Top 10 Best Business Travel Backpacks in 2020 (Review + Buying Guide)

If you want to know the importance of a good backpack, let’s imagine a scene – you’re leaving for Mars, and you have a well-packed backpack from Earth. It contains your favorite cheese pizza and an oxygen cylinder. Suddenly, in the middle of the journey, you notice that your space shuttle is oozing with cheese.

Why? Because your backpack was torn apart!

See how important it is to have a strong and durable bag? So for you, we’ve got this great list of the top 10 best business travel backpacks that will save you from unfortunate situations like these. Perhaps not with space, specifically, but what if your papers get damaged or your electronics get wet? These are valid things to think about.

Take a look at our guide!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:1 Quick Overview: Best Business Travel Backpacks2 Top 10 Best Business Travel Backpacks (Review)1. SWISSGEAR 19002. Mancro Business Backpack3. JanSport Superbreak4. Tzowla Travel Backpack5. EVERKI Business and Travel Backpack6. Tzowla Business Backpack for Women7. LTINVECK Extra Large Backpack8. AMBOR Travel Backpack9. Kenneth Cole Fashion Backpack10. Sosoon Business and Travel Backpack3 Best Business Travel Backpacks (Buying Guide)1. Material2. Capacity3. Zipper4. Anti-theft5. Compartments6. USB port7. Padded back support8. Color9. Original Product4 Final Words

Quick Overview: Best Business Travel Backpacks

Product Image Product Name Features Price Range Buy Now
SWISSGEAR 1900 SWISSGEAR 1900 This 1200D polyester material made backpack can survive anything

It has well-ventilated and padded mesh material at the back

It’s great for multipurpose uses

Mancro Business Backpack Mancro Business Backpack Twelve pockets keep you more organized

Integrated USB port

Antitheft safety lock

JanSport Superbreak JanSport Superbreak Special utility pocket

Lots of available color variation

Contrast zipper

Haul handle

Tzowla Travel Backpack Tzowla Travel Backpack USB port available

The convenient headphone port is integrated

Password lock protection

Hidden pocket

EVERKI Business and Travel Backpack EVERKI Business and Travel Backpack The chains are wide open chains. You can unzip the backpack up to 180 degrees

Well distributed weight

Special quick access pocket

A security strap is added

Tzowla Business Backpack for Women Tzowla Business Backpack for Women Rich flower elegant print

USB port allocated

Headphone jack bypass port

Stylish keyring integrated

LTINVECK Extra Large Backpack LTINVECK Extra Large Backpack Large. More massive than you can imagine

Steel made handle

There is a slot for headphones

It has meshed side pockets

Two-way zippers

AMBOR Travel Backpack AMBOR Travel Backpack Earphones and USB port are merged

It is totally secured with the anti-theft feature

Kenneth Cole Fashion Backpack Kenneth Cole Fashion Backpack Long shoulder drop

Double layer margin

It has four elegant color versions

It has a trolly strap for easy carrying

Sosoon Business and Travel Backpack Sosoon Business and Travel Backpack It can hold 45 liters

There is a separate laptop component where we can keep a mega-size laptop

USB and earphone hole attached


Top 10 Best Business Travel Backpacks (Review)

Best Overall



What external criteria do you look for in any product before buying? Yes, I could hear you saying, the ratings; if it’s among Amazon’s top choices, does it grab the highest number of happy customers and other such things.

No matter what your firewalls are, this product will pass that effortlessly! That’s why it’s the number one product for a business travel backpack.

This bag is a multipurpose product. No, you cannot use it as a fishing rod, but you can take it anywhere, be it your tour destination or to office meetings. In case of emergencies, you can give it to your child if their school bag wears out.

You can rely on the handle straps even if you have trust issues, it’s firm and strong and will let you carry a ton. The zipper is giant to ensure better user experience.


  • You don’t need to buy an extra laptop bag. It comes with lay-flat technology
  • It will keep you well organized as it has several compartments for your all kind of utensils
  • Easy to carry, regardless of what you put in it because of the material and well-designed back panel
  • Weight is well distributed all around


  • The zipper has a durability issue
  • Padding is missing on the edges


2. Mancro Business Backpack

Mancro Business Backpack

This backpack is full of features. Also, very suitable for traveling because of two significant features: weatherproof and waterproof luxurious polyester surfaces and the meshed back panel that won’t let you feel the burden of your backpack.

And why is it an excellent choice for business use? Because the color is elegant and formal. You can’t take a Mickey Mouse printed backpack to your meetings. Though no one will tell you anything, you know that you should not! In that case, this is great in color, rich grey, and introduced with elegant texture, making it suitable and perfect for a professional look. 

The zipper is durable and made of metal. So, you can count on it. Easy to carry. Extra carrying straps are attached to it. Also, the upper side back straps are ventilated, which ensures the perfect airflow. You’ll feel lighter despite packing the whole world here.

The whole set up is done to serve the perfect comfort and durability. That ensures the flawlessness of its quality.


