Nightclubs in Buenos Aires: The City Where Party Starts At 2 AM

Buenos Aires is a melting pot of European and Latin cultures. A city full of life and passion, you will feel like you have traveled across the world while you’re here. And that is without even talking about the – the magical city.

One thing is for sure, the people here know how to party. People say that New York never sleeps. Well, it clearly means you haven’t been to Buenos Aires ever. Buenos Aires is the city where the night just starts at 2 am. If you would also like to party like the Portenos, then you must visit the best party spots in the city.

So, here we are with the best .

1. Terrazas del Este

A space for 3000 people and filled with ten different bars, the Terrazas del Este is one of the biggest nightclubs in Costanera. It has four dance floors. It is huge, and you might even lose track of where your friends are.

In this nightclub, you can find the coolest Argentineans, party lovers from all over the world, and some gorgeous bartenders as well. People come here to end their workdays with the vibrant party and some amazing drinks that you would get to experience only here.

Address: AV. Costanera Norte Rafael Obligado, Buenos Aires

Terrazas del Este

2. La Bomba De Tiempo

La Bomba De Tiempo is the most lively and fast-paced nightclub in Buenos Aires. It is situated on the outskirts of the city center. Usually, Mondays are not the time of the week when people think of partying. But in Buenos Aires, Monday cannot tame people’s party spirits.

You can enjoy live music performances by popular groups as well. Just grab and stand close to the stage and enjoy the night dancing to the beats. It is undoubtedly one of the best nightclubs in Buenos Aires.

Address: Calle Sarmiento 3131 Ciudad Cultural Konex, Buenos Aires

La Bomba De Tiempo

3. Rosebar

Rosebar is a trendy nightclub in the city. Housed in Palermo Soho, is decorated in the European style giving it an attractive ambiance. There is a VIP section in the club as well. Both national and international DJs come here to host the parties and make people groove to their tunes. People experience a unique blend of music from different parts of the world.

Address: Rosebar, Honduras, Buenos Aires


3. Jet Lounge

Being the club only for the Elite, Jet Lounge is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive nightclubs in Buenos Aires. Starting from the security to the dress code, everything is top-notch. They take fashion very seriously. So, you cannot just show up looking shaggy. And they make sure of it by maintaining a strict dress code.

Other than that, the cherry on the icing is the view that you get to enjoy from the backyard of the Jet. With the background of the lavish Yachts of Rio De La Piata, the dance floor on the outside in the open air is stunning. All of this makes this one of our top picks among the best nightclubs in Buenos Aires.

Address: Jet Lounge, Av.Rafael Obligado, Buenos Aires

Jet Lounge

4.  Kika Club

Kika Boliche is another trendy nightclub in Palermo Soho. It hosts a Hype party here on Tuesdays. The Hype is a party where to dance to all kinds of hip-hop, electronic music, house, reggaeton, drum, and base. Just across the street from the club, there is one of the most popular shawarma places in the city named Hola! Sinior Shawarma. People often gather there after partying all night long.

Address: Honduras 5339, Buenos Aires

Kika Club

5. Club Niceto

Club 69, also known as Club Niceto in Buenos Aires, is one of the grandest nightclubs in the city. It was initially a warehouse. Later on, it was renovated as a night club with only one long bar at the side and a big stage at the back.

At Niceto, you can expect a drag show with costume-clad dancers roaming around, breakdancers, confetti, and a blend of reggaeton and electronica. Take a glass of cocktail and enjoy the party all night long.

Address: Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Club Niceto

6. Azucar

If you want to blow off some weekday steam, then you must visit Azucar. It’s one of the nightclubs in Buenos Aires where you get to enjoy the Caribbean and Latin music. You can do salsa, bachata, merengue or reggaeton, whichever you like.

People from beginners to trained dancers come here to have a great time. So don’t worry if you’re not a professional dancer or if you’re not familiar with these dance forms. The aim is to have a great time after a day’s backbreaking work.

Address: Avenue Corrientes 3328, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

7. Asia De Cuba

Asia De Cuba is a nightclub and a restaurant filled with exquisite dishes from different cuisine. They serve Japanese sushi and sake, along with Argentine dishes. On weekdays they work as a restaurant, and on weekends they turn into a nightclub. You can enjoy hip hop, Latin, pop, and techno served with some refreshing drinks.

Address: Olga Cossettini 751, Buenos Aires

Asia De Cuba

8. Amerika

Another nightclub in Buenos Aires, Amerika is a well-known LGBTQ+ club and popular across Latin America for its wild parties. They remain open all through the weekend, but their Sunday night parties are the biggest and grandest.

This nightclub used to be a double-storied Spanish building with beautiful architectural work. This warehouse turned nightclub is known for its lively parties full of confetti, glitters, disco ball, and bright lights.

