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J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow – 2020 Version – British Invention of The Year Winner – Supports Your Head, Neck & Chin (Black)


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Product Description


The J-pillow travel pillow helps you rest when you travel so you arrive refreshed and ready to enjoy your day – after all, who wants to waste the first day of their precious holiday recovering from the journey!

Designed by a former flight attendant after watching endless passengers struggle to sleep on flights, a travel pillow was devised with a unique 3-way support system that helps keep your head, neck and chin completely supported. This means that when you use the J-pillow travel pillow, all those problem areas are specifically targeted leaving you to simply enjoy the best rest possible.

The pillow is super soft yet supportive and makes the perfect travel companion, ideal for use on planes, trains, cars and cruises, it will help you arrive at your destination revitalized and raring to go. The added bonus is you can also use it at home, so when you come back off your holiday, don’t pack it away, use when relaxing on the sofa, watching TV, reading in bed, or for those afternoon snoozes… once you start, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

The SUN “it’s simple, it’s brilliant, and it works!”

The INDEPENDENT “this comfy pillow….provides support for the neck and chin, as well as cushioning for the side and back of the head.”

USA TODAY “The curvy part of the “J” curls under your chin, cradling and supporting your neck and chin, preventing you from snapping awake”

DAILY MAIL “A product that would make those red-eye flights more comfortable”

VIRGIN ATLANTIC “With the J-Pillow , your chin, neck, back of head and side of head are all comfortably supported”

EKSTRA BLADET (Danish newspaper) “Here is a travel pillow that actually works”







Feels like you’re resting your head on a cloud – it’s so comfortable!

3-way support system.

Ultimate support for your:

(1) head,

(2) neck

(3) chin

Unique, patented design – part of the pillow curls under your chin

to stop your head from snapping forward when you sleep.


Handy snap-loop fastener attaches to

luggage making it easy to carry when you travel.


Not just for travel

Perfect for afternoon snoozes, power napping, reading in bed etc.

Gemma JensenGemma Jensen

Gemma Jensen

The Inventor

Describe your product in three words.




How did you come up with the idea for this product?

When I was a flight attendant, I used to feel really sorry for all the passengers struggling to sleep. It became clear to me that there are three main problem areas that everyone faces when trying to sleep sitting up; (1) an unsupported head, (2) an unsupported neck, (3) and an unsupported chin. It wasn’t until a few years later though, when I was on a flight again but this time as a passenger struggling to sleep myself, that the unusual design for a travel pillow literally popped into my head – it was a real EUREKA moment! When I returned home, I bought a second hand sewing machine and set to work on making the pillow I’d visualized on my flight. I worked day and night for months and over 200 prototypes later, the J-pillow travel pillow was ‘born’.

What makes your product special?

The J-pillow travel pillow looks completely different to other travel pillows – which means it works completely differently to them too. It’s a real game-changer and offers ultimate comfort and support for anyone trying to sleep while travelling. It has been purposely designed to target those problem areas that prevent you from getting a good sleep while sitting up.

The pillow uses a 3-way support system that gives you complete support from all directions; (1) firstly, it provides a super soft , luxury cushion to rest your head against – this provides comfortable support for your head and keeps it positioned upright. (2) It fills the gap between your head and shoulders – this provides support for your neck meaning you are less likely to wake with a stiff neck, (3) the ‘trunk’ part of the pillow curls under your chin – this supports your head from the front and stops it from snapping forward while you sleep. The result – complete support and unbelievable comfort.

The J-pillow travel pillow is also the winner of the prestigious British Invention of the year award, as voted for by the British Invention Society. This gives it an official stamp of approval that it’s a great invention that actually works!

What has been the best part of your experience?

Turning a concept into reality is in itself really exciting and rewarding, as there are many challenges with starting a business from scratch. But I would say that the best part of our experience, is without doubt, when we receive wonderful feedback from our customers who tell us they love the pillow or that it has made a massive difference to their lives. Feedback like this is really rewarding to hear and there is nothing in the world that beats that feeling!

If you are interested in trying the J-pillow travel pillow, we have extended our return’s policy to 6 months. You are able to return the pillow at any time during this period for a no questions asked refund, just contact Jensen’s Inventions through amazon.
Slight adjustments when in use can make a vast difference in comfort.
EASY TO CARRY – use the handy snap-loop fastener to attach to hand luggage. The pillow can also be squeezed down to be more compact than most “U” shaped pillows.
ULTRA HYGENIC – The whole pillow can be washed, not just the cover. Just pop the whole pillow in the washing machine on a warm wash and your pillow will come out as new! Choose your support – Tumble dry on low heat for softer support or air dry for firmer support.

J-Pillow Chin Supporting Travel Pillow – 2020 Version – British Invention of The Year Winner – Supports Your Head, Neck & Chin (Black)


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