Top 10 Best Front Pocket Wallet in 2020 (Review + Buying Guide)

Shuffling in your back pocket while getting out from a super shop looks weird, right? Or how about driving your car while carrying your old money bag in your back pocket? Extremely uncomfortable, right? We can relate as well.

Carrying wallets in the back pocket doesn’t only make it troublesome to find a specific card or key but also has a negative impact on your hip and spine. You may feel like something is poking on your behind area regardless of how comfy or luxurious the chair is. That said, both of us know, it’s not really the chair; it’s that old-school moneybag constantly reminding you of its presence in the most uncomfortable way ever.

So, if you want to keep your precious belongings and worldly goods unspoiled and blemish-free, then you’ll need to upgrade to a good-quality and best front pocket wallet.

There are numerous reasons to prefer front pocket wallets instead of back ones. Let us start with the most important one.

More or less, all of us have been unfortunate victims of pickpockets. If you haven’t, then that’s great news; you’re lucky. If yes, what did you do after losing your wallet from the back pocket? Our guess is that you simply blamed your luck or lack of caution.

What if you had had your wallet in the front pocket instead? In that case, along with preventing pickpocket mishaps, your pelvis would remain strong, and you would never have to worry about removing your wallet whenever you sit down.

It’s never too late to change, though. Not sure which one you should go for? We’re at your rescue.

Continue reading as we explore the ins and outs of these wallets from every angle. Let’s do the shopping together to find the best front pocket wallet for you from the top 10 best front pocket wallet list.

Overview: Best Front Pocket Wallet

Product Image

Product Name


Price Range

Buy Now

SERMAN BRANDS RFID Minimalist Front Pocket

Inside pockets

Quick cards access

Built of genuine leather


Kinzd Front Pocket Wallet

Available in 7 types

7 colors to choose from

RFID blocking


TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet

Faux leather

Perfect dimensions

Great as a gift


The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

Outside notch

Ultimate durability

Attractive colors


NOMATIC Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Hidden pockets

Slim and compact

Genuine leather


Bellroy Leather Wallet

Quick access slot

Sustainable materials

Sleek and slim


Mt. Eston Trifold Bifold Men's Wallet

Tri-Fold closure

Large pockets

RFID blocking


Travelambo Women’s Wallet with Zipper Pocket

Wonderful details

Zippered slots

Giftable item


SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

Very thin

Organized pockets



Bryker Hyde Minimalist ID Outside

Fits in any pocket

RFID blocking

Sturdily built


Top 10 Best Front Pocket Wallet (Review)

Best Overall

1. SERMAN BRANDS RFID Minimalist Front Pocket

You never have to hurt your butt when you have this thin and minimalistic front pocket wallet. If you’re someone who loves to post traveling photos on Instagram framing a bunch of traveling belongings like sunglasses, watch, passport, and wallet, then you’ll be amazed seeing the 10 bright colors options for this wallet.

This wallet also has great advantages of storing up to 8 credit or debit cards along with clips to store your necessary papers bills. You can store cash, credit cards without any fear of losing them because the wallet has RFID-blocking technology, which will protect your wallet from the bad guys.

Now you might be thinking, “What if the wallet slips outside of your pocket? Would it be lost forever?”

Yes, your thoughts are highly rational, but the wallet is thin and slick enough, so it won’t be bulging in your pocket while you’re carrying it. So, there’s barely any chance to lose this awesome wallet on the street.


  • 2 extra inside pockets with photo slots
  • Quick access to cards
  • Built of genuine leather


  • Cash clip issues at times


2. Kinzd Front Pocket Wallet

If you’re tired of getting scratches on your credit cards, then you need a wallet like this one. It doesn’t have any money holding clips. Instead, it has a strong horse leather magnet holder that’ll secure your bills while keeping 4-6 credit cards safe.

The wallet is unbelievably cheap compared to the other ones on the list but still doesn’t lack in terms of appearance. Besides, with the money holder and the 4 card compartments, you’ll get an awesome ID display pocket where you can keep your license and pictures.

If you have the fear of losing the wallet, then you can keep it in your jacket’s pocket without any hesitation because it’s thin! Even after storing 10 new shiny dollar bills, your wallet will be minimalistic enough to keep in pockets.

Regardless of the place you pull out this wallet, it’ll reflect your smart personality and get you compliments like ‘You have great taste!’.


  • Available in 7 designs
  • 1 DL display pocket
  • RFID blocking feature


  • Overly strong magnet issue

Best Tall Wallet

3. TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet "RIO"

If you want to hold on to style without losing functionality and quality, then this is the wallet for you. It’s a tall wallet with essential stylish compartments to store cards, bills, and pictures. Like other front pocket wallets, it has a money holding clip which is sturdy and secure.

You can bring out all the belongings in seconds using the outside notch pushing out feature. We tested the product storing some cards and bills, and the result was astonishing!

