Top 10 Best Underseat Luggage in 2020 (Review + Buying Guide)

What makes a trip enjoyable? Nice locations, good accommodations or a comfortable transportation system? Probably all of them. But have you thought about something simpler that can be more important than it seems? Whether you travel for a day or a week or longer, you need a piece of luggage to carry all your stuff in. 

The size and capacity of that luggage depend on the duration of your trip and how much stuff you need to have on you while traveling. When we travel for a few days or more than that, a single roller suitcase doesn't seem to cut it.

We need a companion bag with that. When you're on the flight, you need to part with your huge roller suitcase. But you can keep a compact and lighter version right under your seat or in the overhead compartment. 

Those underseat bags or carry-on bags are used to hold crucial stuff like- your passport, laptop, charger, medicines, etc. Since you can keep that bag on you all the time, you can put all your important stuff in there and the clothes into the big suitcase. That’s what this article is about, those companion bags.

Don’t underestimate the use of an underseat luggage. If you don’t already have one, consider rectifying that and take a look at the list below. After a thorough scan into the market, we have handpicked 10 of the best underseat luggage that can make your trips more organized and pleasant. 

Don’t think too hard and take a look at the list.

Overview: Best Underseat Luggage

Product Image

Product Name


Price Range

Buy Now

Kenneth Cole Reaction Dot Matrix Underseater Carry-On Luggage

Lightweight and durable

Dual-skate wheels

Separate mesh compartments on the side

65 $$$

AmazonBasics Underseat Travel Luggage Bag

Durable construction

Lockable handle

Smooth roller wheels

Multiple color options

65 $$$

Samsonite Carry-On Underseater Luggage


Lockable pushing handle

Inline PU skate wheels

60 $$$

Travelpro Maxlite5 - Lightweight Underseat


Lightweight and compact


50 $$$

Rockland Melrose Underseater Carry-On Luggage

Telescopic handles

Inline skate wheels

Multiple compartments

50 $$$

Aerolite Underseat Luggage



Has a number lock protection

45 $$

American Tourister4 Kix Luggage

Retractable handle

Spinner wheels

Expandable zipper

Color options available

40 $$

TPRC Smart Under Seat Carry-On Luggage

In-line skate wheels

USB port included

Durable construction

Telescopic retractable handle

40 $$

Travelers Club Underseater Luggage

Expendable for extra space

A set of inline wheels

Recessed trolley handle with push-button for locking

USB charging port

30 $

5 Cities Carry On Underseat Hand Luggage

Adjustable shoulder straps

Mini padlock to lock the zippers

Small zip pocket on the front

15 $

Top 10 Best Underseat Luggage (Review)

Best Overall

1. Travelpro Maxlite5 - Lightweight Underseat Bag

Travelpro Maxlite5 - Lightweight Underseat Bag

Made from quality polyester material, this bag is extremely lightweight and can fit under the seat of almost any airline thinkable. The bag has multiple compartments that allow you to organize all your stuff categorically. The fabric on the outside can withstand stains so don't worry about sporting a few smudges, they're all short-term.

Considering all the factors, this underseat bag from Travelpro is an all-rounder. It doesn't have any wheels but it can be placed on top of your rolling suitcase with its secure strap. The strap can glide into the handle of any suitcase so the bag remains in place.

No matter which airline you travel with, this bag has been proved to fit under the seat as well as an overhead compartment of them all. The bag comes with a bunch of small and large pockets to store all your stuff neatly. If you need your stuff organized, then you need this bag.


  • Outer fabric is stain-resistant
  • Waterproof protection on the interior lining
  • Durable zipper
  • Quick-access front flap


  • Design is too simple
  • No wheels

Runner Up

2. TPRC Smart Under Seat Carry-On Luggage

TPRC Smart Under Seat Carry-On Luggage

Taking on the honorable runner-up position on our list, this luggage is practical in every imaginable way. It comes with a retractable handle that can be pulled up to 37 inches. The in-line wheels on the bottom are barely visible from the upper angle but they can help you glide the luggage across any floor smoothly.

There is a rear strap attached on the back of the luggage so you can put it through the handle of a big rolling suitcase. Sliding two bags at once keeps your hand free.

There is a USB charging port on the side of the luggage where you can charge your tablet or smartphone with their respected cables. You can also find a compact pocket right below the port where you can keep your device as they charge. The zippers are pretty durable.

The luggage is made from high-quality polyester fabric and is available in 3 different color options.


  • Made from durable polyester
  • Telescopic handle that retracts smoothly
  • USB port included for device charging (cord not included)
  • In-line skate wheels at the bottom for smooth rolling


  • Not specified about water-resistance

3. American Tourister4 Kix Luggage

American Tourister4 Kix Luggage

Sporting a standard suitcase design, this underseat luggage is more compact than it seems. The 360-degree swivel wheels at the bottom provide better mobility. You can rest your hand all you want and simply glide this luggage across the floor. The one-push handle is soft to the touch and has a comfortable grip. 

