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3 Legendary

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When it comes to partying, the United States of America has it all down. With party centrals like Miami, New York City (also known as, “the City that Never Sleeps“), and Las Vegas, what do you expect? The nightlife of Miami, though, is something entirely out of this universe. All around the world, things start to wind down and close up around 2 AM. But not in Miami. Here, people don’t even get out of the house before 1 AM. Drinks, music, parties, dancers – Miami nightclubs are known all over the world for their pure wickedness.

Whether you’re on vacation, an out of towner hoping for an exciting weekend, or you just moved to the Magic City, you’ll want to read further and have all the info on these three legendary Miami nightclubs. The thing is, this party city is littered with clubs – they’re everywhere! All kinds of genres. All kinds of dancers. All kinds of drinks. All kinds of guestlists. There’s just so much variety.

It can definitely get confusing when you have less time and very specific tastes. Our short list tells you exactly where to go so you won’t be disappointed. And then it doesn’t stop there. Remember, there are a LOT of Miami nightclubs and we’re only listing three of them. With every entry, you’ll find an overview of what kind of music you can expect, which celebrities you might run into (*wink wink*), what kind of vibes the place radiates, etc. etc. We’ll also give you a few general tips you should keep in mind, so you’re not underprepared for your party. With our guidance, you’re sure to have the time of your life!

Oh, and one more thing… This list of legendary Miami nightclubs is not in any particular order. Here they are:

1.   LIV:

Miami nightclubs - LIV
Image Source: miaminewtimes.com

Partaking in the decadence, debauchery, and dancing at the LIV is something that everyone should do at least once. This is known as THE club to have redefined the nightlife scene in Miami. Located in the Fontainebleau resort, LIV is an 18,000 square feet large megaclub that boasts of a domed ceiling, exotic light shows, state of the art sound systems, and VIP tables.

Its $10 million renovations by ICrave transformed it into an absolute shrine to the nightlife scene gods. New features include the ceiling “Spider,” which comprises of 400 different screens that change the place into an iconic epicenter of glamour. Its four fully stocked bars are manned by expert mixologists ready to make all sorts of magical concoctions for you. The dancefloors have a capacity of up to a thousand people. What’s more, you can have a bird’s eye view of the party from fifty private VIP banquettes and six skyboxes that can be reserved just for you!

The thing that makes LIV so legendary is that it comes straight out of a music video. This is the place all big names sing about, baby! Kanye rapped about LIV. It featured in the Chainsmokers #Selfie. The Kardashians hang out here. What’s more, world-renowned names like Flo Rida, Pitbull, David Guetta, and Ruby Rose can regularly be found spinning at the LIV. We know that Kate Hudson, Jay-Z, Alex Rodriguez, and Kim Kardashian have been guests at the LIV for sure.

Mind you, this place isn’t easy to get into. You need to dress to impress—Gucci, Armani, and Ralph Lauren preferred. You can definitely not get away with jeans and sneakers. There are velvet ropes and bouncers who mean business at the entrance. Be chic and sleek to get past them, my friend. Moreover, cover charges are $20 to $50, but be prepared to dole out even a $1oo on more premier acts.

You should still hop on the bandwagon and get with the experience, though, even if you are intimidated. This is the one Miami nightclub that hasn’t failed to be on all of the top lists. Expect confetti. Expect sparklers. Expect celebs. Expect the experience of a lifetime at LIV Nightclub.

Contact: 305-674-4680
Address: 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

2.   Basement:

Miami Nightclubs - Basement
Image Source: worldredeye.com

It has ice skating. It has a bowling alley. It has state of the art sound systems. It has ultra sexy lighting. It has dancing. It has hip DJs and music. It’s the Basement, and it has it all.

The Basement is literally located in the basement of the posh, beachfront, Edition Hotel in Mid-Beach. It’s the crown jewel in the creations of legendary mastermind Patrick Woodroffe, who happens to be a world-famous lighting designer who’s worked with the acts of Michael Jackson and Beyonce. This guy knew what he was doing when he set the place up, and it’s been on top of all the lists ever since.

The main room where all the dancing happens is called the Discobox and inspired by Ian Schrager’s epic Studio 54. It tends towards nu-disco and holds a variety of themed night parties almost every other day. It’s the place to be with your dancing shoes on. With the mesmerizing lights, the high tech speakers, and the hypnotizing tunes, you’ll be one with the gyrating bodies on the dancefloor in no time.

