5 Of The Most Epic Things To Do In Hawaii

things to do in Hawaii
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5 Of The Most Epic

It seems that in recent years, the words ‘vacation’ and ‘holiday’ have become almost synonymous with the word ’Hawaii’. You’ll see and hear so many people talking fondly of the time they spent there on their last family trip. Other folks will talk longingly of the place, saying that they too wish to go there one day. We’ve all had a friend, relative, a co-worker or maybe a student in our class talk to us about Hawaii and how great it’s. So when they speak so highly about it, just what is it that has impressed all these people? Surely, it can’t be as great as they all say, right? If the answer is ‘yes’, then surely there must be some pretty epic things to do in Hawaii, right? Right! That’s the focal point of this article. Grab some popcorn and start reading…

the best things to do in Hawaii
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Hawaii has long been the destination of choice for families as well as individuals on vacation. With a tropical climate, scenic landscapes, idyllic beaches, and beautiful ocean waves, Hawaii is the perfect spot for any holiday and offers so much to do and see, no matter where your interests lie. Made up of a number of volcanic islands, Hawaii is renowned the world over as THE tourist destination for most people. The 8 main islands of Hawaii are the well-known Ni’ihau, Kaua’i, O’ahu, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, Maui, and Hawai’i islands. You will notice that The State of Hawaii actually gets its name from the last of these. The Hawai’i Island is often referred to as ‘Big Island’ and is usually what most tourists think of when referring to Hawaii.

Thanks to the pleasant climate, oceanic surroundings, wide selection of public beaches, clear skies, active volcanoes, and varied natural scenery, Hawai’i Island is a very popular destination for not only people on holiday, but even professionals such as biologists, volcanologists, and even astronomers. The natural beauty and majesty of these islands also presents great opportunities for filmmakers and TV shows. Few other places in the world give visitors such diverse options, all in one place. You can spend a day working on your tan at one of many beautiful beaches, surf some amazing waves no matter what your skill level, take a hot air balloon ride and witness the spectacular scenery from a bird’s eye view, go snorkeling and explore the abundant sea life for which the waters surrounding the island are known, and so much more! All this, while bearing witness to one of the world’s most sought after sceneries.

best things to do in Hawaii
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Another feature of Hawaii that is sure to be a favorite of all those who have the pleasure of visiting is the local cuisine and food scene. Hawaii boasts a vast catalog of exotic dishes and foods that are loved by anyone with an eye for trying new and exciting flavors and tasting the best foods that a place has to offer. The local delicacies range from sweet fruits and delightful drinks, to filling meats and sizzling hot spices.

Speaking of the delicious food that Hawaii has in store for you, we’d like to recommend some of our personal favorites. Among these are the traditional ‘Hawaiian Plate’ which basically allows you to pick and choose from a wide selection of meats (usually pork or beef but chicken and salmon are also popular choices), vegetables, and rice to customize a quick and easy meal that you can have at any time, whether you’re sitting down or on the go. The customizability of this dish allows you to experiment and find the prefect mix of meat, veggies and sauces for your taste.

Another dish you cannot miss out on, especially if you enjoy seafood, is the local poke dish. Made with raw fish and vegetables, poke resembles what we would usually call ceviche, but with more robust, savory flavors. A staple of the Hawaiian diet, it’s native to the islands but has found a second home in many high class restaurants, as well as smaller, fast food outlets all around the world. But the secret to this awesome treat is perhaps the inclusion of limu kohu, a type of seaweed that is hard to come by outside the islands. And finally, for our readers with a sweet tooth, we have the delectable mochi. Tracing its origins to Japan, mochi is a sweet rice cake that is in itself, infinitely customizable. You’ve got mochi ice cream, mochi shave ice, mochi with fruit filling and so many more iterations! All we know is that it’s downright delicious. Sweet and tasty, it’s the perfect treat after a long day of fun and frolic.

