5 Romantic Places to enjoy a Florida Sunset

Florida sunset
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5 Romantic Places to enjoy a

Nothing speaks intimacy more than holding hands with your significant other while staring down at the crashing waves of the ocean while the sun sets in the background. Luckily for Floridian couples, this experience is one they can relive over and over with the many stunning beaches and romantic spots present on the coast. If you’re not a Floridian, then you need not worry. Florida sunsets are breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous, and will add great scenery to your romantic date. When you’re there on your next vacation, you will see and experience the world famous, for yourself.

The southernmost state of the United States, Florida is known for its stunningly pristine beaches and the accompanying piers and corniches. Florida offers the best views of the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. The hip and feisty spirit of Miami with its well-rooted Latin-American cultural influences and the artsy vibe is known to be a great place to have the time of your life with your dates and friends. The upscale South Beach is also famed for having the best nightlife and party scene one can experience on this side of the country. Orlando too is known for the fun and adventure it offers couples and families with its world-famous theme parks and charming piers and fun spots outlining beautiful beaches.

But one thing that is common all across the state, are the hundreds of miles of beaches that allow every visitor to relax and let loose with their lover. One can witness the stunning coastline over and over but the experience of witnessing the colorful streaks of sunlight blend and disappear down the sea and the soothing melody of crashing waves is one that has every onlooker hooked.

The magic of the sea happens at the time of dusk and it is during sunset only that most couples flock to Florida’s most iconic and most breathtaking beaches to get the best view with their significant others. Just the drive down to the coast is one that is magical in its sense, hair flowing to the sound of your favorite tracks and the warm salty sea-air tingling your tongue. So if you’re looking for the best place to light your scented candles, put on the best of Celine Dion music, and just take in the view of the sun setting at the beach, Florida has many gems waiting to be discovered. The warm escape that the beaches of the Sunshine State offer to couples is unparalleled.

Numerous romantic spots offer the most dazzling romantic getaway to all couples endowing them with great views. We too, have been in awe of the most stunning and glamorous beaches on the Florida coast and have put together a list of the 5 most romantic places to enjoy a Florida sunset with your significant other. Here are the best places we found.

1. St. George Island Sunset

St. George Island
Image Source: floridainsider.com

Situated just off North Florida’s Gulf Coast, the St. George Island sprawls 28 miles and is one of the most stunning untouched natural wonders of the Florida coast. St. George Island is a vacation paradise and has always ranked as one of the best beaches in the Sunshine State- a serene and placid paradise with the best spots to gaze into the Florida sunset. Hold hands with your significant other and wander around the uncrowded expansive beach looking for shells under the bright Florida sun.

The stunning crystal clear waters of the Gulf will engulf you with a sense of peaceful luxury, making you forget about any care in the world. Whether it is fishing you are looking for or a romantic dip in the sea, there is something for everyone to complement their sunset-viewing fairy-tale experience. The tranquility of the beach is one that is unlike any other giving you and your favorite the best and most intimate experience you could ever get.

Revel in the beautiful views of the Florida sunset as the sun sinks into the calming waters of the Gulf and the airy aura ignites your passion. Protected by low-density zoning, the island is free of any ugly high-rise buildings or stores that might mar your views. Couples still do have the liberty to rent a peaceful little beach cottage, a vacation lodge, or a multi-story luxurious beach villa on the islands.

The best part about St. George Island? It is a pet-friendly zone and you and your favorite’s furry little friends can also accompany you to this romantic getaway. Pets are permitted on the campgrounds and the public beaches outside the park bounds but they must have a leash and not be let free. This island is situated on what is called “The Forgotten Coast” and it is the best place to forget all your day’s woes and troubles and let them be carried away by the crashing waves at sunset.

A romantic and tranquil abode, the St. George Island is the perfect couples spot and boasts serene beach sands and endless miles of the beautiful coast. Take a casual and intimate stroll through the beach and the accompanying dunes or enjoy oysters at the St. George Island State Park, the opportunities are endless. After sunset, you and your significant other have the choice to enjoy one of the many food stalls and sea bars situated on the St. George Island. Relish the beautiful ocean breeze and taste the delicious oysters and fish at Paddy’s Raw Bar. St. George Island will make sure you have the complete romantic experience and return to experience the views of the Florida sunset.  

