DAMA SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Leash, Camera Seat, Pump, Fishing, Surfing, Yoga Touring Board, Fin & Backpack Travel Bag, Floating Paddle, All Round Board Surfing


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Product Description

paddle boardpaddle board

The DAMA(10’6”X32”X6”) paddle board is built tough with a lighter PVC material without an extra weight while stiffer and durable enough to maintain its high capacity and length of time used. The (6”) thickness makes it much more stable and the non-slip grip on board and triple-fins at the bottom ensure a steady ride for beginners and a smooth control for experts, adding more fun for personal, group, or family use.

sup boardsup board

BEARING|330LBS: For adults, men or women with children & pets

PRESSURE|12-15PSI: the pressure from 12-15psi is enough for normal playing on water, please note that the unit on the gauge have two reading methods, bar and psi. Up to 20 psi will not destroy the stand up paddle board, so don’t worry, the drop stitch can hold it.


Advanced Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) improves by understanding the differences in the board designs. Advanced riders pay particular attention to the gear they use. There is a huge difference between boards design for cruising, ocean surfing, and river riding.

The head of DAMA board is rounded pointed design which makes sure the steering flexibility of the SUP, at the same time maintains the speed of it when paddling. For different purposes such as cruising, ocean surfing, and river riding, the design changes accordingly. Even huge differences between different boards.

The tail of the paddle board is wide and square, which can ensure the stability of the board and the straight-line driving and durability of the course. Players can take children, pets and objects together, and are not afraid that the unstable center of gravity will capsize and fall into the water. They can also comfortably enjoy the sunshine, parties, delicious food, follow the flow of water and integrate into nature.

PLACES& PEOPLE: From family fun to fitness paddling, from lakes to rivers, the fun and stable Phase Inflatable SUP Board is the perfect all-around SUP for paddlers who like to mix things up.

paddle boardspaddle boards

Portable handle: New groove design on shaft make whole paddle more consistent, tighten, won’t shake. T shape handle with ergonomic design will increase your control of paddle, not easy to fall in water. Cap on handle will keep water from getting in and insure it’s floatage.

Camera mount| Camera seat:We add a Sport camera bracket mount on inflatable stand up paddle board, where you can install your sport camera on the paddle board directly. Record your fun moment, and share with your friends~

Bungee system:

This design frees your hands, all portable stuff can be stored in the waterproof bag and put under the elastic rope. Another trick of this part is to store paddles when you do not need them.

Magic air valve: The improved air nozzle prevents air leakage caused by internal wire-drawing residue

The improved spring is easier to operate. The state of inflation and deflation can be realized by pressing without rotating and fixing

The secondary reinforcement operation makes the air nozzle no longer easy to loosen or leak, which is more reassuring.

Removable fins: Those fins make the SUP easier to operate, add more balance when paddling. For new hands, it’s easy to install.

sup boardsup board


Portable backpack: Worry about paddling alone? Too much staff to bring with you? The high capacity backpack can easily solve this. All accessories and the board can be covered in this bag.

Floating 4 pieces paddle:

The paddle is very portable and suitable for traveling around with your SUP and it takes only seconds to assemble or break down.

It is built with a 4-piece strong aluminum shaft and a though Plastic blade. The Plastic blade is great for paddling in shallow waters and rocks because it’s shock proof, and cannot be easily damaged. Has an internal floater to not sink in the water when fully assembled.

The blade of the paddle is painted in blue, which is more eye-catching. The 4-section paddle has more uses. You can enjoy the fun of paddle and kayka at the same time

Safety leash:

Safety leash make sure you and the board get connected together, Always make sure to put on the safety leash when paddling.

Reparing wrench: The repairing wrench inside can help to to tighten the valve when you are cleaning the board.

sup boardssup boards

Waterproof Bag

There is a waterproof bag included, which facilitate your paddling a lot. Even if you paddle alone, you can put all necessities in the waterproof bag, the elastic bungee can hold it when paddling. It makes sure that all stuff with you is dry and safe.

Shoulder Strap

This is our innovative design. When you move the inflatable paddle, the shoulder strap can be fixed on the D-ring, which is very convenient and labor-saving. Even women can move paddles easily.


