Is Colombia Safe to Travel? Debunking The Myths

If you’re planning a trip to Colombia, then the first question which can arise in your mind would be, is Colombia safe to travel? The history of the country and the Government may make it seem like it isn’t.

Colombia is widely known as a transcontinental country because most of it is situated in South America, while a few parts are situated in North America. This is the reason why the culture of Colombia is so diversified. Colombia is a travel-friendly country as of 2017. It was reported that over 3 million people went to visit Colombia.

Let’s get to know what the history of Colombia has to say to us.

History of Colombia

When we look back at the history of Colombia, we can see that it has been infamous for the civil wars and the drug cartels. You must have heard about Pablo Escobar, who is famous for dealing with the infamous drug cartel as a drug lord. These scare people a lot as Colombia has also been famous for assaults and thief activities.

Let’s see how the Government deals with such concerns.

Government’s Warning

The Government warns the tourists about the illegal activities that were a regular activity in Colombia. Colombia was famous for drug peddling, assaulting, and many other illegal activities. Though nothing like this exists in Colombia now, the Government hasn’t put off any warning. It’s ensured that the tourists enter this transcontinental country after hearing this warning right from the Government. 

Traveling can be fun, but it can also be dangerous in some cases. You never know what kind of danger is awaiting you on your very next step. You should be ready for everything, whether you’re traveling alone or not.

Violent crimes have happened in the streets of Colombia, which is very alarming for the tourists. But rest assured because the rate of kidnapping has fallen to 92% due to the efficient security services in Colombia. 

If asked now, the simple answer would be, “Yes, it is safe to travel in Colombia.”

Is Colombia Safe to Travel Alone?

Traveling alone is never safe if you don’t adopt some safety measures properly. In Colombia, it is very common for people to travel alone. Many travelers like solo traveling. But minor crimes such as pickpocketing and small criminals are always there. 

Try to avoid traveling alone at night. In turn, if you travel at night, make sure that you’re not alone. Try not to visit non-tourist areas as they can be dangerous. Try to be within the area of tourists as local people in Colombia are very friendly. 

The next precaution to be taken is not to show your valuable things to outsiders. Just try not to flaunt your valuables to outsiders. Leave your expensive things in your hotel room and travel with the necessary things only so that you don’t become the only catch in the eye of the thief.

If you feel scared of traveling alone, then just meet with some travelers and merge your tour plan with them. In this way, you won’t feel alone, and your entire tour will be amazing.

If you adopt these precautions properly, then your trip will be safe, for sure.

Is Colombia Safe for Girls to Travel Alone?

Female travelers are very rare to find as people like to flaunt a myth that girls will not be safe alone. In some cultures, girls are not even allowed to travel alone to another part of their own country; another country is a dream for some. But it’s worth mentioning that Colombia is very much safe for female travelers to travel alone.

There are some precautions to look out for if they seriously want to explore Colombia on their own, which include:

  • They need to keep their valuable things at safe places so that they don’t become victims of thieves. 
  • There can be petty criminals in the tourist area. They tend to find girls alone and hurt them with sharp objects. Be aware of them.
  • Having a translator can be very helpful as they can translate anything that the locals want to communicate with you.
  • Having maps set on your cellular device is the safest option one can adopt. In this way, you won’t lose your way while traveling.
  • Try to be within a group of travelers as petty criminals cannot target people who walk in a group.
  • Try to have a vehicle beforehand if you’re traveling anywhere alone, as it will save you from the unnecessary hassle of finding taxis.
  • Be brave and bold. This is the most important backup to have if you’re traveling alone, and if you’re a girl, this is a must for you.
  • Pack your essentials beforehand so that you don’t have to roam around the markets in an inappropriate time. 
  • Try to be in the tourist areas as it is full of local people. Local people want to help the tourists as much as they can.

If a female traveler is traveling solo to Colombia, and if she abides by all the precautions stated above, then Colombia is going to be safe for her. Besides, it’s a beautiful country with many hidden mysteries that no one has ever been able to solve.

Is Partying Safe for Travelers in Colombia?

