What is the Best Time of Year to Go to Aruba?

what is the best time of year to go to Aruba
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What is the Best Time of Year to Go to Aruba?

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The bright sunshine warming your skin on a sandy-white beach while the tide tumbles in and out. Ah, summertime truly is the time of year that you can unwind and just enjoy life. If only there is a country that stuck in this summer moment all year long. Well, lucky for you that you can visit Aruba anytime of the year to relive that summer feeling! With Aruba’s beaches, limestone cliffs and perfect weather, we have just scratched the surface of what this rejuvenating island getaway has to offer.  

You can find yourself exploring a desert littered with historical stone castles and tall cacti, cozily resting in resorts, enjoying the different festivities between months, taking part of the Caribbean’s best nightlife, and their immersive cultural experiences integrated into the very walls, land and people of Aruba.

If you’re looking to get a relaxing and interactive summer getaway, even if it’s December, look no further as Aruba is easy to travel to, convenient for a vacation trip, and discoverable due to the small land size of just 180 km². It is the perfect travel trip if you are looking to lounge on the sandy beach and interactively exploring the entire island rich in culture which are both done under the warm rays of the sun and night air. So, what is the best time of year to go to Aruba? If you want to get away from all the stress at work or even the harsh winter months, you have hop on a plane to Aruba at any time of year to the side of the earth that is eternally summer. It now depends on the type of vacation you are looking for.

I. Getting to Know Aruba

Aruba on a map
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Aruba used to be a part of the Netherlands Antilles, but now this 180 km² large island is the size with a population of 106,807 (2020) is now one of the four constituent countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands. It’s capital and largest city is Oranjestad and the spoken languages here are Dutch, English and Papiamento. Don’t you worry about customs and culture that much as its seasons aren’t based on the weather but based on when you are likely to come and unlikely to come visit Aruba!

Where is Aruba Located?

Aruba is an island in the South Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela. However, it is one of the four constituent countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands. You might have a difficulty pinpointing this country on the map because it is only 180 km² in land size. That’s slightly bigger than Washington, D.C. which is 177 km²! This small island getaway doesn’t have any lakes or rivers to further shrink its land size, but it does have a few hills.

Is Aruba safe?

Aruba has maintained the title of one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. This is mainly because it has just implemented a Mandatory Nationwide Health and Safety Protocols Ahead of Summer Arrivals to ensure the safety and well-being of both the tourists and locals, especially during the time of the pandemic.

This health protocol includes the businesses and events in Aruba to take an online assessment, follow the mandatory protocols, and then receive an Aruba Health & Happiness Code Seal from the Department of Inspection and Hygiene. Don’t you worry about safety issues as Aruba is way ahead of you on that topic! Now that you’re all reassured, let’s move on to the whole reason that you decided to search and read this article.

II. The Best Time of Year to go to Aruba

Since Aruba has no seasons but summer, your decision to travel to Aruba now depends on which festivals you want to attend, what your budget is, and the amount of tourists you prefer to be with when travelling to one of the constituent countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Depending on the Weather and Climate in Aruba

Since Aruba doesn’t have the typical four seasons, it does have two seasons- the high and low seasons. These seasons simply indicate when there are plenty of tourists or not. That’s how you how that this entire island is dedicated to serve and accommodate all tourist’s needs and wants. High season are usually the months of December to April while the low season are usually the months of May to November.

Before you make your way to Aruba, make sure to high SPF sunblock, lightweight clothing, umbrellas and rain-jackets or coats. It is important to mention that Aruba lies far outside the hurricane belt, far away from the storms. On occasions Aruba might experience some small effects of nearby tropical weather. Rain showers may occur. Even when it does rain, it tends to be very short, leaving plenty of sun moments for the rest of your day.

From January Until March

If you go around these months of year, you must gather up all your money in the bank as hotel and resort prices skyrocket through the roof up to $900 a month. The temperature is usually 75 to 85 F with the very occasional and light rain. January is the coolest month of the year at a daily maximum of 30 C and minimum of 25 C. If the coldest temperature of Aruba is 25 C, it indicates that it lives up to its claim to be a summer paradise at any time of the year.

From April Until August

These are the best months to try and get a room deal as it’s not as exaggerated as the past months. The temperatures around this time could reach up to 90 F. Specifically April and May are when the number of tourists has died down and the summer heat is just about to reach its peak. In fact, the driest month is April with 1 mm of rainfall and 30 sunny days.

From September Until December

To get a good deal on the price of a room, go around September to November to try and beat the influx of winter travelers and the expensive prices of the high season. There also aren’t a lot of tourists during this time because September is the hottest month of the year while November is the wettest, but the majority of the days are still sunny. Most tourists want to go to Aruba to avoid the harsh or same old winter season and they usually start filing in by late November and all throughout December. If you’re looking to get the best deal when visiting in Aruba, September has the least amount of tourists, special travel deals are offered, and most US schools have started classes so there are not as many families with children. Therefore, it is best that you get a head start by visiting or booking earlier to avoid the crowds and avoid emptying your wallet.

Also Depending on the Aruban Festivals

January to March is Aruba’s Carnival period, with street parties (also known as ‘jump-ups’) and celebrations taking place all over the island—though, the most spectacular occur in the capital of Oranjestad. Additionally, a monthly Island Festival is held during the last week of each month in San Nicolas City, showcasing local music, food, and artwork.

  • Betico Croes Day is a national holiday that celebrates the birthday of the country’s best statesman. The late Gilberto Francois “Betico” Croes helped Aruba gain independence from the Dutch Kingdom which led to it becoming an autonomous country under the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Without Croes, Aruba wouldn’t rise to its fullest potential as it does today. So, celebrating the man’s birthday who made this independence possible is the least the country could do.

