Top 10 Best Travel Umbrella of 2020 (Review + Buying Guide)

How many trends umbrellas have given birth to, nobody knows. So many songs, so many movie scenes, restaurants, or even fashion designs, umbrellas made an appearance. Rihanna released one of her singles named “Umbrella” in 2007, which, according to her statement, was inspired by an umbrella.

If you know the classic hit movie named “Mary Poppins”, the main character there used to have an umbrella all the time. So, throughout the calendar, an umbrella always plays a pivotal role in our life. Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny morning outside, we use it to protect ourselves from the pouring water or the scorching heat of the sunlight. But there’s just one problem that we face when it comes to umbrellas - a problem that we all face more or less: picking the right one.

Generally, umbrellas come in big sizes. If you go through history, most of the umbrellas that were used by people back in the days used to be big. The folding umbrella was first invented in 1928. Today, folding umbrellas have become more popular, and you can easily buy one without cutting a hole in your pocket.

However, for traveling, you need to keep in mind some quality factors for the umbrella; not just any umbrella will do. And this is where we come in to help you. In this article, we won’t just be covering a list of the best travel umbrella in the market right now but also what you should look for when you go shopping for the best travel umbrella. 

So, let’s dive into a brief overview of the best travel umbrella of 2020 and help you find the right one!

Overview: Best Travel Umbrella in 2020

Product Image

Product Name


Price Range

Buy Now

Repel Travel Umbrella with Coating

Featured in Good Morning America

Wire Cutter rated it as the best umbrella of 2019

Can stay stable and defy high winds.


Prodigen Travel Mini Umbrella

Stainless Steel Construction

Super Light

UV ray protection


EEZ-Y Windproof Travel Umbrella

Comes in 15 different colors

Brandi Chastain uses it

Made in the USA


Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

Auto Open and Close

Multiple canopy theme

Lifetime Guarantee


Frostfire Unbreakable Umbrella

Tested in 55 MPH wind

Won’t break even if it’s flipped

Replacement and Refund guarantee


Raintrend Portable Umbrella - Auto

Teflon coated canopy

Eco Natural Wood

Freehand, automatic system.


HONGYUE Ranson Compact Travel Umbrella

Comes in two color, black and blue

10 rib design

One press open and close feature


JUKSTG Auto Umbrellas

12 Rib construction

Perfect value for money

Perfect for small traveling backpacks.


Magictec Sports Umbrella

Amazon Choice

Unbreakable Umbrella

Ultra-slim and sports design


VEUSTAR Travel Umbrella

Luxurious handle

Super Travel Friendly

Leaf-like water repellency


Top 10 Best Travel Umbrella (Review)

Best Overall

1. Repel Travel Umbrella with Coating

There was a time when you had to open your umbrella manually and close the canopy by pulling the crank in the downside. Well, those days are over - all of your days of hassle are over. This umbrella is fully automatic; it opens with the press of your finger and closes in the same way.

It doesn’t end there, though. With all the intricate mechanism that it comes with, it just weighs less than 1 lb, which is a perfect weight to carry along when you’re traveling. The length is also just 11.5 inches, which is smaller than a standard sized 12-inch ruler.   

Apart from that, the umbrella is made of reinforced 9 steel ribs, which are made by resin fortified fiberglass. What this means is that this is the ultimate umbrella for your traveling needs, because you can’t get better durability from any other travel umbrellas in the market. Where most of the umbrellas in the market are made of cheap material, this umbrella is giving you quality and quantity both at the same time.


  • Can be packed to any kind of traveling packs, even in extremely tight spaces.
  • A double vented flexible canopy that can stay strong even during strong winds
  • Highly weatherproof - dries out instantly after getting a shower in the rain


  • Cannot withstand storms, as a customer review points out.


2. Prodigen Travel Mini Umbrella

The main feature of this umbrella that makes it stand out is its weight. The umbrella is really light. It weighs only 8 Oz, which is half the weight of the previous umbrella on our list. Even your kids can carry this umbrella without any extra burden. 

If you’re thinking about its size, then you’ll be glad to know that this umbrella can come to less than 6.7 inches in length when it is folded. Essentially, this umbrella is like the boss of being compact. Since we’re talking about the best travel umbrellas, the only thing that you may have a question about here is the price. And guess what? The price of this umbrella is also less than most of the products on this list. 

Where all the regular umbrellas in the market have 6-7 ribs, this umbrella is made of 8 ribs, which are strong enough to withstand rough winds. As a mini umbrella, it’s a perfect choice for travelers who are planning to go on a trip in the middle of the year when heavy rain occurs more often. 

Besides, this can be a great gift for your children. Not only is it cute, but it is also useful, as it can protect them from the harmful UV rays from the sunlight. According to the company's claim, the umbrella can block 95% of UV rays. So, whether it’s rainy or sunny, this umbrella can keep you and your loved ones safe, cool, and dry every time.


