Where to Stay in Mexico City – 3 Great Hotels

– 3 Great Hotels

Mexico City
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From streets lined with rich and colorful murals to historical museums and buildings housing the finest cultural offerings, Mexico City is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and architectural wonders. If you’re ever visiting Mexico City, here is a guide that will help you determine . There are more than three, but here, we provide you with three great hotel options to choose from.

Mexico City attracts travelers from all around the world who are eager to witness the stunning wonders this city has to offer. The city, known for its buzzing and vibrant life, is filled with millions of people and frequented by hordes of tourists each year looking for a vibrant and feisty getaway. Visitors to Mexico City find it stunning to experience the wonders of Baroque cathedrals and historical buildings such as the Metropolitan de México and the Palacio Nacional in the main Plaza area which offers a trip back into the past of Spanish conquistadors and rustic architectural marvels, including rich artistic murals from history by Diego Rivera.

Apart from pre-Hispanic and eclectic architectural gems, Mexico City is also filled with historical museums that offer cultural gems and wonder for all visitors to admire and witness. Be it open Air cinemas or spicy street food, Mexico’s capital, and the oldest capital city in the Americas, Mexico City is a wonder for all those who visit.

Museums such as the Museo Soumaya and Museo Rufio Tamayo are home to the finest and most beautiful wall and ceiling art in the Americas which reflects the rich culture and artistic character of Latin America. The beautiful historical museums are complemented by the rich cultural scene Mexico City hosts.

Apart from a trip to history, Mexico City also offers visitors the wildest and coolest nightlife in the region. Clubs and Bars buzzing with music and the finest drinks are a sight to see after sundown. The local cuisine scene is well-established with numerous eateries, from cheap food stands to high-end restaurants offering a range of delicacies for enthusiasts to relish. 

However, tourists and travelers to Mexico City are always confused about the perfect place to stay. Truth be told, it’s important to find the most suitable and convenient place to launch your daily adventures from and to return to after a day of sightseeing in the hustle and bustle of the modern metropolis.

From sleek, ultramodern hotels in high-end districts to quaint, little boutique-style hotels, there is a range of options one can choose from to decide their place of stay in Mexico City. To inspire your next adventure in this Latin American wonderland, we have put together the top three finest hotels to consider when deciding your place of stay in Mexico City.

So, what are you waiting for? Look through our selection of the most stunning and striking hotels which are bound to make your time in Mexico City memorable and exciting. 

1.      Las Alcobas

Las Alcobas in Mexico City
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Probably the finest and most luxurious hotel in all of Mexico City, although also equally expensive, the Las Alcobas, is a stunning and elegant hotel situated in the posh and hip vicinity of Polanco district, known for its hip and chic spots for high-end shopping and expensive and charming cafes and bistros.

The hotel is known for its convenient location in the center of Mexico City, as it’s situated near the city’s top-tier eateries and famed, luxurious boutiques and shopping malls. With custom rosewood furnishings, minimalist interior embellished with paintings and artwork, the sleek and stunning Las Alcobas hotel is known for its sheer opulence and repute for being a sumptuous and striking hotel in the heart of the city area.

Perfect for couples on a romantic getaway looking for an intimate ritzy location to have the time of their lives, or even families looking for a thrilling getaway in the heart of the rich and cultural melting pot of Mexico City, Las Alcobas is brimming with numerous amenities and attractions for all visitors.

Las Alcobas Hotel Room
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Two on-site restaurants, Anatol and Dulce Patria, in particular, are known for their stunning and sometimes odd cuisine choices, such as black mole sauce dressings and creative delish dishes such as duck — garnished with fruits. Polanco District, itself, is Mexico City’s wealthiest and poshest neighborhood and is known to be a rich mix of quaint and charming small-scale cafes and bistros, houses, and condos, and mesmerizing glamorous high-end boutiques and restaurants.

However, despite the central location, the hotel itself is unhindered by the traffic of pedestrians and tourists looking for some entertainment, and the promising interiors allow for the perfect relaxing experience for all visitors after a day of exploring the nearby colorful streets of Mexico City and its many cultural attractions.

Where to stay in Mexico City - Las Alcobas Hotel Patio
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This popular hotel is also situated near to Mexico City’s top tourist attractions. The museum quarter is only a 5-minute ride away from Las Alcobas and the historic complex is only 30 mins by taxi. Expect the true taste of sophistication and glamor as you step in through the bricked exterior of this stunning, modern hotel in the heart of the city. From glamorous and sleek spiral staircases to opulent and rich decorations all around, the intimate aura and stunning ambiance of Las Alcobas Hotel will make you get a taste of royalty.

