Top 8 Fun Things to do in Houston at Night

fun things to do in Houston at night
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Top 8 Fun Things to do in Houston at Night
The Nightline and the Nightlife (and the Ghosts are No Exception)

There are so many fun things to do in Houston at night, but I’ve narrowed it down to the Top 8! This is no ordinary list of things that I see are fun, but are statistically the best things to do in Houston, Texas! You don’t believe me? Check out the Appendix Section at the bottom of this article to find out for yourself!

Pardon? You’ll just take my word for it?

Well in that case, I won’t let you down! Before we get into it, I want to advise you on why you should choose to experience the nightlife in Houston in the first place.

Welcome to Houston, Texas! …Now What?

When you hear the state, ‘Texas’, you’d usually think of cowboys sitting on the saddles of their horses and maybe even imagine a bull charging towards a man with a red cape. Although these scenarios are very much alive and thriving in Texas, it’s not all about tumbleweeds tumbling and toothpicks hanging out of your mouth.

This large city, which is the largest in Texas and fourth largest in the country, is a vacation spot for tourists and a great place for tourist-centered businesses to set roots. Now, what can a city in Texas have that attracts so many out-of-town folks?  Fortunately, even with the COVID-19 lurking to ruin our fun, businesses can still accept a 50% of customer capacity. Well aren’t you just lucky? It’s great that Houston are pros at accommodating tourists and their needs and wants. However, after a day of sightseeing, or even after a day of hard work from the office (for the regular Houston citizens), where wan what would you go and do to simply unwind and treat yourself? Well, go and do the top 8 fun things to do at night in Houston, of course!

The Ultimate Top 8 Fun Things to do in Houston at Night

8. Watch a Live Performance at a Theatre or Catch a Movie (Indoors and Outdoors)

fun things to do in Houston at night
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Rather than stay at home and put on Netflix, wouldn’t you rather go out and watch a live performance? No? Let me try to convince you then.

Houston is claimed to be the best in theatre after New York. Also, theatres don’t have to be that dark and majestic room where seats seem to be only for the rich. The Miller Outdoor Theatre accommodates performances and audiences in the fresh and open air of Herman Park. Best part is that it’s completely free! You heard me right. You have to pay Netflix monthly, but if you want to get out for your cramped hotel room or house, then visit the Miller Outdoor Theatre and watch “Classical music, jazz, world music and dance, ballet, Shakespeare, musical theatre, classic films, and much, much more” (Miller Outdoor Theatre Website). If you plan to take your family with you, worry not as all performances are “family-friendly”!

If you are cliché and do enjoy the classical way of watching theatre, head on down to the Theatre District of downtown Houston. These theatres, which look like pieces of art themselves, take up 17 blocks. I guess it’s safe to assume that the theatre business in Houston is thriving. And what other explanation would there be if not because of their quality performances.

7. Visiting the Bars for a Good Time (duh)

Houston bars
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The list wouldn’t be telling the truth if it doesn’t include going to the bar. Going to bars is practically the usual nightlife people enjoy. However, the bars, Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, La Carafe, 77 Degrees Rooftop, and Sugar Room, aren’t just regular old beer sellers. They were reviewed and rated as some of the top bars of the city because of the sheer liveliness. When inside, the choice of staying out on the patio to feel the night breeze, makes it all worth the while. The historical value and setting, the rooftop view of the night skyline of Houston, and the bright and bold colors of the interior that make it almost seem like day despite what the night sky says. However, if you’re used to these types of bars, there are two others that I found to be engaging and more fun.

If you are a fan of the American TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and watched up to season seven, then I don’t really need to explain what a Pedal Party is. But I know for a fact that it isn’t a proper mode of transportation! Poor Jake. For the others who did not understand that whole dialogue, the Pedal Party of Houston is an absolute must-try. It’s like an outdoor bar on wheels. You’d either rent a whole Pedal Party for 16 people or join a mixer if you’re on your own and would like to bring a few friends. Who knows, you might even to meet new long-term friends or even ‘the one’. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and just focus on you having a good time under the stars covered by a tent-like umbrella while pedaling and drinking along with 14 other people.

