POWSEED Universal Laptop Charger 45W Power Adapter for Dell hp Acer Asus Samsung Sony Toshiba FUJITSU Delta NEC Liteon Gateway and More chromebooks ultrabook Laptop Notebook Computer


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Product Description

POWSEED Universal Laptop Charger 45W Chromebook AC adapter for Dell hp Samsung Sony Asus Acer Toshiba FUJITSU IdeaPad Delta Nec Liteon Gateway and more chromebook ultrabook laptop computer


AC Input – 100~240V 50/60HZ

Output – DC 18.5V 19V 19.5V 20V, 0~2.37A, Max 45W.

Dimension of connectors:

T01: 19.5V 4.5*3.0mm black for Dell Laptop

T03: 19V 20V 4.0*1.7mm for Dell Hp Lenovo Toshiba Notebook

T05: 20V 11.5*5.0mm square for Lenovo Laptop

T06: 19V 4.0*1.2mm white for Asus Notebook

T08: 19V 3.0*1.1mm for Asus Acer Samsung Laptop

T09: 19V 20V 5.5*2.5mm for Toshiba Asus Lenovo Acer Fujitsu Gateway

T10: 19V 5.0*1.0mm pin inside for Samsung Laptop Computer

T11: 19-20V 6.5*1.4mm pin inside for Sony Fujitsu Nec Notebook Computer

T12: 19V 5.5*1.7mm for Acer Laptop PC

T15: 18.5V 4.8*1.7mm for Hp Notebook PC

T17: 19.5V 4.5*3.0*0.6mm pin inside blue for Hp Laptop

45w laptop charger45w laptop charger

PARTIAL COMPATIBLE LIST – [Use Ctrl + F to search the model]

For Dell 19.5v 2.31A:

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 3147 3148 3152 3153

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 7000 Series 7347 7348 7352 7353 5368 5378 5379 7368 7378

Dell Inspiron 14 3000 5000 Series 3451 3452 3458 3459 3462 3467 5451 5452 5455 5458 5459

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 7000 Series 7558 7568 3551 3552 3558 3559 3565 7560 7570 7579 7569

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 5551 5552 5555 5558 5559 5565 5567 5568 5578

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 7000 Series 5755 5758 5759 5765 5767 7778 7779

Dell Latitude 12 Series 7202 Latitude 13 Series 3379 7350

Dell Vostro 14 Series 3458 3459 5459 Vostro 15 Series 3358 3558 3559

Dell XPS 13 Series 321X 322X L321X L322X 3943 9333 9343 9344 9350 and more

For ACER 19V 2.37A :

ACER Chromebook 11 13 14 15 N15Q9 CB3 CB5

ACER Chromebook R11/R13/R15 N15q8 N16p1 N16p2 N16Q13, C738T C738T-C44Z CB5-132T CB5-132T-C8ZW CB5-132T-C9KK CB5-132T-C1LK

ACER Aspire One Cloudbook 11 14 a01-131 1-131 1-131m 1-132 1-431

ACER Aspire R7-371T R7-372T V13 Touch V3-331 V3-371 V3-372 V3-372 S5-371 S5-371T S13

ACER Chromebook R11/R13/R15 N15q8 N16p1 N16p2 N16Q13 S7-393 Acer TravelMate Spin B1 B118-R B118-RN B118-G2-R B118-G2-RN

Aspire Switch 11 12 SW5-171P SW5-171 SW5-111P SW5-111 SW5-173 SW5-173P SW5-271 SW5-271P SW7-272 SW7-272P

ACER Switch Alpha, 3, 5: SA5-271 SA5-271P SW312-31 SW312-31P SF313-51 SF314-41 SF314-55 SF314-51 SF314-52 SF314-52G SF515-51T

For TOSHIBA 19V 2.37A:

Toshiba PA3822U-1ACA PA3822E-1AC3 PA5044U-1ACA PA5096U-1ACA PA5177U-1ACA PA-1450-59 PA5044E-1AC3 PA5177U-1AC3

Toshiba Satellite C75D C75D-A7213 C75D-A7223 C75D-A7226 C75D-A7265NR C75D-A7286 C75D-B7200 C75D-B7202 C75D-B7215 C75D-B7220 C75D-B7230 C75D-B7260 C75D-B7280 C75D-B7297 C75D-B7300 C75D-B7304 C75D-B7320 C75D-B7350 C75D-B7360 C75D-C7220 C75D-C7224

