Top 10 Best Softshell Jackets in 2020 (Review + Buying Guide)

Are you a real-life Elsa from Frozen? Do you love playing with snow and building a snowman but afraid of the chilling temperature? Well, you shouldn’t stay inside when it’s snowing outside. Wear one of the best softshell jackets that can protect you and enjoy the snow. 

Here we have a list of top 10 best softshell jackets in 2020 for you. Enjoy and build your Olaf!

Overview: Best Softshell Jackets

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Columbia Men’s

The soft lining is of 100% polyester

Chin guard

Omni-shield jacket protects from dust

Two side pockets can be opened and closed with zippers


Amazon Essentials Full-Zip Jacket

A long-lasting product as it is made of pure polyester

Full-zip jacket

Pocket locking zipper


Columbia Men’s Softshell Jacket

It is made of 100% polyester


Hand pockets are locked with double-sided zippers

Adjustable cuffs and hem


Columbia Women’s Classic Fit Jacket

100% polyester made jacket

Classic fit

Adjustable hem


ARSUXEO Thermal Cycling Jacket

This is a three-layered jacket

There is breathable elastic material at the arm area colored as black


Diamond Candy Rain Jacket for Women

Breathable layers

Waterproof and moderate rainproof

Full-length front zipper

Comes with the NanoPro technology

Angel-Wing arm


Marmot Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Breathable layers

Waterproof and moderate rainproof

Full-length front zipper

Comes with the NanoPro technology

Angel-Wing arm


Rothco Softshell Jacket

Three-layered jacket

Includes 6 secured pockets

Detachable hood

Underarm zipper for body breathing


North Face Apex Bionic Jacket

This is basically reliable protection from wind

There is cinch-cord beneath for the adjustment of the hem


NFL Arizona Softshell Jacket

Blended with polyester and spandex

All the joints are locked with 4 stretches

There is a vertical zipper on the upper pocket


Top 10 Best Softshell Jackets (Review)

Best Overall

1. Columbia Men’s

This is the best jacket, according to its customers. 100% eco-friendly nylon made long-lasting jacket will amaze you with its durability. It has a thin but durable lining of polyester. This lining will boost strength.

You can wash it using a washing machine, but it will not get dirty that easily. The Omni shield will protect unwanted dirt from sticking to it. It dries out quickly and doesn’t hold moisture. So, you won’t feel uneasy because of rain or weather moisture.

This nylon made jacket will keep you warm. Thank those side pockets which will keep your hands snug inside.

This is a very comfortable jacket which lets you enjoy the snow, and you can easily carry it when not in use due to its weightlessness.  The cuffs and hem are elastic. So, it will fit perfectly, regardless of the size.


  • The main nylon shell body is waterproof
  • Zipper closed softshell jacket
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable and weatherproof


  • The inner layer of the sleeve is not well stitched
  • Fake products on the market can ruin the experience. So, verify the product before buying it. Return online when you know it is a replica


2. Amazon Essentials Full-Zip Jacket

Have you ever ordered a jacket online and got disappointed with the size? Do not worry. This jacket is here for you. Very fit and accurate to the size. It also comes with a bunch of variations, with 14 different colors. You will always find your perfect size out of the six available sizes.

Wash it in your washing machine, very easy to clean and to take care of. This fully zipped jacket will make sure of your comfort. The inner layer is very comfortable and soft. The polar wool will never give you a chance to whine about quality and comfort.

All the joints are perfectly stitched. All the details from every corner are revised and fine-tuned for ensuring the best user experience.

The high collar won’t allow wind to get inside and lock the warmth very efficiently.

The pockets are also zipper closed. So, you’ll never lose the things you keep in your pocket. Keep your hands inside when it is too cold.


  • Durable and washable in the machine
  • Best quality product and excellent fit jacket
  • Enjoy the outstanding customer support from the manufacturer
  • It comes at a very affordable price


  • Zippers in pockets can be uncomfortable in some cases
  • The colors are not vibrant enough

Colors for Everyone

3. Columbia Men’s Softshell Jacket

You will be overwhelmed with the 34 different color variations of the jacket. Choosing a coat of your favorite color is no longer a challenging task. Also, it is very accurate in size. Never wear an oversized jacket again. Find your perfect fit from Columbia Men’s.

The cuffs and hem are very customizable. You can adjust them according to your size. You’ll look very elegant when you wear this fashionable jacket.

It’s made of polyester, so durability is no longer a concern. This is wind resistant. So, it will perform great to keep you dry as well as warm. The closed zipper ensures total comfort.

Side pockets will guard your hands and save you from the cold. Zippers are also introduced on the side pockets. So, keep your things secured there with a zipper-lock system.


