LEKI Wanderfreund High Fives Walking Pole


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*Sold as a single pole


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Best Use
Trekking Trekking Trekking Trekking Trekking Trekking

Length / Size
85 – 100 cm 90 – 120 cm 60 – 120 cm 90 – 120 cm 66 – 90 cm 100 – 120 cm

Carbon Carbon Aluminium Aluminum Aluminum Aluminium

Grip / Strap
Aergomed / Aergomed Strap Aergomed / Aergomed Strap 2K CorTec / Multimed Strap Aergomed / Aergomed Strap Aergomed / Aergomed Strap Aergon / Lock Security Strap Skin 4.0

Nordic Nordic None Nordic Nordic Trekking

Flex Tip Flex Tip Flex Tip Flex Tip Flex Tip Flex Tip

Adjustment Locking System
Speed Lock 2 plus Speed Lock 2 plus Speed Lock plus Speed Lock 2 plus Super Lock (SLS) Speed Lock plus

8.01 oz 8.47 oz 9.60 oz 9.77 oz 8.04 oz 9.67 oz per pole

Pack Size
38 cm 63 cm 60 cm 63 cm 46 cm 38 cm

4 3 3 3 3 5

LEKI_Trekking4_(c)HelgeRoeske banner copy w logo and textLEKI_Trekking4_(c)HelgeRoeske banner copy w logo and text

Recommended Pole Lengths

5’2 (158cm)
110cm 135cm 140cm 110cm 105cm 110cm

5’4 (163cm)
110cm 135cm 145cm 110cm 110cm 115cm

5’6 (168cm)
115cm 140cm 150cm 115cm 115cm 120cm

5’8 (173cm)
120cm 145cm 155cm 120cm 120cm 120cm

5’10 (178cm)
125cm 150cm 160cm 125cm 120cm 125cm

6′ (183cm)
125cm 150cm 165cm 125cm 125cm 130cm

6’2 (188cm)
130cm 155cm 170cm 130cm 130cm 130cm

6’4 (193cm)
135cm 160cm 175cm 135cm 130cm 135cm

6’6 (198cm)
135cm 165cm 180cm 135cm 135cm 140cm

6’8 (203cm)
140cm 170cm 185cm 140cm 140cm 140cm

LEKI’s GOOD OLE’ “FREUND” RETURNS TO PROVIDE EVEN MORE SUPPORT- The HIGH FIVES version of this classic walking cane provides support not only for you but for this special non-profit organization too. LEKI donates 5% of the proceeds from the sales of this single staff to the HIGH FIVES organization.
SUPER STRONG LEKI HEAT TREATED SERIES (HTS 6.5) ALUMINUM SHAFTS- There’s nothing stronger! Three (18,16,14mm) shaft sections provide a minimum packed length of 63cm and a user adjustment range of (63-120cm). Only 277g.
LEKI’s MOST USER FRIENDLY LEVER LOCKING SYSTEM- SpeedLock + , new in 2019, provides tremendous holding power in preventing unwanted and accidental pole length collapse. A very secure round dial increases or decreases clamp tension and the lever simply locks the desired length into place.
MULTI-MED GRIP PROVIDES MULTIPLE GRIPPING OPTIONS- The unique “hole in the middle” allows for additional hand & finger gripping options reducing hand and finger fatigue. LEKI’s Cork/Latex blend called “COR-TEC” provides insulation and durability.
RUBBER TIP AND CARBIDE FLEXTIP- LEKI’S Trekking Rubber Walking Tip provides a sure-footed bite on hard urban walking surfaces, remove it and beneath is the Carbide Flextip. The High-Carbon Steel Carbide Flextip is best suited for all hiking surfaces from the Trailhead to the Summit.

LEKI Wanderfreund High Fives Walking Pole


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