Located right next to the main club is the Basement Bowl. This is a four-lane bowling alley with a glow in the dark atmosphere brought to life by state of the art LED lights. It’s a fun place for your pregame before the main party.

There’s also the Basement Skate, which is a wickedly fun ice rink. This place serves as the best winter wonderland in all of Miami. It’s 2000 square feet large with ever-changing lights and continuously falling snow, mixed in with a background of chill beats—the perfect place to wind down after your hip and happening Basement party.

Where else can you dance, drink, skate, and bowl in the same night? The Basement is said to be so fun that Drake once booked the whole place for him and Rihanna to skate and play in during Miami Music Week. The area attracts lots of other hotshots like Wilmer and Walderama as well as world-class DJs such as David Guetta and Questlove. It’s an experience you simply can’t miss out on. This is one of Miami’s most exclusive clubs, and it’s precisely where the party’s at.

Contact: 786-257-4500
Address: 2901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

3.   Club Space

Miami Nightclubs - Club Space
Image Source: clubspace.com

Next up on our list is Club Space. It was started in the 90s on the Beach as another run of the mill club by nightlife king Luis Puig but was then moved to Downtown Miami and transformed into what is now the hub of after-hours entertainment. Designed to reflect the legendary nightlife of Ibiza, it attracts the likes of III Points and Link Miami Rebels wh0 party here well into the sunrise. It has now been up and running as it is for over 18 years.

Club Space is divided into four different sections.

Each section has its own distinct feel. First, there’s The Ground, which happens to be a live venue. The dancefloors have a smaller capacity of 600 people, but this is what makes the party intimate and familiar. The gem of the place is Floyd, which is famous in itself. It hosts eclectic house and electronic acts that are completely live. The Loft is a chill indoor spot that caters to Hip-Hop music and is an excellent place to just wind down and relax. Finally, there’s also The Terrace, which is an outdoor rooftop area that has hosted some of the most legendary acts to date.

It’s often said that you haven’t visited Miami and are definitely not a true Miamian unless you’ve witnessed a stunning Miami sunrise from the Terrace. We’ll drink to that. And the best place to do that is the 200-person capacity bar called Libertine, situated right next door.

As we mentioned before, Floyd is often seen as the main attraction of the place. The vibe of it is entirely different if you compare it to other Miami clubs. With brick arches and sultry mood lighting, it gives the feel of a proper cocktail bar. It’s very intimate, which is a scarce quality in Miami. But don’t worry, the team behind the talent is the same group that finds the stellar acts for the rest of the establishment, so you won’t be disappointed.

Floyd or no Floyd, the defining feature of Club Space is that the party don’t stop till long after 5 AM.

So if you don’t feel like winding down after sunrise, this is the place for you. Club Space hosts DJs 24/7, and you can hear all the musical masterpieces here, be it EDM, Hip-Hop, or house.

Club Space has hosted a plethora of talented DJs, local and international. The stellar lineup has included the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, and Mark Knight. SZA and HVOB have hosted epic performances here too.

Contact: 305-495-8712
Address: 34 NE 11th St., Miami

Bonus Miami Nightclubs:

Miami Nightclubs - E11EVEN MIAMI
Image Source: nocovernightclubs.com

If none of the above seem like perfect venues for your next party, we’ve decided to go ahead and throw in a little extra. There’s always E11EVEN MIAMI. We’re kind of cheating with this one since it’s part cabaret, part nightclub. But what could we do? It was too good to leave out. Although they don’t like referring to it as a strip club, the dancers at E11EVEN all do happen to be topless. They also perform various other remarkable feats like acrobatics and contortion. Like Club Space, it is also open 24/7 and is a pioneer of after-hours entertainment.

This place boasts of all the latest tech to make your all-night, all-day party a wholesome experience. There’s the newest sound system from Funktion-One Resolution, as well as 600 square feet of LED paneled video walls, all equipped to be the background of your hypnotic dance experience. It’s also home to a two-tiered dance floor and fully stocked champagne rooms and catalogs. There’s also The Rooftop with its own bar and restaurant for when you just want to chill and watch the sunrise.