This day features sporting events, an island-wide event Harley Davidson bike tour, culinary festivals, folkloric shows and popular games. Which means you’re in for a hell of day of happy and exciting experiences. However, since it is a national holiday, most businesses like retail shops and supermarkets might close early or be closed throughout the day.

  • If you’ve been thinking of taking the misses on a well-deserved, and maybe even long awaited, vacation, then Valentine’s Day in Aruba might be right up your alley. This day has special offers and deals for this island to transform into your romantic getaway.
  • National Anthem and Flag Day, or basically the Independence Day of Aruba, celebrates Aruba’s independence that dates back to 1986. This holiday was started in 1976 by the local hero Betico Croes himself. This celebration on the 18th of March corresponds with a scout parade, a classic car parade, sporting events, cultural events showcasing the gastronomy of Aruba, and games throughout the island for both kids and adults. But just like Betico Croes Day, this national holiday might cause some businesses to close up shop for the day or for most of the day.
  • King’s Day celebrates the King of the Netherland’s birthday by wearing orange and taking part in games and activities to be held at bars and restaurants.
  • Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival is usually held in the weekend of Memorial Day that features big music concerts featuring world class artists. Oh yes, Aruba is that kind of country- one that does not disappoint its visitors. However, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival 2020 has been moved to 2021. But hey, there’s no harm in booking tickets this early!
  • Aloe Wellness Month honors the native aloe plant through holistic wellness programs. This healthy celebration of the aloe plant’s benefits is a great way to kick off summer by being able to not only enjoy the summer retreat, but also be physically and internally healthy while doing so.
  • Dera Gai (St John’s Day) is a century old cultural festival that celebrates an old traditional festival in a more rational and humane way through a traditional harvest festival that used to be about being able to decapitate a defenseless rooter while being blindfolded. In modern times, the contestants are still blindfolded, but to sway to the folk music while blindly searching for the Aruban flag staked to the ground. This festival may have strange roots, but today’s compromise is just a way to keep the tradition alive which you can help do just by attending.  
  • ‘Meet San Nicolas’ is a monthly cultural event featuring art, food, dance and activities starting June until December. San Nicolas I Aruba’s Art District that features visually pleasing art of all kinds! If you’re an art enthusiast or you simply like the aesthetic experience, then make your way to San Nicolas, the Sunrise City of Aruba.
  • Aruba Vow Renewal offers the largest mass vow renewal in the Caribbean featuring affordable and worth-buying honeymoon and vow renewal packages for tourists. It was even featured in a Forbes article entitled, ‘A Vow Renewal In Aruba Is The Ultimate In Romance’ (Kickham, B., 2019).
  • Fiesta di Cunucu celebrates the rural heritage of Aruba by featuring folk dance and music inside the traditional Cunucu houses themselves. This is a great opportunity to discover and take part in the past, present and future culture of Aruba as you’ll be celebrating the past, taking part of the present and be known for it in the future.
  • Eat Local Month lasts all October. It celebrates the Aruban cuisine featuring promotions and special events at all the restaurants of Aruba.
  • The Aruba Beach Tennis Open on November 9 to 17, 2020 is an international beach tennis event with participants from around the world.
  • When it’s December, you usually expect that a country that is so used to accommodating tourists to have a special event to end and start the year with a big bang. And you are right to suspect such allegations. The Dande Festival is the largest traditional musical event that starts every December 27th. It features traveling musicians who bless local families with goodwill and prosperity for the upcoming new year! Mark your calendars, ready your luggage and book a hotel room ahead of time as Aruba offers to give you a summer vacation in the winter, a festival that fills in the time in between Christmas day and the New Year’s Eve, and assures you a safe visit.

III. Main Takeaways

what is the best time of year to go to Aruba
Image Source: marriott.com

Aruba is an island in the South Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela. It is one of the four constituent countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Arubia is safe to visit to, event at the height of the pandemic, because it is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean because it has just Mandatory Nationwide Health and Safety Protocols Ahead of Summer Arrivals to ensure the safety and well-being of both the tourists and locals.

Knowing what is the best time of year to go to Aruba isn’t about what climate it is at a certain time of the year. It depends on the volume of tourists you prefer to be with in the small country, the budget you’d be willing to spend when visiting, and the festivals you want to part take in. Hence, there is no single best day, week or month to visit Aruba because it solely depends on your own preferences.

Projected Weather of Grouped Months and Estimates of Seasonal Pricing: 

January until March

  • Weather is a bit chilly but still warm enough.
  • Your budget must be high, and your pockets must be deep.

April until August

  • Weather is at it’s warmest.
  • Your wallet won’t be emptied out as room prices and accommodation aren’t as pricey.

September until December

  • Weather is a bit colder but still warm enough to encourage tourists to fleet from the winter times of their countries and spend the “ber” months in Aruba.
  • Your budget must be high, and your pockets must be deep.

Here is the list of months and the Aruban Festivals they will be hosting:

January – Betico Croes Day

February – Valentine’s Day

March – National Anthem and Flag Day

April – King’s Day

May – Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival

June – Aloe Wellness Month, Dera Gai (St John’s Day), and ‘Meet San Nicolas’

August – Aruba Vow Renewal

September – Fiesta di Cunucu

October – Eat Local Month

November – The Aruba Beach Tennis Open

December – The Dande Festival


Kickham, B. (2019). A Vow Renewal In Aruba Is The Ultimate In Romance. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/debbikickham/2019/07/13/a-vow-renewal-in-aruba-is-the-ultimate-in-romance/#30e2f57a48ad. Worldometer (2020). Aruba Population (LIVE). Retrieved from https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/aruba-population/.

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