Argentina Nightlife: Best Nightlife Spots for Party Animals

South Americans are known for partying till the sunlight peaks through the windows. Especially that has a vibrant and eccentric life that will keep you on your toes for all the good reasons. Just like the ‘Night at the Museum,’ everything comes alive in Argentina when the sun goes down. Parties don’t start before midnight and don’t forget about the after-parties. 

The capital, Buenos Aires, is a host to multicultural clubs like no other city in the world. Getting drunk, dancing till your feet can’t take it anymore, that’s what the nightlife in Argentina is all about. Sports bars, tango bars, gay bars, aesthetic retro cafés, high-end restaurants, Buenos Aires, has it all. It’s the party capital of the south. 

The nightclubs host parties literally every night, and some of the best DJs of the world showcase their skills there. The only thing you need to worry about is how you can overcome your hangover the next morning. But don’t let that stop you from having the best night ever. 

Guide to  

Dinner starts around 8 at night, and the nightclubs open at 1 AM, but the party truly starts at 2 AM. Before that, you can go to any of the bars. The bars are differently themed, and almost all the bars are famous for their menus and ambiance.

What Drinks to Try Out

1. The Maté 

The Maté is a famous caffeine-based drink in all across South America. In some parts, people call this drink cimarrón or chimarrão. Argentines love their Maté so much that it has become the national drink (unofficially, of course). It’s an integral part of Argentina’s nightlife.  

Initially, you might not like the taste, but it does grow on you with time. The beverage is bitter, tea-like, and greasy. Adding sugar does make it better. Before getting the drink, you need to learn a few things about the etiquette of drinking the Maté. 

Remember that this drink is served in groups. The server, also known as Cebador, fills the pot/gourd with yerba and adds warm water to it. Everyone at the table has to drink from the same gourd using the same bombilla (straw). Once you finish drinking it completely, the Cebador fills the gourd again and then passes on to the person on your right. It gets passed on until you don’t want to drink it anymore. Saying gracias to the Cebador ends this fun drinking activity. 

Argentine’s take great pride in this tradition. You can use it to have a fun experience with your friends and family. If an Argentine invites you to drink Maté, tag along because it’s the Argentine way to introduce someone to their culture. 

The Maté - Argentina Nightlife

2. Argentine Wines 

Argentina is popular for its wine scenes. They have their local drinks, and then you can also choose from international brands. Whatever suits your taste bud, you can get it in almost every corner of Argentina

The Malbec is a trendy drink and rightly so. The rich, dark plum infused flavor will make you come back for more. The Mendoza region of Argentina supplies almost sixty percent of the entire country’s wine demand. There are other drinks that you should try as well. The fresh torrontés, which is a dry white wine, earthy pinot noir, and the basic pinot noir are all great choices for multiple sips.

You have so many options to choose from that you’ll be asking yourself if you should try out all the wines! Going to a wine boutique is an excellent way to try out different delicacies of the wine world.  You can go to Lo de Joaquín Alberdi, located in Palermo. There’s another vinoteco in San Telmo named Vintango. If you’re in Buenos Aires, you can go to Aldos Restoran and Vinoteca. They have over 600 different brands in stock. You can try them out or take them to your hotel room.  

There’s also the option of buying supermarket wines. You can get quality wines in stores as well. You wouldn’t get the tailored experience, but wine brands like Trapiche, Zuccardi, and Norton make up for it. Even if you’re on a budget, you can find branded wines. The Rutini of Bodega La Rural is a bit expensive, but it’s still worth every penny. Luigi Bosca, Nicasia are all in the same price range. 

Paine et Vin is bread and casual wine shop in Buenos Aires. You can go there to try out boutique wines. Gran Bar Danzón is a top-end lounge plus restaurant. They serve wines by the glass, and you get to choose from different options. If you want to go to a low-key restaurant, you can go to the Bar du Marché. It’s a bistro, but they have fifty wines by the glass. 

Private tour and tasting have started to become popular. You can book your wine guide online, or you could contact your hotel for more information.

Argentine Wines - Argentina Nightlife
Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati from Pexels

3. Coffee and Beer 

Quilmes is a popular beer in Argentina that is also famous among international tourists. Get a 500ml bottle by purchasing a porrón. If you order a chopp, they’ll serve you in a mug, which is frosty and filled with a draft.

Different types of coffee are available in all the local and high-end bistros and coffee shops. Café Cortadao is an espresso drink that is served with a few drops of milk. Green tea and other variants of herbal tea is also sold nationwide. 

If you’re in Buenos Aires, you can drink water straight out of the tap. The water is clean, and the setting is hygienic. Modern restaurants offer un sifón de soda, which is basically carbonated water. It comes in a spritzer bottle. Argentines mix this with their wine to soften the impact.  

Coffee and Beer - Argentina Nightlife
Photo by Bibhash Banerjee from Pexels

Best Places to Enjoy Argentina Nightlife

What’s Argentina nightlife without their bars and nightclubs; that’s where all the fun takes place. This list includes all the major bars and nightclubs in Argentina. Buenos Aires specializes in this sector. So most of them are in BA. 

1. Milion

Milion is a tourist favorite. Although Argentina isn’t known for its outdoor drinking locations, Milion provides you with the much-needed freshness of outdoors. It resembles the French architectural design that will give you a sense of nostalgia.