Now hold on, if you’re not up for exercising while socializing and drinking, I still have one card up my sleeve that I have saved for last for a reason. If you want to visit only one place for the night, it should be the Axelrad Beer Garden. It doesn’t sound like much right now, but don’t be too quick to judge as it is “a gathering place for the community offering beer, wine, drinks, Luigi’s pizza, live music, and a grove of hammocks, Axelrad aims to be a place for all” (Axelrad Beer Garden Website). I don’t know about you, but that does sound like the whole package of a night adventure that is both fun and relaxing.

6. Take Part in the Haunted Walking Tour (Nightly Spirits)

fun things to do in Houston at night
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Right off the bat, the ‘Nightly Spirits’ websites states that they “offer unique ghost tours, haunted food tours, and haunted pub crawls that take you on a journey to explore the creepy history of…Houston” (Nightly Spirits Website). If it wasn’t already clear enough in this subheading, this tour is not for the faint hearted considering it takes place at night. Dramatic effect much? Also, be sure to bring cash as you have to pay from 9 to 25 dollar per head. A piece of advice, don’t invite a large crowd with you if you’re paying.

5. Just Observe and Admire

fun things to do in Houston at night
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If you love to explore and walk while being surrounded by art, nature and knowledge, you’re in luck as I have the 3 best places in Houston that gives you just that! First up, the Houston Museum of Natural Science. This museum is filled with facts and stories of Earth’s and it’s cohabitors’ pasts. But the real reason this museum is even on the list is because of its changes of lighting and impact when visited at night. Picture a museum at Disneyland or Disney World or something. Yep, it’s that awesome!

Next on the list is Light Spectacle at The Twilight Epiphany Skyspace. If you’re more of an astronomer and not an anthropologist or paleontologist, then the Twilight Epiphany Skyspace in Rice University is right up your ally. Although, you do need to keep time because the light sequence of colors can be seen only during sunrise and sunset. Through this experience, you can see the prism of white light first hand.

Now, if you want something a bit more exciting with the company of a crowd, then head on down to Keham Boardwalk. It consists of nightly events that range from live concerts to boat events. The fun thing about the massive boardwalk is you won’t be seeing the same thing every night. Unlike the previous two, am I right?

4. Go Golfing, Bowling and Everything Related

cosmic bowling
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The number one stress reliever for all you youngsters and the competitively spirited competitive games. After a day’s work, schooling or sightseeing, you’d want to keep that energy up and let your competitive side let loose in Houston’s TopGolf, Lucky Strike Lanes, Pinstripes and Indoor Karting. You can choose between golfing, bowling or racing. Although, like at carnivals, they will cost you a couple of bucks to play. Hence, if you’re paying, at least do your best to win! Now go on and dominate at the golf course, bowling lane or race track! 

3. Chuckle and Wheeze at Comedy Shows

fun things to do in Houston at night
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When I said that you’ll find a place in Houston at night that’ll help you unwind, you can do so when someone tickles you with words and pure wit. And the not so secret ‘The Secret Room’ is just the place. I’ll give you a break, I’ll let The Secret Room website itself to explain when it deserves your time:

“Our front bar room and roof top patio are open 7 days a week from 5pm to 2am. We host stand-up comedy, music, and a variety of other events both in our bar room and in our back show room. We have 16 beers and ciders on tap plus cold brew nitrogenated coffee on tap as well. We also have a full bar and small wine selection. You can bring outside food in and there are also a variety of good options nearby.” (The Secret Group website).

Now let’s go on to your second option, KiKi Maroon’s Burly Q Lounge. This option is only for bachelors and those of age since it is for those who are looking “…for a sexy good time!” (yelp) with a mix of standup comedy.

