Top 10 Best 2 Person Backpacking Tents in 2020

Are you planning your next camping trip? Aren’t you excited? So are we! If anything, you deserve a fun trip after working so hard. Treat yourself right!

But if your trip involves going into the wilderness, don’t you require a tent? A tent lets you blend into nature while ensuring that you stay safe. Reconnecting to nature from time to time can make one more enthusiastic about life, after all. 

Now, if you’re taking a friend, or even a special someone, instead of purchasing two tents for two people, why not get one that is designed to accommodate two? It’ll make the stay more fun and memorable. Plus, it requires less space, packing, and money. So, why wait? Get the best 2 person backpacking tent for your next trip to have the best experience ever!

Without further ado, let’s check out the best 2 person backpacking tents that we hand-picked from Amazon just for you!

Overview: Best 2 Person Backpacking Tents

Product Image

Product Name


Price Range

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MOON LENCE Camping Tent

Compact design

Breathable material



Coleman Sundome Tent

Excellent ventilation system

1-year warranty

Spacious ventilation


Kelty Salida Backpacking Tent

Convenient design

Breathable material

Easy to assemble


Kelty Late Start Backpacking Tent

Breathable design




Bessport Camping Tent

Easy to construct

Smooth zippers

Mesh design


KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent

Smooth chains

Two doors system

Extremely lightweight


Featherstone Backpacking Tent


2 doors added



Naturehike Cloud-Up Backpacking Tent


Extra storage space

Easy to assemble


DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent


2 doors

East to assemble


BFULL Instant Pop Up Backpacking Tents



Easy to set up

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Top 10 Best 2 Person Backpacking Tents (Review)

Best Overall

1. MOON LENCE Camping Tent

First, we’ve got an exclusive and one of the best 2 person backpacking tent for you. You can carry this during your next camping trip without any hassle. It easily lets two people stay inside. So, it’s spacious enough for you and your friend.

What if it rains in the camp? What then? Don’t worry! Your barbecue plans may go in vain, but you’ll have a place to keep yourself safe. And your friend too! This is because these backpacking tents are waterproof.

Rain, ticked. What about heat? If it’s too sunny out there, don’t worry! Stay inside your tent. These tents are UV resistant as well. Sun, ticked! 

Essentially, the tent is made with two layers. So, you can go camping without having any worries about the weather.

Do you feel suffocated or claustrophobic at times? Keeping these factors in mind, these tents have huge portions designed with mesh materials. Now, the air can pass through, and you can breathe just fine. 

Here comes the tedious part: setting up the tent. Don’t worry! You can totally make your friend build a tent for you! This is because it’s super easy to set up for one person alone. It won’t take more than 10 minutes.


  • The design itself
  • Can be used any day regardless of the weather
  • The breathable design is suitable for air circulation
  • Extremely lightweight - you can effortlessly carry it wherever you go!


  • The flooring is a bit thin.


2. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman decided to make your camping a memorable event! This is why they came up with these minimalistic backpack camping tents for two people. Not only this, but these tents also come with some really cool features. Wait till we spill the tea! Keep reading.

We always want waterproof accessories, right? Coleman figured out all the problems you use with your tent during rainfall! And this company has done some smart research because the design itself speaks for it. For instance, ever noticed water seeping inside the tent due to heavy rainfall? Coleman made sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

How? By adjoining all the corners in a way that it restrains water from coming inside. It doesn’t end there, though.

We were talking about how some people feel claustrophobic or suffocated while staying inside a tent earlier. Well, these tents have a fantastic ventilation system. This will let the air circulate throughout, including the base of the tent.

You and your tent mate can get a queen-size air bed inside the tent as well; it’s that massive!

The coolest feature of these tents is E-ports. Yes! Now, you two can use any sort of electronic device from the inside while it’s connected to electricity from the outside.


  • Rainfall can no longer ruin your camping experience.
  • We loved the ventilation system.
  • The interior gives you a huge space.
  • 1-year warranty inclusive


  • No mesh portion

3. Kelty Salida Backpacking Tent

You’ll simply love these tents because of the extremely convenient features, be it the outlook or the interior.

First comes first, two people can easily stay in these tents. You can also carry the tent easily while backpacking or camping; these are made of some extremely lightweight materials. Storing them is as easy as putting them up. You can roll them up and keep them inside a cube bag, which is inclusive.

The design will ensure your maximum comfort along with the aesthetics. The mesh tent walls make these tents more breathable. In any weather, you’ll be good to go. This is because these tents are three weather-based. 

On top of that they’re absolutely spacious. These tents will provide the two of you adequate space, including 10 square ft. of vestibule area.

The setup procedure won’t cause you much of a hassle either; it doesn’t take much time to set these tents up, even if you want to do it single Handedly. So, the next time you’re on a trip with your lazy friend, you don’t have to wait up for your partner to set the tent up; you can do it yourself at your convenience.