2. Clearwater Beach Sunset

Clearwater Beach
Image Source: beachresortcondos.com

If you are one for the feisty vibes and fun-filled auras, Clearwater Beach at Tampa Bay is one such place that offers the best romantic experience for you and your significant other. Splendid Florida sunsets, local wine tastings, and charming dinner spots, Clearwater is the perfect Florida setting for anyone looking to spend time reigniting passion. The Pier 60 Park is one that lights up as the sun goes down to the sound of crashing waves and oceanic symphonies.

The sprawling fishing pier is decked with vibrant stunning sunsets and street performers that will make your sunset-viewing experience one hundred times brighter and fun. Revel to the beautiful and calming music of live performers and the sounds of the sea as you let loose in this heavenly scenic abode. The waters will invite you for a romantic dip and the picturesque setting is bound to make every visit memorable and unforgettable.

Hailed widely as one of the best beaches in the state and named as the country’s number 1 beach in 2018 by Trip Advisor, the dazzling sunsets and pristine white sand beaches will be the place you want to visit every time. The charming small-town aura of Clearwater is another aspect that will make you fall in love all over again. The accompanying Clearwater Marine Aquarium is also a stunning place to admire the beauty of marine life and in particular the start of the Dolphin Tale films, Winter the Dolphin.

Admire at the wonders of the underwater world with your favorite and have the most amazing experience Florida offers. There are also several fun-filled exhilarating activities on the beach that are bound to have you and your partner hooked. Clearwater Beach also hosts a nighttime four-hour long festival that starts right before sunset and is coupled with a colorful display of magicians, live performances, jugglers, and artists which light up the pier with a bright intoxicating atmosphere. This carnival-like atmosphere is ideal for couples looking for recreation after viewing the breathtaking views of the sunset.

Enjoy the sensational views of the sunset while the ocean breeze tingles with all your senses and you revel in the romantic atmosphere. A visit to Clearwater beach will always have you wanting to come back and experience the views once more!

3. Florida Keys Sunset

Florida Keys
Image Source: purevacations.com

Ever wanted to observe a Florida sunset next to the crackling sound of a crisp and roaring fire? Then look no further than the Florida Keys. A string of tropical paradise-islands that sprawl about 120 miles from the Floridian coast, the Florida Keys are famed as the perfect and most intimate spot for couples looking for a retreat to relax and have the time of their lives. View the sunset and the orange hues blend with the blue as the water soothes all of you and the sound of low music and crackling bonfires lights up your mood.

The lavish resorts and stunning campsites of Florida Keys are bound to make any couple have the most romantic time in this getaway and ignite their passion. Whether it is dive boats or intimate seafront restaurants, Florida Keys are home to the most intimate spots for lovebirds to enjoy privacy and relish the views of the Florida sun. According to many visitors, the Grassy Keys are the best spot for the most breathtaking views of the sea watching the colors of the sun fade from fiery red to calming purple and pink hues disappearing into the horizon.

The few minutes of dusk are enough for you to admire the stunning aura and the beautiful getaway. After a beautiful romantic session of viewing the sunset the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa, accessible by boat is also a stunning place to relax and rejuvenate with your significant other. Dip into the hot tubs or have a calming experience relaxing in their luxury suites, there is something for everyone looking for an intimate experience.

The Keys are also home to America’s only living coral barrier reef and hence calls for couples to jump into the water and have the perfect diving and snorkeling experience. Admire the quaint setting and ignite your adventurous spirit as you snorkel through schools of stunning vibrant fish at the Key Largo. Get a little taste of the past as you explore a sunken US Navy ship that is now home to a beautiful marine ecosystem while sharing an intimate underwater kiss. The Florida Keys are the perfect romantic getaway you can be a part of in the Sunshine State.

