Top 10 Best Camping Lantern in 2020 (Review + Buying Guide)

If you love the idea of going out into the wilderness, you should probably keep in mind that you need a few essential items to make that happen. One of those is a best camping lantern! 

You need a bright lantern to see your surroundings more clearly while camping or hiking. And not just any lantern; it needs to be fall-proof and weather-resistivity as well. 

In some cases, you may need to have a lantern for your home too. A lantern is a literal light of hope that can come in handy during sudden transmitter bursts or electric supply failure. 

Besides, sometimes, you might need an aesthetic ambiance for experiencing the true essence of a novel you’ve been reading. A nice mild light from a beautiful lantern can help you create this environment. 

No matter what purpose you need a camping lantern for, we have listed some of the best camping lanterns for all your needs. Let’s have a look at them.

Overview: 10 Best Camping Lantern

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Vont LED Lantern

Vont LED Lantern

Super bright light

Waterproof and durable

Well-designed handle for easy carrying


Etekcity LED Lanterns

Etekcity LED Lanterns

Small and powerful

Made with military-grade material

Has small pocket storage


LE LED Lantern

Wanderings Passport Holder

Offers four modes

The cap can be removed

Light emits around 360 degree


Streamlight 44931

Streamlight 44931

Fast Charging

The removable cover can adjust the light

Unique red LED, and flash SOS, an alternative of a flashlight


EZORKAS Rechargeable Lantern

EZORKAS Rechargeable Lantern

Supports fast charging

Four types of light modes

The strong magnet base – can stick to any metal surface


Etekcity Upgraded Lantern

Etekcity Upgraded Lantern

Four brightness mode

Top storage pocket feature

Energy-saving handle lock


Supernova Emergency Lantern

Supernova Emergency Lantern

Three adjustable settings for brightness control

The green indicator is well designed so that it does not bother the user


Tough Light Rechargeable Lantern

Tough Light Rechargeable Lantern

Provides great charging flexibility

Substitute for power bank

Three different brightness mode


ENERGIZER Camping Lantern

ENERGIZER Camping Lantern

Exclusive night mode

Long-lasting battery life


Coleman Premium Lantern

Coleman Premium Lantern

Runs on fuel

Comes with a carry case

Very smooth knob


Top 10 Best Camping Lantern (Review)

Best Overall

1. Vont LED Lantern

Vont LED Lantern

This is the best camping lantern to light up your way through the wild. The lantern is so bright that the next time you see something shiny, you might want to call it Vont! This is because it’s integrated with, not one, not two, but thirty LED light! This may sound crazy, but the brightness is its special feature.

It has an adjustable brightness feature. So, this is also a perfect fit for a vampire who hates a bright light source. The surface is stony, not smooth. But it’s durable enough to survive any fall.

The battery lasts longer than the longest nights you’ve ever experienced. Over 90 hours, to be precise! So, it can be used 4 to 5 nights after a single charge. If you forget to take the battery backup or charging equipment and go for a trip for a week, there’s a possibility that you won't need to recharge it again. 

Essentially, with this package, you’ll get the batteries for 4 lanterns in one. Most competitors in the market cannot reach even half of its battery life. 

Overall, this is a very user-friendly device. Setting up the battery and switching on and off is an effortless task. And, it’s lightweight; even a little boy can carry it.


  • Very compact in design and lightweight
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use and carry around


  • Comes in two colors only
  • Doesn’t have a magnetic lock


2. Etekcity LED Lanterns

Etekcity LED Lanterns

Want to know what you need to light up your world? What if we told you that it was just three AA batteries? Yes, this lantern only requires 3 batteries for functioning. 

This lamp is like Poison Dart Frog - Smallest but deadliest. So, you can never judge the power of this lantern by its look. It includes 30 LED lights, which spreads light around 360 degrees. Also, these lights are electrically energy saving. So, this small, tiny lantern can last around 30 hours without any hassle. 

It’s small and lightweight too. It weighs around 10 oz only and takes space less than a towel does. So, taking it outdoors, on a trip, while hiking, camping, or a romantic night walking isn’t a big hassle. It can easily be attached to the bag you usually carry too. 

You’ll be amazed to discover a small pocket on the top lid of this lantern. Keep your keys, pen drive, or even some peanuts for snacks on the storage. This is a unique and, frankly, adorable feature for this camping lantern, which makes it one of the bests.

You’ll love the durability of the material too. This military-grade material will survive little accidents and water splashes.

In this package, you’ll get two lanterns at a very low price.


  • Takes less space than a pair of shoes
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Perfect for multipurpose use


  • You have to replace old batteries for long term use

Very Compact

3. LE LED Lantern

LE LED Lantern

This lantern is exactly what you need if you plan to fall asleep during camping and are looking for soft, warm light. Not only that, but it can also project bright lights when you need it to. This is because it has four modes to pick from. So, you can choose the one that fits your needs at the time. 

