Top 10 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men (Review + Buying Guide)

Sunglasses, the summertime staple for enhancing your chic look to dazzle all the people near you. It indeed works as a great fashion accessory for both men and women, but it has more to it. They are great for protecting your eyes from UV rays in scorching and hot sunny or even cloudier days.

What do you do to protect your skin from UV rays? Wear sunblock, right? Your skin needs sun protection just as your skin. 

Polarized sunglasses can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays as well as ensure a more unobstructed view. We know quite well that just like most of the people, you may prefer fashion over substance. With best polarized sunglasses for men, you can enjoy both.

We know how hard it must be for you to choose among the hundreds of options! That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 10 best polarized sunglasses for men out there. Check it out!

Overview: Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Product Image

Product Name


Price Range

Buy Now

Ray-Ban Rb2132 Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses

Scratch-resistant glass

Polarized lenses

Strong acetate plastic frame


Ray-Ban Aviator RB 3025 019/W3 Matte Polarized Sunglass

Mirrored shades

Lightweight and strong frame

Crystal lenses


Costa Del Mar Men's Saltbreak Rectangular Sunglasses

High clarity

31 different colors

Polycarbonate material


MARSQUEST Retro Classic Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Bonding layers

Bendable frame

Multiple color options


ATTCL Men's HOT Fashion Driving Polarized Sunglasses

Metallic alloy frame

20g overall weight

Several color options


ROCKNIGHT Mg-Al Driving Polarized Sunglasses

Lightweight frame

Environment-friendly material

7 different color options


Carfia Metal Mens Polarized Sunglass

Incredibly flexible frame

5 different color options

Optically pure lenses


J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Lightweight metallic frame

Tough glasses with high optical clarity

17 different color options


GAMMA RAY OPTICS Polarized Sunglasses

Nylon frame

Wraparound construction

4 different color options


Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses

Cam-lock hinges

3 different styles

Wide shades


Top 10 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Best Overall

1. Ray-Ban Rb2132 Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses

We have picked this super cool sunglass for its excellent features, great quality and a reasonable price. It has a classy touch to give you the reminiscent of older days.

For its stylish look and great quality, it has become popular among people with good taste. Think of the colors you would prefer in a sunglass, Ray-Ban offers all those colors in different sizes of Polaroid sunglasses.

If your girl appreciates classic style, now is the perfect time to impress her with this classic polarized sunglass. 

Ray-Ban Rb2132 sunglass gives you 100% UV protection with its polarized and UV protection coating. Its lenses are 52 mm, which make them durable enough to last for long. Its polarized lenses will ensure both contrast and clarity.

So, unlike regular sunglasses, you will have a clear view of your surroundings. The lenses will also make sure to reduce eye strain and glare.

Its plastic frame is made of lightweight and robust acetate, which makes it exceptionally durable. The brand offers 3 size options- 52 mm, 55 mm and 58 mm for you to choose the one that best fits you.


  • It comes with a case for keeping it secure
  • A cleaning cloth for easy cleaning
  • 144 mm frame for a comfortable and secure fit
  • It improves visibility in the glaring light
  • 100% protection from hazardous UV rays


  • The hinges and the plastic frame are too thin
  • Less lubrication causes it to rattle every time


2. Ray-Ban Aviator RB 3025 019/W3 Matte Polarized Sunglass

As a person who needs to go out frequently, you must find it hard to carry an umbrella with you all the time. Better, use the Ray-Ban 3024 019/W3 sunglasses to protect your eyes and look the coolest among all. If you are looking for stylish looking polarized sunglasses then trust us, this one is one of the best ones you can get for yourself. The silver mirrored lenses are what make it more excellent looking.

This sterling sunglass is a classic heartthrob even after so many years. Ray-Ban makes sure that all their products are of top quality. So, if you are willing to spend your money on something good, why not buy this fantastic looking top-notch polarized sunglass?

Of course, you don't want to spend your money on the fake ones that may break easily. If you have a reasonable budget, these polarized sunglasses is an excellent option for you!

It has crystal lenses with a hybrid surface for reducing glare and enhancing visual comfort. So, you won't need to squint your eyes every time you go under the scorching sunlight. This helps in reducing eye strain and stress and protects your eyes from glare.

The metallic frame is both durable and lightweight, so it won't break easily while making you feel comfortable.


  • Lightweight metallic frame
  • Mirror coating for reducing sharp reflections
  • Pilot warp frame suits every face shape
  • Polar lenses


  • A little flimsy
  • Low-quality nose pads

Best Seafaring Shades

3. Costa Del Mar Men's Saltbreak Rectangular Sunglasses

Guess what! The Costa Del Saltbreak sunglass offers 31 different colors of sunglasses just for you! Yes, you heard that! Not only do they offer several different colors, they also offer high quality. They can go with both sporty and casual looks.

The sunglasses come with the best seafaring shades. As you will be offered with several different frames and lenses to choose from, you will definitely find the one that perfectly matches your choice.

For great clarity, it is designed in a way to block the blue, yellow light out. The shades are both mirrored and shaded, which create a very fresh look. As they come with 100% UV protection, your eyes will be safe for long. 

