Top 13 Best Survival Fishing Kits: A Complete Guide for Beginners (2020)

Are you prepared for any emergency or disaster that may befall you? If you don’t have one of the best survival fishing kits, we doubt it. A survival kit, equipped with the right supplies, could save your life if you’re stuck out in the wilderness.

A survival kit can not only provide shelter against the elements but also give you the means to find food and water, and help you be rescued. You’ll run out of food within a few days of your wild trip, and from there on, your only chance at getting back to your sweet little bed is to find some way to feed yourself until you can get help.

And for this, a survival fishing kit can be an essential addition to your bug-out bag because fish is the most sustainable source of protein you could find during a survival situation. Fish will give you the energy you need to navigate high-stress situations. 

Read this article to find out everything you need to know about best survival fishing kits so that you can be prepared to emerge safe and sound from any misadventure. We’ve also picked out the top 13 best survival fishing kits available right now, so you can own one right away.

Top 13 Best Survival Fishing Kits (Review)

Best Overall

1. Apusale Fishing Lures Kit Set

Apusale Fishing Lures Kit Set

The top-most voted fishing kit that comes in handy in crucial times is the assorted set from Apusale. This set is packaged conveniently to fit inside backpacks when you're heading for camping. 

Whether you're a beginner at fishing or an expert, you'll find the tackle box handy. It's transparent and opens up multi-layered, revealing everything in the box instantly. This helps you to act fast in emergencies. 

The featured items inside include topwater frogs, popper, spinnerbaits, Cinco-style baits, lipless crank, soft plastics, swivels, jerk bait, many spoons, and hooks. 

Now, if you already have the experience, there's not much exploring needed with all the gear. All you have to do is organize them according to your liking.


  • Organized assortment
  • Variety of gear
  • Durable hooks
  • Giftable


  • Dull colored worms


2. TOPFORT Fishing Accessories Kit

TOPFORT Fishing Accessories Kit

TOPFORT's kit is another assorted box of many useful elements for a surviving situation but in a more classy layout. 

The box has decently spaced out sections that hold 187 pieces of various categories of fishing accessories. Nearly all of these look like they're well-made and will come in handy if you know how to use them correctly. 

The specialty of the gear in this kit is that they’re durable and long-lasting. Made of non-corrosive stainless steel, the accessories won't budge or rust easily. 

Although it’s spacious, it's noteworthy that the box is portable and fits well at the back of your trunk or car seat when you're off to a distant land. Besides, there is enough space if you want to fit in more of your fishing equipment or rearrange them to your liking.

Once you invest in this survival fishing kit, it’ll serve you for a long time. 


  • Compact Size
  • Good quality
  • Easy to access
  • Giftable


  • Many items may be unusable

Best for Big Fishes

3. TB Tbuymax Fishing Spinner Bait Kit

TB Tbuymax Fishing Spinner Bait Kit

A small kit of 10 pieces, colorful, varying in size - yes, we refer to the fishing spinner bait kit by TB Tbuymax. Easy to store, these large-sized baits are of decent quality. 

The spinning action on the swivel works fine, but the faster you reel, the better it works. We surely can't think of that many value packs that are durable and work great in small water-bodies.

So far, we haven't mentioned any kits that are designed for large baits, but this one does the job. Not only are these colorful, but each one has a unique eye-popping pattern. All of them come with dangling hooks, colored brightly to lure fishes. 

The good news is if you want to catch big fishes such as Northern Pike, Salmon, Walleye, trout, or Bass - this set is your best "bait."


  • Premium quality
  • Many designs
  • Bright colors
  • Convenient packaging


  • Not for small fish

Most Vivid Colors

4. Topconcpt Freshwater Fishing Lures Kit

Topconcpt Freshwater Fishing Lures Kit

Hold your breath for the most vivid colors in a fresh survival set of fishing gear. The baits in the particular set of Topconcpt Freshwater Fishing Kit are more on the green side to blend more into nature. 

