Bahamas Nightlife: Must-Visit Beach Clubs, Casino, and Other Party Spots

It’s quite possible that most of the landscapes with beautiful beaches and tall coconut trees you see were captured in the Bahamas. The place basically has an island named Paradise Island. Whether you get to soak in the natural beauty in the day (preferably a sunny one), the is a distinct experience altogether.

The Bahamas, officially known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a country within Lucayan Archipelago that belongs to the West Indies. It’s surrounded by the Caribbean sea, hence the numerous beaches. It has a population of around 400,000 people in an area of 13,878 square kilometers.

The main attraction of The Bahamas is its many beaches. Since people are so fond of such spots, you can imagine how much the country relies on tourists. Around 50% of Bahamas’ GDP comes from the tourism sector alone, not to mention the countless job opportunities it provides for the locals (source)

The Bahamas has lots of bars, clubs, adventurous activities, and as well as casinos. The diversified offers opportunities for everyone to enjoy their nights.

Drink The Night Away!

Drink The Night Away

For a lot of people, a few drinks are all they need to enjoy the night. As we said before, Bahamas has more than a few bars and pubs where you can grab a drink to let yourself loose. Beach bars, music bars, cocktail parties- you name it!

1. Rum Runners

This Freeport Bahamas bar is one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife. Rum Runners has seating both indoor and outdoor with stunning views of the island. It is living up to its reputation by serving the region’s top-notch rum cocktails.

There are also other cocktail options, including raspberry daiquiris, tasty alcoholic drinks flavored with coconut, and many more. Every night one can enjoy live music while savoring the delicious Bahamian food served here that includes burgers, grouper fingers, conch fritters and more.

2. Volume Music Bar

This is Nassau’s only bar and is popular because of its location and atmosphere. This bar’s warm and charming atmosphere draws both residents of Nassau and the region’s tourists. It is an entertaining spot in Nassau Bahamas offering the best nightlife, featuring live local bands playing each evening.

The highlight of this place is the locally-hit “Bob Marley Shot.” Anyone can highlight their talent at the open mic performances that this bar hosts on Monday nights.

3. Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar

If you ever want to try the Goombay Smash, the Bahamas’ national cocktail, then visit the Blue Bee Bar at Miss Emily. Miss Emily Cooper developed the signature cocktail in the 1960s at the very bar which stands today in Green Turtle Cay. The bar’s walls are adorned with business cards and notes.

On the ceiling, locals and tourists hung up their t-shirts, hats and other personal belongings as a tradition of the Blue Bee Bar. The property also has a restaurant that serves classic Bahamian and American meals.

4. Hammerheads Bar and Grill

Situated between the two bridges to Paradise Island on East Bay Street, Hammerheads is the epitome of an island bar and grill. Generally, it’s packed with a decent mix of locals and tourists enjoying the laid back atmosphere, fantastic happy hour specials, and delicious pub grub like burgers, conch fritters, and grilled fish. Pleasant local bands perform on the patio on Friday nights, so get there early if you want to sway with the local music.

5. The Dune Bar

The Dune Bar which is housed by the Ocean Club Resort provides one of the ideal opportunities to enjoy the finest nightlife in The Bahamas. It is an open-air bar with a stunning ocean panoramic view.

The signature dishes and drinks made especially by the in-house chef are to die for. The restaurant features signature items from top Chef Jean-Georges, and the bar serves delicious Bahamian cocktails and drinks prepared by some of the Bahamas’ best bartenders. Choose to dine inside the seating area or outside, where you can watch the beautiful Bahamian sunset.


Bahamas Nightlife

Despite being a major cruise ship port and tourist destination, The Bahamas is not a country kind of nightclub-every-night. Happy Hours carry much of the week, while revelry late at night takes off on Thursdays and continues through the weekend. Nevertheless, the freaks come out at night when things get pumped there- especially in Nassau.

If that’s your thing, head downtown or to Paradise Island, where in the early evening you can bar-hop and then make your way to one of the best nightclubs to party away the night.

Local promoters also put down foreign artists and use the nightclubs and other venues for mega-shows and it turns out the Bahamians. Expect to hear both Caribbean and American music, which is mostly combined at the large venues to electronic beats.

1. Aura Nightclub

A famous dance spot until dawn while in the Bahamas, this 9,000-square-foot nightclub boasts dedicated DJs spinning stellar beats that draw Atlantis Casino guests up the grand staircase and into Aura’s entrancing universe.

A luminous glass dance floor surrounded by luxurious banquet seating accommodates plenty of dancing and drinking, and the two bars are sure to satisfy imaginative concoctions. VIP areas are ideal for celebrity stargazing and private parties.

2. Club Waterloo

The most venerated nightspot in Nassau was in service for nearly 30 years. The owners turned a lakeside mansion into the party crowd’s official ‘it’ location. Quite possibly the variety is the secret to the success of Waterloo. Many distinct spaces are available including a sports bar, a nightclub and a patio lounge.

Music ranges from lite rock to reggae to European electronica, with the sometimes live show being thrown in for good measure. The end result is a mixed crowd of locals and visitors, singles from college-age and married couples 40-something. You’re surely going to blend in and have a rocking time!