2. Take a Tour Around the City

fun things to do in Houston at night
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Pretty self-explanatory enough, don’t you think? I will, however, give you the important details on ‘how’ to get a tour around Houston at night:

Astroville Tours provides different tours depending on what you want to see. These include:

  • Food Tour with Tunnel Access

Tour length: 3 hours

Distance: 4-5 city blocks

  • Downtown Underground Tunnel Access

Tour length: 2 hours

Distance: 0.3-0.5 miles (all air-conditioned)

  • Bar Crawl Tour with Tunnel Access

Tour length: 2 hours

Distance: 4-5 city blocks

  • Astroville Baseball Game Day Tour with Tunnel Access

Tour length: 1.5-2 hours

Distance: 8-10 city blocks

  • Rockets Game Day Tour with Tunnel Access

Tour length: 1.5-2 hours

Distance: 10-12 city blocks

  • Downton Weekend Tour with Tunnel Access

Tour length: 2 hours

Distance: 10-20 blocks 

  • Light Rail Train Tour of Houston

Tour length: 2-2.5 hours

Distance: 6-10 city blocks

2. Houston City Tours’ Rental Party Buses:

fun things to do in Houston at night
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  • Double Decker Bus Rental for you to have a private tour of your own with 42 seats and 4 hours on the road. Although, you can pay for more hours.
  • Shuttle Bus Rental is the cheaper choice with a private tour for 32 people and 2 hours on the road. Although, you can pay for more hours.

1. Take Part in Escape Rooms

escape rooms
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I’m just as shocked as you. I didn’t even fathom that escape rooms would dominate the long list of fun things to do in Houston at night. But I have a theory. Maybe, just maybe, it’s on the top of the list because ‘The Escape Game’ is the number one escape room in the country (The Escape Game Website)! This activity would be best for team building exercises or if you and a couple of friends wanted to test how you all react to a challenge. That only question remaining is, “Are you up for it?”

Quick and Important Reminders While You Explore Houston at Night

These are plenty of places that cannot be visited and experienced in one night. I think it’s best that you pick the places that catch your interest and try to fit it in your upcoming night adventures! Be sure to double-check their opening hours too as the ongoing pandemic forces such businesses to close down for the moment.

  • Take safety precautions

You will most likely cross your mind that strolling and visiting Houston hotspots at night might be too risky. So, to discuss the elephant in the room, is Houston safe? Well, it’s a yes and a no. Depending on the area of the city. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to scare you away. That’ll defeat the whole point of this article. However, I just want to warn and remind you that in Houston, and practically in most cities in the world, at night it is not completely safe for people to take a stroll. Make sure to take a cab or rent a car and not walk the streets at evening and late-night hours. If this mode of transportation cannot be possible, just remember to have pepper spray on you and try walk in the downtown and midtown of Houston where it’s safer because of the dense amount of people and the not-to-shabby-looking homes. 

Main Takeaways

fun things to do in Houston at night
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All right, I admit that you can’t really remember all that in one go. Fortunately for you, I thought ahead of time and made you a summary that highlights the main things you’ll want to do, go to and see to have a fun night in Houston. A few advises too.

The Ultimate Top 8 Fun Things to do in Houston at Night:

1. Take Part in Escape Rooms

– The Escape Game

2. Take a Tour Around the City

– Astroville Tours

– Houston City Tours’ Rental Buses

3. Chuckle and Wheeze at Comedy Shows

– The Secret Group

KiKi Maroon’s Burly Q Lounge

4. Go Golfing, Bowling and Everything Related

– TopGolf

– Lucky Strike Lanes

– Pinstripes

– Indoor Karting

5. Just Observe and Admire

– Houston Museum of Natural Science

– Light Spectacle at The Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

– Keham Boardwalk

6. Take part in the Haunted Walking Tour

– Nightly Spirits

7. Visiting the Bars for a Good Time (duh)

– Petes Dueling Piano Bar

– McGonigel’s Mucky Duck

– La Carafe

– 77 Degrees Rooftop

– Sugar Room

– Pedal Party

– Axelrad Beer Garden

8. Watch at a Theatre or Catch a Movie (Indoors and Outdoors)

– The Miller Outdoor Theatre

– Theatre District of downtown Houston

Quick and Important Reminders While You Explore Houston at Night:

– Spend and Schedule your time wisely before going out

– Take safety precautions.

