The 5 Best Places to Learn to Surf in the World?

Best Places to Learn to Surf
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Where are the 5 Best Places to Learn to Surf in the World?

Do coastal waves excite you? Are you looking to experience an exciting sport that helps you explore the waves? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you may very well be interested in learning to surf. The officially named sport of Surfing, became as such somewhere between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries. That being said, “wave riding” is an ancient practice that has its roots in the Polynesian and Peruvian cultures. Here, we will examine our top 5 of the best places to learn to surf, throughout the world.

Surfing is an exciting sport that makes you ride waves in a prone position. Surfers can surf on various water bodies, including the ocean waves, rivers, and the human-made waves. They glide over the surface of the waves till the waves break, and their energy diminishes. In order to surf, the primary goal is to ride the continuous part of the wave using a surfboard.

Today, the surfing industry is enormous, having a worth of approximately $15 billion, with over 20 million surfers riding the waves across the world. It has evolved to become a sport with a diverse set of board-sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, and bodyboarding. There are several beaches worldwide where you will see surfers gliding across the waves and receiving prestige and accolade for their neat and skillful surfing techniques. If you are also looking forward to being a part of the surfing family, it’s important that you find the beach that will help you learn the sport and has the facilities to support beginners in surfing. Following is a guide of five such places having beaches that are best suited to learn how to conquer the waves and ride on them.

Seminyak, Bali

learn to surf in Bali
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Bali has a couple of beaches that help the surfing beginners in learning and polishing their surfing skills. Starting from the Kuta beach, it’s located in Bali’s one of the most famous areas. Several tourists, including the surfers, flock towards the city and this beach, in particular, every year. The waves and the tides of Kuta beach are gentle and smaller with a smooth seabed devoid of seas shells. This ensures that you will not injure yourself if you fall while practicing your surf. You can also learn the basics of surfing, such as how to stand and balance on a surfboard in Kuta’s surf schools. Kuta beach tops the list for the beaches that are most appropriate for beginners to learn to surf.

Double Six Beach is another great option in Bali for beginner level surfing since the waves here are consistently breaking. The instructions and surfboard rentals are also pretty affordable along with a pleasant water temperature making it even easier for you to start learning the sport. You can choose to surf and practice it throughout the day and then rest with a coconut on the shore. There are also cheaper accommodation and dining out options available.

Legian Beach is also a suitable spot for you if you want to learn surfing. It’s very similar to Kuta beach, with almost the same number of people on the beach. It has a sandy bottom like that of Kuta, and the wave heights also match Kuta’s. Thus, it is also an ideal spot for first-time surfers. The long stretch of sand along the beach provides a relaxing spot for you after you are done surfing. Not only this, but there are also several food vendors along the shore, providing you with ample options to choose your lunch from after you have practiced surfing the waves. The best time to surf here is during the morning hours since the wind is not in the direction of the shore, making the water surface calmer and easier to surf.

Another spot suited for beginners is Tuban Beach. The beach breaks present on this beach are sheltered by the outer reefs, which are called the ‘airport lefts’ and ‘airport rights.’ This protection helps beginners to learn how to surf and balance on the surfboard. Therefore, this beach is one of the best choices for beginners who want to start surfing from scratch.

Waikiki, Hawaii

learn to surf in Waikiki
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Waikiki and surfing go hand in hand. Moreover, surfing was invented in Hawaii, and the supposed father of modern-day surfing, Duke Kahanamoku, also belongs to Waikiki, Hawaii. The best time to surf at Waikiki is during the summer season since the waves during this season; the waves are huge and most consistent. However, you can still surf at Waikiki throughout the year. The thing that makes Waikiki special is that it has a variety of breaks that cater to all types of surfers. While it has waves for experienced surfers, it also has breaks that allow beginners to learn how to surf with ease and comfort.

