Top 10 Best Luggage Scale of 2020 (Review + Buying Guide)

Packing is stressful and weighing the luggage just adds to the weight of it. If you are trying to adhere to luggage allowance and not be fined for any extra weight, it’s always wise to check luggage for yourself. That’s where luggage scales come in.

So what is a luggage scale? Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory. A luggage scale is a small, hand-held device designed to weigh your suitcase, carryon bags, or luggage once they are hooked and lifted. They are absolutely portable and give pretty accurate measure almost all the time. 

They are affordable and of course, cost a lot less than an overweight fine. So you might consider getting one to ease the packing experience. Here is a list of the top 10 best luggage scale that have been carefully picked and observed for you.

Why Do You Need a Luggage Scale?

Purchasing a luggage scale will help you keep tabs on your luggage weigh and save you from falling for unnecessary fines at airports. That way you will have more cash for partying! 

It Keeps You Alert

Carrying a luggage scale will help you remain on your guard when it comes to luggage weight. You will pack and shop more wisely. They’re also useful for the return journey as well. If you’re into shopping and seem to lose track of how much you can carry home, a luggage scale will help you stay grounded.

Provides Accurate Reading

The luggage scales that we have reviewed are built well and have already made a reputation for providing precise readings. They don’t even need to be set up, most of them are handheld and very easy to use. So your weighing machine will not add to the weight, as they did previously.

Overview: Best Luggage Scale of 2020

Product Image

Product Name


Price Range

Buy Now

Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale

Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale 

High accuracy sensor

110 lb capacity

Lock weight feature


Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale

Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale

Lithium ion battery


Gives accurate reading


Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Strong stainless steel body

0.2 lb precision accuracy

Offers lifetime warranty


Amazon Basics Luggage Scale

AmazonBasics Luggage Scale

Flexible strap

Easy to read screen

Simple push button control


EatSmart Luggage Scale

EatSmart Luggage Scale

Two handed grip

Handle-like design

Instant reading


 Dr. Meter Luggage Scale

Dr. Meter Luggage Scale

Clear LCD backlit

Easy conversion from kg to pounds

Auto off function


 LetsFit Luggage Scale

Letsfit Luggage Scale

Convertible unit

Clear backlit screen

Pre installed battery


Urbo 3-in-1 Luggage Scale

Urbo 3-in-1 Luggage Scale

Features a flashlight

Works as a 6000 mAh power bank

Detachable strap


 Leokor Luggage Scale

Leokor Luggage Scale

Comes with a hanging postal scale


50 lbs max load


Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale

Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale

Offers a money back guarantee

0.02 lb precision

Max load of 110 lbs


Top 10 Best Luggage Scale (Review)

Best Overall

Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale

With compact size, and sleek design, Etekcity is one of the most handsome luggage scales in the market. There's a lot more to it than just good looks. It is highly accurate with an accuracy rate of 0.1 lb and a large and easy to read LED display that presents the readings in large digits. The readings are expressed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

So you will face no trouble using the device. All you need to do is hook the strap to the weight and you are good to read the weight. On top of it, you can also read temperature with this device. 

It is built to support heavy luggage and it doesn't seem to be giving up any time soon. It is highly durable and has been serving its users for years.

There is a low battery indicator in this device which will notify you of its battery life. You will never miss to charge it before taking off.


  • Provides accurate reading
  • Reading is shown in an LCD Display
  • You can choose to weigh item in groups or individually


  • Users have raised concerns about battery life.

Runner Up

Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale

It is sturdy, durable, has a LCD display with backlight and is one of the highest rated luggage scales on Amazon, Luxebell Luggage Scale does give you a chance to be in awe of this device. It comes in a mini size yet is packed with amazing functionalities; you can carry it around in your pocket.

It embodies a shiny body backed by an accuracy rate of 0.1 lb along with a weight capacity of 110 lb or 50 kg. You can read both weight and temperature in a large LCD display with the measurement ranging from KG to pound. And when it’s had a day of hard work, it will let you know of a low battery so that you don't miss to charge it. There is also a prompt indication for overweight.

With a generous amount of functionalities keeping the device on its toes at all times, there really isn't much to complain about. Luxeball does its work exceptionally well.


  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Comes with a graduation of 0.1 lb and a capacity of 110 lb
  • Features auto-lock and auto-off technology
  • Manufacturer offers a one year warranty


  • Unreliable battery life, you might need to carry extra battery.

