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JOGANVE 7 Inch Car GPS Navigation

According to your choice of JOGANVE navigation system, the GPS navigator can make position by GPS satellite signal receiver and display on the navigation map. The system can calculate a best route after setting the destination, which can help users to arrive the destination safely and rapidly. The system can let you enjoy the individual charm and enjoy your trio by many different ways such as vision map, vivid animation, voice indication, and words indication.

1. Why doesn’t postcode work? Why GPS is not accurate?

A: The common reason is that the GPS info is weak or no signal. Please test to receive the GPS info at the first time use or the device reset. As possible as to receive the GPS info in empty place or strong signal place etc, In stead of at home, high building, remote area etc.

2. How is the battery life?

A: About 30-40 mins working if without charging. If the sat nav doesn’t work, please please let us know it first or ask without return.

3. How to set the speed limits and speed unit?

A: 1Please ensure that the program language is English (US) at first. Then If want to change km to m, the way setting: [Main menu–Navigation–Settings (tools icon)–Regional–Units and Formats –Distance] (Kilometers/Meters, Miles/feet, Miles/yards)

2The speed limits: [Main menu–Navigation–Settings (tools icon)–Sound and Warnings–Speed ​​Warning Settings] Warn when my speed is 100% of limit. It is recommended to set it to 100%.

4. How to use Postcode search?

A: Fristly, the postcode search is within “Find Address” (NOTE: If the postcode contains space, such as “G43 1E8”, don’t forget to enter a space, otherwise the search will not match.) [Menu– Navigation–Destination–Find Address–Select City/County–Enter Postcode]

The specific navigation functions are depended on your choice of navigating software. Please refer to the Navigation Software Instruction.

Package List:

1 x Touch Screen GPS Navigation

1 x Car Charger

1 x MINI USB cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Car Bracket

1 x Back Bracket


JOGANVE 7inch Clearer screen display, which gives you a better visual experience.


4 Routes Options √ Fast √ Green √ Short √ Easy POI Search

Find Places contains two search methods: Quick Search/Custom Search

Quick Search: Look for POIs around the car or during the trip, such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Custom Search: Contains all the contents of the Quick Search search. In addition, you can select other countries and cities to find public service places. The setting method is the same as Quick Search.

6 Destination Search Methods

While positioning successfully, the GPS will automatically switch to the current position of the vehicle. We only need to set the destination to start navigation.

1.Find Address: for precise address lookup

2.Find Places: POI Search

3.Coordinate Search


5.Postcode Search

6.Find on Map

Tips for advice:

1.This GPS doesn’t support internet, and does not offer Real time traffic information.

2.The built in battery work about 30-40 mins if no connect car charger.

3.The power indicator light will change from RED to GREEN if full charging. Please use our specific car charger correctly.

4.When you use the FM transmit the voice will coming out though the car audio. After using it, please turn off the FM, otherwise the GPS will no sound.

5.Before you install the GPS please clean the glass first, and then install the mount on the wind shield. Please note: install the GPS far away from car airba







7 inch TFT LCD display

With a larger 7-inch LCD touch screen, you can see your GPS maps more clearly than ever. NOT

Our touch screen technology makes it easy to connect to the new destination or receive additional information. AT

Insi, you can sit back and enjoy your trip because you know you have the best navigation in the world at your fingertips.

FM transmitter function

FM does not mean FM radio, it’s an FM transmitter. It is used to transfer the sound to the car.

The FM transmitter must transmit the audio signal to the receiving device. Take for example FM 90.0MHZ, set the navigation frequency to 90.0 MHz, even for the reception frequency, now both devices are in the same frequency band, which allows the navigation to emit sound. When the FM is on, the unit is automatically in standby mode

Sensitive touch screen

Get rid of the unknown with JOGANVE satellite navigation. Get rid of the traditional touch screen with a pen, this GPS navigation allows you to touch the screen with your fingers, very sensitive and intelligent. Easily find the best routes with the search menu or just tap a point on the map and you’re ready to go.

✔【Multi-Language】The GPS navigation supports voice broadcast speed and can calculate a best route after setting the destination, providing intelligent route planning and sound warning, telling speed limit and estimated arrival time, map Voice Language allows for Englisth, French, Spain, Finnish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian
✔【Large Capacity】Our sat nav comes with High performance CPU, built-in 8GB ROM 256MB RAM, support up to 32G extended memory, plenty of room for you to storage the maps and materials, and also comes with a car charger, back bracket mount, (no SD/TF card included)
✔【7 Inch Touch Screen】7″ TFT LCD touch screen is clear and sensitive, 800 x 480 resolution. It made by the tempered glass and high-quality sensors and has a full viewing angle and high brightness (500cd) that wen can see the map clearly even under the Sun
✔【Safe Purchase】Offer 100% satisfaction – 30 days money back guarantee and 12 months warranty. If you have any questions about the product or installing, please contact us via Amazon message, we will reply you in 24 hours

Car GPS Navigation GPS Navigation for Truck & RV & Car, Driver Alerts, Turn-by-Turn Directions, 2022 Map with Free Lifetime UpdateMap Update


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