Top 15 Must-Try Brazilian Desserts

When it comes to festivities and celebrations, Brazil has never failed to surprise us. With the exquisite nature and white sandy beaches, it has beautiful weather for exploring its attractions. On top of that, it’s no secret that Brazil has a diverse culture that captivates us all, but you can witness the diversity in their taste buds as well. In particular, are famous all over the world.

Most of the people in Brazil are fun-loving and colorful. And their cuisine is no different. They have amazing dishes that everyone across the world needs to try at least once. This cuisine would not be complete without the amazing range of desserts that Brazil has to offer.

These dessert items will make you float in a sea of sweets, and you’ll never regret sinking in that sea of flavors. Brazilian people always love to give their food a fusion; they do this with the drinks too. They want to make the flavors of the ingredients pop out in the desserts. And you can experience that once you try any of their famous delicacies.

Without further ado, let’s look at the top-ranked desserts from Brazil that you should try at least once in your life.

15. Queijadinha

A louche and creamy dessert that falls in the category of both macaroons and custard is Queijadinha. The name might lead you to think that the main ingredient present in this dessert is cheese, but the main ingredient is actually coconut.

Coconut gives this dessert a custardy texture, which melts in your mouth once you take a bite. The interesting thing is that this was originally made from cheese when some Brazilian slaves decided to give it a tropical twist by changing the main ingredient from cheese to coconut.

Nowadays, in Brazil, people use both coconut and cheese to make it creamier. In other words, it might seem like a coconut tart to foreigners. But for Brazilians, this is a traditional treat. This is a must-try dessert if you’re planning to travel to Brazil.

14. Cajuzinho

You might have guessed from the name that the dessert might be made with cashews. The surprising part is that it doesn’t contain any cashews typically. It’s an omnipresent dessert in the parties held in Brazil. Many people traditionally include this dessert in their parties. This dessert item consists of the vibrant flavors of peanut, which provides a kick to your taste buds.

Though there can be triangle-shaped cashews used for decoration purposes, the main taste comes from the thick consistency of condensed milk along with the heavy flavor of groundnuts crushed. You could even taste the little grounds of the peanut while eating this dessert. This can be made both professionally and traditionally. Brazilians love to add a piece of peanut to Cajuzinho at times.

13. Acai Bowl

This is a dessert that is full of flavors – all inside a bowl. This dessert is mainly made up of the fruits crushed in a bowl from Acai plum. This is a specialty in Brazil, which is certainly inspired by Amazonas. The people from Amazonas used to eat this to bring back the lost energy in their body, which used to be after doing a whole day of work. Though people in Brazil are making this available in the restaurants, it’s actually more like a traditional dish consumed for recharging yourself with energy.

At the end of the day, it is essentially a fruit bowl. People nowadays don’t want to have desserts because they think they are high in carbohydrates. But you can certainly have this fruit bowl as it’s beneficial to your health as well.

12. Quindim


The traditional dessert of Brazil, which will give you a taste of coconut custard along with ground coconut, is Quindim. This will be present in every common celebration of Brazil. Be it a birthday party or a wedding reception, no celebration is complete without Quindim; Brazilians always keep this as their ultimate dessert option. As it’s a traditional dessert, people think that keeping this is a good luck charm as well.

This coconut custard made with egg yolks gives your tongue an ultimate experience of heavenly flavors. Flavors of eggs and coconut make this custard more enhanced in taste and flavor. This traditional dish was invented by African slaves in the 17th century. Since then, it has ruled the entire country of Brazil.

11. Mousse De Maracuja

The ultimate experience of the sweet and tangy flavor of this passion fruit mousse will leave you with a smiling face for sure. This is considered to be one of the easiest desserts to make in Brazil. This is because you’ll need only using three ingredients to make this delicacy. It doesn’t involve any complicated processes such as baking or frying either.

You can make a mixture of condensed milk, passion fruit, and cream and keep it in the refrigerator for some hours. After you take this out and put it in your mouth, you’ll feel that your lips and tongue are asking for more! It’s normally presented in shot glasses, which makes it perfect as a party treat as well as for decorations.

10. Pe-De-Moleque

This is a Brazilian candy that needs strong teeth to get crushed inside your mouth. This is the simplest candy available in Brazil. This candy can be made up of only peanut and unrefined sugar from sugarcane. You just have to make caramel out of the sugar and add peanuts with it. Then leave that mixture on a flat surface, and after some hours, it will be hardened enough to eat it like candy.

The simple process is followed by different traditional bakeries, but some restaurants may add milk, cream, and more to enhance the flavor of the candies.