Toshiba Satellite Radius 4 L15W L15w-b1302 E45W E45w-c4200 E45w-c4200x P55W P55W-B5112 P55W-B5224 P55W-B5318 P55W-C5200 P55W-C5200X P55w-b5220 P55w-c5200x P55w-c5204 P55w-c531 P55w-b5224 P55w-b5318

Toshiba Portege Z835 Z835-P330 Z835-P360 Z835-P370 Z830 Z830-S8301 Z830-BT8300 Z830-S8302 Z930-S9301

Toshiba Portege Z830 and Z835 series Laptop Notebook Series

Toshiba Portege Z30 Series Notebook Z30-A Z30-B Z30-C Z30-C1310 Z30-C1320 Z30-C-138 Z30t-C-110

Toshiba libretto W100 and W105 series Toshiba Satellite T210D T215D T230 T235 T235D series portable computers and more

For SAMAUNG 19V 2.1A:

Samsung Series 9 Notebook: NP900X1A NP900X1A-A01US NP900X1A-A01; NP900X1B NP900X1B-A01US NP900X1B-A01; NP900X1B,NP900X1B-A02US,NP900X1B-A02; NP900X3A,NP900X3A-A02US,NP900X3A-A02,NP900X3AA02US NP900X3A,NP900X3A-A03US,NP900X3A-A03; NP900X3A-A05US,NP900X3A-A05 NP900X3A-B01US NP900X3A-B01; NP900X3A-B02US NP900X3A-B02 NP900X1B NP900X1B-A01SE NP900X1B-A01; NP900X1B NP900X1B-A01AU; NP900X1B NP900X1B-A01UK NP900X1B-A01; 900X3C 900X4B 900X4C 900X4D NP900X3C NP900X4B NP900X4C NP900X4D

Samsung Series 7 Notebook: XE700T1A XE700T1A-A01US XE700T1A-A02US XE700T1A-A03US XE700T1A-A04US XE700T1A-A05US XE700T1A-A06US XE700T1A-A01 XE700T1A-A02 XE700T1A-A04 Samsung Series 5 13.3 Ultrabook: NP530U3BI NP530U3B-A02US;530U3BI 530U3B-A01US NP535U3C-A01MY NP535U3C-A01US Samsung Series 5 Chromeboo Notebook: XE500C21 XE500C21-A01US XE500C21A01US XE500C21-A03US XE500C21A03US XE500C21-A04US XE500C21A04US XE500C21-H01US XE500C21H01US XE500C21-H02US XE500C21H02US XE500C21-H04US XE500C21H04US Samsung Series 3: 305U1A-A01 305U1A-A02 305U1A-A03 305U1A-A04 305U1A-A05 NP305U1A NP305U1A-A01US NP305U1A-A02US NP350U2A NP350U2A-W01UB NP300U1A NP300U1A-A01US NP530U3B: NP530U3B-A02CA NP530U3C-A01CA NP530U3C-A03CA NP530U4B-A01CA NP530U4B-S01CA NP530U4C-A01CA NP530U4C-S02CA NP530U4E-A01CA NP535U3C: NP535U3C-A03CA NP535U3C-A04CA NP535U3C-A01CA NP535U3C-A02CA NP535U4C: NP535U4C-A01CA NP535U4C-A02CA NP535U4C-S02CA NP540U3C: NP540U3C-A01CA NP540U3C-A02CA NP900X1B: NP900X1B-A01CA NP900X1B-A02CA NP900X3A: NP900X3A-A01CA NP900X3A-A02CA NP900X3A-A03CA NP900X3A-B01CA

For Lenovo20V 2.25A :

Lenovo ADLX45NLC3A 36200246 0B47030 ADLX45NDC3 ADLX45NDC3A ADLX45NLC3 ADLX45NLC2A 45N0293 45N0294 45N0295 45N0296 36200280 36200245 45N0289 45N0290 PA-1450-12 PA-1650-72

IdeaPad 100S 100 110 110S 120S 130 130S 310 310S 320 330 330S 710S 510 ADP-45DW B ADL45WCC Flex 4 1130 Yoga 710 720 Chromebook N23 N42 N42-20 Yoga 520 series Flex 4 1130, B50-10, Miix 510-12ISK Miix 510-12IKB Miix 520 – 12IKB ADP-45DW BA, ADP-45DW C, ADL45WCC