  • Anti-theft backpack serves you 100% security
  • Waterproof product
  • Strong straps for carrying
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • This product suits both men and women


  • The zipper is a bit smaller
  • USB cable is not properly placed

Lifetime Guarantee

3. JanSport Superbreak

JanSport Superbreak

Can you believe that this product has 13 different colors and designs suitable for both professional and casual usage? You’ll love all the colors; we have chosen the rich saturated dark brick red for you. The creamy texture coat will speak the quality of it.

JanSport is a big company for amazing backpacks and offers you a lifetime guarantee. So, buy and enjoy the service without worrying much.

The material is 100% polyester. Zippers are great. All the straps are designed that go well in contrast to the original color. So, the combination creates a very stylish look. 

As it is a top-rated product, there are many counterfeit products on the market. So before you buy and pay, make sure you are buying the original one for the best experience. Otherwise, the fake one may ruin your satisfaction.


  • Multiple compartments
  • Comes with JanSports’s guarantee
  • The best seller and best quality product
  • Light in weight
  • Strong and durable


  • It is a thin backpack. So, if you want to carry a massive collection, all of the items won’t fit
  • Replica products may not satisfy you

Budget Pick

4. Tzowla Travel Backpack

Tzowla Travel Backpack

This is a perfect product for, especially for traveling. You can carry this backpack using the moving strap integrated with it, and it can also be rolled over and moved around like a travel trolly. The back is well padded, and you won’t feel the weight.

It’s excellent for using business purposes because it has a separate compartment for a laptop and a hidden pocket where you can keep the essential documents, keys, and passports. It comes with an anti-theft system, which gives your treasures more security.

It’s also a perfect gift option as this is a multipurpose bag, you can gift it to anyone from a business person to a school going kid, or even a teenager who loves traveling. There are meshed side pockets to keep things you frequently need, like a water bottle or an umbrella or a tissue box.


  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • Comes with six different variations
  • The metal zipper is robust and secure
  • Very large. Pack your world here
  • Water resistive


  • The lock is not satisfying
  • This is a small backpack

Top-Level Safety

5. EVERKI Business and Travel Backpack

EVERKI Business and Travel Backpack

You will find this convenient to use if you carry valuables like a laptop or a camera. It has a soft layer and is also waterproof. So, if you are very careful about your electronic devices, this is a great product that will keep them secure.

You can now enjoy your music on going and keep your music player inside the backpack. It has a music player pocket, especially for this purpose.

The pocket is very well organized; it can even reduce the hassle you face at airport checkpoints. The bag will keep your products secure. It is mainly a multilayered backpack. The metal zippers are very flexible and have a zipper-lock, and there’s also enough meshed fabric for breathability.


  • Waterproof material
  • Adjustable compartment
  • Very large in size. Contain 40 liters
  • The power port is included
  • The lengthy wire will never bother you again. All will fit inside the bag


  • Side pockets are too small. May not contain your umbrella or water there
  • Compartment separator cardboards are not replaceable

Best for Women

6. Tzowla Business Backpack for Women

Tzowla Business Backpack for Women

Your eyes will feel blessed to see this backpack. If you’re a girl or a working woman, this is a perfect backpack for you. And finding a bag with such vibrant, textural floral print, which also looks professional, is rare to find. 

It has a USB port integrated, so you can charge your phone without having to keep it out of your bag. The headset port usually passes the headphone wire and lets you enjoy the music without bothering you much about your phone’s position or organizing the headphone’s wire. 

Your documents will stay safe here. It has integrated anti-theft support, and the material is way too strong. The zipper is made of metal and is well attached to the body. 

You will love this product and also love Tzowla because the dedication they put on their customer service is very praiseworthy. And this product comes with a lifetime guarantee with 24 hours of support for the customers.


  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Anti-theft system
  • It is a huge bag; it holds everything you need
  • The comfort is made sure as it is specially made for girls
  • It is a durable product at a lower price


  • It is not waterproof
  • No hidden pocket

Extra Large Size

7. LTINVECK Extra Large Backpack

LTINVECK Extra Large Backpack

If you ever decide to fly to Mars, what are the things that you will surely take with you? A long list, right? This bag can hold the whole world for you. It is Amazon’s choice; thus, you can expect the best quality and performance.

You can’t name a single feature that this travel backpack doesn’t offer. It’s made of polyester, so it’s durable and suitable for rough use. Let’s call the zipper man of steel. Well ventilated and meshed fabric makes it more breathable. This system is maintained so efficiently that the gadgets or devices inside will not get overheated.


  • A USB charging slot is available
  • Great for regular use
  • Multipurpose product
  • It is slotted with more than 20 pockets! You can even keep your board pins separated
  • Full wide-open style zipper


  • The zippers are weak
  • It is not waterproof.

Value for Money

8. AMBOR Travel Backpack

AMBOR Travel Backpack

This bag is specially made for carrying the big-screen laptops. Did you ever wish to watch a movie on a long journey? Do you feel so bored at business meetings that you think of playing a game while pretending to be attentive? Well, this is the bag for your movie mate laptop. 