3. Bambu

If a club wants to maintain a certain chic standard, they are expected to enforce a dress code and be selective about their admissions. This venue in Nassau has a reputation for sometimes going overboard in this way but it remains one of the most reliable late-night downtown spots to have a sexy, spirited good time, particularly with cruise ship passengers and hotel guests. DJs pump out exclusive pop and Euro house music until late in the morning in an upstairs building overlooking the cruise ship harbor.

4. Xscape Lounge and Nightclub

This exquisite nightclub opened in 2016 and has since become one of the best hip-hop clubs in Nassau Bahamas, popular among locals. A variety of local and foreign beer choices along with Bahamian, American, and Caribbean cuisine are available here.

The resident DJs fill up the room with amazing tracks that make everyone here want to get up and dance. This also provides an opportunity to host several social activities, such as birthdays, business celebrations, and other such activities.


As we all know, the Bahamas is a tropical island paradise with all of its white sandy beaches. But the beautiful tropical island has more to offer, which you can appreciate particularly if you are a gambling enthusiast. The Bahamas has several high-end casinos where you can go to enjoy their nightlife at its best.

If you figured Las Vegas and Atlantic City were the only ones offering high-stake thrills, then you could be absolutely in for a surprise. The Bahamas host to several casino resorts. Gambling is legal in the Bahamas and therefore casinos can be found in nearly all areas of this tropical region.

1. The Baha Mar Casino and Hotel

Baha Mar Bahamas Casino is one of the biggest upscale casino places in the whole region. The casino offers several states of the art slot machines for the amusement of the tourist with over 119 gaming tables featuring different games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker, etc. and the best part is that the casino has a beautiful view of the ocean.

When you lose your energy when enjoying yourself at the luck games, you can rejuvenate yourself by hopping in one of the 40 restaurants or catering at the bars and lounges for some drinks and cocktails.

2. Atlantis Casino

One of the most luxurious casinos in the Bahamas, the Atlantis casino has a niche of its own. The casino extends over a lagoon of 7 acres with innovative and eye-catching glass sculptures that give the casino an exquisite touch.

This casino features iconic glass sculptures and state-of-the-art ranking systems for participants. In the gaming machines, the guests only have to insert their room key and they can start playing. It has a total of 85 tables featuring creative gambling games that surely will entertain every visitor here.

3. Grand Lucayan Resort Casino

Grand Lucayan is a great blend of luxury and modern-day style resorts. The resort serves the role of an amazing weekend getaway where you and your friends and family can spend a fun weekend off. The casino makes a portion of the resort’s excellent leisure facilities.

The alluring slot machines and casino tables pumped up with the place’s general atmosphere immediately invoke the mood of gaming inside. You can also pick up a snack or serve a few drinks when going from the bars and restaurants to your day entertainment quota.

Casinos are legal in the Bahamas, it is one of the biggest gaming attractions providing maximum fun and anticipation to the gaming enthusiasts who come to visit the Bahamas on vacations. So make sure you don’t miss any of these casinos on your next Bahamas trip.

Don’t Miss These Spots!

We talked about the nightlife activities most people associate with. Let us present some bonus spots that can make your nights in The Bahamas even better.

1. Rainforest Theater

Live entertainment right in the middle of a rainforest! The Wyndham’s spectacular 800-seat theatre, featuring magicians, actors, singers, dancers and even some surprise acts, offers a lively variety show most nights of the week. Cabaret appearances are also part of the theater’s regular events.

It’s a common show for cruise ship passengers so you’re going to want to book tickets beforehand. Occasionally, a big-name musical act, like Boyz II Men or the Pointer Sisters, will grace the stage, and tickets for those shows will sell out much faster.

2. Marina Village

Marina Village is an outdoor shopping area in the Atlantis Paradise Island complex, with stores, bars and restaurants. Open day and night to the general public, it is built to imitate a typical Bahamian village.

The bar at restaurant Bimini Road is a perfect place to drink mojitos and listen to live music every night around 7 on the patio outside. We suggest visiting the Marina Village on a Saturday or Wednesday at 9 pm a local Junkanoo party leads a ‘rush out’ which is a procession of costumed musicians and dancers who shake to the rhythms set by a goat-skin drum.

3. Sea Glass Lounge

The Cove Atlantis Sea Glass Lounge is the ideal place to relax after dark. There’s no better place to end the day with its club-like interior, outdoor pool, gaming tables, slots and unforgettable ocean views. Buy some cheese and charcuterie, drink a signature cocktail, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere overlooking Paradise Beach.

4. Governor’s Harbor Fish Fry

Eleuthera is mostly a quiet island with a small crowd of tourists. But on Friday nights all roads lead for a special Bahamian group to the Fish Fry on the waterfront at Anchor Bay, Governor’s Harbor. The activity centers are located on a wooden pavilion with food sales and bar service.

Have an inexpensive Bahamian fried fish meal, grilled chicken or steak along with typical rice and peas and macaroni sides, and then hang out at the bar until the energy builds up. The Fish Fry blends well with locals.

Final Thoughts

With plenty of bars, lounges, and nightclubs to choose from- there’s always plenty in Nassau Paradise Island and the rest of Bahamas to soak up a DJ’s sounds, enjoy a tasty glass of wine, or indulge in a few casino games. Bahamas nightlife is what you need to complete your visit to The Bahamas!

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