The warm white mode is perfect for sitting ideally, reading a book, or even sleeping in a tent. This option requires less energy than any of the modes. On the other hand, the cool white style can be used when you need bright light. Keep it hanging on the tent, and it’ll cover the whole area. 

Apart from the light mode, you can also set up the brightness level by long-pressing the same button.

The lantern is tiny in size and very lightweight as well. So, moving around with this lantern isn’t a big trouble. You can easily carry it around!


  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Waterproof light
  • Good battery backup
  • Comes with two years of warranty
  • The design is very intuitive


  • The green indicator blinks continuously, which drains battery power

Sturdy Build

4. Streamlight 44931

Streamlight 44931

If you need a lantern to enjoy a romantic dinner or to read a book, this is the best fit for that. You’ll be thrilled to know that this lantern charges up very quickly compared to most of the lanterns in the market.

It comes with three modes, high, low, and medium. 

On high, it’s the best. It covers a vast area in this mode. So, if you need bright, sharp light, you can replace multiple lanterns with this one. This will be a highly energy saving too. The low mode is for creating an ambiance for sleeping, reading a book, or having dinner. Medium is perfect for prolonged use. If you want your lantern's power to last 4 to 5 nights, you should keep it on medium. 

On high, it lasts 30 hours, which is equivalent to three nights. Try low mode if you need your lantern for more than one or two weeks, or if you forgot the charging set up at home. 

The red light it comes with is perfect for night vision - lasts as long as the low mode does. There’s a removable top shield as well. Using that, you can control the softness of your light.  A closed cover will give you a soft, even light.


  • Waterproof
  • Comes with five modes
  • Made with high-quality material, so it’s a durable product
  • Very lightweight and well-designed handle that provides a secure grip


  • Higher flicker rate on low mode

Collapsable Design

5. EZORKAS Rechargeable Lantern

EZORKAS Rechargeable Lantern

If you’re looking for a collapsible light that won’t take up much of your space, this is the best camping lantern for you. Adjust the height of the lamp in order to adjust the light and its brightness. The longer you pull the handle, the more intensity you’ll get.

You can switch the mode to strobe light or flashlight too. In flashlight mode, you can have a very bright point light. This will allow you to focus on a particular object; it is also great if you’re on a low battery.

This lantern has two extra modes in terms of red light: Strobe light and the SOS feature. If you simply press the switch button twice, it’ll shift to the strobe mode. Pressing the button again will get you in SOS mode. If you’re lost in a jungle, this will be an excellent tool for your survival.


  • Military-grade plastic, which makes it durable
  • Water-resistant and elegant in design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Very lightweight and collapsible
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Comes with two years of customer service facility


  • Lights up a limited area

Great Battery Life

6. Etekcity Upgraded Lantern

Etekcity Upgraded Lantern

This Etekcity lantern is an upgraded version of the previous model. If you buy lanterns often, you must have heard the name of this world-class brand. If you’re planning to buy this camping lantern, you can rest assured of its reliable customer care service. They will immediately reach you if you have any queries regarding the product, and even provide a refund if needed.

In terms of features, this lantern comes with four brightness control levels. So, according to the mode and your need, you can customize the brightness. Because of this fantastic feature, you can go hiking with this lamp, arrange a party, enjoy a dark, dim night under the sky, and even read your favorite book alone. 

The better lanterns come with excellent battery life. And the best lanterns? Well, they come with a pocket on the top of the lid. You can keep your small daily tools, a key, or any small regular items that fit here. 

Besides, the battery lasts up to 30 hours on continuous use. The handle works as a switch too. The handle’s turn-off feature is great for saving battery life.


  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weather resistant
  • Smooth dimming
  • Strong magnet base


  • The quality of the handle is poor

Very Well Built

7. Supernova Emergency Lantern

Supernova Emergency Lantern

A tiny, cute, well-diffused lamp that you can drop when you’re angry – this lamp is smaller than you’d expect but, undoubtedly, a mighty one. You’ll never get lost in a jungle with this light.

Bright enough to direct you to the right path, the battery life is fantastic. You might not believe it, but this small packet can last six consecutive days on a single charge! And the LED lights go up to 100,000 hours! 

It’s a very well-built product; not too heavy, yet strong enough. This product is light enough to be hung on the apex of the tent too.

It comes with a battery indicator too, and requires only three batteries for setting up. Another indicator is blinking light, which will help you find it if you misplace it. This is an outstanding feature that enhances the user experience.


  • Lightweight and small in size – best lantern for traveling
  • It comes with five years of warranty
  • The removable top provides sharp forward lighting
  • Weather- and water-resistant


  • Battery is expensive
  • Handle becomes weak after several years of use

Premium Pick

8. Tough Light Rechargeable Lantern

Tough Light Rechargeable Lantern

You’ll love this lantern more when you notice that you can charge it using a simple USB cable that comes with your smartphone – anywhere, anytime. This is a great advantage; you don’t need to carry an extra charging kit for this camping lantern. 

