Top 10 Best Compression Packing Cubes in 2020 (Buying Guide)

When you travel, things might get a bit messy in your luggage. For overnight trips, the packing is quite easy. But the more days you travel, the more stuff you need. Whether you travel by car, a flight or a train, your luggage gets moved around a lot. So it's normal to find the stuff inside a little riled up. 

Even if you use a compact suitcase with a protective strap, your items inside still get misplaced (especially the small ones). A compression packing cube keeps the things tightly packed. You can easily pack your stuff according to size and category to keep them neatly organized. Since these packing cubes compress the stuff as much as possible, a lot of the space inside the luggage is saved. 

You’ll find tons of compression packing cubes, available in different designs and sizes. You can pick out comparatively smaller packing cubes to store your toiletries or undergarments and little large ones for your clothes. You can also use a separate one to pack your shoes.

To get a better idea about the options you have for buying compression packing cubes, take a look below. We have put together a list of 10 of the best compression packing cubes in the market. 

Overview: Best Compression Packing Cubes

Product Image

Product Name


Price Range

Buy Now

Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight Expandable Compression-Packing Cube





coltant Compression Packing Cubes

5-piece set

Made from mesh




ANRUI Compression Packing Cubes


6-piece set (including a toiletry bag)

Expandable zip

Saves space in luggage


AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes

Easy ventilation

4-piece set




Tripley Compression Packing Cubes

3 cubes set

Universal fit

Extendable zip



Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It

Extended space

Convenient design

Breathable mesh


Magictodoor Packing Cubes

Set has 4 cubes

Sturdily built

Double-sided compression


Well Traveled - Compression Packing Cubes



Unique design

Durable built


TravelWise Packing Cube System



Waterproof (sides and bottom)


Mossio Packing Cubes

Sturdy built quality


Soft mesh


Top 10 Best Compression Packing Cubes (Review)

Best Overall

1. AmazonBasics Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

The high-quality nylon fabrics used in this packing cubes set to make it extra durable as well as light enough to not make your luggage feel too heavy. The set contains 4 packing cubes, all medium-sized. The double zippers on top make it easier to open and close the cubes in seconds.

There is also a slim webbing handle on the side so you can pick up the cubes for easy transportation. The mesh panel lets enough air inside to keep your stuff cool and maintain transparency so you can identify the cube you need with a single glance. 

Even if you're traveling in winter and need to carry thick clothes, the compression cubes will keep your luggage from being too bulky. If the cubes get dirty by any chance, you can wash them in the machine with a cold cycle. Don't put them in the dry though, the cubes quickly dry off anyways.

You get several color options for your compression packing cubes, so personalize your travel kit as much as you want. Overall, it can be the best pick.


  • Made from quality nylon
  • Soft mesh panel
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Machine-washable


  • One size available
  • Not water-resistant

The Runner Up

2. Well Traveled - Compression Packing Cubes

Choose from the limited edition artwork designs and personalize your travel kit to your heart's content. You get a few color and design options, all of them attractive and unique. The high-quality fabric used in this packing cubes set is ultra-light so it weighs like a feature. Because of its dual-zipper system, you can save up more of your luggage space and pack more stuff. The set consists of 3 compression packing cubes- large, medium and small sizes. 

The strong zippers can hold their own against high pressure, so can the doubled-stitched seams. You can even spill some drinks on the cubes without fussing over the stuff inside since the fabric is water-resistant. Cleaning the cubes is also an easy task, you can just put them in the washing machine and it will do the rest. Just be sure to run a cold wash cycle.


  • Durable built
  • Water-resistant
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Sturdy zipper


  • Absence of mesh

3. Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It

Made from quality polyester, this packing cube set consists of 3 different sized cubes. You have 1 medium and 2 small size cubes- all of them the same design and build quality. The dual-zipper allows you to experience maximum efficiency so that none of the space inside the cubes is wasted. You neatly stack your clothes without worrying about any wrinkles that might form. As for the style, you get three very basic color options (red, blue and black) to choose from.

The design is pretty simple. It comes with a suitcase-like shape with a carrying handle on top. You can easily carry the cubes around by the handles. The mesh cover on top makes the stuff inside visible so you can instantly reach for the one you specifically need.