Its polycarbonate material ensures lightweight and high clarity. It is impact resistant as well as scratchproof. So, you can wear it comfortably all day long without even damaging it. Its green mirror enhances contrast and vision. The nylon frame makes it durable and tough as well as offers a comfortable fit.


  • Great eyewear for fishing
  • Durable and tough material
  • It comes with a cleaning cloth
  • Fits comfortably


  • Gives a distorted view
  • Lenses are of poor quality

Long-lasting Comfort

4. MARSQUEST Retro Classic Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Not everyone looks for fancy looking sunglasses. Some may prefer the casual ones. Keeping that in mind, here, we have the perfect sunglass for you! The classic square-shaped lenses are surrounded by its frame, which creates a great overall look. It also comes in several different colors for you to choose the one that best matches your style and preference.

Its UV 400 protection will give your eyes almost 100% protection from dangerous UVA and UVB rays. It is the best option for keeping your eyes comfortable, healthy and safe. Another amazing fact about this sunglass is that the lenses have 7 layers, which makes them more useful for protecting your eyes.

As there are shatterproof, use them as much as you need, they won’t break easily. Its frame is lightweight and super flexible as well as durable enough to last for long and withstand up to 100 pounds!

Its EMT material is what makes it contour perfectly to the face and staying intact. So, we can agree that it’s suitable for any outdoor activities. They are lightweight, so you can wear them for as long as you want.


  • Anti-glare lenses for eye protection
  • Highly flexible material
  • Stainless-steel sturdy mount
  • Shatterproof layers prevent scratches
  • Reinforced strong frame


  • Lens constructed with plastic
  • Bad optical quality

Unique Design

5. ATTCL Men's HOT Fashion Driving Polarized Sunglasses

This ultra-durable and lightweight ATTCL polarized sunglass guarantees to last for long and its premium quality metallic alloy frame makes sure to keep the glasses in place. The high-quality polarized sunglasses keep the eyes protected from UV rays.

The mirrored lenses give out an extraordinarily modern and stylish look. So, it's ideal for hiking, driving, biking or running as well as for casual wear.

Another amazing think about this sunglass is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, which proves that it is well-built to last for long. The lenses are coated with UV400 protection for blocking UVA and UVB rays, and as the frame is made of aluminum-magnesium metallic alloy, it is unbreakable.  

The lenses eliminate scattered light and reflected light to protect the eyes and give a clear view. The sunglass cut haze and glares for your eyes to be more comfortable.

Weight of the sunglass is only 20g, which means you can barely feel that you are wearing something. The brand offers 10 different colored shades. So, you can choose whichever suits your style the most. 


  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% UV400 protection lens
  • Unbreakable metallic frame
  • Several colors option


  • Flimsy notepads
  • The lenses are not very clear

Value for Money

6. ROCKNIGHT Mg-Al Driving Polarized Sunglasses

This fashionable sunglass can both elevate the style as well as deliver perfection. The brand offers 7 different colors. So, you can choose whichever you like. The frame is slim, which gives it a unique yet classic look.

The lens can keep the sunlight out, which makes it perfect for daily use. So, you won't be having irritating scattered glares or reflections. Its frame is made of lightweight yet sturdy and durable metal. The adjustable nose pads are made of silicone which ensures maximum comfort.

The UV 400 Lenses block out the harmful sun rays and keep your eyes protected. The mirrored lenses will surely give out a cool look while keeping your eyes healthy and safe.


  • Perfect for beach use and fishing
  • It ensures clear vision
  • The sunglass comes with a cleaning cloth
  • Silicone nose pads ensures comfort


  • It does not fit well
  • The frame is easily breakable

Awesome Look

7. Carfia Metal Mens Polarized Sunglass

This excellent pair comes in 5 different colors for you to choose the best one. We are sure that every man will surely fall in love with it as soon as they take a glance at it. The lens comes with UV 400 protection for protecting your eyes in scorching sunny days by blocking out almost 100% of UVA and UVB rays. It will keep your eyes safe and healthy for a long time.

The square-shaped shades give out a cool look, which is both unique and conservative simultaneously. So, not only you will feel great for protecting your eyes, but also look great while you hit the road.

Its frames are made of corrosion-resistant metal. So, wear your cool sunglasses for as long as you want, they will maintain their excellent look throughout the whole time.

The spring-loaded hinge makes sure to hold the legs and the whole thing together and last for a long time as well. Now, you may think that the sunglass comes with heavyweight, but instead, it has a very lightweight despite the metal construction. That means you are going to use a study sunglass while not being irritated with the weight.


  • Impact-resistant metal frame
  • Durable construction
  • Flexible spring-loaded hinge
  • Glare-free UV 400 protection shades
  • Adjustable nose pads


  • The frames may get delaminated
  • Loose nose pads

Timeless Design

8. J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Anyone with good fashion sense would love it when he has multiple options to choose from. It's because it allows him to pick the one that best suits him or goes with his style. The J+S Aviator sunglasses offer multiple colors for you to pick the perfect one for yourself.

