrapped chicken, or the rising tides, this beach is every backpacker’s paradise! For the novices who have only recently gotten into surfing, experts present on the beach provide windsurfing and surfing lessons to make sure everyone gets more than just a dip in the sea!


Tropical gems Aruba and Jamaica both offer the best of Caribbean adventure, calming waters, and pristine sandy beaches. Whether it be a solo excursion or a romantic getaway, both these places have the best to offer.

However, Aruba is more popular among folks looking to have a fun family-friendly experience whereas Jamaica’s rich vibrant culture and party vibe draws in solo backpackers and young adults. Aruba is not located in the hurricane belt, unlike Jamaica which puts weather conditions in its favor.

Moreover, Jamaica is known to be dangerous for tourists in certain regions and Aruba stands to be the safer option. Swimmers looking for less crowded beaches though should look towards Jamaica since Aruba bustles with crowds all year round. Ultimately the choice is yours, whether to swim in the crystal clear waters of Aruba or the calming blue of Jamaica.

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