Top 15 Best Places to Live in Wyoming

Wyoming, located in the Western part of the United States, is the second least densely populated state in the country. With clean air and clear skies, the Cowboy State is a dream come true for outdoorsy people. It has tons of wide-open spaces with hardly any traffic on the roads. And you can find several best places to live in Wyoming for every type of person.

Due to the state being dominated by small towns, everything you need is available at proximity. Plus, the cost of living is low since it’s one of the states with the lowest taxes. It’s a friendly state where the neighbors genuinely care about your well-being.

Best Places to Live in Wyoming

Any place in Wyoming is a reflection of the state as a whole. However, certain places surpass the suitability for living more than others. To help you choose the ideal one for you, we have reviewed the top places to live in Wyoming. 

1. Lander

Located in central Wyoming, Lander is a charming town with above 60 percent of the residents owning their own home. The town has the infrastructure for easy transportation, reasonable cost of living, and outstanding public schools. Standing at a very low crime rate (93 percent lower than the national average), it’s an ideal place to move to, considering safe living. It’s a great place for families, retirees, as well as young professionals. You may check this out for jobs at Lander. 

Even though it’s a small town, a lot is happening especially on weekends when people explore the Sinks Canyon, State Park. Situated in Wind River Country, this town attracts a lot of tourists especially during summer due to its adventurous offerings such as hiking, rock climbing, and fishing. 

Median Income: $53,028

Median Home Price: $236,200

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.8/10

Source: Charles Willgren / Wikimedia

2. South Park

Located in Teton County, South Park is one of the best places to live in Wyoming. The small town has a rural feel to it, and it’s ideal for settling down or starting a family. Most of the people have their own homes in South Park, which portrays that they are there for the long haul. You can check this for available real estate or homes for sale. 

The town has top-notch public schools that provide excellent education such as Jackson Hole High School and Alta Elementary School. The unemployment rate stands at 0 percent which itself should give you a reason to live there if you’re planning to continue growing your family. Also, the crime rate in the town is 83 percent lower than the average in Wyoming. 

Median Income: $100,050

Median Home Price: $966,100

Comfort Index (Climate): 5.7/10

South Park

3. Cody

Just 50 miles away from the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park, Cody is a town with a suburban feel. It’s ideal for the ones who want to raise a family as it has sufficient amenities to do so, with breathtaking surroundings. The public schools are highly-rated by the folks here with a student-teacher ratio at 12:1. It’s also great for professionals as the unemployment rate is 1 percent, and the people here enjoy a short commute time with an average of 12 minutes.

There are a lot of properties available to both buy and rent which gives you more options if you were to try living here for a few months before you decide to settle down for good. Plus, the crime rate it 58 percent lower than the national average.

Median Income: $53,598

Median Home Price: $277,400

Comfort Index (Climate): 7.1/10

Source: Steve Cukrov / shutterstock

4. Laramie

Home to the University of Wyoming and Wyoming Technical Institute, 50 percent of the population here has a bachelor’s degree and over 20 percent has a master’s or a professional degree. The progressive town is mostly crowded by youth which is why it also supports various new neighborhoods and businesses. It also has outstanding public schools with the second-lowest high school dropout rate in the Cowboy State.

Laramie is one of the safest places in Wyoming with a crime rate 59 percent lower than the national average. The town is filled with outdoor opportunities especially with the Snowy Range and the Vedauwoo. The downtown is lined with a mixture of restaurants serving delicious food and shops selling most likely anything you’re looking for. That being said, Laramie stands at the top three in terms of the best places to buy a house in Wyoming.

Median Income: $38,451

Median Home Price: $242,800

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.4/10

Source: Rolf_52 / shutterstock

5. Kemmerer 

Referred to as “The Fossil Capital of the World” the quiet town, Kemmerer is quite a treasure for archaeologists. The title is quite fitting as the town even celebrates a festival dedicated to fossils. With a crime rate of 75 percent less than the national average, Kemmerer holds the crown for the safest place to live in Wyoming. 

