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Travel Neck Pillow, CSJT 100% Pure Memory Foam Travel Pillow, 360-Degree Adjustable, Comfortable ,Breathable and Supportive, Suitable for Sleep Rest, Airplane-Car-Office & Home Use (Black) (Black)


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Product Description


Technology design from CSJT Team

CSJT team is committed to providing professional neck support pillow and provide a comfortable feel for travelers. The design team was combined the requirements of more than 1,000 buyers for travel pillows and proposed improvements to our 2020 old style design pillow, and redesigned this 2021 upgraded version for 360 degree adjustment with high-low side travel pillow.The new design pillow with unique design that combines ergonomics to design a 360 degree adjustment. Not like the regular travel pillow for car, you can rotate 360 degree to find a most comfortable High and low position for your neck of the cervical spine, fits the neck without compression, and provides all-round support.Organize the overall dimensions of the storage bag the size is 6.2 x 5.9 inches and the weight is 0.6lbs, improve the pillow bag design which more durable and larger to pack the pillow easily. Released the weight and space for your travel.


travel pillowtravel pillow Q. Is this washable? A.The pillowcase is washable. We suggest washing the pillowcase before first use. Hand wash in water below 40 ℃. Q.How do I use the product? A.Unfasten the buttons first,Put the pillow on the neck,Lock the button,Pull the strap to the right size,Rotate 360 degrees to find the right position of your neck

A supportive and comfortable pillow

Five Reason to choose us.
Ergonomic design according physical structure. 360 degree all-around neck support. The high and low sides are free to choose ,with adjustable buckle, Easy to find a comfortable lying position and elastic size. Best 3-5 seconds rebound time to allow memory foam form your strength curve quickly , providing the most comfortable support and the best softness. High-quality memory foam, without bad chemical smell of pillow. Moderate hardness and softness.


CSJT newest design travel pillow with Multiple fuction updated for further optimize the shape of the travel pillow structure, the weight of the head can be dispersed to the shoulders, relax the cervical spine while using, plus the different height of the bilateral design, to a greater extent to adapt to people with different neck lenth , The head can be comfortably supported in any direction Reasonable allocation of cotton to polyester ratio, showing a smooth skin-friendly, sweat-absorbent and breathable fabric, care for your skin from abrasion. Invisible zipper, does not affect the appearance, can be removed and washed.

Upgrade the design of the concave-convex spacer memory foam, which will release heat faster when used, so that your neck will no longer feel sweltering.

Upgraded version to adjust the size, can be tighter or looser, suitable for more users.

With the different pillow length and adjustable buckle design, 360 degree around neck, the force is more uniform, provide better support for the chin with no pressure on the neck


The difference and benefits of CSJT memory foam

Traditional memory foam pillow is too soft, a pressure on the flat, can not support the weight of the head, bad posture can easily lead to cervical spondylosis. CSJT cervical pillow with soft outside and hard inside the memory foam structure, providing stronger support to maintain the natural posture of the cervical spine, maintenance and prevention of cervical spondylosis.


Washing Instructions: We suggest hand wash with water below 40℃. Gentle program machine washing is allowed. Avoid twisting or folding during drying to protect the shape of pillowcase better.

Package Included: 1X travel pillow, 2 x earplugs ,1x travel bag ,1X eye mask

【Original travel pillow, ergonomic design】Our neck pillow travel will change your travel style and lifestyle! Multi-dimensional design, natural fit, support in place, comfortable and restful, whether you are traveling by car, train or airplane, this neck travel pillow will allow you to have a comfortable sleep anywhere.
【Pure Memory Foam Neck pillow adjustable size】Improve the structure of memory foam travel pillow in different heights and thickness design to meet the needs of different neck. To provide a better support for chin and head based on adjusting the airplane travel pillow size, the newest buckle design makes it adjust the size of the pillow more easier and meet the airplane neck pillow different tightness requirements of each customer. Moreover the upgrades anti – stuffy layer memory foam.
【360-degree rotational support, neck support pillow】Supports 360 rotated adjustment. you can rotate 360 degree to find a most comfortable position for your neck. The high side is suitable for supporting the high neck and the short side to support shorter or smaller neck. If you prefer a thicker support on the neck, you can rotate any angle of the neck pillow for traveling to find the most suitable position.
【Storage and portable travel pillow, removable and washable】travel pillows for airplanes can be folded into bag easily and be hung on your suitcase or backpack, total 0.6lbs only, save package space. Eye mask and earplugs block light and sound, provide a sweet sleep on the tired journey. Washable cover is removable to wash if travel neck pillow memory foam pillow got dirty. Be your good travel partner is the greatest value of our product.
【Multi-scene applications, home goodies neck pillow】If your family and friends usually do not like to go out much, prefer home, do what you want to do, such as work at home, watch TV, read a book, play games, lunch break and so on all leisure, then this travel neck pillow with memory foam can become your good home companion, the memory foam travel neck pillow can prevent you from neck pillow pain, help you find a more comfortable posture To get your things done

Travel Neck Pillow, CSJT 100% Pure Memory Foam Travel Pillow, 360-Degree Adjustable, Comfortable ,Breathable and Supportive, Suitable for Sleep Rest, Airplane-Car-Office & Home Use (Black) (Black)


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