  • Very long-lasting and lightweight
  • It can be washed in the washing machine
  • Omni- shield weather-resistant jacket
  • The zippers guard your side pockets
  • It is a versatile jacket


  • There are some issues with the zippers
  • There is a variation in size in the version I and II
  • Check before you buy as there are fake products to ruin your experience

Best for Women

4. Columbia Women’s Classic Fit Jacket

This jacket is designed for women. It is common to have a massive variation of 35 different colors with different sizes. Check the size chart and choose which one fits you perfectly. This Columbia Full-Zip Jacket is very true to the size. So, it will fit you perfectly.

This is made of polyester. As you know, polyester is a very durable material. 

The inner layer is made of very soft fabric. This filament fleece under the coated inner will always keep you warm. The wool is very comfortable. Other jackets on the market leave a rough experience because of a turbulent inner layer.

However, this jacket will specially coat you with a very soft polyester layer. There is also a long-collared neck that reaches your chin with the zipper closure. So, it will keep you covered. 

This modern fit jacket is very lightweight, so you will not feel the burden of wearing a heavy coat. Also, this is easy to carry when you are not wearing. There is a sticker logo of Columbia on the top embroidered.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Perfectly fits curvy women body
  • Full zipper closure gives you more flexibility
  • There are zipper locked pockets from both of the sides


  • The color of the product does not match the picture
  • It does not come with a hoodie

Adventurer's Pick

5. ARSUXEO Thermal Cycling Jacket

This jacket has three layers. The topmost layer is not smooth at all. It is intentionally kept rough so that dust doesn’t stick to it. So, this jacket will not get dirty easily. Also, because of the topmost layer’s roughness, moisture from air slips from the surface and can’t get inside, which keeps you dry and warm.

The second layer blocks the water and wind. This is mainly a water and wind resistive layer. The third layer is made of wool and soft fabric to keep you warm and ensure your comfort.

This jacket is well designed because of the contrasting color combinations at the back and front. This similarity makes you visible even at nighttime.

The smooth blend of polyester and spandex makes it durable and lightweight. And thus, this jacket is easy to carry around. 

There are two pockets sealed with a zipper-lock system and also a front pocket. That also comes with the zipper lock layer. Keep your hands inside the pocket at your hand level. Keep things more secured inside the zipper clasped pockets.


  • The color contrast of the jacket makes you visible even in the dark
  • It is made of a rich combination of polyester and spandex
  • Three-layer protection
  • Extra-long cuffs


  • It is a bit smaller at the bottom
  • Not perfect for shivering cold areas
  • The zippers are weak

Best Hiking Jacket

6. Diamond Candy Rain Jacket for Women

This jacket will leave no stone unturned to keep you warm. The design is extra protective of your comfort. It is specially manufactured for women so, even in the terribly cold weather, you won’t freeze to death. This well-designed compact all-in-all best softshell jacket is the perfect wear to enjoy your hiking trips.

There is a smooth and fuzzy lining, and enough cotton padding around will prevent the cold from getting inside. This jacket is very thick, but as it is made of cotton, the thickness varies according to seasonal changes. 

The water repellent feature will let you enjoy the rain and mist. 

The hood is adjustable. You can remove the hood if you’re not wearing it.

There are two side pockets to keep your hands warm as well. Those pockets are secured with zippers.

There is a pocket on the inner layer where you can keep your electronic devices and small gadgets—preventing them from the rain or hail. The cuffs are adjustable. So, you can seal up to your wrists, to stay extra warm.


  • Both zipper and button closure
  • It is lightweight
  • Wind, water, rainproof
  • Adjustable cuffs


  • There are issues regarding sizes
  • Weak lining

One of A Kind

7. Marmot Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

This is Amazon’s bestselling product with 2.5 layers of protection, made of pure nylon.

It introduces the NanoPro technology- Nano meaning the smallest. NanoPro technology is basically a blocking system for this jacket. It blocks the water droplets so that it cannot get inside your coat. These NanoPro holes are so amazing that they even contribute to the breathing of this jacket.

They’re not too big, nor too small; but big enough to vapor out the water droplets that want to get into the coat. In the practical world, they are the moist and raindrops, and in some cases, they are ice leaks. This unique NanoPro waterproofing does a lot to make this jacket a unique one and keep you warmer.

There is an interior pocket. You can fold this jacket into the pocket when you are not wearing it. So, an extra bag or pouch is not needed to store it. It is lightweight, so an easy to carry jacket it.


  • It is made of pure, eco-friendly nylon
  • It has 2.5 weatherproof layers
  • Adjustable waist
  • Perfectly fits, it is very true to the size
  • There are a lot of pockets on the sides and bac


  • The inner lining is not well sewed
  • Sleeve length is not correctly matched

High-Performance Jacket

8. Rothco Softshell Jacket

It is a unique jacket, and you’ll know it as soon as you set your eyes on it. This is a 3 layered jacket that maintains your body heat and keeps the moisture from the air away. If you are running out of air pockets, this is an excellent jacket for you. It contains 6 pockets that are guarded with the zipper lock. It also has an internal pocket for your important stuff. 

Take your big tools with you too. There is a back pocket that allows you to keep larger tools there. It is secured with double zippers.