There are also a lot of rooms for office tools, files, notebooks, or other gadgets. Unlike other products, it’s not made of polyester; instead, it uses nylon, which is not harmful to the environment like other materials.

The anti-theft system is kept hidden, so it is more secure than the other backpacks. You have a music pocket to keep your musical device and enjoy it.


  • It is very secure because of the combination lock and the hidden anti-theft system
  • A well-instructed manual comes with this backpack
  • Claim your money-back guarantee even on the 30th day


  • Not enough padding is given on the sides of the travel backpack
  • There’s a glitch on the lock

Fashion Pick

9. Kenneth Cole Fashion Backpack

Kenneth Cole Fashion Backpack

This backpack is a bit different in its appearance, with a bit of design texture on its surface. The material is polyester, and it also has a liner over the body and the joints. That, too, with polyester. So, this product will last long and won’t have any issues that hinder the user experience.

The handle on the top is designed in such a way that one can carry the backpack very swiftly when there are heavy gadgets inside.


  • The zipper is robust
  • It is made of pure polyester
  • Very easy to carry
  • Lightweight product
  • Strong and durable
  • Stay organized with tons of room
  • This is a well-padded backpack for carrying electronic gadgets


  • The strap and zippers are weak
  • It does not look stylish enough when you fully load it

Amazon’s Choice

10. Sosoon Business and Travel Backpack

Sosoon Business and Travel Backpack

You are at the end of the list of our best business travel backpacks, and in the 10th position, we have a product that has a 96% satisfaction rate from the customers. It is also Amazon’s choice. So, you can have the idea that all the business travel backpacks we have mentioned so far are nothing but the best of the best.

This is also a super all in all product. It is a massive backpack with great capacity.


  • This bag is very comfortable to carry because of the well-padded design
  • Scratch-free
  • Zipper attached from both sides
  • Wide unzipping facility
  • A great multipurpose product


  • Less inner pockets
  • Weak zipper

Best Business Travel Backpacks (Buying Guide)

Best Business Travel Backpacks

1. Material

Most of the best business traval backpacks available in the market are made of polyester. Polyester is a durable element, but it is not eco-friendly. So, nylon is a good alternative if you want an eco-friendly product. But no matter what be the material is, check the durability and sturdiness of the product while buying.

2. Capacity

Some bags look giant in online pictures. But actually, they are not that big. So, you need to check the measurements mentioned in the specification section. The unit of measurement is liters in case of backpacks. If you want a large backpack, 40 to 45 liters will suffice. You can go for any size you need. If you’re going to carry a laptop, make sure it fits perfectly in the backpack.

3. Zipper

You will always find amazing, mind-blowing backpacks, but the only problem usually for most of the bags is the zipper. Zippers are weak, not durable, and they break easily- are the common complaints. Another thing people mention less is how the zipper gets stuck into the cotton or polyester layer inside, which makes the zipper even weaker.

The double-layer inner line becomes weak too. So, a functional zipper can change your experience with any bag. On the other hand, a lousy zipper can give you an awful experience, even from a top-class bag.

4. Anti-theft

The anti-theft hidden pocket feature should be a huge concern if you want to keep your gadgets secure. There are different types of locks available. Choose the locking system according to your preference. Choose a password type or combination lock if you like them. Also, manual analog locks are safe too. That locks two zipper ends from both sides.

5. Compartments

A lot of compartments can keep you both messy and organized. It depends on how you treat it. If you need to keep things organized and think you are not a mess, look for a bag with more compartments, and if you are not sure about yourself, take a bag that fulfills your needs only, not much. But a lot of rooms can keep you tidy. So, treat your blessing well and stay organized.

6. USB port

USB holes and headphone plugin holes are essential. It keeps the phone secure and gives you a pleasant experience as you don’t need to deal with those long wires. All are tucked inside your bag, and you will be left with the necessary length.

7. Padded back support

If the bag comes with great padded support at the back panel, you will feel light while carrying a heavy bag. This feature is also associated with the airflow system. If the padded part’s material is mesh, it will have excellent ventilation. This will give you comfort to carry extra weight without any hassle. It’s a must look feature when you’re buying a backpack.

8. Color

Any color is okay as long as it’s your favorite. However, notice the print and contrast of the color as well. If it’s too bright or childlike, it won’t be appropriate to walk into a client meeting with that bag. Otherwise, for casual traveling, any color or print, is okay.

9. Original Product

Many fake products are now on the market using the same name of some big brand, before buying check if it is a replica of the real product. Most of the time, a counterfeit will give you a bad experience, and thus, you may never know how it feels to have an original JanSport Super Business and Travel Backpack.

Final Words

The best business travel backpacks are a lifesaver. It is crucial for business personals as well as to have a durable bag. When you are going out with your friends, or on tours, a robust and comfortable backpack can give you a pleasant experience.

Make sure to look for a bag with airflow when you are traveling. If music is your life, you need a quick music device pocket in your bag. So, this can make your journey much more enjoyable! Let your bag help you with some of your burdens too.

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