  • Waterproof Coating all over the canopy, which provides protection against rain.
  • Due to its fiberglass ribs, it won’t flip out easily in heavy rain or winds.
  • Super lightweight, makes it travel friendly for any place.


  • Doesn’t have a fully automatic function like the one touch open and close feature in the first umbrella on this list.

3. EEZ-Y Windproof Travel Umbrella

The strongest point of this umbrella is it has double canopy protection. This provides intelligent protection against rain or even sunlight. Sometimes, we see that the canopy of some umbrellas can’t hold up against heavy rain, but this umbrella can withstand heavy rain as well as give you protection against bright sunlight. So, if you’re planning to go to a place where it rains frequently, then you should choose this umbrella. 

Apart from that, there are small vents throughout the double canopy, which allows air to flow through it properly. This helps to reduce the risk of flipping and breaking the umbrella. Like the first one, this umbrella also has the highly coveted one press open and close system, which gives you a great advantage during heavy rainfall.


  • Made from high-quality premium fiberglass and stainless steel.
  • Super-fast and active customer care support.
  • Slip resistant and rubberized handle to help in holding it with wet hands.


  • The color of the umbrella may peel off.

4. Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

You’ve seen a lot of different umbrellas in the market and on this list, but these ones are completely different from the others. Every brand focuses on something different and tries to market their product based on that; this umbrella brand has also tried to do something like that. And we can tell you, this is actually pretty cool - cool enough to get you into a good mood during rainy days.

In this umbrella, the inner side of the canopy has a different theme than the outer side. The theme on the inside is a picture of a clear sky. It’s aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, beautiful. Whenever there’s rain and you go out with this umbrella, you’ll feel that no matter how much it rains, there’s always a clear sky hiding above your head beneath those dark clouds.   

Apart from this, this umbrella is pretty travel friendly. It’s compact, lightweight, and comes with reinforced 9 fiberglass ribs, which will protect you from strong winds. When closed, the umbrella length goes down to 12 inches, which allows you to keep it inside a small bag, a briefcase or wherever you like. 


  • The hinges are made from indestructible fiberglass
  • Fail safe technology that can invert the umbrella instantly if it gets flip
  • Replacement Guarantee


  • The open and the close button seems a bit choppy.

5. Frostfire Unbreakable Umbrella

Till now, we’ve seen a couple of umbrellas that claim to be much durable. But this one is not all words; it is actually pretty durable and solid. The umbrella keeps its promises, as it comes with a patented pending frame resilience system that protects the umbrella from rough winds and keeps it all together. 

The solid body construction doesn’t break even if you push on it. The manufacturer of this product has tested this umbrella over 5000 times in the lab to get a confirmation on its durability. Overall, the stainless steel construction will give you a long lasting and premium feel when you hold it in your hand. 

Now comes to its benefit on traveling. If you’re planning to go on a forest trip or on a trip where the environment is rough, this is the perfect umbrella for you. The high-quality canopy is built with Pongee that can save you from rough weather easily.


  • Flexible parts that don't break easily during rough weather conditions.
  • One handed operation helps you to get into your car with this umbrella in one hand without any hassle.
  • US lifetime guarantee - refund or replacement without any questions asked.


  • Comes in only one color, which is black

6. Raintrend Portable Umbrella - Auto

One thing we must say about this umbrella is that it comes in a very nice package. This umbrella comes inside a small box, and it is very compact and lightweight as well. It has almost all the features that the other umbrellas on the list have, including the one press open and close. The main feature of this umbrella is the Teflon coating. According to the manufacturer, it has the finest dupont Teflon coating, which is called 210T. 

It also comes with a 10 rib mechanism, which means that it can form a strong dome. It’s the perfect umbrella for your trips and will give you the company you need when it's raining outside.

One of the good points this umbrella has is, two people can perfectly fit under it. The handles are made of ergonomic wood, which gives you a premium feel when you hold it. Besides that, even if you’re planning to give something to someone as a gift, this umbrella can be a great choice considering its price range.


  • Massive resilient dome.
  • Will protect from UV
  • Finest waterproof coating - keeps you dry during rain.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty policy.


  • Not quite windproof

7. HONGYUE Ranson Compact Travel Umbrella

From the name itself, you can tell that this umbrella came from China. And like most Chinese products, this one looks quite nice. But as your travel companion, it’s more important that your umbrella is giving you proper protection when you need it. And this one doesn’t disappoint.

The umbrella is a bit longer than the others on the list, measuring 13 inches long when closed and 1lb in total weight. The advantage you get from this is that it opens up to a 46-inch wide canopy. This means that you can occupy two people under the umbrella. Besides, the fiber Hongyue used for the canopy is 210T thread count fabric. This is a premium micro weave fabric that ensures durability. 

