The Best Place to Stay in Medellin

Best Place to Stay in Medellin

where to stay in Medellin

Touted as the City of Contrasts, Medellin does not only have an interesting history but also a beautiful cityscape that you’d love to paint. From the blue sky to the greens of its mountain tops, the view ladders you down to the brick-colored residential houses that are stacked all the way down to its valley’s plain. It’s as if the red clay in the slopes rose up and formed those blocks of jam-packed buildings that look like a wide staircase from above. This is a place that’s definitely worth a visit, and with this blog post, the goal is to help you find the best place to stay in Medellin, Colombia.

The second largest city of Colombia, Medellin is also said to be one of the best places to live in South America. With its tropical weather and the developments that have taken place in it, the “City of Eternal Spring” proves to be fine tourist destination for those who want to visit Colombia and its rich, unexplored terrain—all the way across Andean peaks and Amazonian jungle.

I. How do you pronounce Medellin?

how to pronounce Medellin

Before we look at some of the best places in stay in Medellin, let us learn first how to correctly pronounce it. I know, you might be asking yourself the same question, “Wait, it isn’t pronounced as it is?”

You’re right! Medellin isn’t pronounced as the literal “meh-deh-lin.” In fact, the pronunciation varies depending on which region you are in. If you are in the northern coast of Colombia, the pronunciation is “meh-deh-yin.” If you are exactly in Medellín or Bogotá, it is pronounced as “meh-deh-gin.”

Meanwhile, if you are in South Africa, Argentina, or the neighboring countries, Medellín becomes “meh-deh-shin” or “meh-deh-gin,” with the last syllable which sounds like the letter “g” in “beige” or
“generous.” These variations in pronunciation are because of how diverse the Spanish language is, as it is the widely used language in Colombia with over 99.5% speakers. But don’t worry! Medellín is one of those cities in Colombia which has around 3-5% English speakers among its people, more than anywhere else in the country, so you can get by with your trip even with little to no Spanish skills!

II. Best Hotels in Medellin, Colombia

With such a breathtaking city requires a much greater place to stay in! Let us check out the best hotels in Medellin for you to enjoy your stay­­­.

5. Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia

Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia

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Inspired by the five regions of Colombia, Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia caters your relaxation needs while in Medellin! Set within a few meters from the lleras Park and Provence Street, this hotel is also ideal for your business and leisure trip.


Take your pick among three rooms, each beautifully designed with a mix of contemporary, cultivated beauty, and Colombian culture specially handcrafted by Colombian artisans. The Double Standard room is a classic for solo or couple travelers for its soft double bed. For partners or friends of two, you can choose Twin Standard with separate twin beds. But if you prefer a more spacious room than the Double Standard Room, the Suite is more convenient. In addition, the Suite features the view of the splendid Antioqueñas Mountains.

Long-Stay and Hotel Office

Besides from the usual overnight hotel rooms, what puts Diez Hotel on point is that it offers long-stay plans for guests planning to have a 7-day, 15-day, or even 30-day vacation in Medellin.

The 7-day, 15-day, and 30-day long-stay plans all have a 32-square meter room with the following services: Breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, laundry (with extra fees), and spa (with extra fees). What makes each plan distinct is the price ranges.

Need a quiet space to work? Diez Hotel also has a hotel office available for a 10-hour rent! This service includes lunch, coffee station, bed (yes, bed!), Wi-Fi access, and a desk to work on.


Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or any meaningful events with your family and friends at Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia! Rest assured, Diez Hotel’s team will help you with everything you need, from organizing to executing your event. There are seven event rooms with a capacity of 50 people. Inclusive of availing such services are special accommodation rates and special menu for snacks, lunch and/or dinner.

Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia is located at Calle 10A s 34-11 Medellin. Phone them at +57 (4) 448 1034 or email them through for bookings. You may also visit their website

4. Binn Hotel

Binn Hotel in Medellin

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Sitting in the heart of the El Poblado neighborhood, the Binn Hotel is your state-of-the-art hotel to stay in in Medellin. All of the best shopping areas, food places, convention centers, and banks are within close proximity to Binn Hotel. What’s more is that there are direct routes to the local and international airport, so it isn’t a hassle for you upon arrival or departure.


The Binn Hotel has 78 well-furnished deluxe rooms with high-class interiors and all basic amenities such as air conditioning, a 47-inch Smart TV, high-speed Wi-Fi access, a private bathroom with bathroom essentials. There are five rooms to choose from: King Deluxe, Deluxe, Junior Suite, Superior Junior Suite, and Twin Deluxe. All five are equipped with lush comfortable king-sized beds, except for Twin Deluxe which has twin beds.


Hop in for buffet breakfast, a hearty brunch, and a nice dinner in Valais Restaurant. Able to accommodate over 100 people, this lux restaurant is praised for its specialty grilled cuts and freshly picked fruits. The place also gives out a nice ambience to relax in with some coffee and other drinks.

Bringing in the New York City style, Dalicia Pizza offers the best gourmet pizza in the town of Medellin, featuring its rich combination of flavors that satisfies your pizza cravings.


Aside from excellent rooms and tasty food, Binn Hotel also offers transfer services, room services, and events accommodations. Guests who wish to hold their conference meetings and corporate events can utilize the Dufour lounge, which has a capacity of 130 people and is equipped with audiovisual aids and built-in sound systems. Other hotel features are an indoor pool, a gym (inclusive of a fee), and a gift shop for shopping your souvenir items.

