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MAXPRO Fitness: Cable Home Gym | As Seen on Shark Tank | Versatile, Portable, Bluetooth Connected | Strength, HIIT, Cardio, Plyometric, Powerful 5-300lbs Resistance


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Product Description


strong enough for shaqstrong enough for shaq


aerospace grade aluminum

aerospace grade aluminum

powerclutch technology

powerclutch technology

bluetooth connectivity

bluetooth connectivity

High Quality and Precision Engineered

MAXPRO is a highly engineered workout machine utilizing high strength aerospace grade aluminum and impact resistant plastics. MAXPRO is built to provide for the toughest workouts for years to come.

Patent-Pending PowerClutch

MAXPRO’s industry first patent-pending PowerClutch technology has a multi-plate clutch system that is capable of providing 5 pounds to an incredible 150 pounds of concentric resistance per side with the quick turn of a dial.

BLUETOOTH Connectivity

MAXPRO’s onboard electronics and sensors communicate via Bluetooth to the Coaching App, your own personal trainer, where users can track workout data, history, and progress.

adjustable resistanceadjustable resistance

Cable Lock locks out cables to use for suspension trainingCable Lock locks out cables to use for suspension training Cables NOT Bands

MAXPRO cables utilize a special blend of fiber often used in the next generation of bullet proof vests with nearly 1000lbs of break strength. Unlike bands, our cables provide constant resistance throughout your rep. Utilizing our exclusive cable lock system, cables can be adjusted to varying lengths for convenient positioning at the start of an exercise.

15x stronger than steel by weight Cable locks for suspension & eccentric training Freedom of movement & pull from any angle 9ft cables for full body & compound movements


150+ Exercises. Up to 300lbs Adjustable Resistance

MAXPRO SmartConnect is a beautifully designed machine with styling lines inspired by products as varied as Italian sports cars, hoverboards, and even athletic shoes. This inspiration, combined with our team’s artistic vision, have created an extraordinarily simple and cool looking machine, that is strong, durable, and ready for the toughest workouts.

50 resistance settings at the turn of a dial. The center fold hinge allows for portability & travel. Lightweight and compact design weighs only 9lbs. Burn, Build & Tone in a variety of exercise styles. Resistance | Strength | HIIT | Plyo | Suspension | Stretching


As Seen on Shark Tank, Shape, WSJ, Mens Health, Business Insider, Runnders World, PopSugarAs Seen on Shark Tank, Shape, WSJ, Mens Health, Business Insider, Runnders World, PopSugar


MAXPRO the new coaching appMAXPRO the new coaching app

Your Workout, Your Way.

The all-new MAXPRO Performance and Coaching app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, turbocharged and given a fresh coat of paint. Under the hood is a ton of all-new premium features to enhance the MAXPRO digital experience: classes led by certified coaches, global leaderboard and challenges, custom-built workouts, real-time performance feedback, wellness guidance and more.

Exclusive Detroit Dash – Put yourself in the driver’s seat of a world-class fitness experience. Inspired by sports car dashboards, the Detroit Dash is a patented visualization tool that puts your most vital workout data front-and-center — reps, time, heart rate, velocity, power, and more.Go beyond your goals with new classes led by certified instructors. Choose from a rapidly growing library of coached classes for all fitness goals and experience levels. Compete with others around the world via a real-time leaderboard and find classes that are trending globally.Find Your Zone in real-time, see which velocity and heart zones you’re in, then use that data to adjust your workout and overcome plateaus.Create a new challenge or join an existing one – Going it alone? Build your own challenges and set your own goals — we’ll be cheering you on. Need some company? Get people together and battle for the highest MXP score — in your own neighborhood or with fellow challenge-seekers on the other side of the planet.Health & Wellness – We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing. The new MAXPRO app doesn’t stop short at just exercise — our MAXPRO coaches curate articles published around the world focused on improving your nutrition, health, and mind.


concentric training safer, recover quicker, less stress on joins, train more oftenconcentric training safer, recover quicker, less stress on joins, train more often

Why is concentric training good for your body?

Concentric-only training has its unique benefits and the MAXPRO has some really distinct advantages with concentric-only training. Many of our customers, who are traditional weight lifters, are extremely surprised at how effective the MAXPRO is for them to build muscle and to get a great workout!


What comes with a MAXPRO SmartConnectWhat comes with a MAXPRO SmartConnect

Further Customize your home gym experience with our line of exclusive MAXPRO accessories.*

Foldable Bench*

The MAXPRO Foldable Bench expands the versatility and capability of what you can do with your MAXPRO— from bench presses and step-ups, to rows and lat pulls. The bench has a total weight-bearing capacity of 750lbs which includes the 300lb resistance capacity of the MAXPRO.

SlimLine Wall Track*

Precision engineered using high-strength extruded aluminum rails that mount directly to one wall stud. MAXPRO’s exclusive one-button up/down operation allows a smooth and quick transition from one exercise to the next in less than 3 seconds. The SlimLine Wall Track is designed for wood stud installation.

MAXPACK Backpack*

This custom travel backpack is designed to fit your MAXPRO, handles, door mounts, and the 3-piece quick connect long bar plus other accessories you may have such as the jump belt and suspension handles. Outside mesh for the water bottle and an extra compartment for miscellaneous items.


Enhance your workout with the MAXOUT 4-Pack. Your Pack includes a Foam Roller, Exercise Mat, Suspension Handles and Jump Belt.

*Available to purchase individually or as a set in our Elite Bundle Listing

WHAT’S INCLUDED: MAXPRO Raw Metal SmartConnect, MAXPRO 3-piece Quick Connect Long Bar, 2x MAXPRO Workout Handles, 2x MAXPRO Ankle/Wrist Straps, 2x MAXPRO Door Mount Brackets, USB Charger
SMARTCONNECT: Bluetooth connected model, with on-board sensors that along with the MAXPRO App track your workout, monitor your progress, provides valuable data and analytics, and coaches you to help you reach your fitness goals.
COACH LED WORKOUTS: Join a coach-led strength based workouts from HIIT, Suspension or Strength. Find inspiration and creating your own workouts and learn how to best use your MAXPRO.
BURN, BUILD & TONE: Clear adjustable concentric resistance markings adjustable from 5lbs to 300lbs with a simple turn of a dial from one exercise to the next.
VERSATILE & PORTABLE ALL-IN-ONE: Strength, Cardio, Suspension, Plyometrics & Function Training. Weighs less than 9lbs (4kgs) & folds conveniently into a ridiculously small package.

MAXPRO Fitness: Cable Home Gym | As Seen on Shark Tank | Versatile, Portable, Bluetooth Connected | Strength, HIIT, Cardio, Plyometric, Powerful 5-300lbs Resistance


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