Well, I guess you’re all set! But before you go, remember to always have fun on your night outing! I didn’t do all this research for you to not enjoy yourself!

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Well, would you look at that. You actually scrolled all the way down just to check the facts! I highly appreciate it. Go on and check my research strategy and methodology in Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1  |  How I got the ultimate top 8 fun things to do in Houston at night

RankTripAdvisorPanda ReviewsTrip101 (For Teens)Overseas AttractionsYelp
1Astroville ToursVisit the Houston Museum of Natural Science at After DarkAttempt to play at the Escape RoomsThe Escape Game Houston AroundThe Secret Group (Comedy Group)
2Nightly SpiritsRome Houston in a Double Decker BusGo for Indoor KartingDowntown AquariumLoft18 Houston (Golf)
3Petes Dueling Piano BarCatch a Theatre ShowVisit Kung Fu SaloonKeham BoardwalkMiller Outdoor Theatre
4McGonigel’s Mucky Duck (Bar)Enjoy a Comedy ShowVisit TopGolfMuseum of Fine ArtsPinstripes (Bowling)
5Axelrad Beer GardenSee the Light Spectacle at The Twilight Epiphany SkyspaceBowling at Lucky Strike LanesExplore Houston Theatre District on SegwayKiKi Maroon’s Burly Q Lounge (Comedy Shows and more)
6La Carafe (Bar)Enjoy a Baseball GameGo to the top of the San Jacinto MonumentMontrose DineSugar Room (Bar)
777 Degrees Rooftop (Bar)Visit the Houston Zoo in winterCatch a movie at Landmark Theatres River OaksHard Rock Café HoustonIPIC Houston (Theatre)
8Pedal PartyEnjoy a movie or a performance at the Miller Outdoor TheatreGo to the observation deck of the JP Morgan Chase towerHaunted Walking Tour (Nightly Spirits)ExitusVR (Virtual Reality)
Website inspirational/cities/19-fun-things-to-do-in-houston-at-night find_desc=Fun+Things+To+Do +On+Date+Night &find_loc=Houston%2C+TX

Note: All the activities underlined indicates that the category it belongs to is mentioned in another category mentioned in the list of another source.

Figure 2  |  How I ranked the top 8 fun things to do in Houston at night

RankActivityBreakdown (The lower the score, the better)
1Take Part in Escape RoomsTop 1 + Top 1 = 2 / 2 = 1
2Take a Tour Around the CityTop 1 + Top 2 = 3 / 2 = 1.5
3Chuckle and Wheeze at Comedy ShowsTop 4 + Top 1 + Top 5 = 10 / 3 = 3.33
4Go Golfing, Bowling and Everything RelatedTop 2 + Top 4 + Top 5 + Top 2 + Top 4 = 17 / 5 = 3.4
5Just Observe and AdmireTop 1 + Top 5 + Top 7 + Top 6 + Top 8 + Top 2 + Top 3 + Top 4 = 36 / 8 = 4.5
6Take part in the Haunted Walking Tour (Nightly Spirits)Top 2 + Top 8 = 10 / 2 = 5  
7Visiting the Bars for a Good Time (duh)Top 3 + Top 5 + Top 6 + Top 7 + Top 8 + Top 6 = 35 / 6 = 5.83
8Watch at a Theatre or Catch a Movie (Indoors and Outdoors)Top 8 + Top 7 + Top 5 + Top 3 + Top 7 = 30 / 5 = 6

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