Tucok 011 RTS Drone with 4K Camera for Adults, 3KM FPV Transmission ,3-Axis Gimbal Quadcopter with EIS Anti-shake ,Obstacle Avoidance,GPS drone with Brushless Motor with 2 Batteries


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Product Description


Tucok 011 RTS Drone Configuration Instructions

011RTS Drones with camera for adults 4k011RTS Drones with camera for adults 4k

Weight:20.6 OZ

Max Flight time:28 Mins (Charging Time: about 5 hours)

Dimension:7.6×3.8×4.3 IN IN (Folding)/13.98×13.8×4.3 IN (Unfolding)

Camera:4K camera with 3-axis gimbal (Adjusted angle -90°+0°)

Photo Resolution:4K(4096*3072) stored in SD card

Video:2K@25fps stored in SD card

Max Video Transmission Range:9800ft(Depends on mobile device and environment)

Max Supported SD Card:128GB (not included)

Max Height:393ft

360°  Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

360°  Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

4K drone with gimal with EIS

4K drone with gimal with EIS

3KM FPV Transmission

3KM FPV Transmission

360° Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Only for Low-Speed flightIf you need to experience the obstacle avoidance function, you need to be in an open outdoor environment.Before the power of the drone is turned on, the laser obstacle avoidance camera needs to be installed first(Please refer to the manual for installation)The drone equipped with a laser obstacle avoidance, can detect obstacles within 20m (60ft) before making an alert and stop immediately

High-Quality Image and Video

The 011 RTS drone is equipped with an UHD 4K camera, combined with a 3-axis mechanical gimbal and EIS technology, which can bring you smooth and clear real-time images.

3KM FPV Transmission

Equipped with a brand-new relay transmission system module to enhance 5G transmission, allowing you to have an super-long-range (around 3KM) flight experience and uninterrupted real-time video transmission.

LCD remote control

LCD remote control

Brushless Motor

Brushless Motor

Intelligent&High Performance Battery

Intelligent&High Performance Battery

LCD Remote Control

The remote controller can be charged during flight, and there will be a charging reminder. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, no need to replace the battery frequently, it is more convenient to use.

Level 5 Wind Resistance x Brushless Motor

The brushless motor used in 011RTS can reach a speed of 11M/S, level 5 wind resistance, more powerful but low noise, high-quality brushless motor, can ensure you stable flight and safe return home.

Intelligent Flight Battery

Come with 2 intelligent batteries extended the flight time up to 56 minutes.Max Flight time:28 Mins (The power adapter output is 5V / 1~2A,Charging Time: about 5 hours)The status of the led light can display the remaining power

GPS Auto-Return-Home

GPS Auto-Return-Home

GPS Follow  Me

GPS Follow  Me

Waypoint Flight

Waypoint Flight

GPS Auto-Return Home

For flight safety, the drone will launch the RETURN TO HOME function automatically if comes to some emergency situations as below:

1. Low battery power

2. Lost the radio signal

3. Press the RETURN TO HOME button manually(One Key Return)

Notice: pls make sure your drone is on GPS mode (the “MODE2” will be shown on the screen) before take off,if you are in outdoors

Follow Me Mode

In GPS mode, just click the follow me Feature to execute 011 RTS and automatically follow your walking route (following distance 30m).


During the execution of the feature, scan obstacles and stop following.Cannot be used in low Low battery power state.

Waypoint Flight

GPS assist feature-waypoint flight, by clicking on the app map, plan the flight route of the drone. After the setting is successful, the drone will automatically fly the route, free your hands, and fly simple and interesting!

Spare parts list for 011 RTS Drone

Spare parts list for 011Spare parts list for 011


The “XiL MAX” app requires the device operating system version: IOS v11.0, Android v6.0 or above.We suggest inserting an SD card on the drone to store pictures and videos to get the best results.You can view the SD card content in the APP album.The Federal Aviation Administration requires registration for this drone to fly in the US.

What You GET

1 x011 RTS Drone1 x Rechargeable Remote Controller1 x Obstacle Avoidance Camera2 x Intelligent Batteries( 2 pcs in the Travel Bag)1 x USB Power Cable1 x User Manual, 4 x Propeller, 1 x Screwdriver1 x Travel Bag Important Note:

1. Drones need to fly in an outdoor environment.

2. The distance between the two drones must be at least 20 meters in all directions.

3. Turn on the the remote control first and then the drone.

4. The drone equipped with a relay transmission system needs at least 40s to pair with the remote control. Make sure to keep distance with other drone users so as to avoid the disturbance.

5. If you need to activate the 360° intelligent obstacle avoidance, you need to install a laser obstacle avoidance head module before starting the drone. (Referring to the manual)

6.91oz 9.06oz 20.8oz

29x29x4cm(Unfolding) 11.81×10.43×2.55 IN (Unfolding) 13.98×13.8×4.3 IN (Unfolding)

1080P photo& video 4k photo&2k video 4k photo&2k video

Max control range
328ft 4265ft 9800ft

Max wifi range
300ft 4265ft 9800ft

Max battery life
20 Min 30 Min 26 Min

Flight condition
indoor indoors&outdoors indoors&outdoors

Brushless Motors
No Yes Yes

2 Bartteries 2 Bartteries 3-Axis Gimbal

SD Card
No 64GB (Not included) 128GB (Not included)

3KM FPV Relay Transmission: The Relay FPV transmission technology brings higher image clarity and better stability, avoiding signal loss, achieves max 3km FPV transmission range; LCD controller provides high-brightness display, let you have the full control of fly condition.
360° Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance: 011RTS drone is equipped with a Laser Obstacle Avoidance Camera. The obstacle avoidance detection distance is 65FT (around 20 meters), the remote control will trigger an alert and the drone may not be able to move forward. Need to be in an open outdoor environment and only for low-speed flight.Make the first flight of beginners safer.
4K UHD Camera with Gimbal and EIS: Equipped with 4K Camera and Sony 175 Sensor offering ultra-high definition footage and greater freedom in image layout;pictures are taken in 4K; videos are recorded at 2K@25fps; 3-Axis Gimbal plus EIS system help to create pro-level videos that is consistently stable, clear and smooth.
56Mins Flight Time& Brushless Motor:Includes 2 intelligent flight batteries support up to total 56 minutes fly(28 minutes each);High quality brushless motors provide powerful but low noise flight when it is working.011 RTS drone can resist level 5 winds,make your flight more stable and safe.
Easy and Fun Fly: Assisted with GPS system, 011 RTS will auto-return home when it lost the radio signal, low battery power, or One Key Return To Home(RTH), giving you a worry-free and safety flying experience;Features with Follow Me, free your hands to take complex shots; Waypoint Flight let the drone automatically fly with a customized route.

Tucok 011 RTS Drone with 4K Camera for Adults, 3KM FPV Transmission ,3-Axis Gimbal Quadcopter with EIS Anti-shake ,Obstacle Avoidance,GPS drone with Brushless Motor with 2 Batteries


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