With a maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs and a precision accuracy of 0.2 lbs, Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale comes with a promise to keep you away from any airport surcharge. With a compact and lightweight design, it is extremely travel friendly, and will not add any significant weight to your already heavy luggage.

With a stainless steel exterior, strong strap and heavy plastic bottom plate, it is extremely sturdy and durable. It runs on lithium batteries which are way better than the regular ones when it comes to draining power. You can use it for decades without experiencing a hitch.

You can take the reading on its large and clear LCD display, and even auto-lock the reading. The product features auto shut off, so it will not drain any extra battery when you are not using it. We love how Tarriss gives a lovely eggshell finish to the product, adding a touch of perfection to it.


  • Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • Features auto-lock and auto-shutoff
  • Runs on lithium ion battery


  • There is no backlight on this device.
Amazon Basics Luggage Scale

Amazon Basics products have a reputation of offering the best features in the most affordable price point, and this luggage scale is no exception. Amazon Basics makes sure that you don't stress over last minute packing, and can get on that flight without you having to strain your budget. It runs on very basic principles (just as the name suggests).

You should not have any trouble measuring your luggage with this one as it comes with very straightforward buttons and is very easy to operate. 

You can pick up individual items and measure them, especially if you are feeling too critical, thanks to its tare function. We are quite impressed by its flexibility. With a flexible strap and metal connection, you can weigh individual products or a whole case without any trouble. It can carry up to 110 lbs. and the results will be displayed on a clear LCD screen.


  • Compatible, easy to use
  • 110 lb max load
  • Flexible scale with secure metal


  • Battery life doesn't live up to the expectation.
EatSmart Luggage Scale

If you are looking for something that will offer heavy lifting with precision, then we suggest you check this fantastic luggage scale by EatSmart. Having read thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, we thought we’d see what the fuss is about and to be honest, we were not disappointed.

The design of this device is completely different from the other luggage scales that we have reviewed. It’s two handed handle is attached with a sturdy strap that can carry up to 50 kg or 110 lbs. The reading is likely to be very accurate, with a graduation of 0.1 lb at best. The large LCD display has a blue blacklight that allows you to take a reading even in low light. You can also change the unit from pound to kg, and vice versa, simply at the press of a button.

Besides, EatSmart offers an auto weight lock feature and an instant reading indicating that the weight is locked so you can put the case down. There is also an auto shut off feature, saving the battery from draining and shutting the device within 20 seconds since last use.


  • Instant reading
  • Offers maximum accuracy
  • Affordable


  • Poor quality battery.
 Dr. Meter Luggage Scale

Carrying a weight upto 110 lb with an accuracy rate of 0.1 lb, Dr. Meter is one of the most popular luggage scales in the market. Beside the long list of exceptional features that the device hosts, it has an excellent backlit LCD display which shows the readings clearly at any time of the day. Not only weight, you can also measure the temperature with this device. 

You can buy it for yourself or a traveler you know, and this compact device is sure to serve you right. And we feel like we cannot possibly give enough credits to the firmness of this device. It features a rubber paint technology and textured grip to offer maximum sturdiness.

Moreover, there is a tare function to make sure that the battery is not draining unnecessarily. A handful of features at your fingertips, that too at an affordable price.


  • Firm and sturdy build
  • Features backlight for clear display even during night


  • The strap is not adjustable.
 LetsFit Luggage Scale

With a LetsFit Luggage Scale you can say goodbye to all your worries over overweight luggage. They are sleek yet sturdy, bringing a reliable solution.

And the best part is, it doesn't cost a hefty amount of money to deliver you the best experience. They offer a unique light feel and can fit in any pockets, you won't even realize they are there.

With a weight capacity of 110 lbs and graduation of 0.1 lb, you can rely on this device to give you an accurate reading no matter what. All you have to do is power on the device, hook a weight and take a reading.

The reading will be displayed in a clear LCD display. It also comes with a backlight making it easy to weigh even in the dark. There is an indicator for overweight and low battery, to remind you to take action.


  • Comes with a backlit 1.4 inch LCD Display
  • Easy to operate


  • The overweight indicator is not reliable.
Urbo 3-in-1 Luggage Scale

How cool would it be if you had a luggage scale that is also a powerbank and a flashlight? Urbo does a tremendous job at fusing the three and offering a highly functional device.

The product comes with a detachable strap that you can remove from the device once weighing is done, this offers great flexibility as you can fit it in any pockets without even noticing that it’s there.

All you have to do to weigh is attach the strap, lift the unit and take a reading. If the battery runs out even when you are out, you can charge it with the built in powerbank. So it is safe to say that this device will not leave you midway on your trip, you can have faith. 

