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Atwerda 45W USB C Laptop Charger for HP Chromebook X360 11-ae000 14-ca000 14-ca052wm 14-ca051wm 14-ca0061dx 14-ca060nr 14-ca020nr 14-ca091wm 11-ae051wm 11-ae001tu 918337-001 , LX65A200225


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Compatible Models:

For HP Chromebook X360 11 G1 EE / 11 G2 EE / 11 G8 EE /11 G7 EE / 11 G6 EE / 11A G6 EE / 13 G1 / 14 G1 / 14 G5 / 14A G5 / 14 G6

For HP Chromebook X360 11-AE000: 11-ae051wm 11-ae001tu 11-ae027nr 11-ae001nr 11-ae002nr 11-ae010nr 11-ae020nr 11-ae027nr 11-ae030nr 11-ze040nr 11-ae044cl 11-ae051wm 11-ae091wm 11-ae131nr

For HP Chromebook X360 11A-NA0000 11A-NB0000: 11a-na0010nr 11a-na0020nr 11a-na0021nr 11a-na0030nr 11a-na0035nr 11a-na0036nr 11a-na0040nr 11a-na0050nr 11a-na0060nr 11a-nb0013dx 11a-nb0047nr

For HP Chromebook X2 12-F000: 12-F040DX 12-F014DX 12-F015NR

For HP Chromebook X360 14-CA000 14-DA0000 14-DB0000 14A-NA000: 14-ca051wm 14-ca052wm 14-ca091wm 14-ca092wm 14-ca020nr 14-ca021nr 14-ca023nr 14-ca030nr 14-ca040nr 14-ca050nr 14-ca060nr 14-ca061nr 14-ca070nr 14-ca061dx 14-da0011dx 14-da0021nr 14-da0003tu 14-db0030nr 14-db0040nr 14-db0041wm 14-db0043wm 14-db0044wm 14-db0023dx 14-db0020nr 14-db0050nr 14-db0031nr 14-db0051nr 14-db0055cl 14-db0060nr 14-db0080nr 14-db0090nr

For HP Chromebook X360 14A-NA0000 14B-CA0000 14C-CA0000: 14a-na0010nr 14a-na0020nr 14a-na0030nr 14a-na0040nr 14a-na0050nr 14a-na0060nr 14a-na0022od 14a-na0642cl 14b-ca0010nr 14b-ca0013dx 14b-ca0015cl 14b-ca0023dx 14b-ca0025cl 14b-ca0036nr 14b-ca0061wm 14c-ca0010ca 14c-ca0020ca 14c-ca0026ca 14c-ca0030ca 14c-ca0053dx 14c-ca0065nr

For HP Chromebook X360 15-DE0000: 15-de0010nr 15-de0010br 15-de0021cl 15-de0035cl 15-de0043dx 15-de0517wm

For HP Spectre x2 12-A000 12-AB000 13-C000: 12-a001tu 12-a001cy 12-a001dx 12-a008nr 12-a009nr 12-ab010nr 12-c012dx 12-c052nr 12-c053nr

For HP Spectre pro 13 G1

For HP Elite x2 x360: 1012 G1 / 1012 G2 / 1030-G3 / 1030-G4 / 210 G2 Detachable PC

For HP Pavilion X2 12-B000 10-N000 10-P000: 10-p012nr 10-p010nr 10-p018wm 10-p020nr 10-n103na 10-n054sa 12-b010nr 12-b017ca 12-b020nr 12-b004tu

For HP Envy X2 12-E000 12-G000
SPECIFICATIONS:: Power MAX: 45W , Input: 100 – 240V 50 – 60Hz, Output: DC 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A Connector size: 45w USB Type-C Power Adapter
Compatible with HP Chromebook X360 14-CA 14C-CA 14A-NA 14B-CA 11-AE 11A-NB 14-DA 15-DB 14a-na0010nr 11a-na0021nr 14a-na0020nr na0035nr na0060nr na0022od 14b-ca0010nr 14b-ca0013dx 11a-nb0013dx 14b-ca0015cl 14b-ca0023dx 14b-ca0025cl 14b-ca0036nr 14c-ca0000 14-ca0043cl 14-ca003cl 14-ca0053dx 14-ca0065nr15-DE0000 15-DE0523DX 14-ca061dx 14-ca020nr 14-ca060nr 14-ca043cl 14-ca052wm 14-ca051wm 14-db0070nr 12-f014dx. ;HP Spectre X2 X360;Elite X2,Pavilion X2,Pro 2 :HP Pro x2 612 G2 table
Compatible with HP Spectre x360 13-ac033dx 13-ac013dx 13-ac063dx 13-ae011dx 13-ae012dx 13-ae010ca 13-ae052nr 13-ae015dx 13-ae023tu 15-bl152nr 15-bl075nr 15-ch011nr 15-ch075nr 15-ch012nr HP Spectre x2 12-A 12-AB Series 12-a001tu 12-a001cy 12-a001dx 12-a008nr 12-a009nr 12-ab010nr Spectre X360 13-W 13-w060nz 13-w063nr 13-w084nz 13-w037tu 13-V Series: 13-v001dx 13-v010ca 13-v039TU 13-v040TU and more.
Compatible with HP Part Number PA1450-33HQ 918337-001 844205-850 TPN-LA07 828769-001 828622-003 828522-002 814838-002 ADP-45ME TPN-LA06 860066-001 918338-003 860210-850 PA-1450-33HD ADP-45VE BB 815049-001 A045R031L TPN-CA01 TNP-CA02 TPN-DA04 PA-1450-33HP 24415 TNP-LA07 863469-001 815049-003 R35737 V5Y26AA PA-1450-33HP pa-1450-78
WARRANTY & SUPPORT : 30 days Refund , 24-Months Replacement!!! The return window will be closed a month after you received the the product. CONTACT US, we will try best to offer you a satisfying solution in 24 hours.
Compatible devices: Laptops

Atwerda 45W USB C Laptop Charger for HP Chromebook X360 11-ae000 14-ca000 14-ca052wm 14-ca051wm 14-ca0061dx 14-ca060nr 14-ca020nr 14-ca091wm 11-ae051wm 11-ae001tu 918337-001 , LX65A200225


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