9. Beijinho de Coco

One of the famous treats after every birthday party is this sweet little kiss of coconut. This is mainly a truffle that has all the flavors to steal your heart. This is super soft because it’s made with coconut, sugar and condensed milk. The outer portion of this circular sweet is also covered in coconut or sugar to give it a crunchy texture.

Even on the eve of Christmas, it doesn’t fail to impress the guests as it always melts in your mouth. It’s almost as if you’re eating milk blended with coconut.

8. Canjica

This is a Brazilian dish that will soothe both your eyes and tongue as it has a soothing and creamy texture in the color white. This is primarily made with maize kernels, which are dry in nature and white in color. This dessert looks like porridge, as it has to be cooked in milk. This also looks like rice pudding because of the small grains of maize kernels.

Brazilians have this dessert both occasionally and at traditional events. On special occasions, they even give it a little flavor of cinnamon and coconut grounds. Besides that, they are also seen eating this porridge along with condensed milk, which makes it tastier.

7. Tapioca Pancakes

The standard dessert is an on-the-go dessert as it’s present in all the streets of Brazil. This pancake is made up of Tapioca flour, which makes it gluten-free as well. As it’s gluten-free, it’s one of the most healthy dessert options available in Brazil.

It has the shape of crepes, which makes it look quite appealing. There are fillings available with this crepe, which comes in mainly four flavors; chocolate, strawberry, condensed milk, and guava, whichever your taste you prefer. This originated from the north-eastern coast. Aside from eating it as a dessert, it’s also available in spicy flavors, in case you want to try that out.

6. Pudim De Leite Condensado

This is a typical creamy custard dish, which has many variations all over the world. This is a very famous dessert in Brazil as the people living in Brazil have a very diversified taste bud. Brazilians tend to make a caramel version of this custard dish.

Though there are variations in the recipes, there are some standard ingredients present in this cream caramel, which are milk, condensed milk, sugar, and eggs. People use this basic recipe and make their very own versions. It’s believed that this dish was inspired by a Portuguese meal, which is very famous all across the world.

5. Cocada

This is a basic street food that is made with shredded coconut and eggs. People all over Brazil love to have this dessert. This dish has many varieties too. Some spice this dish up with condensed milk, and some make this dessert with coconut milk occasionally.

They give you a nice texture along with a sweet taste. The chewiness is something many Brazilians love when they have this dessert. Many even make this dessert in fruity flavors so that it can be appealing to the kids and act as a healthy dessert option as well.

4. Bolo De Rolo

This is a famous Brazilian dessert in the Pernambuco state. This is widely famous and recognizable because it resembles the shape of a swiss roll. It is essentially a guava cake that tastes heavenly. This is also similar to the jelly roll cake. But the process of making this guava cake is quite complicated, as you have to make the layers very delicately.

The layers have to be brushed with guava jelly very carefully so as to ensure that it’s evenly distributed. It’s often served in slices so that the exquisite effort done on the cake can be shown to people while serving.

3. Goiabada

This dessert drink feels like a smoothie made from guava. It’s usually molded in a rectangular shape just like a brick so that after cooking, its texture doesn’t fall apart. This is mainly a marmalade that is made from guava fruit and sugar blended with water.

2. Torta Holandesa

The translation of this dessert in English would be Dutch pie. Pies are a very basic dessert available all over the world. But this dessert has a unique twist to the regular old pie. This was created in Sao Paulo.

The layers of this Dutch pie consist of wafers, which give it a chewy texture. Brazilians typically add cold white cream in this dessert so that the freshness remains intact in the layers of the pie. Dark chocolate ganache is used as a topping for this pie.

1. Brigadeiro


This is known as the national truffle of Brazil. This takes the top place in the hearts of the people of Brazil. This is one of the most popular among the varieties present in different states of Brazil.

This is also considered as a chocolate delight by the foreigners. It’s recommended that you need to taste this dish at least once if you’re traveling to Brazil. This is mainly a savory dessert that is cooked and baked on every occasion celebrated in Brazil. This Brazilian dessert was first made in 1940, and since then, it has existed in Brazil by going through several different variations. The newly added variation comes with strawberry as a filling.

Although it’s at the top of this list, that doesn’t mean that it’s very complicated to make. You’ll only need a few basic items such as condensed milk, cocoa, and butter, to make this dish. A mixture of these ingredients is rolled into circular shapes like little balls for people to eat, and that’s it! Chocolate is sprinkled on the outer covering to make it more chewy.

Final Thoughts

Brazil is a country that is rich in culture and colors. In this country, there are several noteworthy desserts to try out. This list only mentions a few that you cannot miss. So, if you’re planning a trip to Brazil, make sure that you try these items at least once.

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