The wallet still looked the same (slim and minimalistic). But if you push it over its capacity, it may look bulky; you’ll understand its limit after getting your hands on it.   

Like the other premium-quality wallets, it has a noble metal emblem, stainless steel money clip, and 7 card slots. It falls in the affordable wallets category but has RFID- protection technology, which is surprising as well very convenient. It’s lightweight as well, so you may not feel its presence every minute like an average back wallet.


  • Premium Faux leather
  • Perfect dimensions
  • Luxurious gift packaging


  • RFID isn’t strong enough

Premium Pick

4. The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

This is a wallet for the people who are in love with handy money bags. This front pocket wallet is genuinely a representation of smartness, with enough room to store up to 12 credit cards without any fear of stretching out the elastic.

The metal money clip is also flexible enough to store a few bucks of a millionaire! It has a lot of long dimensional perks, such as easily accessible compartments, blemish-free money storing, and more.

The wallet literally looks like a compact smartphone, which is 86mm x 54mm x 6mm in size. Such a dimension makes it very slim and compact enough to fit in any tight jeans or front coat pockets.

Has it already become obvious that the wallet has RFID blocking technology? But this time, the technology isn’t just given as a feature for advertisement purposes. Instead, the technology is incorporated well enough to protect your cards from the powerful RFID chip readers.

The elastic is replaceable as well, so you can replace it anytime, anywhere, with ease. Also, the materials of this awesome wallet are designed to last for years.


  • Outside notch
  • Ultimate durability
  • 3 attractive colors


  • Money clip issue

Minimalist Design

5. NOMATIC Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Are you tight with your budget? Then you don’t need to worry about creating a dent in your bank account because this front pocket wallet can fulfill your requirements within a small price range. You’ll be surprised with its minimalistic design as it stores 16 cards and remains compact enough to fit in your slim-fit Levi’s pocket.

The wallet is available in 3 colors, but we personally like the black one, which blends with most of the men’s outfits. If you’re a woman, then you may like the Mint colored one, which gives the wallet a feminine look with smart black and grey background.

Along with the card, you can store cash, coin, and keys in its built-in pocket. You can also store your 4 most used cards in an easily accessible way or use a slim profile according to your preference.

The wallet is built very sturdily; after reading a few reviews, you’ll understand how satisfied customers are with this product, which is one of the reasons this stood out from other wallet crowds.


  • Hidden cash pockets
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Medical grade elastic and genuine leather


  • Cards pulling out the issue

Timeless Look

6. Bellroy Leather Wallet

If you’re a fan of standard and rich accessories, then you may fall in love with this standard-sized money bag. Slim, sleek, and classy – this wallet is a sign of a high standard choice and representation of simplicity.

The wallet is available in 4 different colors. Personally, we liked the charcoal-colored one, which looks absolutely smart and stunning. Besides, if you want to add a bit of awesomeness in the blend of simple and standard design, then you can choose the caramel-colored one. 

This thin and sleek wallet can hold up to 5-12 cards, coins, and more. You can keep all the credits with ease and peace because there’s no chance of getting stolen or robbed, thanks to its great RFID protecting abilities. Interestingly, in this money bag, you have an option to hide your cash and secret papers too.


  • Quick access card slot
  • Sustainable materials
  • Sleek and slim design


  • RFID blocking issue

Best for Business Person

7. Mt. Eston Trifold Bifold Men's Wallet

You’ve already seen a lot of slim and thin wallets. If none of them seems to match your taste and needs, it’s probably because you’re a business person who needs to carry a lot of cards and a bundle of money in a wallet.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve enlisted this trifold men’s wallet for you. The wallet has 18 total pockets, including 11 separate card slots, 4 oversized pockets, and 2 full-size bill layers, and 1ID card window. It could have been enough, right? But MT ESTON didn’t stop here. They have made the wallet well protected from RFID tracking as well.

The wallet could be an excellent gift item for your family, friends, or foreign virtual life buddies, as the wallet comes in a luxurious box engraved with the MT.ESTON logo on top.

After filling the bag to the fullest with cards and bills, you’ll still find it moderately slim and sleek to carry in your front pocket because it’s made out of premium materials including soft, fine Napa pebble grain leather and hand-stitched finishing.


  • Tri-Fold closure
  • Pockets with extra capacity
  • RFID blocking


  • Tight ID card slot

Best for Women

8. Travelambo Women’s Wallet with Zipper Pocket

This is one of the best feminine wallets you can get within a low budget. Amazingly, you’ll get 13 color options to choose from for this wallet to match with your outfit. Each color looks gorgeous with 8"L x 4” H x 1" D dimension, which is great for carrying mobile, cards, bills altogether without blemishing your crunchy banknotes, which you’ve just received from the booth.

It has 16 card slots and a few extra slots for cash, phones, and coins. Relatively, the wallet may look like a girl’s purse, but it has great dimensions, which means you can slip it in a slim-fit jeans pocket too. Most of the Travelambo wallets are well protected with RFID blocking features as well, and this one is no different.

