MARSHAL Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD Aluminum Body MAL22000H2EX3-MK (renewed)


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Product Description

Store your important Digital Files.

Space-saving design external portable Hard Drive.
You can retrieve data of your favorite movies, music, photos etc at any time as you like.

MiniSHELTER is a convenient data storage that allows you to easily access your Digital Movie files and Computer storage immediately.
While preserving valuable data, we tried to develop so that we can transfer data quickly and use it without stress.

MiniSHELTER has quietness that does not make the presence feel even during operation.
That’s because MiniSHELTER is designed to allow owners to be immersed in the world of video and music.

Simply save any data by dragging it to the recognized folder. No software installation or complicated setup is required.

Concept of MiniSHELETR

■Mini SHELTER has removed all unnecessary function and design

MiniSHELTER includes no software except to store your digital files.
It is important for us to not to shred off MiniShelter owner’s precious storage space.
This whole capacity is yours.

MiniSHELTER is designed as simple as it could be.
It is because we can not judge your sensitivity by our intention. To be sophisticated, simple to remain in the owner’s wisdom. Moreover, ease of use was given top priority.

What is good conpared to other products

■MiniSHELTER is easy enough to start using by anybody without any manual.

From that moment when you reach the owner’s hand,
you can simple start using it just by connecting to your Computer or TV, PS4, xBox etc…

MiniSHELTER has no complicated setting or installation like any other product.

Because the concept of design is based solely on keeping the owner’s data and keeping it simple and easy to use. We thought the Simplest way and the Simplest function.

· Stress-free high-speed transfer

MiniSHELTER will not let you wait. The fastest transfer rate, Instantly store your valuable data. MiniSHELTER, In order to realize the data transfer rate, It is being adjusted. Therefore, you can store your data without stress. Just by dragging your file into MiniSHELTER, As if you actually put items in the box, You can put data in and out.

· Compatible with All Digital Data Service

Corresponding Service: PS3 (Play Station 3) / PS4 (Play Station 4) / XBox / XBox One / Digital movies / Digital Dramas / Digital Music Files / Console to Gaming devices

※ There might be an unexpected compatibility problem with constant models. Please be sure to double check with your owned device manufacturer before purchasing.

· MiniSHELTER = Innovation

Unlike other manufacturers, Marshal’s MiniSHELTER was made with the theme of “simplest”. Designed to be operated by anyone with intuition.

· Simple design
· Simple connection method
· Simple application

Please enjoy how smooth this data storing will be.

Featuring Stylish Alminium Body with luxury aluminum material, convenient to carry, lightweighted and ultra-small. Also excellent heat dissipation and durability confident.
Supporting: USB3.0 USB2.0 / Best Graded Speed / TV Recording
Store Your Favorite Anime, Manga, Picture, Movie, and so on.
[No Setting Required] No more setting, No more downloading. Just Slap on and There you go.
Warranty: 6 month full warranty from Purchase Date

MARSHAL Portable 2TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD Aluminum Body MAL22000H2EX3-MK (renewed)


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