On the west end of Kuhio Beach Park lies Canoes that has the perfect waves for those surfers who are in the learning phase. There are breaks on both sides of the beach, and it also has quite many zones for taking off. With the waves being slow and fit for rolling longboard, Canoes becomes the most appropriate place for beginners to learn and adapt. You can slowly start off from the inside and ride on the whitewater once you learn how to stand up and balance on the surfboard. Canoes are always filled with people who are indulging in all sorts of watersports ranging from riding longboards to sailing catamarans. Thus, you get a chance to experience various surfing techniques once you get the hang of the basics.

Waikiki Beach is also easy for beginners since here you can, without any hassle, paddle out. You also do not have to put up with huge breaking waves and, thus, can save all your energy in learning the basics of surfing. The environment is also very welcoming for beginners with water being warm, weather pleasant, and the crowd being non-judgmental about your beginner level surfing skills. It’s yet another great spot for you to learn the new craft and practice various basic techniques confidently.

Some easier and slower whitewater rollers are also present on the Ala Moana Bowls, which is a surf break that is crowded by seasoned local surfers. Such whitewater makes it easy for beginners to paddle out and practice their newly learned surfing skills.

Byron Bay, Australia

learn to surf in Byron Bay
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Byron Bay is regarded as the world-class surfing place and has been one of the defining features of the town for more than 70 years. The coastline is occupied by all levels of surfers all year long, every day from dawn till dusk riding the gracious waves of the ocean. Thus, surfing is most definitely one of the most important of Byron Bay’s activities. There are several beaches across the Bay, and each beach is suited to at least one type of surfer with a particular level of experience. Moreover, hiring a board is also pretty easy around here.

One of the best surf breaks in Byron Bay is The Pass, a tiny corner of the beach, which is very close to the Elements of Bay and located between Clarkes Beach and Fisherman’s Lookout. It’s a perfect location for consistent surf, which is suited for all types of surfers, including beginners. It’s also one of the most crowded and well-known surfing spots across the Bay’s coastline. The Pass is a break having huge swells with consistent sets. The waves here are right-hand, long, and peeling. Even though the break rarely sees a lack of decent waves, yet, one of the best surfs arrive at certain times. Somewhere between low and mid-tide with a southwestern wind and southeastern swell, there comes the best surf of The Pass. The entire break is always full of surfers, especially when the holiday season is in full swing. It attracts long-boarders more comparatively since the break is perpendicular to the beach.

Clarkes Beach is yet another spot that is suited to beginners in the Byron Bay. Situated near the aforementioned break, The Pass, Clarkes has one of the gentlest waves across the Bay along with a sandbank. Thus, it becomes a great option for beginners, long-boarders, and paddle-boarders. You can very easily go for your very first surfing lesson at this beach. However, when the sea develops strong rips, and the swell begins to pump, surfing becomes extremely perilous for the first-timers and beginners. This is more likely to happen during the winter season, while the summer season brings consistent conditions to the beach mostly.

Belongil Beach is another beach that is consistent, thus, providing favorable conditions to all levels and types of surfers. It’s also a relatively less crowded and quieter beach than most of the surfing spots along the Bay. This also makes it more suitable for beginners, especially when the waves are smaller and easier to surf.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

learn to surf in Tamarindo
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There is no doubt that the place is known for a lot of things, but it’s more commonly known for the quality surf it offers to its visitors and locals. Therefore, surfing is one thing that has made Tamarindo famous. Located right in the heart of the Gold Coast beaches of Guanacaste, Tamarindo not only offers amazing surfing spots for expert-level surfers, but is also home to many spots that are suitable for beginners. There are several places along the coastline which do not have huge waves and are ideal for you to start learning the basics of surfing.

Towards the north of Tamarindo Diria lies one of the most prime locations for beginner level surfing. The downtown swell that it offers is an amazing hotspot for surfers who want to learn or practice surfing. The waves here are consistent and small. There are also soft sandy cushions underneath to prevent any injuries from falling, although there are rocky breaks present as well, such as Pico Grande and Pico Pequeno. As long as you do not end up on those breaks, you will find a favorable surface underneath to surf. In addition to that, you will also find vendors for surfboards and lessons at this spot, so it’s easier for you to immediately get to learning the basics.