The quality of this survival fishing kit is top-notch. Not only do you get 275pcs of bait, but each bait is also built of great material to grab your target’s attention. Of all the sets you might try, this may be the one that will become your best friend in the wild.

Apart from that, if you want to give your fishing enthusiast grandparents or friends a great holiday set, nothing beats this as a Christmas gift! Who knows, if the time comes, your gifted fishing kit could save you and them.


  • Usable in any water body
  • A lot of gear included
  • Giftable


  • Harder to maneuver for beginners

Waterproof Box

5. RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box

RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box

RUNCL's tackle box full of different hooks and baits is a waterproof storage unit. If you know your fishing kit materials, this should be a secure box to travel within your fishing adventures. 

Turtles, frogs, and many such other vibrantly colored baits come included in this set. Any mentionable items that you would find useful in a food crisis are the considerable variety of swivels, night luminous fishing beads, and offset hooks. 

To test the waterproof quality of the tackle box, you can immerse it in water. You'll neither see any water bubbles nor will the materials react to the water. 

Overall, it's the perfectly sized survival fishing kit to take with you on your travels. 


  • Waterproof
  • Anti-corrosion stainless steel
  • Compact Organizer


  • Hooks are not as sharp


6. Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit

Best Glide ASE Survival Fishing Kit

The basic version of the Best Glide ASE survival fishing kit is one of the brand's best assortments. Pulling yourself out of danger by depending on a survival kit for food acquisition calls for a compact package such as this one.

From the first look, you’ll notice that these kits from Best Glide have a utopian look to them. This is because this kit was designed to cater to people's needs. 

Around the box, there's a brown waterproof tape. Floaters, rubber fishing lure with a hook on it, fly, spool, 12 pounds- text fishing line, fishing weights, and catches of both large and small size options - are all included in this box. 

This also comes with a small container with four salmon eggs, which could make an excellent and valuable fishing bait. Although it's unknown what the shelf life is like, we think that it's still reliable. You can even warm up some water and hold your hold of food on it. 

Besides all of this, the box itself has some depth to it and can become a part of your survival story.


  • Best quality tin packaging
  • Variety of bets
  • Giftable


  • Room available for more items

Value for Money

7. PortableFun Fishing Tackle Kit

PortableFun Fishing Tackle Kit

If you want good quality, and a wide variety of collection in fishing gear at a reasonable price, raise your hand! An all-new lively kit of the PortableFun Fishing Tackle Kit is on its way to your doorstep.

No matter what kind of water-body or fish you're choosing to hook to the line, just throw in these baits to catch small fish.

You might expect it to be a bit too large for the wilderness, but it’s really not a hassle to carry. Besides, it does offer a limited collection. You can also save yourself the trouble of putting together a survival fishing kit if you have this.


  • Bright and eye-catching lures
  • Portable


  • Baits limited to small fish

Most Attractive

8. Limitless Equipment Survival Kit

Limitless Equipment Survival Kit

Think about a survival fishing kit with limitless qualities! This survival fishing kit is the most attractive looking and gift-worthy; it even comes with some great features.

Made in the UK, the materials are all assembled in a sturdy black tin box. Apart from the looks, when you open the box, you get around 40 different items—the creators of this attractive larger-than-usual fishing kit designed it to ensure your survival in any uncalled-for situation.

This is because the Limitless Equipment survival kit helps you with your food requirements and gives you other benefits of survival. If you happen to love hiking out in the open, be sure to pack away this product in your travel bag. With this survival kit, you can feel all geared up!


  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • LED


  • Limited fishing hook


9. Vigilante Trails Pocket Survival Fishing Kit

Vigilante Trails Pocket Survival Fishing Kit

Up next, we have a survival fishing kit from Vigilante Trails that won’t drain your bank account. The American-based company creates several well-thought-out packages for survival. They make kits for fishing, snares with trapping, fire-starting hygiene, and can even order kits based on your customization. 