It is located in Recoleta and Barrio Norte. They have incorporated different spaces into this bar. There are a terrace, high-ceiling interior, and a garden to go with it all.  DJ sets, movie screenings, and magnificent artwork is the perfect recipe for a fun night. Especially the singles get to try out their luck here as the ambiance oozes romantic vibe. Have a drink and get to the dance floor, you never know who you bump into! 

The bar has a diverse crowd. So you won’t have to worry about feeling out of place. The bar stays open Monday through Friday from Noon to 3 PM and 8 PM to dawn. On the weekend, it opens at 8 PM and doesn’t close until you are able to pick yourself up from the drunkenness.  


2. Victoria Brown 

If you prefer a chilled night out, then you can try out Victoria Brown. The bar has god-send cocktails that will not only quench your thirst but also make you come back wanting for more. A casual setup makes it ideal for first dates. The cool vibe of the entire place is best enjoyed in the summer season.

But a problem with Victoria Brown is it stays crowded almost every day. So, you’ll need to make your reservations as early as possible. Victoria Brown is a mixture between the classic New York bars and the late nineteenth century distilleries that sold whiskey. The bar stays open Tuesday through Sunday. They open at 8 PM and closes at 4 in the morning. 

Victoria Brown

3. Bar 878

This is one of the best places to visit in Buenos Aires. You will get a European feel once you’re inside. The high ceiling paired with an aesthetic retro brick wall and mild lighting are ideal for sitting down and enjoying a drink with your date while getting lost in words. The ambiance will enhance your dating experience completely. You might even bump into a few fashion icons and celebrities in Bar 878.

878 has a huge collection of wine, cocktails, and similar drinks to choose from. The bar stays open from Sunday to Thursday; opens up at 8 PM and closes at 3 past midnight. On Saturdays, it stays open from 8 PM to 5 in the morning.

Bar 878
Photo by Chris F from Pexels

4. La Catedral 

While you’re in Argentina, you must try out Tango. Otherwise, the experience would be incomplete. To enjoy a bit of Tango and a few drinks, you can go to La Catedral. The club is located in Almagro, which is a quiet neighborhood. Dancers and enthusiasts from different parts of the society come her to enjoy milonga and Tango. 

La Catedral offers a variety of experiences. It’s a place for romantics. You can enjoy an intimate dance with your partner and later on get drinks and have a meaningful conversation. The club stays open every day from 7 PM to dawn.

La Catedral

5. Notorious 

This one is for all the Jazz lovers out there. Notorious is very popular in the Argentine Jazz circuit. It combines the experience of a jazz lounge with a fine-dine restaurant. There’s always a jazz group performing. The performances start at 9:00 PM. 

The restaurant section has a garden setting. The menu includes pasta, meat, and different snacks. They also have a good collection of cocktails and wines. Notorious was built for jazz enthusiasts. There’s a store beside the restaurant that sells classic and modern jazz DVDs and CDs. They also have a few vinyl options. Just by browsing through the CDs, you can go back in time and relive the golden era of Jazz.


6. Gran Bar Danzon 

This is a picturesque bar that offers the best environment. The crowd is trendy, and the classiness of the ambiance speaks for itself. Gran Bar Danzon is a stand out contender for offering the best drinking experience in Argentina. This is the best place to learn every little detail about the wines of Argentina as they have a huge collection of drinks in their locker. Everyone who has been to Gran Bar Danzon will tell you that they had the best experience of the Argentina nightlife.   

They serve over 400 varieties of wines, and the food menu is also mouthwatering. The menu includes delicate desserts prepared by the best chefs. You can try out sample desserts before ordering so that you can pick your favorite flavor 

Gran Bar Danzon stays open all throughout the week. But the opening and closing differ depending on the day. From Monday to Friday they open at 7 and closes at 2.30 PM. During the weekend, they open at 8:30 PM and closes at 4 in the morning. 

Gran Bar Danzon

7. Teatro Gran Rex

This is one of the biggest theaters in Argentina, with a total of 3300 seating arrangements. From Coldplay to Tony Bennet to the band 1975, almost all the international artists have performed in this theater. International acts of different genres like dance, ballet, musical show, and performance acts have showcased their talent on the stage of Teatro Gran Rex. 

It was built during the 1930s in Avenida Corrientes. The theater was inspired by Radio City Music Hall. If you’re in a group, you should definitely check this place out because you never know who might perform the next day.  This theater has an electric atmosphere when the show gets going. 

Teatro Gran Rex

Preparing Yourself for the Argentina Nightlife

Keep in mind the following facts. These will enhance your experience and set you up for an incredible night. 

Opening and Closing Times

Most bars open in the evening and stays open till dawn. But the hours may vary a bit depending on the location and target customer of the bar. 

Cafes start their business early in the morning and close after midnight.

Clubs stay open from midnight to dawn. 

Club Policies 

Most clubs have bouncers. So dress semi-formal and try to get online reservations. This will save you from the hassle of standing in line. 

Gay-Friendly Environment

Glam, Crowbar, Amerika are famous bars and clubs in the gay community. Argentines are open-minded and friendly in general. So you won’t have to worry about getting bullied or discriminated.

Final Words

Argentina nightlife is all about setting yourself loose and living in the moment. There’s so much this country has to offer. But since you probably will be drinking a lot, don’t forget to be responsible.

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