  • Polyester build
  • Dual-zipper
  • Transparent
  • Economic


  • Plain design
  • Not water-resistant

4. Mossio Packing Cubes

With this 7-piece set of packing cubes, you can pack all your stuff by dividing them into different categories. The set comes with 3 packing cubes where you can store your clothes. It also has 3 pouches where you can keep your accessories and toiletries. You also get a shoe bag as a bonus. The color options are quite unique with beautiful designs that can attract anyone to personalize their travel kit.

The cubes are made from high-quality nylon fabric which makes them extremely durable. The sides and bottom part of the cubes are resistant to water but since the top part is entirely covered in mesh, you need to be careful while handling that area. Since the cubes are so flexible, you can fold them before storing them away. It's also hassle-free to carry the cubes around since they’re so lightweight.


  • Quality materials
  • Unique design
  • Multipurpose
  • Portable and foldable


  • Entire top part covered in mesh (dust might collect)

5. Magictodoor Packing Cubes

With its dual-sided compression design, you can easily separate your clean and dirty clothes. You can choose from the black set of 4 or a single blue one or 4 white ones- whichever you prefer. The reinforced zipper has an extended lifespan. The fabric used in the cubes has a honeycomb pattern that increases durability. It also makes sure that the cubes stay as light as possible so they won’t make your luggage feel extra heavy after you finish packing.

The absence of mesh might make it harder for you to see which cube has what, but it reduces extra weight. You can keep all your clothes wrinkle-free no matter how tightly you pack them. The different size options allow you to choose the cubes according to your need. For the smoothest experience, make sure to open and close the zipper by placing your finger behind it rather than pulling from the front. Because of the flexible built, you can fold these cubes away and simply put them in a drawer. That saves a lot of storage space.


  • Strong built
  • Reinforced zipper
  • 4 pieces of cubes set


  • Not water-resistant
  • No mesh used

6. Tripley Compression Packing Cubes

If you love traveling or need to travel often, then this set of compression packing cubes can be an ideal choice for you. With this set, you get 1 large and 2 medium size compression packing cubes. The double-zippers built into the cubes reduce the extra space and make your luggage lighter. No matter how compressed the cubes get, no wrinkles can be visible on any of your clothes.

At least 6 days’ worth of regular clothes of a person can fit into this compression packing cubes set. So, whether you plan on going for a trip or a business meeting, you can easily pack your stuff for a week and neatly stack them in this packing cubes set. The mesh cover on the side makes the contents inside visible and allows enough air to pass through so your clothes won’t get stuffy. The universal size of the cubes allows them to smoothly fit into any luggage from any brand. You get 2 different color options to choose from- blue and red.


  • High-quality zippers
  • Compatible with most luggage and carry-ons
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Very limited size options available
  • Fabric is not tear-resistant

7. Lewis N. Clark ElectroLight Compression-Packing Cube

Made from a light fabric like silnylon, which is a combination of silicone and nylon, this packing cube is easy to move around. It weighs so little but can house a lot of stuff neatly. You can pack all your stuff without any issue but if you decide to go shopping while traveling and need a little extra space, you can expand the inside for up to 3 inches. The packing cube has mesh material which lets you see the items inside and let air circulate inside to keep the stuff fresh.

There is a strong grab handle so you can easily carry the cube around. You can move all your stuff from your luggage right to the drawer of any closet or dresser without messing up a single item inside. Along with the handle, you’ll find a couple of zippers to open and close the cube in an instant. You also get 3 different color options when you purchase and 2 different size options.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Expandable space
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • Built quality is not topnotch
  • Little expensive than most

8. TravelWise Packing Cube System

The set has 3 different packing cubes, from large to small. The standard measurements make the cubes compatible for fitting into any luggage. You get a number of color options to choose from according to your taste. The cubes are made from quality nylon which ensures long-lasting service. The mesh on the front allows you to see what the cubes hold inside so you won't have to waste any time looking for stuff in the wrong places.


Your clothes won’t be wrinkled or any of your items misplaced. The sturdy material doesn’t necessarily result in a dense set of packing cubes. In fact, the packing cubes are so lightweight that they hardly weigh anything. Organize your stuff before and after going on a trip, no matter how long or short it turns out to be. The zippers are dual-sided so you can pull them open and close almost instantly.


  • Quite durable structure
  • Mesh panel
  • Lightweight


  • Zipper quality is average
  • Compression level slightly low

9. Coltant Compression Packing Cubes

Made from Oxford polyester, you can expect a durable build quality. You'll get an entire set of compression cubes, but all of them are necessary. Each different-sized packing cube serves a different purpose. You can use the cubes depending on the size of your luggage.