Address: C1181 ACT, Gascón 1040, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

9. Crobar

Situated in the Palermo area, Crobar is the place for people who love electronica. With the lineup of some of the best national and international DJs, you’ll surely enjoy the beats. It has two dancefloors and serves incredible drinks. The crowd mostly forms of youngsters from age 18-30 years. This nightclub is also open to partying with the LGBTQ+. 

Address: Coronel Marcelino Freire, s/n Buenos Aires


10. Alsina

Alsina is also famous among electronica lovers. A fun fact about the club is that it has been built on a 19th-century palace situated in downtown. But once you enter the club, you won’t be able to match it with the palace. It has been completely turned into a nightclub according to the modern age with sound systems and lightings. It’s one of the best nightclubs in Buenos Aires.

It is massive with the capacity to hold around 1500 people. There are four dance floors, a VIP area, and a lounge space. Weekend parties are regularly held here. But it hosts a special monthly party called “State”. 


Things you should know about the nightclubs in Buenos Aires

Before you plan and head out for a party late at night in Buenos Aires, you must know a few things. The best plan for having a great night out in this city is to have a nap at 7 in the evening. Yes, you heard it right. You will need this, especially when you roamed around the city all day long. Then comes dinner. Make sure you have it around 9 or better if it’s at 10 pm and then have drinks at 11 pm.

Most of the nightclubs in Buenos Aires open after midnight with some exceptions. And expect a good dose of hip hop, salsa, and of course reggaeton. Also, try to carry your best outfits with you for your Buenos Aires trip. The Argentines are very particular about fashion. Some clubs even have a strict fashion inspired dress code.

Drinking in Buenos Aires


Everyone knows that Argentina has some of the best wine in the world. It’s famous for Malbec, which is a strong plum flavored wine. It’s the people’s favorite in all over the region of Mendoza. Other than this, Fruity Bonarda, Fresh Torrontes, and Earthy Pinot Noir are some great options as well. You can also try Lo de Joaquin Alberdi in Palermo or Vinotango in San Telmo.

Beer, Coffee & Water:

Quilmes is often called the national beer of Argentina. It is widely available there, and people love it too. If you order a “porron” you will a half-liter bottle of beer and in case “chopp” you get a full mug.

Argentines love coffee as well. They like latte and espresso. Herbal teas and black teas are also quite popular.

In Argentina, you can drink tap water without any worries. They are drinkable and pose no health concerns. You’ll have to order bottled water in restaurants, though.


Mate is the name of the unofficial national beverage of Argentina. It is not just a drink, but to the natives, it’s a ritual. They also follow specific etiquettes while drinking it. At first, the server has to fill the gourd with yerba and adds steaming hot water to it.

Then every member of the family or group friends drink the gourd. After finishing it once, the server fills it up again and passes it on to the next person. And that’s how the drink is shared among every participant.

One thing to be mentioned is, you won’t find Mate on the menu of the restaurants. Since it is a very personal ritual and is only found in family gatherings. So, if you ever get an invitation for drinking Mate, never put it down!

Where to drink?


Argentines love coffee, and that is why they have some cozy coffee houses for enjoying coffee in the afternoon or hanging out with friends. Many of the cafes were built hundreds of years ago and are still popular among the locals. Their interior will take you back in time with the old bohemian décor. You will get all kinds of meals and snacks in the cafes.


Bars are found in almost every neighborhood of this city. And there different kinds of bars as well as sports bar, microbreweries, cocktail lounges, Irish pubs and many more. In these bars, you’ll mostly get the beer, wine, and hard alcohol along with juice and coffee. The bars are a great place for you to enjoy some time with your group of friends. 


The Latin word for a nightclub is boliches. And we have already talked about how popular the nightclubs in Buenos Aires are. They bring life to the city at the dead hours on the weekends. Most clubs open after midnight and the party goes on till dawn. The clubs are mostly located in Palermo and Costanza Norte.

Electronica in Buenos Aires

Even though Buenos Aires is known for Tango, Electronica is very popular and frequently seen to be played in the nightclubs in Buenos Aires. The craze for electronic music has started here since the ’90s. Many of the world’s best DJs say that this city is one of their favorite places to play their music. 

The OG DJ collective & electronica parties have created a new generation of party music lovers-progressive house, techno, IDM, breakbeat, drum and bass, deep house, and Cumbia, and you’ll get to enjoy all of it in Buenos Aires.


To all those party animals and travel enthusiasts, if you’re planning a trip where you can party hard, enjoy beautiful views and visit aesthetic architectures, then Buenos Aires is the answer.

They’re some of the world’s best nightclubs in Buenos Aires, and of course, it’s a beautiful city to roam around and explore. If you are still clueless about where to go, then trust our recommendations and visit any of the places we have mentioned here. You will have the best time of your life.

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