But Hawaii isn’t all about the breathtaking scenery, the abundance of attractions and activities to keep you busy, and the exotic food and traditional cuisine. To talk of the vibrant culture in Hawaii, we need only tell you that it’s known for being diverse, and consists of people and traditions from a number of backgrounds and places. In fact, Hawaii is known for being the only American state with an Asian-American demographic majority. Moreover, thanks to its geographic location, it ends up incorporating Southeast-Asian, East Asian, North American, and its own native Polynesian cultures, into one multicultural background that is a unique identity of its own. This and the fact that the people of Hawaii are known to be very hospitable and kind, make Hawaii a great place to visit for tourists.

what does Hawaii look like
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Hawaii offers a great vacation spot any time of the year, with clear blue skies, fun beaches, scenic landscapes, great waves and serene waters. However, we highly recommend planning your trip around the months of April or May. We would however caution against going on or close to holidays, as the crowds experience a significant increase in numbers. Similarly, September is a great time to visit if you’re looking to go when fewer people are around. October is another great month to visit the islands and offers some excellent local events, festivals, and traditions. Really though, you couldn’t find a bad time to go to Hawaii if you tried. The islands are fantastic vacation spots year round and offer so much to see and do for anyone who visits. So put on a colorful Hawaiian shirt and start planning your next trip!

So now that you’ve decided you want to go to Hawaii, it’s time to plan your trip and all the things you want to do and see while on the islands. As such, to save yourself the hassle of planning out each and every detail, perhaps you would like to consider this short list of fun activities we have compiled. We would like to recommend some very popular activities but also some that might not show up in your average travel guide. That said, this is our favorite stuff to do in Hawaii, but there is a boat load of options for you to choose from. Feel free to use this as a starting point, but plan your trip and the activities you’ll be doing based on your own personal interests and requirements. After all, with so many diverse options and things to choose from, you can really mix and match, and customize your visit to Hawaii for a tailor-made holiday experience.

Here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular things to do, sites to see, places to visit, and activities to perform. Without further ado, allow us to outline just a few of the most epic things you can do on your trip to Hawaii.

1.      Plan a Fun Day-Trip to the Beach.

Hawaiian beach
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This first entry into the list might seem like a bit cliché, but like any classic, there just isn’t beating a nice day at the beach. And with Hawaii, tourists have their pick of some of the most popular beaches on the face of the Earth. If there is one thing Hawaii is famous for, it’s the picture perfect post card scene of a person chilling on a beach, palm trees overhead, a beautiful sunset on the horizon, the golden shimmer of the water, and a nice cool drink in their hand.

The Hawaiian islands are known for their scenic coastlines and crystal blue waters, their abundance of palm trees and other picturesque foliage. These beaches will also offer stunning backdrops with wide open skies, large active volcanoes, and so much more natural beauty that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world. You can sit back and relax while getting a nice tan, or if you feel like it, play some fun sports like volleyball or soccer. With so many beaches to choose from, we would like to recommend some of our personal favorites.

There is the Waikiki Beach on Oahu Island. This was one of the first beaches that tourists explored when Hawaii started becoming a popular vacation spot. You have the majestic Diamond Head in the background with the well-known Royal Hawaiian hotel close by. The beach can get a bit crowded but is still a fun experience. Next, we have the Ko Olina Beach, on the western side of the island. Great for families with younger children, it has iconic clear blue waters that are not too deep so smaller children can also join in on the fun and splash around. Located just above the lagoon is the Aulani spa and resort, a Disney facility that is sure to be fun for all ages. Finally, we move over to the Kauai Island, where we have the Hanalei Bay, known for the massive 4,000 foot mountains that envelope it and give such a distinctive look. The calm, clear waters of Hanalei Bay are great for swimming in the summer months. 

2.      Go Hiking on the Kalalau Trails

Kalalau Hiking Trails
Image Source: fire2020.org; Kalalau Hiking Trails

Speaking of the Island of Kauai, this island is home to one of the most breathtaking hiking trails in the world. Treating visitors to awe-inspiring views of the valleys and coastline of Kauai, this hiking trail is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. While the 11 mile hike might be a bit daunting for some, it’s well worth the effort and affords tourists some of the best and most exclusive views and scenes in all of Hawaii. We do however, recommend getting there early (before 8am is best) to beat the crowds and find parking.

