Tactical Flashlights 1200 Lumens Mlok Picatinny Rail Flashlight,3 Modes Weapon Light with Remote Pressure Switch,IP65 Waterproof Flashlight with USB Charging Stand, Keymod/Mlok Mount System for Rifle


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Product Description

tactical flashlight as weapon lighttactical flashlight as weapon light

For police, hunting, military, adventure, tactical training and other personnel and tactical flashlight lovers, this Oueand flashlight will surely surprise you.

As a professional weapon’s equipment, this tactical flashlight is equipped with Keymod/Mlok mount and Picatinny mount. With a remote pressure switch, you can operate 3 light modes with one hand to meet different needs.

(Notice:When you receive the mlok flashlight, please fully charge the rechargeable cell before using it)

The lens has been upgraded, if you encounter any problems, please inform us through “Contact Seller”.

Use Tips:

a. Do not use the weapon light to point at human eyes: Especially for children, super bright light will harm the eyes and affect vision.

b. Rechargeable cell over-discharge problem: Please charge before the rechargeable cell is exhausted. In order to maintain the life of the rechargeable cell, it needs to be charged before the remaining power is 20%. It is recommended to charge the rechargeable cell once per every month and take out the rechargeable cell if you don’t use the flashlight for a long time to avoid chemical corrosion.

c. Picatinny flashlight heating instructions: General strong light military flashlight, LED will produce a certain amount of heat, this is a normal phenomenon.

Quick Guide to Installing Mlok Accessories

weapon flashlight

weapon flashlight

airsoft flashlight

airsoft flashlight

ar light

ar light

STEP 1: Assembling the Mlok Hardware

Insert the bolt into the rifle flashlight and screws the T-nut into the other end. The flush side of the nut faces the Mlok rail. The space between the T-nut and the ar flashlight is slightly larger than the thickness of the Mlok rail.

STEP 2: Insert the T-nut into the Mlok Rail

In order to insert the T-nut smoothly into the MLOK rail, make sure that the T-nut is parallel to the Mlok rail groove. If it cannot be inserted, please adjust the position of the T-nut as shown in the figure “✓”.

STEP 3: Tighten the Bolts

Secure the airsoft flashlight by allen wrench tightening the bolts.

TIP: If the bolt keeps rotating freely, it means you need to retrieve the T-nut, continue to tighten the T-nut, and then reinsert the MLOK rail.(Follow step 1)

Quick Guide to Installing Picatinny Accessories

hunting light

hunting light

hunting light light

hunting light light

light for rifle

light for rifle

STEP 1: Assembling the Picatinny Hardware

Insert the m-lok flashlight cylindrical tube body into the picatinny mount, and tighten the two bolts with a hexagon wrench to fix the military flashlight.

STEP 2: Insert the Picatinny Mount Into the Picatinny Rail

Place the picatinny mount parallel to the ar 15 flashlight picatinny rail.

STEP 3: Tighten the Bolts

After the picatinny mount is palced in gun slot, tighten the side bolts by hand.

airsoft flashlightairsoft flashlight

mlok flashlightmlok flashlight

2 Types of Switches For Weapon Flashlight

A tail switch and a remote pressure switch come with the rifle flashlight.

Remote Pressure Switch

One with a constant on button switch and a momentary on remote pressure switch (2 modes) for different tactical need.

Tail switch

The tail switch is small and convenient, with a tactical flashlight suitable for indoor, outdoor, adventure, etc. It is convenient to carry and can be put in a pocket.

Package Included ​ Mlok Tactical Flashlight*1 Rail Mount*2 Remote Pressure Switch*1 USB Cell Charging Stand*1 USB Type-C Charging Cable*1 Fixed Strap*1 Allen Wrench*1

tactical flashlighttactical flashlight

Perfect Gift for Lover & Families & Friends

Brightness (High Mode)
1200LM 1200LM

Rail Mount
Mlok/Picatinny Mlok/Picatinny/Scope

IP65 Waterproof Rating

Beam Range (High Mode)
780FT 780FT

LED Light Source

4 Hours Run Time (High Mode)

Light Modes
White White/Red/Green


3 Lighting Modes

3 Modes of White Light (Green/Red Only High Mode)

【2 Types of Switches】-A tail switch and a remote pressure switch come with the picatinny flashlight. Tail switch and cylindrical tube body are used together for indoor emergency and used as a handheld flashlight.The remote pressure switch has two modes.One for constant on switch, press to light up,second press to switch off. One for momentary on switch, press to light on, release to light off.Match with picatinny mout or mlok mout system to meet different tactical needs.
【3 Lighting Modes & Extreme Brightness】–The tactical flashlights kit has 3 light modes- High/Low/Strobe.Open any high and low mode,conventional tail switch or pressure switch gently and quickly double click to enter the strobe mode.LED cree lamp bead technology provides minimum illumination of 1200 lumens and a 240-meter beam to the military flashlight .The rechargeable flashlight adopts USB high-power charging stand to made a charging current of up to 2A, and charging time shorter than 3 hours.
【Durable Special Material & IP65 Waterproof】-The compact tactical flashlight is made of high-strength aviation-grade aluminum with black military-grade three-level hard anodized treatment matte finish, anti-wear, anti-vibration, anti-fall, cold resistance,high-elastic waterproof ring at the picatinny flashlight connection, so that the molk flashlight can be hold up to a heavy rain, suitable to use it on outdoor activities.
【Special Design for Tactical】-The mlok mount integrated tactical flashlight can be directly connected to your mlok and keymod mounting system, providing a seamless and stable profile addition to your equipment build.With the attached velcro and fixing strap,the pressure switch can be firmly fixed to tactical equipment,which made more stable and faster to achieve the goal.You can operate the remote pressure switch with one hand, and there are three light modes to meet the needs of tactics.

Tactical Flashlights 1200 Lumens Mlok Picatinny Rail Flashlight,3 Modes Weapon Light with Remote Pressure Switch,IP65 Waterproof Flashlight with USB Charging Stand, Keymod/Mlok Mount System for Rifle


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