Best Things to Do In Hoboken for An Unforgettable Experience

Hoboken lies on the Hudson River in New Jersey. It’s a small city of over 5.18 square kilometers and with a population of over around 60,000. The place is probably the most known for being the birthplace of the national sport of the US, baseball. Whether you plan a short trip or a long stay, there are a lot of things to do in Hoboken city that is considered to be one of the coolest suburbs in the US.

The area is pretty small and you can explore a lot of different places that are within walking distance of each other. So if you like to take walks on the streets, mark Hoboken on the calendar for your trip to New Jersey.

Since everything is so close, you can guess that the place is quite crowded. You can always find people all around and it’s pretty noisy as well. The best part of Hoboken is also probably the worst part. You can visit several places at once without looking for a cab since most of the bars, restaurants, museums, etc. are placed within a short distance.

Residents in Hoboken are actually encouraged to live without a car, it’s environment-friendly and allows some exercise as well. But, it also means there is hardly any peace and quiet you can get as you explore Hoboken.

Things to Do In Hoboken for Park Lovers

1. Pier A

Popular among the locals as well, you’ll find the Pier A park crowded with people- especially on the weekend. It has a great view of the Hudson River on one side. You can grab your fishing kit and enjoy the view as you wait with your bait into the water. The vast green area of the park is perfect for a picnic.

If you visit on a sunny day, there’s a high possibility you’ll see small groups of lounging all over the soft green grass of Pier A. Don’t forget to apply sunblock if you intend to join them.

2. Pier 13

Pier A is beloved and everything but, the most popular spot on hot summer days is the Pier 13 Park. Right along Sinatra Drive, the park has other fun water activities for you to try besides fishing.

You can rent a jet ski or go paddleboarding. There are playgrounds for the children, bier garden and open green area for having picnics. Pier 13 also has tons of food trucks lined up. So, if you get hungry from the other activities, no need to worry.

You can plan an entire day to enjoy the perks of Pier 13 Park so you can embrace every little thing. As the sunsets when the day comes to an end, you can relax on the bar by the waterfront. You’ll hardly find a better place to chill with such a great view! If you don’t mind the company of people, don’t be shy and mingle with the locals as you sip on your drink.

Things to Do In Hoboken for History Lovers

Aside from the fun activities, you can also invest a little time in learning the arts and culture of Hoboken. There are museums and galleries that have preserved the history of the city over the years. If you’re lucky, you might get the chance to attend an interesting seminar or exhibition.

1. Hoboken Historical Museum

The museum was built in 1986 and is situated in an old building by the Hoboken waterfront. We already mentioned how Hoboken is the birthplace of baseball. If you wish to know how it all started, add the museum on your list of things to check out first. The museum hosts many educational tours, exhibitions and even plays.

Be part of one of those tours or enjoy exploring the preserved artifacts yourself. A visit to the Hoboken Historical Museum is all you need to understand the city. You can get a clearer view of the area, the people who reside there, and their culture.

2. Barsky Gallery

If you’re a fan of contemporary art, a trip to the Barsky Gallery on Harrison Street is a must. It’s a very location for not just public events, but also to host private ones as well. Immerse yourself into the works of local and international artists.

Exhibitions are held on a regular basis. You can explore eclectic and modern art with other art enthusiasts like yourself. 

3. Monroe Center for the Arts

This place helps the Hoboken culture flourish every day. It’s a community for arts and business practitioners. Dance lessons, art classes, photography, fashion workshops- you name it. Monroe Center for the Arts also holds exhibitions to inspire and encourage their emerging talent. 

4. Ferry Terminal

The Ferry Terminal has been in Hoboken since 1907. The Beaux-Arts architecture alone is enough to draw any visitor. The interior design is still pretty much old school. Just sit in the waiting room for a few minutes and you can feel yourself traveling back to the 1900s. If you have enough time, take a ferry ride around Manhattan and back. The skyline and waterfront view from the water is too scenic for you to miss.

Things to Do In Hoboken for Food and Music Lovers

One of the best things that reflect a culture properly is its food. Whether you’re looking for a nice place to eat after a long day of visiting the popular spots or want to enjoy exploring the local food, Hoboken has it all.

1. Blue Eyes Restaurant


If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, Blue Eyes Restaurant deserves an entry on your itinerary. With delicious food, you get to enjoy a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. It’s located on the Hudson River waterfront right by the Sinatra Drive. On a summer day, the best spot to eat is on a patio table at Blue Eyes. The cool breeze passes from the riverfront to drive your exhaustion away.

2. Carlo’s Bakery

Made famous from the show Cake Boss, Carlo’s bakes exquisite wedding cakes that are a treat for the sore eyes. Many magazines and food blogs feature the works of Carlo’s. It’s basically not a place to eat, but to learn and admire. You can actually schedule bakery classes and bake your favorite cupcakes under the guidance of the professionals at Carlo’s. Who knows? Maybe your creation will be the next to get featured in a magazine!