It has a sturdy economic position, with an unemployment rate of 1 percent. Even though it is considered a sleepy town, it holds the state’s largest music festival, Oyster Ridge Music Festival which brings in a lot of visitors from outside. Conveniently, the town is hardly 10 minutes away from Kemmerer Municipal Airport. 

Median Income: $71,250

Median Home Price: $176,600

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.4/10


6. Rafter J Ranch

Located in Teton County, Rafter J Ranch is a small town with a sparse suburban atmosphere with mostly conservative residents. A lot of young professionals live here as job opportunities are great. The A Grade public schools ensure quality education to its students so if you have children, moving to Rafter J Ranch will be beneficial to them. Also, the crime rate is 86 percent lower than the state’s average which is a deciding factor if you want to start living in a new place. 

The town has a brilliant infrastructure that supports your day to day life to a great extent. Also, it’s a great place for entrepreneurial professionals to invest in property or buy homes especially if the intent is to live somewhere that is abundant in nature. You may check this out for available homes. 

Median Income: $123,082 

Median Home Price: $755,600

Comfort Index (Climate): 5.7/10

Rafter J Ranch

7. Pinedale 

Situated against the western slope of the Wind River Mountain Range, Pinedale is one of the most scenic towns in Wyoming. The town is surrounded by thousands of acres of the breathtaking wilderness of the Wind River Range. Also, Pinedale has the shortest commute duration in Wyoming with an average of just 10 minutes. The outstanding school has the lowest dropout rate in the whole state as well. 

Also known as the “Land of Lakes”, around 1,300 lakes stream through the town that allows you to indulge in multiple recreational water activities such as fishing and boating. You can also enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating at proximity in the White Pine Ski Area. Pinedale has got activities for everyone all year round. So the town is quite suitable for individuals or families who love adventure as well as the calm suburban feel. 

Median Income: $72,083

Median Home Price: $264,700

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.0/10

Source: Wikipedia User MR. Pockets | GFDL

8. Evanston

Situated on the Wyoming Utah border, Evanston is a relatively big town (in Wyoming standards), and it’s one of the safest places to live as its crime rate is 80 percent lower than the national average. The motto of the town is “Fresh air, freedom, and fun” and that’s exactly what the town serves. You can make the best out of the snowy winters by skiing and sledding while the summers can be spent hiking and camping in the wilderness.

The town is just an hour and a half from Salt Lake City so you can easily go for a weekend family trip there. Also, local organizations always host exciting events that you can take part in. Although people seem to rely on Utah for a lot of provisions in this town, the up and coming locally-owned businesses are getting better at providing everything the residents need.

Median Income: $49,333

Median Home Price: $195,700

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.3/10


9. Cheyenne

Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming with a population of more than 60,000. Being the biggest city of the state, it has commuters coming in everyday from nearby towns such as Sheridan and Laramie. 

There are a lot of positive factors that you can count in if you want to move to Cheyenne. First, in terms of affordability (cost of living), it’s on the top in comparison to the other capitals in the country. The unemployment rate is 3.8 percent less than the national standard. With the median income, you have a great possibility of saving up and purchasing a home. 

The quality of life is great as well since the physical and mental health of the residents is considered to be at a very high level. This might also have to do with the fact that you can breathe in clean air and experience beautiful nature with multiple parks and plains all around the city. Also, the recreational opportunities are endless that include skiing, ice skating, cycling, hiking, camping, and more.

Median Income: $54,845

Median Home Price: $253,900

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.8/10

Source: Source: Nagel Photography / shutterstock

10. Lyman

Located in the Bridge Valley, Lyman is a suburban town in Wyoming. With the majority of the population owning homes, this town is a great option if you’re planning to settle down with your family. With the median income, you can comfortably save and purchase a home here.

You may also check this out for available homes. Rent is approximately less than $800 a month so you may opt for it before you decide to purchase a home.

The town is a hub for various recreational activities. Thanks to Uinta Mountain Range which gives you the opportunities to hike and camp especially at the weekends if you want to take in the wilderness.