The handle length of the umbrella is only 3.9 inches, which helps you have a better grip during strong winds. Apart from that, the umbrella is pretty classic looking; even your kids can use it without any difficulties.


  • 10 rib design, strong support in windy situations
  • Vinyl coating UV protection - almost dries out instantly when gets wet
  • 100% free of charge return policy.


  • May feel a bit too heavy when you’re carrying it around.

8. JUKSTG Auto Umbrellas

Remember how we talked about how every umbrella brand presents a unique and strong point for their product. Well, this umbrella also has a strong point of itself, which is that this is a cheap umbrella, but it offers more than most other umbrellas on this list. For instance, this umbrella has a 12 rib construction, which is the highest on this list. If you want a Win-Win type of umbrella, then you should go for this one. 

According to Jukstg, they tested the umbrella against above 65MPH wind speed, and it didn’t flip up. Besides that, it also comes with the auto open and close technology, which is a convenient option as we mentioned earlier. 

The fabric is made with 210D NC type fabric, which has high water repellency. Even if you go through heavy rain, it will dry out within 10-15 mins. In addition, when closed, the length is 11.8 inches, which makes it one of the smallest folding umbrellas in our list.


  • Perfect umbrella for small traveling backpacks.
  • Flexibility technology to ensure that it has a resilient frame.
  • Hassle free opening and close


  • Not quite windproof.

9. Magictec Sports Umbrella

This umbrella comes with a blend of all the features you want in a travel umbrella in one package. It’s not that small in size, but it’s not that big either. The manufacturer of this product has claimed that this umbrella has been lab tested 5000 times. In a nutshell, this umbrella is a good choice if you want an umbrella similar to the Jukstg one but with more durability and a few features. Just add 2 more dollars to the price of the Jukstg umbrella, and you can get this.  

The umbrella is made with premium quality material. The frame is made with a stainless steel construction, and the ribs are made with fiberglass, fortified frame, and flex clip. Due to the low ribs and the better build material, this umbrella feels lighter, weighing around 11.8oz. The grips are made from rubber and the whole handle is made with slip free material. 

All in all, this umbrella can be the perfect choice for you if you’re planning to go for a trip for a short period.


  • Wind resistance tested against 55 MPH windt, which makes this a standard windproof umbrella.
  • Free replacement offered by the manufacturer - you don’t even have to return the faulty umbrella.
  • The canopy is made with a polyester coating.


  • The lever may seem a bit jammed and hard to close.

10. VEUSTAR Travel Umbrella

We kept the best for the last, and here we are. If you don’t have a limited budget and want to spend over 20 dollars, then this is the umbrella for you. This umbrella comes with a luxurious touch and feel. The handle of this umbrella is made from leather, and so, you’ll feel more comfortable holding it than you would with any of the other umbrellas on this list. But we don’t recommend using it when it’s raining because it may slip from your hands if the handle gets wet. 

On sunny days, this umbrella can be the perfect companion. Because of its luxurious look, this can also be the perfect umbrella for business trips or when you go shopping.  

Apart from that, the umbrella is coated with Teflon, and you’ll get all sorts of safety and security features that a standard umbrella comes with. Besides a one year guarantee, you’ll get excellent customer support from Veustar.


  • The surface is made with high water repellency coating that helps water to pour out easily.
  • Made with 10 ribs design
  • Weighs less than 0.96lb


  • Doesn’t come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Travel Umbrella Buying Guide

Buying an umbrella is not as easy as you might think. There’s a lot of mechanisms that work behind it, and you have to keep those in mind before buying one if you want a durable product. So, we’ve listed some points below that may help you in buying the umbrella you want.

Canopy Material

You should always focus on the canopy first because this is the very thing under which you’ll take shelter from rain or sun rays. If the canopy quality is good enough, you have a great umbrella in your hand 

Lab Test

Look for how many times the umbrella has been tested in the lab. This, along with confirmation about whether the umbrella is windproof, if it gets back to its original position when it flips up in the wind and more, can play a huge role in the effectiveness of the umbrella. As a simple rule, you should buy the ones that are tested a minimum of 5000 times in the lab. 


Most of the manufacturers provide a lifetime replacement guarantee. With this facility, if anything happens to your umbrella, you can get a refund without any questions asked. So, you should buy the ones that offer such guarantees even if they’re a bit on the expensive side. 

Bottom Line

Travel umbrellas are easy to find, but good quality umbrellas aren’t that easy to seek out. This is why they say, buyers beware.

Before purchasing an umbrella, read reviews and look up all the features of the products. Then, you’ll get a good picture of the umbrella’s effectiveness and will be able to decide if it’s suitable for your traveling needs or not. We hope that this article can help you in this regard.

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