What are the 7 Best Hotels in Downtown Phoenix?

Best Hotels in Downtown Phoenix
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What are the 7 best hotels in Downtown Phoenix?

Visiting the Southwest is an experience that takes you through the raw and warm atmosphere of America’s grand and rugged desert terrains. From the vast and undulating sands of Papago Park where one loses themselves to the allure of nature and its twisted mountain trails to towering adventures that Camelback Mountain poses to hikers, Phoenix, Arizona is a land of beauty. Please take a moment to discover our list of the 7 best hotels in Downtown Phoenix.

To those looking to lose themselves in the warm district exploring the many historic foothills of Arizona or escaping wildfires while hiking in the South Mountain Park, Phoenix offers troves of adventures and fun. To those who are a fan of the indoors, Phoenix also hosts one of the country’s most iconic and most incredible museums such as the Musical Instrument Museum which spellbinds all those that explore its many halls.

However, after a long day (or night) of exploring the vast and magnificent wilderness of Arizona, backpackers and visitors look to rest at the most exotic and grand hotels of the region, most of which lie in the beautiful suburb of Downtown Phoenix. Be it the most wonderful views of sleek skyscrapers or the luxurious modern lobbies, the hotels of Downtown Phoenix are a wonder in themselves for all those looking to taste a bit of luxury and finesse.

Coupled with the iconic southwestern ambiance, these hotels are a center point for upscale entertainment and recreation. Most of Phoenix’s hotels are bustling with businessmen and travelers, locals and foreigners alike, looking for a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of modern-day city life.

With the best services in the country, Downtown Phoenix and its hotels offer the best of modern elegance and cultural attraction, making sure that every visitor is left longing to return to the dreamy and mystical setting.

Numerous hotels in Downtown Phoenix offer visitors the best panoramic views through massive and sleek glass windows and the best of outdoor adventure. However, choosing the best place to stay can be a bit of a problem for those new to this magical wonderland.

Fascinated by the many beautiful and elegant hotels in the region, we have put together a list of the seven most amazing hotels in Downtown Phoenix which are bound to make every traveler want to visit! Look through our top picks for this Southwestern delight:

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel
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Cost: Starting from $128 two-person room/night

An international hallmark of comfort and elegance, the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel stands at a whopping 31 stories tall alluring visitors with its stunning white rooftop which shines brightly under the Arizona sun. Situated next to the Phoenix Civic Center, The Sheraton Phoenix is conveniently located near several major cultural attractions including Chase Field, US Airways Arena, and the Arizona Science Center.

The huge impressive building houses more than 1000 opulent rooms. Many of the suites and guest rooms offer beautiful and unparalleled views of Downtown Phoenix and its stunning mix of modern city architecture and rugged Southern terrains. Nestled within the bordering mountain ranges, staying at Sheraton Phoenix is an experience like no other.

Wake up to the sights of the beautiful downtown skyline and picture-perfect scenic mountaintops in your comfy bed before immersing yourself fully in the many luxuries this hotel offers. Treat yourself to the most luscious treats at the new District Restaurant and Bar with delicious breakfasts and brunches, or hit the 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center, the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel will immerse you in heavenly bliss!

Other amenities include the stunning outdoor pool where visitors lose themselves in the relaxing blue water – a welcome retreat from the crisp heat of the Arizona sun. For convenience, the Sheraton Phoenix offers complimentary internet in the lobby and the sleek club lounge and visitors can also avail internet access in their rooms and suites for a very nominal fee.

The stylish fine dining that Sheraton Phoenix offers is one of its kind and makes every visitor return for more. Relax yourself to chilled cocktails at the outdoor Breeze Bar with views of the stunning terrain, or unwind to the warm windy air at the rooftop garden, this hotel has something for everyone to relish.

The Sheraton Phoenix is also very near to the Arizona Center, which allows those staying to visit the outdoor mall and go on their shopping therapy. Nights at Sheraton have their wonderful vibe with energetic music put on by hip DJs and delicious cocktails on the round.

2. Westin Phoenix Downtown

Westin Phoenix Downtown Hotel
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Cost: Starting from $96 two-person room/night

For those visiting Phoenix for the adventure and the frenzy, the city has a lot to offer. However, when it comes to finding the perfect place to relax and unwind, the city’s Downtown district has very few spots that are suitable for having some time to yourself away from the hustle and bustle.

Westin Phoenix is one of those lucky abodes that offer such an experience. Situated in the vicinity of the Phoenix Convention Center, the Westin Phoenix Hotel is in a central location, making all the best of local bars and restaurants accessible by foot.