Median Income: $74,474

Median Home Price: $212,300

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.7/10

Source: Wikipedia User CGP Grey 

11. Douglas

Douglas is a pleasant and friendly small town with scenic surroundings. The town sees an increase in visitors during the summer as it hosts the Wyoming State Fair & Rodeo. Living here is relatively affordable in comparison to the other towns and cities in Wyoming. The average rent is a little over $600 per month. 

The unemployment rate in this town is low as well with health insurance owned by the majority of the population. Douglas is 45 minutes away from Casper so if you’re someone who’s planning to commute from there, choosing Douglas to move to would be a viable option. The town is famous for its railroading heritage so you can check out the Locomotive Park to learn more. 

Median Income: $57,543

Median Home Price: $227,900

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.9/10

Source: Flickr

12. Buffalo

Located in Johnson County, Buffalo is a town worth mentioning in the list of the best places to live in Wyoming. Considering population diversity, above-average public schools, and median income, Buffalo is a great place to live in.

Job opportunities in the town are great as well. The friendly neighbors will make you feel at home as everybody knows each other in the small community and most of them run a locally-owned brewery.

Adventure seekers should consider keeping Buffalo at the top of their list for the final decision as the Bighorn Mountains play a huge role in recreational activities. Camping, hiking, skiing, or snowmobiling, the town has got everything covered.

Also, note that the flourishing industries in this town are tourism, farming, and ranching, so if you’d like to stick to these sectors, this town should be a viable choice for you. 

Median Income: $49,475

Median Home Price: $252,500

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.8/10

Source: Martin Kraft / Wikimedia

13. Jackson

Another town to pursue your outdoor adventures is Jackson. It’s close to the National Elk Refuge with snow-capped mountains as a backdrop. Undoubtedly, this is one of the highly favored places in Wyoming where hiking, skiing, and other recreational activities are indulged in by everyone.

The most popular ski resort here is the Snow King Resort which also is a crucial factor for the successful tourism sector in this small town. One of the most difficult skiing trails is offered in Rendevous Mountain but a contrasting experience can be found in the Town Square. 

The cost of living is comparatively higher than the majority of the towns in Wyoming which necessitates a solid career plan before you decide to move here. If you’ve got that covered, Jackson is an excellent place to settle down because of the highly-rated public schools, low unemployment rate, and fast-growing economy.

Median Income: $64,345

Median Home Price: $802,800

Comfort Index (Climate): 5.7/10

Source: WitGorski / shutterstock

14. Sheridan

Supported by a flourishing economy, Sheridan is a great place to live in if you want to pursue your career in the following sectors – mining, retail, healthcare, farming, banking, and education. The town has excellent public schools that surpass the average test scores and graduation rates of the state. Also, you’ll be among a diverse community that will make you feel homey.

If nature and wilderness are your priority, Sheridan has got that covered for you as well because of the beautiful landscape and stunning mountain views at proximity.

If you follow an active lifestyle, you can make your weekends more fun hiking at the Bighorn National Park. Check this out for further details. Also, the town has an extremely low unemployment rate with an opportunity to grasp affordable rent at around $793 per month.  

Median Income: $49, 314

Median Home Price: $241,700

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.8/10

Source: Maciej Bledowski / shutterstock

15. Rock Springs 

Oil and natural gas mining dominate the economy of Rock Springs, a city in Sweetwater County. The majority of the population prefers to purchase a house here rather than renting based on the median income/median home price ratio. It does not have the best education except the Western Wyoming Community College.

So if you are planning to move with your children, you might want to look at the other towns or cities. However, if you are young and want to start fresh in a new place Rock Springs should be one of the top choices.

The community here is extremely helpful as they truly care about the history of Rock Springs and the people who live in it. 

Median Income: $70,918 

Median Home Price: $221,100

Comfort Index (Climate): 6.8/10

Rock Springs
Source: Mongolia / Flickr


There are plenty of factors that need to be considered while choosing to live in a new place. In the case of Wyoming, only a certain type of people will be willing to happily settle down there. If you’re one of them, this article should help you select the right place for you.

That being said, any place featured in this article will enhance your living experience to a great extent. Guess you’ll have to find out when you move there! 

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