If you’re on holiday, then you certainly don’t want to miss out on the fun of partying in the colorful nights in Colombia. But the question is, “Is Colombia safe for partying for the travelers?”

Partying can be on your head if you’re traveling to Colombia. After all, Colombia is a city consisting of colorful pubs and discos where you can let your hair down easily. But is it worth it?

The answer is no. Partying is an essential part of some travelers. But that doesn’t mean that you should lose yourself completely while partying. Travelers need to maintain some restrictions if they want to enjoy partying in the colorful nightlife of Colombia. The restrictions are as follows:

  • Never drink something offered by someone unknown. If you’re traveling alone, then you should be aware that, in some cases, when people like someone, they offer to buy their drink. It can happen casually, but as a traveler, you should take it negatively and ignore that drink.
  • There are several groups of travelers roaming around Colombia. Sometimes, a local man or woman will tag along with a group and will make you assume that he/she is one of you. If they invite you to attend any party, then do not go. It can be a trap, as well.
  • As a traveler, you should never encourage drug intake. Drugs are very commonly available in the local tourist market, as law enforcement is not that tight there. But remember, if you take drugs, then you’re just asking for danger, and it might be a trap to loot you as well.
  • Try to avoid prostitutes. 99% of them will woo you just to make you fall into a trap. If you come across a prostitute, make sure to avoid them.

 Partying in Columbia can be safe if you abide by these restrictions strictly while traveling.

Is Colombia Safe for Families to Travel?

This is the biggest question in the mind of people who travel worldwide with their families or want to do so. They should be very happy to hear that Colombia is a great family destination place.

Some rainforests catch the eyes of the environment lovers. There are beaches which exhibit clear water. Both of these things, among other reasons, make Colombia a great destination for traveling with families.

The slopes of the Andes, which is famous for its coffee, attract the eyes of travelers the most. The Caribbean coast, along with the rainforests, never fails to amaze people.

There are many hotels and personal caters who love to host the families because the families are a great source of business growth if they manage to impress the customers.

The safety issue is an essential thing for families because sticking together is the main motto for traveling with family members. Thieves and small criminals cannot harm you when you’re with your family roaming around the streets of Colombia. 

The funny part is that Colombians love to interact with children. Because of this, they like family travelers with children. They don’t fail to impress you by the greatness they show by helping you out whenever you need it. Coordinating with locals is very important when you’re traveling with your family.

Is food safe in Colombia?

Food is an essential part of traveling, which you cannot ignore—having local food while traveling is the dream of every traveler. But you might still question whether the food available in Columbia is safe for you. 

The answer to the question is that the local food is definitely safe to have if you’re a traveler.

There are some restrictions which you must follow while intaking local food in Colombia, though. These are given below in brief:

  • Make sure to eat food that is freshly made. Otherwise, the food can pass on some diseases with you.
  • You should not eat the kind of food that has been sitting under the sun all day long. This kind of food generally gets ruined by the strong ultraviolet rays, and when you eat it, you get ill.
  • No one wants to be ill while they are traveling. So, eat food that you know will be safe.
  • Make sure to peel off any fruit before eating. If you want to eat any fruits with the peel on it, then you should simply wash it with fresh mineral water. Otherwise, the bacteria sitting on the fruits will go through your system and cause you to fall ill.
  • As most dishes in Colombia are based on meat, you must face a serious difficulty if you’re a vegetarian. The wisest thing for you to do will be to research the places where vegetarian food is available. If you don’t do your research properly, then you might face a problem because not all restaurants will serve you vegetarian food.
  • The first and last thing to do before and after eating is to wash your hands. You might be visiting a rainforest or a sea beach. No matter where you go, germs will certainly go with you. If you don’t wash your hands before eating, then the germs will enter your body along with your food. So, this is a very important step.

There are many other questions that you may have as travelers. The questions are going to be never-ending, in fact. But we tried to cover the most important ones so that you can rest assured.

Final Verdict

Colombia is a country with a dark history that makes a lot of travelers doubtful about whether they should visit this place. But if you love traveling, then we suggest that you visit Colombia at least once in your life. It will be as safe as any other American country if you follow the precautions and restrictions properly.

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