If you need a wallet instead of a bulky purse that you can tightly shove in your pocket before attending parties, then you can choose this wallet as it’ll hold your necessary goodies with its modern and stylish appearance.


  • Wonderful details with excellent craftsmanship
  • 2 zippered slots included
  • Perfect as a gift item


  • Cheap leather quality

Made in USA

9. SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

If you’re looking for a companion who can support you through thick and thin, then this is the wallet for you. The wallet fits in small jeans pockets and allows you to carry it everywhere without any fear of soaking up your belongings. Animal lovers are also going to love this waterproof wallet because it’s made out of vegan leather!

You can carry bills or cards without leaving sharp folding marks on them. This incredible wallet is also designed in a minimalistic way to slip in your coat or pants pocket. Despite being a men’s product, the wallet offers 11 colors to choose from, so we kind of consider it to be gender-neutral.

All the other qualities like RFID shielding and scratch-less card storing are also available in this wallet. But the ID windows of this wallet are extra special. While ID windows of other wallets get foggy and blurry over time, these ID windows are well-built to hold on to its quality.


  • 2-3 times thinner than normal wallets
  • Compact and organized compartments
  • Durable


  • RFID blocking issues

Value for Money

10. Bryker Hyde Minimalist ID Outside

Irritated by the constant bulging of the wallet against your thighs? Then this is the wallet for you! This is a very simple, smart, and sleek designed front pocket wallet, but you’ll fall in love with the subtle craftsmanship of the money bag as it’s completely handcrafted

Surprisingly, this tiny wallet has 8 pockets, an ID outside the window, and a money clip. Even after loading a bunch of belongings, you’ll find the wallet remarkably thin. The money clip is useful as well as it can clip up to 30-40 bills altogether.

Even though the clip is well-made, if you break it by any chance, you won’t have to worry because the clip is available on Amazon for purchasing separately.

The wallet features a perfect dimension; no matter which notes you pick, they will fit in the long pockets comfortably. Besides, the wallet is designed with full-grain distressed leather.


  • Fits in any pocket
  • RFID blocking
  • Sturdily built for lasting long


  • Clip breaking reports

Best Front Pocket Wallet Buying Guide

You can’t just buy a wallet without proper research because a  wallet doesn’t only carry belongings like credit cards, money, and keys, but it also reflects the personality of the holder.

To help you choose the best front pocket wallet efficiently, we’ve prepared this guide. Take a quick look before you place an order:

1. Wallet Type 

There are numerous types of wallets available in the market, but we’ll try to focus on the most popular ones, which will be preferable as a wallet for the front pocket.

1. Minimalistic

Minimalistic wallets look simple, uncomplicated, and most of them feature a fold-less design. These are specially designed for the front and tight pockets.

Although these appear sleek and compact, these have a lot of room to hold your belongings without making scratches and clashes with each other. Some of the minimalistic wallets have a good spacing capability; you can even push the storing limit a bit, but it’ll result in your wallet looking thick and heavy.

2. Bi-fold

This is the most common and well-known wallet design all over the world because bi-fold wallets are great for keeping the belongings together with care. Just like the folding phone, people like to flip the wallet with style. Also, this type of wallet saves the space of your pocket while holding a bunch of your bits and pieces

People used to prefer clip wallets, but bi-fold wallets offer both nowadays. That’s why many people don’t get bothered to spend a few more bucks to keep money separately while Bi-fold is offering 2-in-1 at a cheap price!

3. Trifold

If you love your lucky charms so much that you don’t leave any of them at home, then you can use a trifold wallet. Here you get a lot of compartments to carry your card keys and other personal stuff. 

It might not be preferable for slim-fit jeans front pockets, though, as they look a bit bulky when they are fully stored with cash and cards. Then again, there’s nothing to lose carrying a colossal moneybag while you have the hands-on everything you need for the day!

2. Size

You obviously don’t want to look like a creep carrying a huge wallet in your front pocket. This is why before buying a wallet, deciding on the correct size is important. You need to think about the items you’re going to be carrying in the wallet beforehand.

If you need a wallet for carrying a few notes and cards, then go for the simple ones. Otherwise, Bi-fold and Trifold variations are also available to fulfill your needs.

3. Budget

If you’re a picky person, then you should look for a minimalistic wallet with a modern design. Most of them will be in your budget range. By any chance, if you’re looking for aesthetics and style, you need to spend a few more bucks.

Some roomy front pocket wallets are very cheap while some others come with very few compartments, which may cost you more than you’d expect. It depends on the style and brand. To buy a wallet on a budget, we suggest you not to go by the brands. First, understand your requirements, and only then, buy a wallet.

Final Words

Now that we’ve covered the basics of best front wallet pocket, you better switch to one as soon as possible and make all our research worth the effort. Fun part aside, before you place an order, be sure to match all the required fields we mentioned in the buying guide. In that

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