For ASUS 19V 2.37A/1.95A :

ASUS Zenbook UX305 UX305LA UX21A UX360CA ASUS X Series X551C X551M X554L X541NC K50I K60I K52F K53U K55A S300CA S400CA S500CA S550CA V551 V550 V500 C202S C202SA-YS02 D553M E203M F510UA AD883J20 Asus Q302 Q302L Q302LA Q302U Q302UA Q303 Q303U Q303UA Q304 Q304U Q304UA Q503 Q503U Q503UA Q504 Q504U Q504UA Q553 Q553U Q553UB

For HP 19.5v 2.31A :

HP Pavilion x2 11-h 13-p Series: 11-h000 11-h110nr 11t-h100 11-h010ca 11-h010nr 11-h013dx 11t-h000 13-p110nr 13-p120nr 13-p111nr 13-p113cl 13-p117cl 13-p120ca 13z-p100

HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 F2R68UT F2R70UT F2R72UT

HP Split 13 x2: 13-g100 13-g110dx 13-g118ca 13-m000 13-m010dx 13-m100 13-m110ca 13-m110dx 13t-g100 13t-m000 13t-m1000

HP Spectre Ultrabook x2 PC 13-3000 13-4000 13t-3000 13-h000: 13t-h200 13-3010dx 13-3018ca 13-4003dx 13-h210dx 13-h211nr HP Spectre 15 x360 13 Ultrabook X2 13-4000: 13-4001dx 13-4002dx 13-4003dx 13-4005dx 13-4100dx 13-4101dx 13-4102dx 13-4103dx 13t-3000 13t-h200 15-ap012dx

HP Stream x360 11 13 14 Series: 11-r010nr 11-r014wm 11-r020nr 11-p010nr 11-p015wm 11-p110nr 11-d001dx 11-d010nr 11-D010WM 11-d011wm 11-d020nr 13-c002dx 13-c010nr 13-c020nr 13-c030nr 13-c110nr 13-c120nr 14-z010nr 14-z040wm K2L95UA K2L96UA J9V55UA#ABA

HP Envy x360 x2 13 15 M6 Series 13-j 13-4 15-c 15-u m6-ae m6-p m6-w: 13-j002dx 13-4105dx 13-4110dx 13-4193dx 13-4195dx 15-c001dx 15-u010dx 15-u011dx 15-u110dx 15-u111dx m6-ae151dx m6-p013dx m6-p014dx m6-p113dx m6-p114dx m6-w010dx m6-w103dx m6-w105dx m6-w101dx

HP 15-A 15-BS 15-BW 15-BA 15-D 15-F 15-G 15-R 17-F 17-G 17-P Series:

15-AY:15-ay011nr 15-ay013nr 15-ay103dx 15-ay104dx 15-ay191ms 15-ay039wm 15-ay041wm 15-ay070wm 15-ay107cl 15-ay147cl 15-ay053nr 15-ay061nr 15-ay063nr 15-ay083nr 15-ay145nr 15-ay163nr

15-BS: 15-bs168cl 15-bs010ds 15-bs013dx 15-bs060wm 15-bs192od 15-bs033cl 15-bs095ms 15-bs015dx 15-bs020wm 15-bs016dx 15-bs038dx 15-bs078cl 15-bs060wm 15-bs013nr 15-bs077nr 15-bs053od 15-bs091ms 15-bs080wm 15-bs053od 15-bs131nr 15-bs023cy 15-bs016dx 15-bs038cl 15-bs058ca 15-bs065nr 15-bs091ms 15-bs132nr 15-bs008cy 15-bs011cy 15-bs132nr

15-BW: 15-BW001CY 15-BW001DS 15-BW002CY 15-BW002DS15-BW002WM 15-BW003CY 15-BW003DS 15-BW003WM 15-BW004CY 15-BW004DS 15-BW004WM 15-BW005CY 15-BW006CA 15-BW006DS 15-BW006WM 15-BW007CA 15-BW007CY 15-BW007DS 15-BW008CA 15-BW008CL 15-BW008CY 15-BW009CA 15-BW009CY 15-BW010CA 15-BW010CY 15-BW010NR 15-BW011CY 15-BW011DX 15-BW011WM 15-BW012CY 15-BW012NR 15-BW013CY 15-BW014CY 15-BW016CA