If you're confused about what to get in a survival fishing kit, then Vigilante Trails Pocket Survival Fishing has your back. From pins to small scissors, this survival fish kit even features a seam ripper for cutting up your food.

With a rugged look on the outside to fit your adventures, you can't complain about the price. Overall, it’s excellent in terms of quality. It doesn't matter whether you're new or an expert; this kit has everything!


  • Field-tested
  • Contains hand-reel unit


  • Lacks bigger hooks

One of A Kind

10. Rule the Wasteland Survival Fishing Kit

Rule the Wasteland Survival Fishing Kit

It takes a lot of time to find good products that perform just the way you want them to. While it might be easy to assort a few cheap elements in a commercial fishing kit, emergencies call for high quality. 

To start with a well-worth-it product, let this compact survival fishing kit get you prepared for anything and everything. Whether you're in the wild or stranded somewhere without food supplies, there's no need to feel anxious anymore! 

“Rule the Wasteland” breaks barriers as it features a compact kit, well-packaged with exceptional hooks and baits. Typically, you’ll find smaller hooks in these survival fishing kits. With the hooks and lures in this kit, you get full use of it for small and large fishes both. 

Even with the limited spacing, this kit comes with a multi-tool, converging together a few types of screw-drivers, an attached blade, along with razors. This makes it different from commercial fishing kits out there. Many customers are impressed by the number of line options you get in this kit.

Overall, it's a decently put-together survival kit.


  • Sturdy packaging
  • Ideal for all types of situations


  • Space in compartments is limited

Best for Beginners

11. Kalex Telescopic Fishing Kit

Kalex Telescopic Fishing Kit

The Kalex Telescopic Fishing Kit is exactly the innovation the 21st century needs. The kit features superior fishing equipment along with an extendable fishing pole. This mini fishing kit is a good deal if you're not that into fishing but want to have one, just in case.

The kit consists of 8 different gadgets such as weights, beads, swivels, worm hooks, jigheads, chartreuse grubs, a crankbait, and a nylon fishing line.

Packed in an elegant box, the pole of the Kalex Fishing Kit shrinks to a size of 21 inches. It's built with carbon composite for sturdiness and layered with an aluminum oxide film for a smooth grip. The reel comes with a 4-pound mono line. If you wish to gain the most out of it, the maximum reel you can use is 8 to 10 pounds.


  • Reliable for shoreline fishing
  • Kit fits in trunks
  • Unique pole easy to use


  • Not suitable for catching heavy fish with

Best for Kids

12. Off Grid Tools

Off Grid Tools

If you're too lazy to visit the hardware store to pick up some fishing tools, Off Grid has got you covered. They send you all the fishing tools you need for a day of fishing. They send you all the equipment at exactly the right amount for a day or two of fishing. 

Their kit consists of 100 yards of 8lb test-line, 20 feet of 50lb test-line, a 1.5” foam float, 15 hooks and 10 lead weights for your fishing pole. 

As for baits, they include 5 swivels, 2 jigheads, 2 synthetic grubs, 2 artificial lures, and 5 salmon eggs.

To top it off, they have added the most important equipment without which you'd have red strains and blood all over your hands - a folding multi-tool. Never forget your multi-tool.


  • Mini survival kit
  • Good quality equipment
  • Ideal for kids’ camping and fishing


  • Unnecessary for advanced fishermen

Best Fishing Gift Box

13. Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box

Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box

Nothing can beat surprises better than the Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box. The Catch Co brings you equipment worth a retail value of $20, all set for a day of bass fishing.

If you have friends who love fishing but you don't have a clue about what to give them, then you should consider the Catch Co. The lures are generally hard baits, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, skirted jigs, and terminal tackles. 

Wrapped up in a brown box, the Catch Co can be used by kids who are still learning to fish as well as advanced anglers. The box may be small, packed with 4-5 items, but it comes with a handy instruction manual loaded with tricks for beginners.