This hotel offers those staying the most stunning visual wonders of the city through its huge glass windows. Its luxurious Lapis pool is also a wonderful spot to ease away all the stress and tiredness after a long day of exploring the wild natural sights of the city.

Relax to the sound of light music in the cold pool water away from all the noise of the city. The luxurious Province Lounge and Restaurant at the Westin Phoenix Hotel also offers the tastiest treats and food to fulfill all your guilty pleasures. The breathtaking views that the Westin offers of the city are complemented by the hotel’s tranquil ambiance of low lightings and relaxing music.

Pamper yourself lying all day in the hotel’s sumptuous lobbies and suites to warm lighting and calming music. While most of the hotel’s accommodations provide a comfortable and stunning living, for those looking to linger more into decadence while staying in the southwest, the corner studio suite is the place to be.

Devour southwestern delicacies such as Chilaquiles and swordfish while marveling at the natural wonders of Arizona from the Terrace and make the most of your stay at the Westin Phoenix Downtown!

3. The Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix Cityscape

The Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix Cityscape
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Cost: Starting from $128 two-person room/night

Probably the most touted and the most decadent hotel in all of Phoenix is the Kimpton Hotel Palomar is a beautiful building with 242 luxurious rooms. Located in the center of the lively Cityscape Center in Downtown Phoenix, the hotel is very near to numerous tourist attractions such as the US Airways Center, Chase Field, and the Phoenix Convention Center which is visited by most people touring Phoenix.

The hotel is also a convenient spot as it’s in the vicinity of several amazing restaurants such as The Breakfast Club and an array of entertainment, shopping, and recreational centers such as Luck Strike Bowling, Tilted Kilt, and Urban Outfitters. Those staying at the Kimpton Hotel enjoy high-speed wifi access and the best of the hotel’s amenities. The rooftop pool offers the most magnificent views of the Southern region while visitors relax and let go of their troubles in the temperature-controlled pool.

For those looking to unwind with cocktails and other exotic beverages, Kimpton’s gastro-lounge is the place to be. Relax in your luxurious room with the most modern designer baths and stylish jacuzzis, sleep and kill the day’s tiredness with the suite’s soft plush pillows or hit it off in the elite gym, the Kimpton is the perfect place to experience the taste of royalty.

With its prime location and stunning sleek interior, this modern hotel tops every backpacker’s list as the place to stay (brownie points for the most amazing rooftop pool this hotel houses)!

4. Hotel San Carlos

Hotel San Carlos
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Cost: Starting from $61 two-person room/night

If you are one who is looking for the perfect blend of luxury and modern flavor, and also historical architecture, the Hotel San Carlos is the place to be. The city’s historic “Boutique Hotel”, San Carlos was built in 1928 and remains situated at the turn of Central and Monroe since then.

This hotel today boasts 128 prized rooms. Back in the day, San Carlos was the hotel frequented by A-list celebrities and is known for its iconic architecture which complements the southern vibe of the city. Easily within walking distance of most local attractions, the hotel is the perfect accommodation in terms of convenience and comfort.

Shake your head (and a leg) to the sound of live music and bustling hip crowds, or sip your version of mojitos and other exotic cocktails, the Hotel San Carlos is the best place to have the time of your life. The Ghost Lounge at the hotel is a very popular place for dance music and is frequented by those wanting to let loose to the sound of hip party music and a chilled round of cocktails.

Although the hotel is not the biggest nor the most modern hotel that Downtown Phoenix has to offer, travelers and backpackers looking to get a taste of the culture and history of the region, would love to have their stay at the Hotel San Carlos. The retro signage and stunning old-school vibe that Hotel San Carlos offers are inimitable and the best place to experience the hospitality of Phoenicians.

The charming spot is also surrounded by a string of great restaurants, cafes, and clubs. The Seamus McCaffrey Irish Pub is always bustling with locals and tourists alike and is the best place to enjoy the city’s unique nightlife. The hip Valley Bar is also popular for its party culture and the taste of the city it offers.

5. The Clarendon Phoenix Hotel

The Clarendon Phoenix Hotel
Image Source: businesstravelnews.com

Cost: Starting from $77 two-person room/night

The perfect place to unwind, relax, and reinvigorate yourself, the Clarendon Hotel and Spa is the best place to escape the noise and troubles of city life and have the best time letting loose. The Clarendon’s rooms are a mix of modernity and funky decoration which makes it the best place to enjoy the cool vibe in Downtown Phoenix. Despite the sky-high rates of most Downtown Phoenix hotels, the Clarendon Hotel is affordable and frequented by all those looking to relish its many amenities including the stunning in-house spa.