15-BA: 15-BA009DX 15-BA113CL 15-BA079DX 15-BA051WM 15-BA037CL 15-BA113CL15-BA077CL 15-BA078DX 15-BA015WM 15-BA053NR

15-D: 15-d020dx 15-d035dx 15-d020nr 15-d030nr 15-d073nr

15-F: 15-f003dx 15-f004dx 15-f018dx 15-f019dx 15-f111dx 15-f215dx 15-f100dx 15-f305dx 15-f004wm 15-f009wm 15-f010wm 15-f014wm 15-f023wm 15-f024wm 15-f033wm 15-f039wm 15-f059wm 15-f085wm 15-f111dx 15-f125wm 15-f133wm 15-f162dx 15-f205dx 15-f209wm 15-f215dx 15-f211wm 15-f222wm 15-f233wm 15-f224wm 15-f271wm 15-f272wm 15-f337wm 15-f387wm

15-G: 15-g007dx 15-g010dx 15-g010nr 15-g012dx 15-g013cl 15-g013dx 15-g018dx 15-g020dx 15-g035wm 15-g039wm 15-g070nr 15-g073nr 15-g074nr 15-g075nr 15-g077nr 15-g080nr 15-g081nr 15-g090nr 15-g173wm 15-g210nr 15-g211dx 15-g212dx 15-g220nr 15-g227wm 15-g260nr 15-g273nr 15-R: 15-r011dx 15-r015dx 15-r018dx 15-r029wm 15-r050nr 15-r063nr 15-r110dx 15-r131wm 15-r132wm 15-r136wm 15-r137wm 15-r210dx 15-r264dx ect

45W 65W 70W 70W 70W 90W

18-20V 18-20V 15-20V 15-20V 18-20V 15-20V

Multi Tips

POWSEED Universal Power Adapter 45W Chromebook Charger with multi connectors works for Dell hp Samsung Sony Asus Acer Toshiba Chromebooks ultrabooks laptops and also FUJITSU Delta Nec Liteon Gateway notebook computers. *** NOT compatible with 65W or 90W laptops***
POWER RATED – Output: 19v 19.5v 20v, 0.1A 1.75A 2.25A 2.31 2.37A, 45W MAX. This 45W laptop power cord charger/ 45W Chromebook charger/ 45W Chromebook power supply is 100% compatible with 19V 1.75A, 19V 2.37A, 19.5A 2.31A, 20V 2.25A laptop ultrabook.
Advanced Safety Protection – This 45W Laptop AC adapter Chromebook power supply cord charger are all with UL Certified. Level VI energy efficiency. Advanced built-in safeguards prevent risks of short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-heating to keep your devices safe.
Fits for Dell Inspiron 11 13 14 15 17 3000 5000 7000 Vostro 14 15 3458 3459 5459 5468 XPS 11 12 13 9333 9343 9350 9360 9370 L321X L322X Chromebook for IdeaPad 100S 100 110 110S 120S 130 130S 310 310S 320 330 330S 710S 510 for Yoga 710 520 Hp Spectre X360 Pavilion X2 11 13 15 Spectre Ultrabook X2 13-3000 HP Chromebook 11 G3 G4 ACER Chromebook 11 13 14 15 CB3 CB5 R11 ACER Aspire One Cloudbook 11 14 a01-131 Aspire S5 S7 ASUS Zenbook UX305 UX305LA UX21A UX360CA Samsung Series 9 & 7 Notebooks
Fits for ASUS X Series X551C X551M X554L X541NC K50I K60I K52F K53U K55A S300CA S400CA S500CA S550CA V551 V550 V500 C202S Toshiba PA3822U-1ACA PA5044U-1ACA PA5096U-1ACA PA5177U-1ACA PA-1450-59 PA3822E-1AC3 PA5044E-1AC3 PA5177U-1AC3 T230 Samsung AtivBook GS6/GT6/7/8 X05 VM GT NT etc. [PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Universal 45W Power Supply for laptop, 1 set x connector, 1 x AC Power cord]

POWSEED Universal Laptop Charger 45W Power Adapter for Dell hp Acer Asus Samsung Sony Toshiba FUJITSU Delta NEC Liteon Gateway and More chromebooks ultrabook Laptop Notebook Computer


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