The best part about the Catch Co Mystery kit is that they never send the same items twice. If you subscribe to their website, then they will make sure that your next purchase has completely different baits, lures, and stickers.


  • Includes variety that you wouldn't try typically
  • Ideal as gift
  • Monthly subscription option


  • Subscription isn't necessary

Why Survival Fishing Kits Are Popular?

Why Survival Fishing Kits Are Popular

Unless you’re Bear Grylls, you probably won’t be able to fashion yourself a fishing kit out of odds and ends. Are you likely to be in an emergency situation where you have to acquire food to survive, though? If you are, you can finally put those hours of watching Man vs. Wild to good use and save yourself with the help of a survival fishing kit. How?

Well, if your food stockpile is nearly depleted, fishing can put food on the table, as long as you live near lakes, streams, ponds, or rivers. 

It’s easier to catch fish than to hunt game. It’s also hard to find edible plants because you might easily come across poisonous ones that might kill you. But by investing in some essential equipment, you can fish during any season. This is why survival fishing kits are so popular.

Survival fishing kits are also in demand because they’re so easy to carry around. You won’t even notice that they’re there until you need them. 

Your survival fishing gear will typically have hooks, lures, and sinkers. You might be thinking that you don’t have to worry about those things because you have a fishing pole, but it's likely to be too bulky to haul around, and you’ve probably stashed yours safely away. 

Best survival fishing kits, on the other hand, are designed to be compact and portable. They’re so lightweight that you can throw them in your backpack. More importantly, a survival fishing kit is great to have when you’re on the move because the supplies in a survival fishing kit increase your chances of catching fish drastically. 

Imagine: you’re driving to a remote area, and your car breaks down in the middle of the road. Or, what if you’re camping with your friends, and end up getting lost as you’re wandering through the woods? Knowing how to procure food could save your life in such situations. 

If you have some DIY skills up your sleeves, you can even use a survival fishing kit for setting snares and traps if you're in a jungle. It could be used to suspend food and supplies above ground if it rains. You can even use it to set up a basic tent while you’re in the wild. Outdoor enthusiasts, thus, love survival fishing kits due to its versatility

If you like heading off into the great unknown, you should obviously have a survival kit with you. And fishing gear should be a part of that. You should have supplies ready that will help you obtain whatever you need to survive from your environment.

This is because your travel plans could easily go south. And so, you must be prepared to outfit your kit according to the environment you’re in. Hence, every well-stocked survival kit should have fishing gear.

Are Survival Fishing Kits Worth It?

Are Survival Fishing Kits Worth It

A bug-out bag needs to have a survival fishing kit contained in a survival tin. You might be wondering whether you really need fishing gear to survive out in the wild. Wouldn't it be enough to put flashlights, waterproof matches or flint and tinder, compasses, whistles, water purification tablets, and a sharp knife in your survival tin instead? 

Well, yes, you should have the above items in your possession, but fishing gear can also be life-saving. (Many survival fishing kits contain them already!) Most fishing gears are so compact, you can slip them into your pocket. But buying a pre-built kit is much easier than building your own. 

If you’ve actually paid attention to your dad during the numerous fishing trips you were forced to go on, you should have the skill and the patience to catch fish. In that case, you shouldn't dismiss fishing as an option to gather food, even though we admit that you’ll need a little luck on your side to catch any. 

Why do you need to catch fish during a survival situation when it takes less energy and time to hunt game, you ask? Simply put, you can catch massive quantities of fish more easily than terrestrial animals. Animals can move freely through the woods, but fish are trapped in bodies of water that are often small. It’s also easier to cook. 

If you choose to forage on the ground, you might have to survive on distinctively unappetizing worms, termites, crickets, opossums, snakes, or rodents before you find any meat that you're remotely used to consuming. Let’s be honest; you don’t wanna cook a live squirrel, do you? 