On top of that, if your smartphone is running out of battery, this lantern can charge your phone too. Leave your power bank at home and take the lantern instead! 

And if you’re curious about the battery life, it’s super. You might just forget about charging it because it only needs to be done once or twice in a year.

It’s made with top-grade military plastic too. So, it’s a drop-proof and durable product.


  • Because of top-grade material, it’s both weather-resistant and drop-proof
  • It comes with two years of warranty and 30 days money back
  • Lightweight but well built


  • The light is a bit harsh

Amazon's Choice

9. ENERGIZER Camping Lantern

ENERGIZER Camping Lantern

From its name, you can get hints about how it’s super energy saving. It can run up to 150 hours more than typical lanterns in the market. 

Like other lanterns, it also comes with three different brightness controlling modes. It works best in low mode. On high, it can serve you 500 lumens. And on night mode, you’ll get a softer light to enjoy a night, maybe with music, food, and your dearest one. 

Switching between these modes is very easy. You have a separate switch on the top. The headlamp is also bright enough to be used as a flashlight; it doesn’t require much energy either.

It’s a perfect option if you want to light up a wide area. This lantern covers 360 degrees around it. So, light spreads perfectly around the source. It’s flexible too. You can easily fold the lantern and store it anywhere, as it takes less space to stand.


  • Long battery life
  • Weather- and water-resistant
  • Amazon's Choice
  • Reliable brand


  • You have to get light bulbs for it; it isn’t included


10. Coleman Premium Lantern

Coleman Premium Lantern

Imagine 700 lumens! This is the high point of this Coleman Premium Lantern.

Not only do you get the brightest light, but this lantern will also give you a classic vibe. When you adjust the brightness using a dimmer knob, you’ll feel like you’re adjusting a kerosene lamp.

As you know, classic tools are always durable, and this is no different. This product is durable enough that the manufacturer offers you three years of warranty. 

It runs on liquid fuel. This technology is called dual fuel. Dual fuel technically means you can use two (dual) types of fuel here. In this case, they’re liquid fuel and gasoline. 

It’s a very lightweight product as well. As carrying fuel is a bit risky, it offers you a case that is tight enough to prevent any leak.


  • Classic and durable
  • Energy-saving model
  • 861 lumens of light
  • Especially praised for the durability


  • An old type of lanterns

Best Camping Lantern Buying Guide

Best Camping Lantern Buying Guide

Before buying any camping lantern, you may need to keep a few factors in mind. Some of these are:

1. Brightness

Check if the lantern supports different modes or not. If it supports high, medium, and low modes, you can adjust and change the brightness according to your needs. In high mode, your lantern should be able to deliver 500 or more lumens. If you want a soft light, this value can vary. No matter what your preference is, look for a lantern with an adjustable brightness feature. 

2. Color

Color doesn’t affect the performance of your lantern. So, pick your favorite color without any worries - from pink to blue, anything that looks good to you.

3. Durability

Durability is one of the most important things you should check before buying a lantern. In this reard, you should opt for the products that are made of military-grade material

Generally, lanterns that run on fuel are the most durable compared to those that run on battery. So, if you can afford to buy fuel regularly, keep your lantern fuel tank filled. Otherwise, a battery-based lantern will be better.

4. Power Source

You can get lanterns that run on oil or gas. But modern lanterns run on an electric power system that mostly runs on direct current. Some offer a rechargeable battery systems too. In this case, you need to charge your lanterns as you do for your smartphone.

But another type of power source is a non-rechargeable battery, like the one we use for the wall clocks. It is better if you can grab the one which supports both options. So, in case if you are running out of battery and there is electricity failure, you can light it up with the non-rechargeable battery.

5. Design

Some users get annoyed by the blinking light of lanterns’ indicators. If you are one of them, check your indicator light and its location beforehand. If it bothers you, buy a lantern that’s more minimal in design. 

If you want the light to be more spread out, look for the lanterns that come with multiple bulbs. Four bulbs are good enough for sharp lighting. For covering a large area, the light should be emitted around 360 degrees. 

6. Size and Weight

If you travel a lot and you need to carry the lantern around, a lightweight lantern is obviously recommended. Even a small-sized lantern can produce the brightest light. So, for traveling, you should check for lanterns that are lightweight and could fit inside your backpack. If the only purpose of buying the lantern is to keep it at home, however, then the size and weight matter less.

Final Words

If you love traveling to remote places, getting the best camping lantern should be a must for you. Even if you don’t enjoy traveling, having a lantern can simply bring life to your house. And in case of emergencies, it can provide you with the light that you need. 

However, you need to make sure that your lantern is easy to use and durable. It’s recommended that you opt for lanterns that are adjustable, lightweight, rechargeable and suitable for multipurpose use.

Finding a perfect lantern for your usage is no longer a hard task, though – thanks to this comprehensive list. Pick any of the products from the list, and you won’t be disappointed; all of them are top-rated.

So, any of these lanterns can save you during a zombie apocalypse, or can simply stay beside you when you’re reading your favorite book.

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