1) According to feedback from users, We improved the Internal piston design and hose design of the gauge so it can pump for longer, the pump won’t being hot or stop working. It takes shorter time than before which to some extend saves energy.

For D-rings besides: The D-rings on the back can help you

Connect to the paddle so that the paddle will not drift away or disturb you to stay on the sup board

Connect to another board with your kids or pets, so that they can enjoy paddling with you.

The DAMA inflatable paddle board stand up paddle board, focus on outdoor brands, rich in production experience. Strive for a bright future with DAMA!

inflatable sup boardinflatable sup board

9’6” *30” *6”/10’6” *32” *6”/11′ *33” *6” 11’*33″*6”/12’2” *34” *6”/14’*45″*8” 10’6”*32”*6” 10’6″*31″*6” 10’6″*32″*6” 8.74” *6.81”*3.77

Men or Women who like nature Single/Couple/Family who like challenge Men or Women who like nature Men or Women who like challenge Men or Women who like challenge Free Hand & Save Energy

Lake, seaside,River Lake, seaside,River Lake, seaside,River Lake, seaside,River Lake, seaside,River

Suitable for
All round,Surfing,Yoga,Travel All round,Surfing,Yoga,Travel,Fishing All round,Surfing,Yoga,Travel,Fishing All round,Surfing,Yoga,Travel,Fishing All round,Surfing,Yoga,Travel,Fishing SUP, Inflatable Boat, Tent

Max user weight
275lbs/330lbs/352lbs 352lbs/500lbs/1100lbs 330lbs 330lbs 330lbs 4.63lbs

Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium

Hand Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump Electric Pump Portable

Pet friendly

🏄【MILITARY PVC & FLOATING PADDLE】 DAMA inflatable stand up paddle board is made of Military Ultra Light PVC Drop Stitch Fabric. That creates a stiff, rigid and sturdy stand up sup board which is durable for years. The premium anti-slip soft deck ensures safety and enhances grip. Our 3-piece collapsible aluminum paddle is floating, it will NEVER sink, that provides great convenience to you. This floating paddle has an ergonomic weight, which is 45% lighter than the standard paddle board paddles.
🏄【BLOG HELPER SPORT CAMERA MOUNT】 Want to share your life and become an online celebrity like other bloggers? Want to record your happy time with your friends on water? Still take pictures with the cell phone in your hand? We specially add a Sport camera bracket mount on the top of the inflatable stand up paddle board, where you can install your sport camera on the sup paddle board directly. This updated design belong exclusively to DAMA. Start to record your fun time on water from now!
🏄【EXTRA STEEL D-RINGS EXTRA FUN】 10 minutes to inflate and 5 minutes to deflate, this inflatable paddle board is very convenient to set up. In addition to the grip handle, the unique extra steel D rings on the paddle board bring extra convenience to carry. You can also use these rings to connect your stand up board with your friend’s, and enjoy the traveling together. A kayak seat can also be installed on the SUP board with these rings. This is another exclusive design for DAMA.
🏄【FULL ACCESSORIES PLUS WATERPROOF BAG】 It comes with everything you need to start paddling : the 10’6″ blow up paddle board, Sport camera bracket mount on the paddle board, 4-piece length adjustable floating paddle, double action hand pump which has air pressure gauge, safety ankle leash, removable fin, 5L waterproof bag for essentials such as keys and food, transparent waterproof cell phone bag, a large comfortable backpack to hold everything.
🏄【CUSTOMER AS GOD SERVICE】 This DAMA inflatable paddle board is an all-around multifunctional board, with a weight capacity of 320 lbs, it is suitable for Yoga, Fishing, Surfing or carrying kids and pets together in both fresh and salt water. As a manufacturer, we stand by the quality of our SUP paddle boards and treat every customer as god, and we are glad to provide a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost. Time will tell how perfect DAMA is in quality and fun!

DAMA SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Leash, Camera Seat, Pump, Fishing, Surfing, Yoga Touring Board, Fin & Backpack Travel Bag, Floating Paddle, All Round Board Surfing


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