This award-winning, fun-filled adult playground has been the venue for A-List celebs and DJs like Skrillex, Drake, Usher, and Steve Aoki. It can be the perfect spot for hosting your next (bachelor/ette) party as well!

Contact: 305-829-2911
Address: 29 NE 11th St., Miami

Those interested in LIV will be happy to know that it also has a sister bar, Story. Story is a giant 27,000 square feet large party venue that has a circus theme and ambiance. It’s run by Miami mogul David Grutman and the Miami Marketing Team, the same people behind LIV.

It has a roomier dance floor compared to LIV, along with five full-service bars, premium bottle service, and 60 private VIP tables.

Story’s dramatic lighting system is just something else. Your Instagram feed will thank you. When you think of Story, also think of bright lights, fancy bottles, sexily dressed dancers, endless confetti, and lasers pointing in every direction, because that’s exactly what Story represents.

Story brings in subversive acts like Dubfire and Lee Foss, but more mainstream DJs like Skrillex and Calvin Harris also tend to grace the place. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz have also been spotted here.

This particular club does happen to be on the pricier side, but it’s definitely worth it for the hypnotic experience and the celeb status. The place’s own website requests clubbers to dress to impress since the entrance has a strict door policy.

Contact: 305-479 4426
Address: 136 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

Miami Nightclubs — More Information

Miami Nightclubs - Rockwell Miami
Image Source: discotech.me

Now that we have the best Miami nightclubs covered, we decided to take the liberty to answer some FAQs about partygoing in Miami nightclubs. If you’re strictly on the hunt for EDM places, you’d best head over to LIV, Space, The Basement, and E11EVEN. If Hip-Hop is more suited to your taste, Rockwell, Cameo, Mokai, and Mr. Jones are likely to cater to you. Even LIV hosts Hip-Hop on certain nights.

Moreover, if you happen to be celerity hunting, then the best places to go to are LIV, E11EVEN, and Rockwell. This is where all the stars hang out! If after-hours is your party style, you’d appreciate Club Space, which does techno until 9 AM. E11EVEN is another option. It’s open 24/7 and is a half strip-club. King of Diamonds is a full strip club that’s open till 6 in the morning.

Also, note that Miami night clubs usually open at 11 PM. Although the party continues up until sunrise (or even later), it’s best to go early to beat the crowd. Miami is a nightlife hotspot! Most clubs close by 5 AM max, but the after-hours once can keep operating until 9 AM, even 24/7.

You also might be wondering about the dress codes. The answer to such questions is this: nothing too shabby! Guys can get away with nice jeans and form-fitting tees or dress shirts. Girls can wear dresses or jeans, whatever they find comfy. Of course, there’s no harm in dressing up even more. You can never go wrong with that! Shorts and sportswear are a complete no-no, as are caps and beanies.

Another important question is about the cost. Nights out in Miami start with cover charges of about $20-$40. Girls can expect to pay less. On nights out, the charges will most definitely go higher. A cheaper tip is to buy tickets in advance, which is better than general admission at the entrance. Bottle service is kind of expensive and should be inquired about from the club directly.

We also have a secret pro-tip. If you’re a girl, you can get into a Miami nightclub for free with a promoter. If you get to the venue early, it’s possible that the bouncer would like your “look” and let you in. Clubs like LIV and Story are also great since they allow you to purchase passes and tickets in advance.


Miami nightclubs
Image Source: miamistardom.com

Now that you’ve read our piece on the nightlife of Miami, you should know all there is to know about partying in this beach town. Be sure to call (or Google) and ask about bottle service prices as well as VIP charges. Also, take some time out to plan your outfit. Places like Story will definitely not let you in if you’re dressed casually. When it comes to club party attire, a little thought goes a long way.

There’s no reason for you to wait now. Head on over to LIV if you want a celeb-studded night complete with video effects and delicious drinks, all made whole by groovy EDM. If you’re feeling indecisive about your night out, The Basement is the place for you. Get your body moving on the rink before you head on over to the main surprise and get the drinks pumping. Dance until you can’t anymore, and then recover at the bowling alley with other chill party people like yourself. It’s 5 AM and the party’s over? It doesn’t have to be! Make your way to Club Space so you can dance to the chillest techno beats until 9 AM. Or pay a visit to open 24/7 E11EVEN with its sultry dancers and acts. There’s something on this list of Miami nightclubs for everyone. The party starts in Miami for sure.

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