These tents are super lightweight as well. Carry them anywhere, whenever you want to. The exterior is excellent too. The upper portion allows you to see the view ahead while staying inside. Imagine the beautiful night skies or the sunrises you won’t miss while staying inside your tent. Isn’t it a dream come true?


  • The breathable design makes it more efficient
  • The huge space lets two backpackers stay content inside.
  • Convenient to put up single handedly


  • Can get cold in winter - if the weather is too chilly, then that would be a problem.

4. Kelty Late Start Backpacking Tent

Check out another model of backpacking tent from Kelty. It looks like Kelty just wants you to have the best experience from your trip.

Who loves pockets? Everyone. So does Kelty. These tents have ceiling pockets assembled. Now, you can keep your valuables safe inside these ceiling pockets. 

What makes these stand out from other best 2 person backpacking tents? Their space capacity! These tents have 29.5 sq ft area inside. The height of the peak is 40 inches. The area of the vestibule storage space is 7.85 sq feet. So, what are you planning on storing inside your tent other than your sleepyhead partner?

This tent will be super convenient during monsoon as well. They’re water-resistant. You can enjoy the rain while staying inside, rather than getting all drenched. The water resistance is up to 1800mm. The rainfly will provide you maximum protection when it pours as well. You should definitely get these backpacking tents for your upcoming backpacking.

Don’t get worked up with assembling the tent either. You can easily assemble the tent all by yourself, in minutes even. If two more hands are equipped, then it won’t take any more than 3 minutes.


  • The breathable design makes it convenient.
  • Super spacious - even tall people can sleep without facing any discomfort!
  • Efficient and budget-friendly


  • The rainfly minimizes the air circulation to an extent.

5. Bessport Camping Tent

The first thing that came into our mind when we saw this tent was the song “Yellow” from Coldplay. This beauty comes with incredible features. Get ready to be awestruck after reading all the breathtaking features of this tent. 

Are you looking for a roomy place to stay during camping? Get these camping tents from Bessport. A single tent will suffice for two. You’ll get a huge interior for two to stay at peace on your next trip. 

What about the weather? What if it rains? Bessport has got that covered too. These tents are absolutely waterproof. If you’re getting worried about whether raindrops can enter the interior, then relax! That’s been taken care of too. 

Easy setup! You won’t have to go through a rough patch in order to set the tent up. In fact, you’ll be done within 150 seconds. YES! It requires just two easy steps to put the tent up. You can do this all by yourself. 

The tent comes with poles that are pre-attached. Just snap the clips and you’ll be good to go! Doesn’t sound that easy? What are you waiting for? Get your hands on these now!

The aesthetic tent also comes with two doors. So, the two of you can use the doors simultaneously. No one has to leap over another one.


  • The chains are smooth during each run
  • Mesh design makes it more breathable
  • Super easy to put on


  • The material isn’t as durable.

6. KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent

Are you looking for a dope best 2 person backpacking tent? Here’s one crazy deal for you! You’ll go crazy seeing all the features it comes with.

Let’s start with how beautiful it looks from the outside. We suggest you take as many photos in front of it as possible for the sake of your Instagram feed! The vibrant mustard yellow color would look absolutely stunning in the photos.

That’s not all. This tent is extremely spacious. Two people can easily rest in the 51inch x 82inch x 39inch tent. 

Also, it’s lightweight. You won’t need to make excuses if you’re asked to carry this. We suggest you rather carry the tent and let others carry other stuff! Each of the tents weighs 5.29 lb.

Then comes, setting up the tent. Don’t worry! Spare just 3 minutes. That would do the job. You won’t have to face much of a hassle due to this. 

What happens if it rains? No worries; put the rainfly up, and you’ll be good to go. Besides, the tent is made of two layers. The mesh design lets air circulate fairly. Also, the porch is divided into 2 sections for additional space capacity. The tent has mesh pockets too!


  • Smooth zippers are embedded
  • 2 door system
  • Extremely lightweight


  • The hexagonal shape of the tent may be a problem for some users.

7. Featherstone Backpacking Tent

Backpacking and camping are extremely fun outings. And this cool tent lets two people comfortably stay inside the tent and have even more fun. 

Tents can sometimes get torn apart. In this case, don’t worry! These tents are absolutely tear-resistant. Also, these will shield you in rain. If it rains, get inside the tent right away; the tents are water-resistant. Wet ground is one of the most common problems you’ll face. For that, Featherstone has a solution. The bathtub surface design keeps the tent safe from getting wet.

Carrying these is very convenient too as these tents are extremely lightweight. The materials used in designing these tents make them so light.

An aluminum pole gives it a stable structure. And you can set up the tent all by yourself within a few minutes. Besides, the tent provides a huge area to stay inside. It has two doors along with two vestibules to make movements way easier for the user. 

