Audeze Mobius planar Magnetic Closed-Back Headphones (Carbon)


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Gaming headsets Gaming headsets

With Mobius, you just don’t play a game, you’ll live it. With fully-integrated WAVES Nx surround sound functionality, Mobius produces the same awe-inspiring cinematic experience you would find in a theatre. Immerse yourself in your favorite movie. Unplug and listen to music, binge watch Netflix, or re-watch Game of Thrones. Connect to your PCs, game consoles, and mobile devices by USB-C, Bluetooth, or analog (cables included). Boom mic (removable) is also included, and will work with communications like Twitch as well as your phone calls.

“The Audeze Mobius isone of the most exciting headphones we’ve come across and nothing short of a game-changer. It has phenomenal sound – that much is expected – but what I didn’t expect was just how fantastic its built-in surround sound could be. Even calling it that is reductive. This is more than just surround sound. Mobius is VR for your ears.” Review from

“I tried the Audeze Mobius headphones with “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Mobius quickly proved their worth once enemies started intruding into my comfort zone. I found myself inside a building when I heard the unmistakable hum of a car getting closer and closer behind me. I turned back and I pointed at the source of the sound that was coming from outside the house. Then I tracked the sound as it moved. The real test for the Mobius was whether I was tracking that sound accurately. I followed the sound of the car through the building walls when it crossed a window and I could finally see the car. It was proof that I was hearing exactly where the car was located from the moment I first heard it.” Review from Business Insider

“If you can get past the the cost, the Audeze Mobius are superb gaming headphones. Sound quality is some of the best you’ll find in gaming headphones and the Mobius are incredibly versatile thanks to the multitude of connection options. The Audeze Mobius are more than just gaming headphones to keep at your desk. They’re everything headphones to bring with you into the world too.” Review from IGN.

PC gaming

PC gaming

headphone video pc

headphone video pc

wireless Bluetooth iphone

wireless Bluetooth iphone

High-End PC Gaming. Discord certified!

Mobius gives you the most realistic listening experience due to our Planar Magnetic drivers and the 3D surround sound – you’ll easily hear characters before you can see them! For PlayStation, you’ll use the USB connection, and for Xbox, you’ll use the analog cable (with some feature limitations). Control keyboard commands with your head movements via our key-binding features. For example, you could program a “head-up” move to peek around a corner or bring up the map in PUBG.

Watch movies in 5.1 from your laptop or tablet

Using the USB cable, watch movies in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. You can turn the head-tracking feature on/off to your preference and, using our app (PC & Mac) set your very own HTRFs for the best sound, specifically for your ears.

High resolution audio via Bluetooth

With the new LDAC codec, you get 3x the data rate! Perhaps more importantly, LDAC does not change the sample rate before compression like all other systems. This means your 96kHz or 192kHz files are not down-sampled to 44.1kHz. And LDAC is available on virtually all Android phones/tablets.

HTRF, room emulation, surround, 3DHTRF, room emulation, surround, 3D

Customize the audio to your own ears and have your head movements control your games!

With Audeze’s HQ application (Windows or Mac) you can input your specific head measurements to get the most exact audio. Measure your own intra-aural and head circumference distances and add the room ambience. Additionally, you can use key-binding to allow your head movements with Mobius control some aspects of your games (depending upon the game, of course). For example, while playing PUBG, you can tilt your head up to see the game map. Or move your head to the left to peek around corners or bring up a barrier.

Driver technologyDriver technology

Audeze’s Planar Magnetic Technology

Audeze’s innovative technology delivers incredibly clear, accurate sound that reveals everything on the recordings. We use space-age materials in an ultra-thin diaphragm four times larger than typical headphones for fast response, dramatically reduced distortion, higher resolution, and improved imaging.

WAVES, Nx, head tracking, surroundWAVES, Nx, head tracking, surround

WAVES Nx surround sound technology with Mobius

Waves is a world-leading developer of audio DSP technologies and featured on many hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games throughout the world. A recipient of a Technical GRAMMY award, Waves is acclaimed by many top professional users worldwide. More than 400,000 recording studios, mixing and mastering facilities use Waves’ portfolio of cutting edge technologies on a daily basis to create top-selling music, movies, and games. Waves’ professional technologies, 25 years of expertise, and passion for sound are now utilized for premium audio experiences on consumer electronics devices.

Audeze, LCD, LCD XC, planarAudeze, LCD, LCD XC, planar

About Audeze

Audeze started in 2008 in a garage (of course!) when its founders came across a revolutionary flexible circuit material developed for NASA. Realizing this could be a great advance in planar magnetic technology, they first started to make pro audio PA speakers, but switched direction and started making headphones – the LCD-1.

Fully integrated surround sound functionality – Mobius produces the same awe-inspiring cinematic experience you would find in a theatre. Mobius looks just like a 5.1/7.1 sound card to your computer.
3 ways to connect – Switch from USB to wireless, featuring Bluetooth, AAC, & LDAC. And with the new LDAC technology, you get three times the data bandwidth as other Bluetooth headphones for superior audio. Finally, high-rez audio over Bluetooth!
Crystal-clear voice calls – Mobius comes with a flexible/detachable boom microphone with built-in noise attenuation, mute/unmute functionality, and independent volume controls to provide exceptional voice quality. Discord Certified.
Comfortable – Mobius’s comfort is enhanced by the inclusion of replaceable, contoured memory foam ear pads and an adjustable, durable memory foam padded headband.

Audeze Mobius planar Magnetic Closed-Back Headphones (Carbon)


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