LED Flashlight High Lumens Rechargeable XHP90 10000 Lumen Powerful Super Bright High Powered Handheld Waterproof USB Emergencies Flashlights, with COB Work Light, USB Output, by JAY-PARK


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Flashlight Suitable for Emergencies And Daily Life

1.Jay-park Flashlights high lumens built-in upgraded XHP90 LED Flashlight with high powered flashlight 10000 Lumen, Large area irradiation and Irradiation distance up to 3000ft, Our rechargeable flashlight is about 10 times brighter than normal LED flashlight.

2.Jay-park Rechargeable Flashlight is with 7modes, Main light mode::Strong light / Medium light /Strobe and a telescopic zoom. Side Light Mode:Strong light / Medium light /Red light / Red strobe You can switch the spotlight and floodlight mode by retracting the lamp head. adapt to different environments of lighting.

3.Jay-park Tactical flashlights is made of high-quality aviation aluminum for excellent heat dissipation, which has the functions of IP56 protection waterproof, The LED flashlight with high lumen is suitable for harsh environments such as thunderstorms, heavy snow weather, etc. It is flashlights for emergencies

4.Jay-park Tactical flashlight Built-in overcharging and over-discharging function for the long life, and could be rechargeable more than 150,000 times. has 4 led indicator lights displaying charge level, each indicator light represents 25% power. So that you can see the power status at a glance.

5.Jay-park Super Bright Flashlight is suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, running, Work study, cycling, power outages, emergencies, Daily dog walking, family emergency

LED FlashlightLED Flashlight

Jay-park high-power flashlight has zoom function: you can change the mode of spotlight or floodlight by pushing and pulling the head of the flashlight

Floodlights for close observation: can light up a 150-square-meter back garden

Spotlight for long-distance observation: can illuminate objects up to 1000M



Zoom Flashlight

Zoom Flashlight

Zoom Flashlight

Zoom Flashlight

XHP Flashlight

Powerful wick determines the brightness and service life of the flashlight. Powerful flashlight with the new XHP90 LED wick will be a must-have flashlight for everyone in the future

Rechargeable Flashlight

Jay-park (x100) usb Rechargeable flashlight is equipped with pro rechargeable battery for long life (8-15 hours of use on a single charge)

Waterproof Flashlight

Tactical flashlight body made of HA III aluminum, rugged and durable, waterproof protection level of IP56, can cope with heavy rain, snow and other climatic weather



About battery loading instructions: We are equipped with a special upgraded rechargeable battery, which has a long battery life. It is recommended to use our special battery. Before loading the battery, please pay attention to tear off the transparent protective film on the surface of the battery, followed by the positive and negative poles. The correct way to put it: put the positive pole into the inside of the flashlight, and put the negative pole into the tail of the flashlight, (as shown in the above picture)



JAY-PARK is an enterprise dedicated to high-performance, high-quality LED energy-saving flashlights. Provides you with a safe and reliable flashlight

Weight: 298g length: 6.6inch Diameter: 1.57inch Material:Aluminum Alloy LED Core:XHP90 4 Core


1* JAY-PARK (X100) 10000 Lumens LED Flashlight

1* JAY-PARK Rechageable Battery

3* AAA Batteries

1* Type-c Cable

1* Battery Plastic Tube

1* Tightenable Flannel Bag

1* LED Flashlight Case

1* Flashlight Lanyard

1* AAA battery holder

1* user’s manual

LED flashlightLED flashlight

LED flashlightLED flashlight

Matters needing attention:

1.Do not directly irradiate the eyes with light to avoid adverse reactions to the eyes;

2.When using the flashlight, check that all threads are tightened without loosening, otherwise it may cause no light and light light;

3.The flashlight is waterproof for life, generally raining will not cause problems, but it does not have diving function. Do not carry this flashlight for diving or put it in the basin or bathtub for a long time.

【USB Rechargeable Flashlight】 with Type-C Fast Charging Function. The C-type Charging Interface Van be Vonnected to var Chargers, Computers, Power Bank and Other Devices with USB Interfaces to Charge the Flashlight, Makes Charging Very Convenient. At the Same Time, It is Commendable That it Also Has an Output Function That Can Charge Your Mobile Phone. When You Encounter an Emergency Situation Where Your Mobile Phone Suddenly Loses Power in The Field, You Can Use It.
【Handheld Flashlights】The Button of the JAY-PARK(x100) Flashlight is The Middle, Ergonomically Designed and It Comes with 4 Indicator Light, Each Light Represents 25% of the Power, Allowing You to Keep an Eye on The Flashlights Usage and Prevent Power Outages in Emergency Situations (Note: Please Charge The Flashlight in Time When the Battery Power is Below 25%,Extends Battery Life)
【COB Side Light Flashlight】 Double-Click the Switch to Turn on the COB Side Light. There Are 4 Modes: High Light/Low Light/Red Light/Red Flash Light. If You Are Camping Enthusiast, Reading Book Before Going to Bed or Looking at Map Light Dource Will Protect Your Eyes Well. Red Light Rffectively Protects Night Vision Without Affecting the Adaptive Optical System. The Red Flash Light Function is Very Useful for Calling for Help or Reminding People if You Encounter an Unexpected Situation.
【Every Day Carry Flashlight】 JAY-PARK (X100) EDC Flashlight is Lightweight, with a Body Length of 6.69 Inches and Weight Equal to 10oz Including the Rechargeable Battery, Main Light with 3 Modes of Operation: High/Low/Flash Light is an Excellent Choice for Work Lights or Searchlights, Durable Aviation Aluminum Construction, IP56 Waterproof Protection Rating, Whether for Daily Tasks, Patrols, or Walking Exploration, The is Indispensable Companion.

LED Flashlight High Lumens Rechargeable XHP90 10000 Lumen Powerful Super Bright High Powered Handheld Waterproof USB Emergencies Flashlights, with COB Work Light, USB Output, by JAY-PARK


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