4. Fort Myers Beach Sunset

Fort Myers Beach
Image Source: coastalvacationproperties.net

Ever wanted to escape with your significant other to a destination fit with oceanside views, shimmering crystal clear waters, and miles of soft sandy beaches? If so, then head out to Fort Myers’ Beach in Lovers Key to have the perfect romantic getaway. A relaxing aura will envelop you and put you in the best mood to have the time of your life with your favorite. The beach itself, with its pristine white sands, is the perfect place to gaze into the disappearing streaks of orange and yellow as the sun sets on the horizon.

The view is breathtaking and one that you can only experience in this Floridian getaway. Scent the soft sand of the beach and salty water aromas or relish the delicacies of the local town’s amazing craft brew and distillery situated at List Distillery. The options are endless for romantic couples heading to this beach. For those looking to light up some passion through adventure and sightseeing, there are also Florida sunset cruises and kayak tours.

Strengthen your connection with nature (and with your SO) as you wade through the waters or relish in the sunset cruise’s many delights. The beach is situated just off Estero Island on the Southwestern coast of Florida and is blessed with miles of sandy beaches overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. There is also a string of restaurants and shopping centers lining the beach and town for those looking to go on a spree with their partners. For those looking to spend the evening on the sand, the beach is the perfect place.

Pack your picnic baskets and put on your favorite romantic songs as you lie on a blanket spread over the soft beach sand. The island is also home to a variety of manatees, sea lions, and dolphins. As you can guess by the name, this beach is the perfect romantic getaway for couples looking to unwind and reignite their passions.

Those looking to spend a romantic night near the beach are advised to take a short boat ride to the South Seas Island Resort on neighboring Captiva Island. The resort itself is located on a 330-acre sea-facing property and is the best place to relax and escape for couples. For more privacy and luxury, couples can book one of the many fine villas and private suites.

5. Naples Pier Sunset

Naples Pier
Image Source: thecrazytourist.com

Arguably the most stunning setting to experience the glorious Florida sunset and enjoy the hip and feisty aura of the beach is the Naples Pier. Although not the best place for those looking for seclusion and an isolated romantic getaway, the Naples Pier has its wonders. Swarming with sunset-watchers and couples looking to relax, the pier offers the most stunning and spectacular views of the sunset in Sunshine state.

Miles of pristine white sand beaches spread alongside the ocean and you are instantly enveloped in the rich vibe of history and watersports once you step foot at the beach on Naples Pier. Stare into the fiery red streaks of the southern sun mix into the navy as the sunsets on the horizon and the warm sea air puts you in the perfect mood for romance. For those looking to get away to a more secluded spot, the historic Palm Cottage nearby is a good quaint little place, so is the Revs Institute, an automotive history museum.

Those looking for a bit of excitement and adventure are also recommended to go on the iconic manatee sightseeing tours that are conducted down at the Pier or just go on a cruise ride around Marco Island. Submerged between the bright pier lights and sounds of humming couples and upbeat music, this place is truly a magical wonderland. Walk on the wooden floor as you stare into the distance while holding hands with your partner as the Florida sunsets in the distance.


beautiful Florida sunset
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Florida and its iconic sunsets draw throngs of love-struck couples looking to let loose and enjoy in an intimate setting each year. Be it the luxury of exquisite beachfront resorts and villas or the thrill of a romantic cruise on the sea, Florida has amazing spots for all couples looking for the most romantic getaway to kindle (or rekindle) their passion.

All those heading to Florida’s beaches from Clearwater Beach to Fort Myers Beach are guaranteed the most stunning amorous getaway alongside the water. Relish the warm sea air playing with your hair and the powdery silky sand under your feet as you watch the fiery Florida sunset on the horizon.

Even for those looking for more than a Florida sunset, Florida has a trove of treasures to offer. Head on to the Florida Keys and revel in the soft symphony of crashing waves and crackling fires on the beach as you and your significant other listen to soft music and unwind next to the sea. For the more adventurous sort, there are also a string of snorkeling opportunities available looking for diving into the sea and marveling at the most stunning coral reefs teeming with shoals of diverse fish. In addition to water sports, you and your partner also have the opportunity to go on tranquil walks on piers and beaches while marveling at the iconic Florida sun setting.

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