From prenatal massages to waxing and aromatherapies, the Clarendon Phoenix Spa has all that one could want to rejuvenate themselves and have the perfect vacation. Treat yourself to the beautiful aroma of scented candles and warm light as you have your best time in this southern wonderland. The Clarendon is one of Phoenix’s hippest and coolest destinations and a sight for sore eyes. One of the hotel’s top attractions includes its amazing restaurant called Tranquilo.

The restaurant offers the best of Southwestern delicacies and a perfect ambiance for dining in. Visitors also make sure to splash around in the stunning Oasis Pool which is a grand sight on its own. Relax around the giant glass water wall, listen to music from underwater speakers, or just hang around in the hydro-spa, this hotel has it all.

The Clarendon offers the best of chic urban ambiance, Mexican food, and great spots all over to the lounge and lets loose. Relive your bright youthful days as you discover the many different corners of this grand and hip hotel.

6. The Hilton DoubleTree Suites Phoenix

The Hilton DoubleTree Suites Phoenix
Image Source: hilton.com

Cost: Starting from $122 two-person room/night

If you are looking for the best place to revel in luxury and enjoy your time in a hotel that promises you first-class relaxation and splendor, the Hilton DoubleTree Suites in downtown Phoenix is the place to be. It’s next to the Metro Light Rail and only a few miles away from the Sky Harbor International Airport.

The Hilton Suites is a well-known luxury hotel that offers the best amenities to all those staying there. Whether you are in downtown Phoenix for business or pleasure, this hotel offers you the most spacious and most spectacular two-room suites that guarantee 24/7 service and comfort.

The best and most appealing aspect of the Hilton Suites is the wonderful way it melds both natural comfort and attractions and splendid luxury. Its massive 11-story atrium is bedecked with tall and towering palm trees and numerous refreshing garden plants which make for the best place to sit and relax- a welcome retreat from the otherwise noisy and hot aura of Arizona.

The sound of a soothing fountain playing has its natural mystique, drawing in all guests to sit back and relax in the placid atmosphere. For those looking for fitness and athleisure facilities, the Hilton Suites Phoenix offers a business center, pool, and a stunning state-of-the-art fitness center.

All recreational facilities are equipped with the best gym equipment and make sure you keep your wellness in check in this wonderful paradise. The hotel also has a wonderful restaurant and steakhouse by the name of the Great American Grill which makes sure all your hunger pangs are fulfilled.

All in all, the Hilton Suites are a perfect fit for those looking for a place that melds and marries the best of natural settings and modern amenities. Its ideal location also makes sure that all those visiting Phoenix pick the Hilton Suites!

7. Springhill Suites by Marriott Phoenix Downtown

Springhill Suites by Marriott Phoenix Downtown
Image Source: marriott.com

Cost: Starting from $95 two-person room/night

Nestled conveniently near the Phoenix Civic Center, US Airways Center, and the Chase Field, Springhill Suites Phoenix is the perfect place for anyone looking to find a hotel near Phoenix’s best and most popular tourist destinations.

Its centralized location is one that allows for the most convenient travel to downtown business and entertainment destinations. The hotel itself is a sanctuary of amenities that one can only dream of getting every day.

From lavish and sumptuously decorated suites to massive lounges that accompany the suites, hotel visitors can have the best that any hotel can offer. Springhill Suites offer a stunning and huge pool that allows all visitors to swim away from all the stress and relax under the warm Arizona sun.

The outdoor cardio room and whirlpool themselves are wonders where one can spend hours letting loose. The hotel also offers complimentary breakfasts and buffets to ensure your visit is one of full comfort and elegance. Enjoy the free high-speed internet while you enjoy the time of your life in this very stunning Southern wonderland.

For the convenience of visitors, the hotel also offers free transportation service to and from Sky Harbor Airport. To top it all off, every suite is equipped with a charming work area, wet bar, and sofa sleepers, and lounge chairs for you to unwind.

Be it the casual comfort of the funky bars of The Clarendon Hotel or the sheer luxury that one can immerse themselves in at the Hilton, the grandeur of all 7 top hotels of Phoenix is an amazing place to experience the best Arizona has to offer. Visitors can choose to unwind in the calming cool pool water of the Sheraton Phoenix or take a trip back to the 1920s at the Hotel San Carlos and its historic rooms. Enjoy scrumptious delights such as skewered chicken and fish tacos at the Kimpton, or submerge yourself in the opulent luxury that the Westin provides. The opportunities are endless and it’s up to you to choose your luxury abode and unwind on your next trip to Phoenix, Arizona.

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