For reservations, reach out to Binn Hotel’s email or to their phone number +57 (4) 3220289. You can also check out further details at

3. Hotel Poblado Plaza

Hotel Poblado Plaza

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Elegance, exclusivity and comfort—these are the top three features that Hotel Poblado Plaza proudly provides for you to luxuriate in your stay in Medellin, Colombia. Whether it is a business or a leisure trip, Hotel Poblado Plaza is your most convenient choice, as it is located in the business and tourism district of Medellin.  


With 84 rooms, make yourself at ease among Hotel Poblado Plaza’s room types. You may pick among Superior Queen (37 square meters), Top Two Queens (33 square meters; perfect for differently abled persons), Superior Twin (with two twin beds), Suite (with a living-dining room, a meeting room, and two bathrooms), Junior Suite (with a king bed), and Executive Room (expressly designed for business travelers).


Go for an exquisite breakfast in Hotel Poblado Plaza’s La Terraza restaurant. La Terraza takes pride for their chef for preparing savory recipes, a combination of national and international cuisine, for all breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t miss out on having a delicious cup of Colombian coffee in your afternoons, while indulging on the breathtaking Medellin city view.


Thinking of making your Medellin trip extra, or one of your most memorable trips? No problem! You can book and collaborate with Hotel Poblado Plaza’s highly trained professionals for your birthday celebrations or wedding receptions. If not for such events, but rather, for corporate and business meetings, Hotel Poblado Plaza’s got your back as well. This service includes audiovisual technology, pleasing arrangements, and other options to complement your needs.

Hotel Poblado Plaza is located at Carrera 43 A # 4 Sur 75 Avenida el Poblado. For queries, contact +057 (4) 2685555 ext.140 and/or and visit for more information.

2. Novotel Medellin El Tesoro

Novotel Medellin El Tesoro

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Situated in the El Poblado district, Novotel Medellín El Tesoro is your biggest bet for its proximity to other sightseeing places such as Lleras Park (1.1 miles apart), El Poblado Park (1.3 miles apart, and Pueblito Paisa (3.1 miles apart).


Novotel Medellin El Tesoro has five room types to offer: Standard Studio, Standard Queen Room, Twin Room, Junior Suite, and Presidential Suite. As a special mention, I praise Novotel for having a Handicap Room for their customers with special needs. All of these rooms fully provide a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a desk. Specific rooms, on the other hand, have a city view and a sofa. Plus, the rooms Standard Queen Room, Twin Room, and Presidential Suite have soundproofing—perfect for having such peaceful sleep!

Breakfast Buffet

Complete your mornings with Novotel Medellín El Tesoro’s daily breakfast buffet, serving the freshest local cuisines to start up a great day ahead of your Medellin trip.

Contact Novotel Medellín El Tesoro at +57 4 6048156 or visit for more details.

1. Estelar La Torre Suites

Estelar La Torre Suites

Image Source:

Feel cozy and fabulous at the same time in Medellin’s rich and luxurious Estelar La Torre Suites, as it tops off our charts! Experience the best with its high-end quality suites, hearty buffet breakfasts, and other facilities and amenities.


Estelar La Torre Suites takes its pride for offering two kinds of suites. Planning a trip with the whole gang—your family and friends? The Estelar Suite is your most suitable choice! This spacious 108-square meter room is further divided into two separate rooms with their own private bathrooms, as well as all the amenities such as Wi-Fi Easy connection, TV, a minibar, a safe, and the hotel’s 24-hour room service.

For the budget-conscious, the Junior Suite has got your back! This 77-square meter suite has everything you need. With all the essential amenities like free Wi-Fi Easy Connection, TV, 24-hour room service, safe, minibar and private bathroom, you can definitely relax to its aesthetic ambience.


Head down to fill in your palate with Estelar La Torre Suites’ restaurants, bar, and outdoor cafeteria! The Suites’ own hotel restaurant serves the heartiest local and international dishes, whether it may be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you are up for some drinks, you may try some of their very own hand-made cocktails. If you’re in the mood for a chill-out session with a cup of coffee, enjoy the fresh Medellin air at the hotel’s outdoor cafeteria.


Of course, the number one hotel does not miss the must-have facilities for its customers. Bask in the sun and admire the Medellin skyline at the outdoor pool, or relieve your muscles for a relaxing time at the spa. Feeling the hype to work out? Drop by and keep yourself fit at Estelar’s fitness center. Aside from free access to Wi-Fi and 24-hour reception, this luxurious suite have other services such as free parking and airport transfer services.

For booking, contact Estelar La Torre Suites through 57-4-6071000 or email them at For more details you may visit their official website

III. How far is Cartagena from Medellin?

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena is a remarkable city in the Caribbean coast in Colombia. Upon exploring the beauty and wonders of the eternal spring Medellin, you might just want to make the most by visiting Cartagena as well! Traveling from Medellin to the Old Town takes about 628.8 kilometers (390.7 miles) by road and 461 kilometers (287 miles) by air.

Main Takeaways

Excited for your next trip to the City of Eternal Spring?
Here is your compressed guide to help you discover the best place to stay in Medellin, Colombia:

I. How to correctly pronounce “Medellin”

  • In the northern coast of Colombia = “meh-deh-yin”
  • In Medellín or Bogotá = “meh-deh-gin”
  • In South Africa, Argentina, or the neighboring countries = “meh-deh-shin” or “meh-deh-gin” (the “g” in “generous”)

II. Top 5 Best Places (Hotels) to Stay in Medellin

  1. Estelar La Torre Suites
  2. Novotel Medellin El Tesoro
  3. Hotel Poblado Plaza
  4. Binn Hotel
  5. Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia

III. How far Cartagena is from Medellin

  • By road: 628.8 kilometers (390.7 miles)
  • By air: 461 kilometers (287 miles)

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