The zippers are very well-built and have a soft grip. You can expand the space inside the bag by 1.5 inches. All you need to do is unzip the zipper on the side and it releases a compressed space in the luggage.

American Tourister is offering you all you can think about, single luggage, 4-piece set, various size options, etc. You also have 4 different color options to look at, each enticing in their own way.


  • Retractable push-button handle
  • Expandable zip storage
  • 360-degree spinner wheels at the bottom
  • Striking color options to choose from


  • A little bulky
  • Might feel a little heavy after packing

4. Samsonite Carry-On Underseater Luggage

Samsonite Carry-On Underseater Luggage

This carry-on luggage has a few exterior pockets where you can quickly stash some last-minutes items. You can also find transparent wet-pack pockets inside to pack dirty or soiled clothes separately from clean ones. The zippers are smooth and constructed durably.

You can maneuver the luggage with ease by holding onto the ergonomic handle on top. The luggage can successfully fit into any overhead compartment and also slide under any seat with ease.

There are also quality PU wheels on the bottom to help the luggage smoothly glide over any surface. The wheels are highly durable and are resistant against friction because of the ball bearings. You can place this bag securely over the handle of any standard suitcase with the smart sleeve on the back.

You have two different size options- small and large. You can personalize your travel gear since there are 4 color options available for you to choose from.


  • Retractable locking handle with a one-push button
  • Inline PU skate wheels
  • Universal size (can fit under any airline seat)
  • Wet-pack compartments for packing wet or dirty clothes


  • No waterproof protection
  • Not resistant to scratch

5. AmazonBasics Underseat Travel Luggage Bag

AmazonBasics Underseat Travel Luggage Bag

The luggage is made from imported 600D polyester which ensures long-lasting service. The bag has an interior capacity of 22 liters. It comes with multiple different sized pockets so you can neatly organize all your stuff on your trips.

There is also an easy-to-reach small organizer compartment at the front where you can keep your passport and tickets. The telescopic handle has a button to control the lock so you can adjust the height as needed.

You can securely put this luggage on top of another suitcase and maneuver both of them at once. Pass the handle of another large suitcase through the back panel of this one so the two of these stay connected.

There are roller wheels on this luggage so you can easily move it from place to place with ease. With this luggage, you have various color options as well as the option to choose between plain and quilted texture on the outer fabric.


  • Made from high-quality durable polyester
  • Telescoping handle with a button to lock it in place
  • Rolling wheels on the bottom for easy transportation


  • Not resistant to water
  • Might get scratches easily

6. 5 Cities Carry On Underseat Hand Luggage

5 Cities Carry On Underseat Hand Luggage

Even though this luggage doesn’t come with a set of roller wheels for you to slide it across the floor smoothly, it does have a shoulder strap. You can adjust the length of the strap according to your body and keep the bag slung across your shoulder to keep your hands free. There is also a panel on the back to put handles of other suitcases through this luggage.

 You can choose from different colors and pick out single or multiple pieces set. The zippers are pretty robust and smooth to manage. There is a small padlock on the zippers so no one can go snooping around in your bag without your knowledge.


  • Has a capacity of 19 liters
  • Universally designed size to fit into any overhead compartment or under the seat
  • Adjustable carrying shoulder strap
  • Padlock on zippers for added protection


  • No roller wheels
  • Unspecified about water-resistant

7. Rockland Melrose Underseater Carry-On Luggage

Rockland Melrose Underseater Carry-On Luggage

The luggage comes with a bunch of pockets so you can organize all your stuff accordingly. It easily fits underneath the seat of any airline. The handle can be pulled out whenever you need to push the luggage around. The grip is very comfortable and there is a button on the grip that is used to lock the handle in place. The zippers are quite sturdy and smooth.

Apart from the main compartments, the luggage also has side pockets made from mesh where you can store newspapers or water bottles. There is a set of inline wheels on the bottom of the luggage so you can smoothly glide it over any surface. You have different color options to choose so you can personalize your traveling gear as you want.


  • Separate transparent pockets inside for wet and dirty clothes
  • Mesh pockets on the side for water bottles
  • Retractable handle
  • Inline skate wheels
  • Various color combinations available


  • Might seem a little bulky
  • No waterproof protection

8. Travelers Club Underseater Luggage

Travelers Club Underseater Luggage

This luggage can be ideal for someone who is into tech products. There is a separate padded compartment for a laptop so it's not scratched up in any way. There is a USB charging port on the side along with a pouch just beneath it for keeping the devices there while they're being charged. 

The luggage has a set of blade wheels to help it move over the floor easily. There is also a handle on top that can be pushed down with the push of a button when not in use. You get 3 different color options to choose from- blue, grey and navy blue.