It’s true that fishing isn't always practical because fish has to be cooked, and you could risk exposing yourself by lighting a fire. And if you catch fish that lives in contaminated waters, you might get sick. Besides, fishing in a lake isn't the same as fishing in a stream or a river. So, you need to know how to fish in different water bodies too.

The bottom line is that, in a survival situation, you can't rely on one source of survival food! You need to forage edible plants. You need to hunt game. You need to catch fish. And you need the right gear to do all of this. So, purchasing a survival fishing kit is worth it because it's one more means of obtaining food that your body might desperately need.

What Is Inside A Survival Fishing Kit?

1. Fishing Line 

Any basic survival fishing kit should contain a sturdy monofilament fishing line that is at least 50 feet in length, which is coiled loosely enough so that you can unwind it easily when needed. 

2. Hooks

Next, you’ll need a variety of hooks so that you can catch all sizes of fish. You might be asking yourself, "Can't I just make a hook from a thorn or a can tab"? Of course, you can, if you're lucky enough to find one lying around in the area where you're stranded. But an assortment of hooks will help you catch all sizes of fish more quickly. 

Ideally, you would want to catch a big fish, but they aren't always available like little ones are. Smaller hooks are useful to have because small fish cannot bite big hooks, but big fish can bite small hooks. Make sure that you also have bait keeper hooks so you won't have to spend time harvesting bait and tire yourself out. 

3. Weights

Remember, conserving your time and energy is crucial! This is why you also need weights. Little split shot weights will improve your casting ability, so you won't have to sit by the pond all day long hoping to feel anything close to a tug on your fishing line.  

4. Additional Gear

Some additional gear that isn't necessary but might be useful are bobbers, sinkers, pliers, and lures. Bobbers help you determine whether the fish are biting the hook. Sinkers let you increase your casting distance. And you can crimp sinkers to your fishing line with pliers. Besides, if you cast the right lure out into the water, it can help you convince the fishies that they are looking at food.

After it’s in the water, use light tugs to convince the fish that your lure is a moving creature, so it feels encouraged to investigate and comes closer. In running water, you won't have to tug as much, because constant movement will be created naturally by the stream. Besides that, most fish are attracted to small flies and plastic grubs. 

To summarize, a 50 feet fishing line, an assortment of hooks, weights, bobbers, sinkers, and lures greatly increase your chance of catching fish, and most survival fishing kits are likely to have these!

Best Survival Fishing Kits FAQs

Best Survival Fishing Kits FAQs

Here are some answers to questions you might have if you’re considering buying a survival fishing kit. 

Question 1: What should a standard survival fishing kit contain?

Answer: It should contain a fishing line and a variety of hooks, along with weights, bobbers, sinkers, pliers, and lures.

Question 2: What knowledge do you need to fish in a survival situation?

Answer: You need to know how to fish in a lake, stream, river, or sea. You also need to understand how to use the proper equipment, from choosing the right fishing lure to baiting your own hook and removing fish from it. Knowledge of fishing knots, fish patterns, and habits can also be useful.

Question 3: What do I need to start survival fishing?

Answer: To get started with survival fishing, you should first get a fishing license, if your country requires you to. After getting a valid fishing license, you must invest in survival fishing gear and include it in your bug out bag.

Before either buying or making a survival fishing kit, you must find out what to include. Lastly, you need to go out and practice on a regular basis if fishing is possible in your area. 

Question 4: How do I learn how to fish in a survival situation?

Answer: Some organizations hold public courses that teach disaster preparedness. You can also learn how to cook fish by watching survival videos. Be prepared to catch fish if you ever need to.


All in all, the best survival fishing kits should be compact as well as spacious enough to hold all the essentials. With tons of options online, it's easy to find what's right for your endeavors. 

No matter which part of the world you're stuck in, a survival fishing kit can help you overcome the most troubling misadventures. If the situation calls for it, you don't have to stay hungry or rely on anybody else.

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