Another suitable spot for beginners can be Playa Avellanas. When the waves are calm, it can be an ideal surfing spot for beginners. However, on days when the sea is rough, and waves are huge, it’s no more a surfing beginner’s paradise. When the days are calm, though, the spot guarantees just the right-sized waves where you can learn how to surf. These are the days when you easily take your surfboard and directly catch some waves, which are both consistent and calm. Also, you will have to avoid the two surf spots nearby. River Mouth and Little Hawaii are huge surfing hotspots for expert-level surfers only.

The front area of Captain Suzio is yet another suitable surfing spot for learners. Even though the waves here are not always consistent or predictable, usually, they are perfect for beginners. You will mostly find mild and frothy water having the least amount of pull. Such conditions are ideal for those who want to learn how to catch a wave and practice how to pop up and ride. Sometimes the waves can be very small if there is no one surfing around, so to get the best waves, you can check again after an hour or so.

Tamarindo Beach also has an amazing surf spot for beginners. El Estero, which is the exposed mouth of the river at the north end of the beach, has some very gentle waves that fit the beginner level surfing skills. The swells produced are also consistent, and if you keep on practicing on the breaks with a soft sandy bottom, you will be able to learn the skills quickly.

San Onofre, California

learn to surf in San Onofre
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San Clemente in San Onofre, California, is one of the best places where you easily learn how to surf. Even though, it’s a place where surfers from all levels can practice and showcase their skills, yet, for beginners, it has a lot of room for trying out things and be accompanied by fellow beginner level surfers while they are at it. There is a chance, though, that expert level surfers may not be very excited to see you around and try awkwardly guiding you, but the fact that the conditions are favorable for you to try out surfing makes everything worthwhile here.

San Onofre State Beach is one of the most unique places to surf at in the whole of California since you can ride the waves with the view of a closed nuclear power plant. The waves of this beach are also favorable for beginners, especially those on long-boards. Due to it being so suitable for beginners, there is always a crowd of surfers their sporty skills in the water here.

The north side of the San Clemente pier is also a perfect break for those surfers who wish to learn surfing skills. However, to be able to do so, you will have to make sure that you choose a day when the swell here is calm. It’s a possibility that it may get aggressive, so it’s your responsibility to check for waves before if they are suited to your skillset and surfing level.

Trestles is a world-class surfing spot, and this is the reason why even after not being suitable for beginners, it’s able to attract lots of them. This is because by watching the expert level surfers here, you can learn so much more about surfing and the techniques involved. The character and nature of the waves keep changing as you walk along Trestles and, therefore, you will encounter various types of surfers showcasing and practicing their surf.

North Beach is also one of the best places to learn how to surf in California. For a beginner level surfer, it’s great because it’s a family-oriented beach and has apt conditions for first-time surfers. Another great surfing spot is very nearby, known as “204”. It’s a surf break, and the conditions here also keep changing. However, it does offer a suitable environment for beginners at some point in time. If you’re into surfing, you can also check out some of the other best California beaches.


how to surf
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Surfing is an ancient activity that developed into a sport a few centuries ago. It’s a thrilling and adventurous sport that has a lot of potential to get exciting due to the variety of wave conditions. Surfing is also one of the most famous sporting activities throughout the world. This is the reason why you would find surfers almost in every corner of the world riding their surfboards on all sorts of waves.

If you are someone who is looking forward to learning this sport, you will need to find a break or surf spot that has calm and gentle water with waves that are small but consistent. For added protection, it’s even better if you find a place where the bottom is sand and soft instead of being rocky. This will help you prevent from getting injured if you fall while learning or practicing. Moreover, it will be a bonus if you can find vendors around who can rent you surfboards or teach you how to surf. It’s also usual to find surf schools nearby the beaches that have waves suitable for beginners. Thus, we have compiled a comprehensive list of places where you can find all of these conditions to start learning how to surf. Do not be afraid of the water, grab your surfboard, and surf up!

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