You can pick out your preferred luggage depending on the size you need since there are a few measurements available. If you end up shopping a little more than intended on your trip, the top part can be expanded so you can fit in more stuff.


  • Multiple size options available
  • Expendable top part for extra space
  • Inline blade wheels for smooth rolling
  • Trolley handle with a one-push button
  • USB charging port


  • Non-resistant to corrosion

9. Kenneth Cole Reaction Dot Matrix Underseater Carry-On Luggage

Kenneth Cole Reaction Dot Matrix Underseater Carry-On Luggage

The perfectly compact size of this luggage makes it suitable to fit under any seat. There is a button-push retractable handle as well as a double-padded carrying handle. You can easily lift it off the ground with the padded handle. There is also a panel on the back to put the handles of other suitcases through.

The retractable handle can be extended for up to 41 inches. You can easily maneuver the luggage around with the combination of the trolley handle and the dual inline wheels.

The luggage is packed with pockets so you can conveniently organize your stuff. The main compartment can be used for normal clothes. There are also a couple of zipped pockets along the interior wall of the luggage where you can store your toiletries or dirty clothes. You can also find mesh pockets along the side to store water bottles and such.


  • Made from quality polyester
  • Lightweight construction
  • Exterior is easy to clean off
  • Stylish design


  • No color options available
  • No waterproof protection is mentioned

10. Aerolite Underseat Luggage

Aerolite Underseat Luggage

Travel in style with this compact but practical luggage from Aerolite. The luggage has two durable wheels on the bottom along with a retractable handle for easy transportation. The handle can be pulled out and pushed in with the help of a button. The dual-wheels provide stability to your luggage and allow you to push it across the floor.

The bag is constructed from quality polyester which makes it highly durable. It also has number-lock protection. For added convenience, you can find a couple of transparent toiletry bags inside the luggage which are detachable.


  • Made from tear-resistant polyester
  • The outer fabric is resistant to water
  • Associated with a 3-digit number lock for security
  • Retractable handle


  • Minimum design options

Buying Guide

After going through the list, you have all the necessary information regarding the bags listed above. But there is a high chance you’re still confused about which one to choose.

Now that you know about what these bags have to offer, you need to figure out what you need. We tried to cover the basic areas when it comes to choosing the best underseat luggage. Read carefully, all your questions might be answered.

Size and Weight

An underseat luggage needs to be more compact than a normal one since it needs to fit under the seat on an airplane or fit into the overhead compartment. Also, the lighter the luggage can be, the better. An underseat luggage is often used as secondary luggage on trips.

People pack their precious and smaller items in that while they use a large suitcase for clothes and shoes. Since you might have to manage more than one luggage at once, try to pick a light one. Around 18 inches in length is perfect for an underseat luggage. As for the weight, it depends on the type of material it’s made.

If the material used for engineering the luggage is light and breathable, the luggage will be lightweight as well.

Hard-sided or Soft-sided?

You’ll see different materials being used on these luggages. But the main difference lies between the type of material that is used, whether it's hard or soft on the side. There are benefits and problems for both sides. You need to figure out what you need in your luggage and choose according to that.

The luggage that has a hard-felt material is more durable. It can withstand any hit and is often waterproof. But the downside to that is it can get scratched pretty easily. Since the texture is so hard, a tiny scratch can become prominent and it can be very hard to remove (sometimes impossible).

As for a luggage made out of soft materials, it’s normally lighter in weight than the hard-sided one. It won’t get scratched easily but it can get torn. The soft ones are also mostly not waterproof so you have to consider the weather before packing your stuff into the bag.

Here, you need to consider both the downsides and upsides of the materials before choosing one.


There are both wheeled underseat luggages as well as non-wheel ones. Again, the decision lies in your hands. In a non-wheeled luggage, it’s a little more lightweight since there is a whole section missing from the bottom where the wheels are placed. With wheels, there is almost always a trolley handle complementary. So, if there are none of these things present then your luggage is bound to weigh less. But you have to either carry it around on your shoulder or hold it in your hand.

As for the wheeled ones, there are two different types of rolling lugagges. One if two-wheeled and the other is four-wheeled. The two-wheelers are sturdy on the surface but they cannot be maneuvered as easily as a four-wheeler. The four-wheelers are often rotatable and they don’t topple over which can happen in the case of a two-wheeler.

Ultimately, only you know what you truly want. We highlighted the points people usually tend to focus on when they decide to buy an underseat luggage. Maybe you had these questions as well. We hope at least some of your confusion is cleared out if not all.

Bottom Line

After going through all the products, we have come to a final verdict and decided to put Travelpro Maxlite5 Underseat Bag as the overall winner and the TPRC Smart Carry-On Luggage as the runner up.

We ranked them after considering the pricing, features and overall qualities. We also took some customer reviews into account for making this list.

Now the final decision is in your hands. You can pick the one you think is most suitable for accompanying you on your next trip and add it to the cart.

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