You can maintain your style with this reliable pair as well as give your eyes maximum protection because its lens is capable of blocking out 99.96% glaring sunlight. So, if you want to keep your eyes healthy while maintaining your stylish look, don't delay and buy this excellent pair.

Its lightweight metal frame is both durable and strong; they are thin, yet sturdy enough not to break easily. The silicone pads will prevent your nose from ever being irritated. The polarized lenses work very effectively for blocking intense glares or horizontal reflections. Its lenses are made sturdy, scratch-resistant and lightweight.

The optical clarity ensures clear and distortion-free vision and its spring-loaded legs will give you maximum comfort while opening and closing.


  • Different colors and frame styles
  • Comfortable fit and impact-resistant
  • UV 400 protection
  • Adjustable nose pads and spring-loaded legs
  • Lightweight and scratch-resistant glasses


  • The glasses are really dark
  • Its lenses may pop out

Most Affordable Pick

9. GAMMA RAY OPTICS Polarized Sunglasses

Are you on a tight budget but still want to get a polarized sunglass for your style? Have a look at this one! Just because it offers a very low price doesn't mean it lacks in quality. It looks as stylish as the other ones. The sunglass comes with scratch-resistant shades. So, you can use them as much as you want.

The sunglass won't even shatter easily even after several use. You better keep them in a case for them to last for a long time. Its frame and lenses, both are constructed with plastic. The lens is of 60 mm and polarized as well. It comes in 4 different colors- orange, blue, grey, silver.

Another amazing thing is that it comes in a pair. It is constructed with lightweight and flexible material, which makes it ideal for golfing riding, trekking, driving, climbing, trail running, skiing, fishing, racing and so on.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Comes in a pair
  • Affordable price
  • Shatterproof and scratch-resistant frame


  • Short durability
  • Its lenses’ color may rub off

Excellent Quality

10. Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses

This polarized sunglass comes with excellent quality lenses, which can deliver both glare-free and clear vision. They are impact-resistant and provide optical clarity. The sunglass gives a comfortable and secure fit. Its adjustable nose pads can be multi-positioned for the perfect fit.

The shades are pretty wide. So, if you are a fan of those sunglasses with wide shades, this one is perfect for you! It offers 4 different lenses and styles. You can choose whichever you like the most.


  • Screwless hinges enable temples to lock tightly
  • Durable, ultralight frame
  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Flexible and secure fit


  • Not durable enough for everyday use
  • Poor quality hinges

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men Buying Guide

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men Buying Guide

Well, by now, one of the mentioned polarized sunglasses may have caught attention. If not, you may be still confused over which one to choose, don’t worry! Now, we are going to tell you exactly which features to look for while choosing a polarized sunglass.

1. Lens Colors

For outdoor use, we will suggest you choose the darker colored shades, such as- green, brown, gray. They are more effective in cutting through glares and reducing eyestrain. Lenses with green and gray colors do not distort colors and lenses with brown colors cause minor distortion.

If you are looking for a sunglass, suitable for snowboarding, skiing and so on, get the light-colored shades, such as- amber, yellow, gold and so on.

2. Lens Materials

Your sunglass’s clarity, durability, weight and price depend on the material of the lenses.

If you want to get a sunglass with superb optical clarity as well as scratch resistance, you should get the ones with glass lens.

Materials such as polycarbonate and polyurethane provide great impact-resistance and excellent optical clarity. Both materials are very lightweight.  

While polyurethane is expensive, polycarbonate is affordable and scratch-resistant. 

3. Frame Materials

The comfort, safety and durability of the sunglasses depend upon the frame materials.

Metal frames can be easily adjusted to the face but can be more expensive than the other ones. They may not be durable enough and sometimes may get too hot under scorching sunlight.

Compared to metal frames, nylon frames are inexpensive. They are also more durable and lightweight. They have a high level of impact-resistance, but unlike the metal ones, they aren't very much adjustable.

4. UV Blocking

What's the primary purpose of getting polarized sunglasses? Keeping your eyes protected from harmful sunrays, right? So, check how much the sunglass can block out glares and reflections as well as the percentage of UV blocking.

5. Shades Size

If you are buying a polarized sunglass solely for protecting your eyes, we think, you should get the one with bigger shades. The bigger the shades are, the more coverage they will give from the sun.

6. Visible Light Transmission

A sunglass’s VLT percentage determines how much light will reach your eyes. VLT percentage depends upon the thickness, colors, materials, and coating of the lenses.

While Sunglasses with VLT lower than 19% may be best for sunny and bright conditions, sunglasses with 20–40% VLT are good for all purposes.

7. Perfect Fitting

You shouldn't obviously get a sunglass that is too tight or too loose. It should fit your face snugly. You need to make sure that the sunglass is lightweight, or else, you won't be able to wear it for long.

Final Words

Wrapping up, while choosing a product, you need to make sure to get the best bang for your buck. There are hundreds of companies offering excellent-looking polarized sunglasses. While some of them might be very pricey, but the other ones come at an affordable price.

For your convenience, we have mentioned the best best polarized sunglasses for men on our list. They are great in every way that you would expect- excellent features, great look, high quality, reasonable price and what not? 

Pick whichever you like and get ready to hit the road with style. Good luck!

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