Another attraction at this hotel is the scrumptious cuisine options it offers to all guests which range from personalized breakfasts taken by personal butlers ranging from different types of tea, coffee, and smoothies. From valet parking, refreshments 24/7, and assistance for rides around the city, the Las Alcobas hotel offers the ultimate experience for guests in Mexico City.

For those looking for some health and fitness, the hotel’s many amenities include a 24-hour fitness and recreation center, a 10-person meeting room, and a small spa that offers the finest massages, scrubs, and facials to indulge in. Revel in the taste of luscious croissants, eggs, and cereal or taste the contemporary local cuisine at the on-site restaurant, you are bound to fall in love repeatedly with this place. The penthouse suites of Las Alcobas are equipped with spacious rooms, bedecked with luxurious ornaments and bedding, and accompanied by marble-clad bathrooms that offer the perfect taste of finesse.

Double rooms at the Las Alcobas hotel start from $481 (£395) year-round with Wi-Fi and breakfast included, offering visitors the perfect luxury experience. 

2.      Hotel Habita

Hotel Habita in Mexico City
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One of the finest and chicest urban hotels in Mexico City is the Hotel Habita, a stunning and urban-style boutique hotel in the city’s poshest suburb, Polanco. The beautiful Hotel Habita is a delight for all those looking to indulge in some fine luxury and yet be close to the culturally rich experience of Mexico City. The sophisticated, modern hotel is situated in an equally glamorous vicinity, surrounded by some of Mexico City’s best restaurants and upscale boutiques, and shopping places.

The famed and touristy neighborhood, of Avenida Presidente Masaryk, provides a stunning backdrop for all those looking to stay in this hotel. From the stunning open-air rooftop pool lounge to the charming ground-floor restaurants which offer the finest food and delicacies, the attractions and amenities at Hotel Habita are endless and enough to make anyone fall in love with this gem in Mexico City.

Traveling in Mexico City, discovering the many rich cultural offerings of the city amid the everyday buzz and crowds, calls for a relaxing retreat, immersing oneself in the cool and luxurious waters of Hotel Habita’s stunning rooftop pool.

Hotel Habita room
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The modern aesthetic of Hotel Habita is accentuated by its white-colored walls and windows and a sumptuous interior that offers well-lit luxurious rooms with their own inimitable sleek character. Taste the luxury of Mexico City’s finest hotel as you relax and let loose in the soft and comforting beds and recliners with the finest view of the city spaces from one of Hotel Habita’s beautiful 36 rooms.

With opulent white glass desks, customized minimalistic furniture choices, and rooms that provide streams of natural light and relaxing vibes, the Hotel Habita offers guests the perfect luxurious experience in the heart of Mexico City. The Hotel is also endowed with a great contemporary bistro that serves some of the finest international dishes, along with rich and scrumptious local dishes that are bound to make you fall in love with the many spicy tastes of Mexico.

Apart from the luxury that Hotel Habita’s rooftop pool offers, the hotel is also blessed with a beautiful Jacuzzi, spa, gym space, and sauna for all guests to relax and let loose after a day in the summer heat of Mexico. Perhaps the best attraction of Hotel Habita is it’s the prime location in the posh suburb of Polanco. Guests find it easy and convenient to head out to one of the many superb shopping arenas, street-facing restaurants, and quaint cafes in Polanco.

where to stay in Mexico City - Hotel Habita suite
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Vibe to the sound of buzzing DJ music with chilled cocktails till 2 am at the Habita Hotel’s exciting rooftop poolside bar, go on a shopping spree in the district of Polanco or take in the marvel that is the hotel’s stunning and opulent interior, your time at this hotel will be as memorable as it gets. This hip and trendy option is perfect for those looking for some relaxation coupled with a wild and thrilling time at their place of stay. The hotel itself, with its contemporary striking glass exterior and rich collection of diverse Mexican art, provides visitors the perfect experience of the cultural richness and deluxe modernity of Mexico City.

The stylish interior and lobbies filled with artistic modern pieces and minimalist ornaments are bound to give any visitor a memorable and fun-filled experience. For those planning on visiting with their furry favorites, it should be known that Hotel Habita is also pet friendly.