The E-Z lite handle on top of the cubes makes it easier for you to carry it around. The mesh used on the cubes gives you a pretty clear view of the stuff inside so if you pack more than one cube, you know exactly which one you need for a specific item. The quality polyester makes the cubes durable while also saving them from any accidental spills. But if there is any stain or dirt visible, you can easily put it in the machine. 

The cubes might look tighter than they are but they can hold a lot of stuff. If that seems less, you can unzip the bottom portion and expand the cubes more to pack more stuff. You also have 4 different color options to choose from according to your preference.


  • Waterproof outer texture
  • Expandable by unzipping
  • Machine-washable


  • Zipper opens around halfway
  • Slightly expensive

10. ANRUI Compression Packing Cubes

A cube for every occasion, this set covers all your packing needs with its 6 compression cubes. 5 different sized normal cubes along with a clear toiletry bag can be used to store everything a person can possibly need on a trip. The toiletry bag is approved by TSA so you can get through your airport security checks a bit faster than usual. You get 1 large packing cube, 2 medium cubes and 2 small cubes to store all your clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. and an extra toiletry bag.

The materials used make the cubes extremely light so your luggage won’t feel too heavy. Your stuff stays compressed enough so there is no air left inside the luggage and it doesn’t seem bulky. The mesh panel on the front of the cubes allows you to see which cube contains what so you can quickly access the one you need. The cubes are waterproof so no need to worry about getting a few splashes on them. You also have the option to choose from a number of different colors.


  • 5 different cubes (with an extra toiletry cube)
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Toiletry bag is TSA approved
  • Multipurpose set


  • Compression capability is a little low
  • Durability is comparatively low

Best Compression Packing Cubes (Buying Guide)

Since now you have an idea about your options for buying compression packing cubes, you might be confused on which one to pick. No need to stress, we have a solution for that as well. We are presenting a buying guide below where we covered the frequently asked questions about compression packing cubes. Read it to see if your question(s) still remain answered or not.


For choosing a product like a compression cube, the most important thing to look out for is the material. The materials used in making those cubes determine their quality and durability which is what everyone usually looks for. A lot of the compression cubes use extremely thin materials to make them as lightweight as possible.

Using thin materials ensure that your luggage won’t feel too heavy when you put your stuff inside those compression cubes and put those cubes inside your luggage. But these thin materials can lead to less durability. They can tear off very easily and under very little pressure.

You need to look out for materials that are lightweight but also durable enough to last for a long time. For example, polyester or polyester-blend is very popular when it comes to making these compression cubes. Polyester can hold its own against pressure quite well and doesn't weigh much

Nylon is also an excellent option or maybe a blend of polyester and nylon. Nylon is extremely durable and resistant to tearing. Fabrics like polyester and nylon can also protect your stuff against water since they are mostly resistant to water.

Size and Quantity

After you figure out what your compression packing cubes will be made of, you need to see what size you'll need and how many. The more, the merrier- is a concept that shouldn't be applied in this case. There are single compression cubes available as well as multiple-piece sets. The sets contain cubes of various shapes and sizes.

You can either pick a single one, several single ones, or a set of packing cubes to match your preferences. Getting a set of packing cubes that have different sized cubes, you have the option to divide your stuff as you wish. You can keep your clothes in a separate cube, your shoes in a different one and your toiletries in a different one.

The sets of these packing cubes are different in the size and amount of cubes they offer. So you need to consider your needs before choosing one.


Most of the compression packing cubes in the market don't have a price tag that might be considered as a luxury product. The price range is quite moderate but you can still have a preference. When it comes to picking out compression packing cubes, you can find them within your budget no matter what the numbers are.

But the question of quality still remains. If you compromise with your budget, you might have to compromise with your product as well. It might be true in some cases, but there are a few exceptions.

For example, the AmazonBasics travel compression packing cube is extremely practical and the price can be considered as moderate. So you need to find products like that if budget is an issue for you.

Focus on these aspects above before buying a compression packing cube and you can surely find the perfect product.

Final Words

After scanning through all the products and their features, you might have noticed that AmazonBasics and Well-Traveled gained the top 2 spots on the list. We considered all the factors before coming to a conclusion.

All 10 products are pretty commendable but these 2 are slightly better considering their features, budget, design, etc. Now the final verdict is in your hands.

You need to decide which compression packing cube seems the most qualified to accompany you on a trip.  

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