Portable Smart Selfie Stick, 360° Auto-Rotating Auto-face Tracking Mobile Phone Tripod, Smart Camera Phone Holder, Suitable for All IiPhone Android Phones


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Product function description

Portable automatic tracking smart capture selfie stick, 360 camera stand, iphone stand for tripod, smart shooting camera, vlog phone holder for automatic photo video camera.
1.360° unlimited rotation
2. Face recognition and tracking; object tracking
3. Intelligent shooting; AI composition
4. Free choice of horizontal and vertical switching; support tripod installation
5. Short video shooting and production artifact
6. The third-generation rechargeable model, long-lasting battery life, bid farewell to dry batteries (costly and troublesome) embarrassment

Product parameter

Product weight: 185g
Product size: diameter 85x high 165mm
Support phone size: 56-100mm
Continuous working time: about 50 hours
Mechanical angle: horizontal 360° infinite position, vertical two-way 37°
Charging interface: Type-c
Support APP: Facebook/TikTok/youtube/WeChat overseas version video and voice, etc.


1. The shooting effect of the mobile phone may be affected by the shooting environment. Choose the correct lighting environment and maintain the correct light source.
2. Please do not move too fast, otherwise the object tracking camera may not be able to keep up with you.
3. Do not hold the phone holder with your hands to avoid shaking.
4. Automatically stop tracking when answering (video) calls.

1.360°Automatic Rotation: The smart pan/tilt gimbal can automatically rotate 360 degrees to track and shoot real-time objects. It will automatically rotate with your movement, set the posture and automatically take pictures at a fixed time of 3 seconds, which is better than a fixed stand more flexible.
2. Face Automatic Recognition and Follow-up: It can automatically recognize the face and motion track, especially suitable for shooting videos of children or pets (dogs, cats, etc.), capturing every movement and recording every moment of baby growth. You can record vlogging, Instagram, Facebook Live and video. The exquisite design, lightweight portable device puts in the handbag, you can use it to make outdoor videos and group photos.
3. Object Tracking and Intelligent Shooting: 360° Capture every expression and move,you can make video calls and live broadcasts, video recording and photo shooting when you are moving. The automatic tracking Pivo camera mount introduces the AI technology of human body image synthesis and proportion estimation into intelligent shooting, which can rotate 360 degrees and automatically recognize people/PET. Take action automatically at a fixed time of 3 seconds.
4. Free Choice of Horizontal and Vertical Switching: Adjustable to horizontal and vertical modes. Horizontal 360° unlimited position, vertical two-way 37°, convenient for you to shoot from different angles, at the same time compatible with iPhone and Android gimbal stabilizer tripod.
5. Simple Operation: The new 360° pan-tilt has a built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery and USB charging port. After fully charged, the camera holder can be used for up to 50 hours, bringing you continuous ideal results.

Portable Smart Selfie Stick, 360° Auto-Rotating Auto-face Tracking Mobile Phone Tripod, Smart Camera Phone Holder, Suitable for All IiPhone Android Phones


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