3.      Chaya B&B Boutique

Chaya B&B Boutique
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Another stunning and deluxe yet also a hip hotel, travelers, and backpackers to Mexico City can stay at, is the Chaya B&B Boutique, which in its prime location in the heart of the bustling city is a perfect spot for anyone looking for the finest place to stay. Although situated right in the center of the city, the Chaya Boutique is still known for its placid and calming vibes, and everything from the wooden minimalist interior to the grand, colorful exterior is bound to make any visitor fall in love with this charming little hotel. Located in a multi-venue building, the Chaya Boutique only offers 11 opulent rooms for lucky guests who can stay over and take in the perfect cultural vibe and character of Mexico City by staying at this quaint yet artsy boutique-hotel.

The vicinity of the Chaya B&B Boutique is also known for its rich and artsy cultural scene, including some of the finest art galleries, eateries, and cafes for people to revel and have the time of their lives. The hotel is blessed with a charming breakfast space complete with artistic interiors and artisanal brews for all guests to enjoy, a stunning library to sift through a collection of books, and a small patio that offers amazing views of Mexico City rich, iconic, and colorful buildings. Swing around on the rooftop in a calming hammock as the warm summer air tingles with your senses and take in all the relaxing and laidback vibes after a morning exploring the colorful outdoors of Mexico City.

Chaya B&B in Mexico City
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Those looking forward to staying at this much-admired and popular location though must ensure that they book one of the eleven fine rooms beforehand so there is no problem in staying over at this luxurious location. The spacious and modern rooms are the definition of an artsy and minimalist interior which allows all guests to have a chilled and laidback experience as they relax and let loose with one of the amenities in this quaint, charming hotel. All hotel rooms offer LED TV, complimentary Wi-Fi access to make sure you are connected to the outer world, even though the unrivaled stunning hotel interiors will make it hard to focus on anything else. Cable programs for entertainment are also present, along with stunning bathrooms equipped with hot showers and an array of toiletries to make sure your visit isn’t affected by the lack of such necessities. The stylish and friendly boutique-hotel is embellished with potted plants and is known to serve the most scrumptious Mexican cuisines and breakfasts.

With pretty rooftops and charming terraces lined with cacti and potted plants and offering views of the colorful trendy neighborhood, this hotel offers an experience unlike any. The refurbished 1920’s building which houses this hip hotel is also endowed with a range of hip and trendy shops and cafes for guests to explore which offer the perfect Mexican vibe and character in a melting pot. The accompanying vicinity of the main square is also filled with tourist attractions such as the Centro Histórico – Bellas Artes and Torre Latinoamericana, only at a short walking distance, which makes this hotel a convenient option for visitors and guests. A communal table for breakfast at Chaya also offers guests the chance to interact with other guests and have a charming time in this little hotel setting.

The homely and quaint vibe of the Chaya B&B is further accentuated by its stunning interior, which is complete with its low lighting, striped hammocks, cushions for resting, and numerous cute spots to look at the pretty neighborhood at night. Relish the best breakfast as you look at the stunning buildings and peaceful parks surrounding you from one of the hotel’s huge windows.

where to stay in Mexico City - Chaya B&B
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Double rooms at the Chaya B&B start from $ 145 year-round and breakfast and other amenities are included. 

From the sheer opulence and marble-clad class and luxury of Las Alcobas Hotel to the chic and modern yet minimalistic vibe of Chaya B&B and the chic urban location of Hotel Habita, visitors and guests to Mexico City are guaranteed to fall in love with the city all over again no matter where they stay. Although the price of the stay and the amenities offered differ in all three hotels, they all guarantee perfect luxury and a stunning getaway for relaxation and peace in the very heart of Mexico City. The city, though known for its buzzing colorful life and rich cultural experience is home to one of the finest hotels for relaxing like you are on a paradise getaway, sipping cocktails and dipping toes in rooftop pools.

People with a penchant for artsy indoors and hip vibes are more likely to find the quaint small rooms of Chaya Boutique charming and perfect, with their terraces lined with potted plants and views to the colors and peace of nearby parks and streets. Those looking for a more modern and opulent experience are bound to find the Las Alcobas a fine location amid hip, upscale boutiques and shopping malls, beautiful restaurants, and cafés.


where to stay in Mexico City
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Whether it’s the cool and artsy character of the Chaya B&B which catches your eye or the stunning and sleek modern interiors of Hotel Habita, you are going to have the time of your life at any one of these inimitable, elegant locations.

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