Urbo has an external battery of 6000 mAh which works as a powerbank and can charge more than just the luggage scale. With this power bank you can charge your mobile phones, iPad, and more. Moreover, there is a powerful 60 lumens LED torch which will surely come handy on your journey.


  • Features a powerbank and a flashlight
  • Extremely handy
  • Comes with backlit LCD display


  • Stands at a higher price point.
 Leokor Luggage Scale

Any luggage scale can measure the weight, but Leokor goes the extra mile and helps you measure the dimension of your luggage as well. That is to say, your packing will be as calculated as it gets. And that is precisely why Leokor Luggage Scale made it to our list.


With a bright green backlight, you can use the device at any time of the day and it will deliver quality even in low light. It has a weight capacity of 50 lb or 20 kg which is the standard airline allowance.

You will receive a signal as soon as your luggage crosses the limit. It’s weight lock feature coupled with an auto shutoff feature is pretty impressive. The device makes sure that there is no waste of energy. 

On top of that, it has a hanging postal scale that comes very handy if you are trying to take a measurement of the height and length of your luggage, or any other gear for that matter.


  • User friendly features
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Automatically shuts off after 60 seconds


  • Users have complained about a depletion of battery even when not in use.
Accuoz Digital Luggage Scale

Accuoz is relatively new in the market but has already made a place for itself in the heart of thousands of users, and rightfully so. It comes with an amazing set of functionalities coupled with a clear LCD screen and a powerful lithium battery that is supposed to last you a long time. 

Its compact size and reliability makes it ideal for travel. You can switch it on simply at the push of a button and operate; it works great even in low light thanks to the backlight. You can carry up to 110 lbs with its sturdy nylon strap. And once you are done using it, it will shut off automatically in a matter of seconds to save battery. This digital luggage scale simply has it all!


  • Superior quality at an affordable price
  • Portable design and lightweight
  • Features auto weight lock


  • Battery life not durable.

Best Luggage Scale (Buying Guide)

Weight limit can put a restriction on your packing plan; while you can’t change the check-in laws, with a luggage scale you can prepare a better and well-calculated plan. They come in handy throughout your trip and also keep you sane on your trips to the mall. However, you make a purchase there are a few things that you need to consider: 

1. Display

Luggage scales present reading through a display. Your scale is only useful if you can read the display correctly, so choosing a good one is immensely important. Digital scales need to be easy to read and it’s best if they provide a backlight for a better view in the dark. LCD displays usually make the best kind, offering a clear view at all times.

They generally feature a low battery indicator. You also want to make sure that your scale offers readings in both kilograms and pounds. While most airlines display their allowance in both KG and pounds, it’s still best if you have a scale that can read both. 

2. Durability 

Digital luggage scales usually come with a rubber paint feature that helps you hook the strap to a handle so that you can lift the bag and take the reading, even when you are on the go. Ensure that the strap is durable and won’t come off when heavyweights are lifted.

Some scales come with a long warranty, if you plan on using it too often then we suggest you get one that is guaranteed to last. Most of the luggage scales that we have reviewed are lightweight and compact, which is a major priority if you want to carry it around with you. You need to check the quality and length of the straps, attachments, and any other component that is meant to bear pressure. 

3. Scale 

Luggage scale that can’t even measure up to your luggage’s weight capacity is useless. So it is a very important point to consider. Luggage scales generally come with a weight capacity of 50 KG which converts to 110 pounds.

For most of the airlines, this weight is way past the allowance, so it's safe to assume that your luggage will carry weight within this limit. Some of the best luggage scales offer an auto-lock feature that ensures that you are getting the most accurate results before you are leaving for the airports. 

4. Reliability 

Digital luggage scales are run on battery power and inevitably, they sometimes run out. Most of the LCD displays these days come with a low battery indicator. So, if you are planning on measuring luggage weight on the go, then you must check the battery before taking off.

Some scales even go the extra mile and warn you if it has any defection in the machine, so you don’t find yourself in a state of confusion while you are on the trip. 

Bottom Line 

To sum up, a luggage scale can save you from a lot of trouble during check in, and paying a handful of cash to compensate for the extra weight you are carrying. Throwing some cash on a good luggage scale can save you from a ridiculous surcharge.

While any of the luggage scales that we have reviewed will make a great choice, it is up to you to decide on the right one for you depending on the considerations that we have talked about. We hope our buying guide has helped you get a good understanding of what to expect and how to purchase the best luggage scale.

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