These tents are greatly durable as well. You can take them on all your upcoming tours and have the best experience.


  • It’s water-resistant
  • Two doors make it more convenient for two people
  • Great space capacity


  • Not entirely windproof.

8. Naturehike Cloud-Up Backpacking Tent

Here’s one of the best picks on Amazon. This tent from Naturehike has some amazing features. These features will make sure that you have an outstanding experience on your upcoming tours.

Weather can be a blessing at times during a tour. When? When it’s good, clear, and beautiful. But again, it can be a bummer as well when it’s too sunny, snowy or rainy outside. In that case, your vacation can’t come to a halt, right?

So, don’t be upset even when the weather doesn’t look great; this beautiful minimalistic tent from Naturehike promises to ensure your total protection in any weather. 

The dual-layer tent offers you great space for two people. The layer on the inside is about 83 (L) x 49 (W) x 39 (H) inches, whereas the outer layer contains a 24inch long vestibule. This layer is for storage purposes.

The assembling procedure is pretty easy as well. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes to set up the tent, neither will it consume much time while packing it back in the backpack. The free-standing design makes this entire process less time consuming and less dreadful than typical tents. 

This tent is also suitable for 3 seasons. One plus point is, it’s windproof too. You can count on these on sunny and rainy days.


  • It’s wind-proof
  • It has an additional storage capacity
  • It’s easy to set up


  • Not suitable for 4 seasons.

9. DESERT & FOX Backpacking Camping Tent

DESERT & FOX designed an exclusive tent that will be your next favorite. The pale orange shade tent will definitely stand out from any of the other tents on your trip. It has a pastel outlook, which, in addition to its features, makes it more attractive.

It’s extremely easy to set up; even taking down requires less time. Setting the aluminum poles consumes less time too. Also, the hook makes it easier to put up in no time.

In cases of monsoon, you can confidently take this out. The tent is water-resistant. The surface of the tent ensures no leakage. 

The tent has two layers. This makes the tent more sturdy for two people. The stitches are run twice to make the tent durable for a very long time. 

Most tents will mess up when it comes to air circulation. But thanks to DESERT & FOX, this tent keeps the air circulation ongoing. The mesh inner layer makes the tent more breathable than other tents in the market. For the easiest movements or activities, you’ll get two in and out doors. 

The tent is spacious enough for two people too. It’s about 87" x 55" x 43". Also, the tent is extremely lightweight, so you can carry it on your backpack.


  • Easy to put up and take down
  • Two doors
  • Waterproof


  • Not heat resistant

10. BFULL Instant Pop Up Backpacking Tents

Here’s our last choice for you. Remember, last but not least!

This tent looks like the easiest to put up so far. The extremely sturdy poles are already assembled in each corner of the tent. On top of that, the spider structure makes it even easier to set up. It’ll take seconds to set it up, and anyone can do it.

You can utilize this tent perfectly. Doesn’t matter if it’s too windy or too rainy out there. Due to the structure of the tent, it’ll remain stable and stand still as long as you want it to be.  

The roomy tent easily accommodates two to three people in the tent. The size of the interior is 83 x 71 x 41 inches. That’s a lot of space, in our opinion. You can easily carry it with you as it’s very lightweight too.


  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Very sturdy structure
  • Spacious in size


  • Nothing. We loved it.

Best 2 Person Backpacking Tents Buying Guide

Before purchasing the best 2 person backpacking tents, you need to check on some features in order to win the best deal. Here are some factors you shouldn’t miss-


This is a must. Weight can be a disturbing factor in terms of trips. You need to go on a trip with minimal packing, pack the lightest essentials. For this, check out the weight of each of the tents. Go for the minimal one. Then, you won’t have to carry a heavy tent in your backpack.


Since you’re getting a tent for two people, we’re assuming that’s for space-saving or other purposes. But calculate both of your heights and make sure you fit into the size of the tent. Keep your eyes on the numbers, especially on the length and width.


Setting up a tent isn’t an easy task. One always needs the help of another. If your partner is lazy, then chances are, you’ll have to set it up on your own. For this, go for the easiest assembling tents. In that way, you’ll be done in minutes, or even seconds. 


Check if the tent is suitable for the types of weather you’re likely to have during your trip - that is, whether it’s going to be sunny, rainy, windy, or cold. Also, make sure the tent is leak-proof when it comes to the surface. 


Most of the tents offer more or less the same features. SO, make sure you’re not spending a lot of cash on something that shares the same attributes as something cheaper. 

Bottom line

We want you to have the best experience when you’re out on a camping trip. This is why we’ve done thorough research on the best 2 person backpacking tents available right now.

All the selected products are of the best quality. Just make sure to cross-check your selected product with the buying guide for further assurance. We can assure you that each of your dollars will count.

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