You can keep your necessary appliances here secured as the outer layer is made of polyester, and it is water and windproof. 

The collar is so long that it reaches the chin. The neck is fully covered by the jacket. Also, it prevents the cold from getting inside and locks the body temperature inside the jacket.

The forearm areas of the jacket are substantial and secure because of the dual-layer protection. It is a jacket with so many extra features, and you will definitely love it and enjoy wearing it.


  • The cuffs are adjustable
  • Long firm collar reaches your chin and protects your neck
  • The forearm area has a double-layered covering


  • It fails to protect you from heavy rain
  • Body and arm length are mismatched

Value for Money

9. North Face Apex Bionic Jacket

The jacket from the north face comes with a lifetime warranty. This brand is well known for its durability and customer service. These things are winning the heart of the customers over the years. 

There are side pockets for hands, and it is zipper locked. So keep your things secured here. Also, a chest pocket is sewed on the top, which is also secured with a zipper from the side. This side zipper integration gives it a classic and elegant look.

It has a wide range of colors, and all the colors are very rich and vibrant. Anyone will look handsome and cool with the creamy blend of the dark faded colors.

If you live in a windy city, buy it before you shift.


  • Water-resistant jacket
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • The inner layer is way too soft
  • Worthy of the money


  • It is a bit short
  • Sleeves are longer for an average body
  • The market is filled with counterfiets. Watch out before buying.

Best for NFL Fans

10. NFL Arizona Softshell Jacket

95% of the customers who bought the original product loved it and said that it performed beyond their expectations. Yes, this is NFL Arizona Men’s Softshell. The joints are very smooth and robust because of the 4-way stitching and lining. 

There are side pockets locked with zippers. And also, a pocket on the chest that has a side zipper. So, it looks elegant. Additionally, there is a logo of the NFL embroidered opposite of the chest pocket.


  • Long-lasting product
  • Very lightweight
  • The primary material of the jacket is polyester. So, it is weather-resistive
  • The locks are robust. It makes the product durable and locks body heat inside


  • There are issues with the sizes it comes with
  • No color variation available for the jacket

Best Softshell Jackets Buying Guide

Best Softshell Jackets

1. Size

There are so many products which are not true to the size. Make sure you know the actual size which fits you perfectly. An undersized or oversized jacket will not give you the same experience as a perfectly fitted jacket. If you want to include a hoodie and think you need extra space to adjust, you may try a bigger size

2. Color

If you’re into colors, any color is excellent. But some products come with a large variety of colors options, making it difficult to choose from. Dark royal colors are pleasant to look at. Depending on your body structure and outlook, go for the color that suits you the most.

3. Zipper

Almost all the jackets are zipper locked. If you prefer a full zipper front jacket, you can buy one. They give you more flexibility. Usually, the zippers are not strong enough. All the bad experiences the users are facing are mostly the zipper. Check your zipper and the material. Check if it is clinging to the fabric while you zip and unzip. 

4. Pocket

If you need a lot of stuff to store, choose a jacket with a lot of pockets. Check if all the pockets are secured with zipper locks or not. Some prefer the side pocket for hands to be zipper-free. If you are one of them, check the side hand pockets. Some want all the pockets with zippers because it will keep the essentials secured

There is an issue regarding large devices. If you’re going to carry large items, you may want to look for a jacket that comes with a back pocket. Back pockets are larger than other pockets. They must have a zipper on the top.

Chest pockets are also cool to have. It works as quick access. Anything you need frequently can be kept here. If the surface is waterproof, the chest pocket is good enough to store essential documents. Otherwise, papers should not be stored here. In that case, look for an inner pocket under the fuzzy layer.

5. Customizable cuffs and hem

The cuffs and hem should be adjustable. Many jackets use a cinch cord in the hem. Elastic is also used for both the cuffs and hems. If they are flexible, it will block the cold air. It will be a good fit jacket for you, regardless of size.

6. Layers

The inner layer is one of the most important things you should check before buying any jacket. It needs to be soft. And also, it must be able to block the moisture and rain outside. If you want a better experience, a jacket with multiple layers is good to go. The outer surface should be rough and specially made for blocking the dust, moist, water droplet from getting inside. 

7. Material

Most of the jackets are made of polyester. Some are made of nylon while the others are made of a mixture of polyester and spandex. Polyester is durable. Nylon is also long-lasting and eco-friendly. The durability mainly depends on the material the jacket is made of.

8. Originality

Most of the jackets on the market are replica. Be very careful when you buy one. A replica will never give you the best experience. Return your product if you have taken it from an online store. 

Final Words

All of the jackets are multipurpose. Wear it when you are out on a winter morning or on tour with your friends. Enjoy hiking in cold weather. Owning one of the best softshell jackets that keeps you warm is a blessing. So, having a good quality, the long-lasting coat is essential. 

However, all the jackets from top brands have replica copies on the market. So, be extra cautious when you buy one. Keep your hands warm inside the side pockets. You may

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