The next few miles of terrain will take you all over the island coast. You’ll find yourself traversing jungle-like forests, 300 foot waterfalls, and so many more wonderful sights as you go along. Be sure to pack your best hiking boots and plenty of food and water. The trail also offers camping opportunities for visitors who would like to take in the natural beauty a little bit longer or just have a nice, secluded spot to enjoy the view of the night sky. This hiking trail may not be for all, but you can chose to hike for part of the trail, say a few miles and still get some amazing views and unforgettable sights.

3.      Go Snorkeling!

Snorkeling in Hawaii
Image Source: shoreexcursionsgroup.com; Snorkeling in Hawaii

Hawaii is well known for the rich variety of sea-life that inhabits the surrounding ocean. And what better way to experience this sea-life than to go snorkeling? The islands all offer many vendors with the equipment and expertise to take you snorkeling on the coast or even a bit further out. Being volcanic islands, there are many underwater tubes and cave formations, carved out by lava. These tunnels and caves give the Tunnels Beach its interesting name. If you do decide to go snorkeling, Tunnels is the best place to do it.

With many small caves and tunnels located just off the shore, you’ll find that these are the prefect places to find all kinds of interesting marine life and exotic creatures. Specifically, visitors will love the sea turtles that inhabit the surrounding waters. Some parts of the ocean even have giant manta-rays that are sure to amaze you with their magnificence. Definitely try snorkeling while in Hawaii for a new and exciting experience.  

4.      Take a Helicopter Ride Through Valleys and Over the Ocean.

Helicopter Ride in Hawaii
Image Source: travelingmom.com; Helicopter Ride in Hawaii

This is another bucket list item for your Hawaii trip. There are a number of reputable helicopter tours that have the best safety records and customer satisfaction ratings in Hawaii. These helicopters can show you places and sights that would have gone unseen otherwise. The tours take you through mountain valleys where you can see the entire island below, over pods of humpback whales that breech the water as you fly overhead.

Sometimes you really have to take a step back to admire the true beauty that a place has to offer. And what better way to step back for a wider perspective than by taking to the skies? You can rest assured of the quality of these helicopter tours. They are usually only for 6 persons at a time, so they offer a very private experience. The tour guides are mostly locals who are well acquainted with the surroundings and the secrets of the islands. They have a vast well of knowledge about the islands and give the best insights to people who wish to learn more about Hawaii.

5.      Skydiving

Skydiving in Hawaii
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Okay. Hear us out. Hurtling through the sky with the wind rushing past and blazing fast speeds is perhaps the most exhilarating experience us mere mortals can have. And when it comes to picking a location for your adrenaline filled jump, Hawaii and its islands are one of, if not THE best options out there. Skydiving over the North Shore of Oahu Island is going to be one of those experiences you just don’t want to miss out on. The entire process is smooth, safe and exceedingly thrilling. This where it all… goes down (too on the nose?).

As this journey begins, you are taken up in an airplane, which is fun enough on its own, but then you get to jump out of the airplane, all while the majestic islands race towards you. First time skydivers need not worry. These dives are usually tandem dives. That means you have a seasoned instructor right there with you at all times, strapped to you and responsible for pulling the chute. All you have to do is have the time of your life, while the instructor takes care of engaging the parachute, directing you over to the landing area, and then making a safe landing. And when that chute opens, and you drift serenely over trees, ocean, beaches and everything else, you’ll behold the greatest view you ever could.

Our Conclusion on These Great Things to do in Hawaii

Kalalau Hiking Trail
Image Source: journeyera.com; Kalalau Hiking Trail

So that is Hawaii in a nutshell. Having read about all the amazing things and activities you can get up to, it starts to make sense why so many people have a trip to Hawaii on their bucket lists. Few other tourist spots in the world offer such a wide variety of things to do. From snorkeling the depths alongside marine life, to jumping out into the open sky and racing down back to Earth at high speed. I don’t know about you, but I am sold. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be planning my next trip, full of amazing hikes, fun beach visits, skydiving, snorkeling, and so many other fun things.

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