3. Maxwell’s

Since the 1940s, Maxwell’s has been a popular spot for the local aspiring musicians. It’s also where you go dancing the night away and enjoy cocktails. It’s the go-to drinking place for the locals.

The food there is pretty good considering the main attraction of the place is its music and drinks. Find yourself grooving with the tunes of someone who might turn out to be the next rockstar. Did you know that Justin Timberlake performed there, as well as Nirvana?

4. Pilsener Haus & Biergarten

After a tiring day, if all you need to do is grab a beer to feel refreshed, there’s no better place than Pilsener Haus & Biergarten. It has over 70 types of different beers that you can try along with some of the finest cuisines in the city. The place is crammed with families that go to have lunch or dinner in an Austro-Hungarian style décor. The large family tables are perfect for big groups.


5. Anthony David’s

Standing on Bloomfield Street, Anthony David’s is a cozy bistro with a gourmet menu. If you’re looking for more of a quiet place in Hoboken, this is where you go. It’s on the Northern side of Hoboken where the crowd is a little thinner compared to the rest of the city. But that doesn’t mean you can get an empty seat easily. Both the indoor and outdoor tables are packed, especially on the weekends. 

If you’re a foodie, you might want to explore every restaurant and eateries Hoboken has. Let’s briefly check out a few more places that might entice you in with their aroma.

6. Tony Boloney’s

If you’re craving some pizza, Tony Boloney’s is where you go. It’s famous for experimenting with the traditional Italian recipes in a way that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

7. D’s Soul Full Café

Enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee in the Willow Avenue of Hoboken. The café holds art exhibits for the customers to admire with their food. You can also enjoy listening to live music as you eat.

8. La Isla Restaurant

We already mentioned Italian, would like something Cuban now? One of the best Cuban places in the city is La Isla Restaurant. Along with the mouthwatering meals, the colorful interior makes the place come to life even more.

There are over 120 drinking places you can find on Hoboken. If you need a place to grab a drink at any time of the day, just take a walk. We guarantee you’ll find a bar or a bistro-pub no matter which street you walk by.

Things to Do In Hoboken for Outdoor Lovers

Since the city is situated by the Hudson River, you can imagine what the main attraction is. The waterfront walkway is enough for people to explore Hoboken. We already mentioned a few water activities you can try at the parks. Hoboken is a beautiful area in itself, without having to explore the popular spots.

1. Waterfront Walkway

The famous Hudson River Waterfront Walkway covers along 18 miles of path on the west side of the Hudson River. It’s an excellent place to take a walk no matter what season or time it is. If you wish to get a quicker trip, get a Lime electric scooter.

Hoboken lets you rent these fun scooters to explore their city without having to walk everywhere. You can ride the scooter by the waterfront and enjoy the breeze coming from the river.

2. Resilience Paddle Sports

It shouldn’t come as a shock that a city that stands by the Hudson River has more than a few water activities. Early morning is considered to be the best time to go for paddling on the Hudson River. The Pier 13 Boating Club helps organize tours as well as classes. It’s not just an activity to enjoy, it’s also a fitness practice.

3. Beaux-Arts

The Beaux-Arts architecture has been around since the 1900s. As we already mentioned, the Hoboken Ferry Terminal was constructed with this design. The City Hall also holds the honor of being a Beaux-Arts building.

Visiting the museum might give you a better insight, but the Beaux-Arts was a very popular design back in the day. If you wish to admire the beauty of that old-world era, visit the locations designed in the Beaux-Arts.

4. Festivals

Considering which time of the year you decide to visit Hoboken, you might get to witness the local culture in its true form. The annual Arts and Music Festival has everything you need to have a fun day out. The festival usually takes place in the summer or spring. Food vendors, live music, photography, drink stalls- everything you can imagine at a festival can be found there.

Hoboken is proud of its Italian and shows it in the best way possible, the Italian Festival. It’s another annual event that usually takes place around September. Every Italian and non-Italians come together at this festival to enjoy the culture of Hoboken. Fireworks adorn the night sky as everyone enjoys live music and the feast down on the ground.

Final Thoughts

You know how the name Sinatra Drive came to be at Hoboken? It’s the birthplace of the legendary singer Frank Sinatra. It might be a small city but, it has more cultural elements than you can imagine. All we presented are snippets of the overall history. Hoboken is not just a cool place to visit but, also offers cozy neighborhoods for the inhabitants to live in.

If you wish to explore and truly experience what Hoboken has to offer, don’t forget to include it in your next visit to New Jersey. Just take a drive through the Lincoln Tunnel under the Hudson River and you can guess what to expect from Hoboken.

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